• "Calgary" will be Moto's first Android handset

    Want something that looks like Motorola’s aborted Sidekick Slide? That runs Android? That has buttons like the RAZR? Well, you’re in luck because Moto is planning to launch the Android-powered Calgary on Verizon. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 23-inch Dell LCD for $159, 22-inch for $139

    Wow, good double deal on Dell monitors. Take your pick of the 23-inch 1920×1080 S2309W for just $159 or the 22-inch version for $139. Both feature DVI and VGA inputs, but you’ll have to use some of the money you save to buy a set of speakers as there aren’t any built in on either model. Still, nice big cheap monitors, eh? Dell S2309W and Dell S2209W [Dell.com via dealnews] Read More

  • Reminder: Banjo-Tooie now available on Xbox Live

    Don’t forget that Banjo-Tooie is now on Xbox Live! Yup, I bought it this morning, and it immediately took me back to Happier Days, a youth defined by watching WWF (at the time) and playing N64 and PlayStation all weekend long. Read More

  • Slacker for BlackBerry hits 1 million downloads

    Not too shabby, Slacker. Less than 4 months after Slacker for BlackBerry was launched at CES 2009, Slacker, Inc. has announced that it has surpassed 1 million downloads. Now, 1 million might not seem like all that much in the shadow of the iTunes App Store and its 1 billion served – but remember, this is the BlackBerry we’re talking about. A huge chunk of BlackBerry owners… Read More

  • Searching For The Swine Flu

    One way to possibly track the spread of the swine flu is to look at where spikes in search activity around related terms is occurring. Google already does this with its Google Flu Trends, and has now extended that analysis on an experimental basis to Mexico with a site it just put up called Experimental Flu Trends For Mexico. This could prove to be an early warning system. Last week… Read More

  • Free keychain anyone?

    Found in the free section of Flint, MI’s Craigslist page: i bought my lieing, cheating ex girlfriend this key chain it flashes the name and is solar power and will last 5 yrs it has atlanta ga on reverse side it free to anyone that will pic it up. just bought it monday and come home to find ou she is seeing someone else so its yours for the taking. contact me at drameytn@yahoo.com… Read More

  • Harvard Posts The Wolfram Alpha Preview Video — Without A Single Shot Of The Service

    There’s a lot of buzz swirling about Wolfram Alpha, the new computational search engine — perhaps too much. But regardless, people want to see the service in action to decide for themselves. And some of those people tuned into the preview webcast put on by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society yesterday. Unfortunately, if you listened in live, it was audio-only. Read More

  • Rumor: Motorola "IRONMAN" to rock Android?

    While that certainly doesn’t look like any Android UI we’ve seen, BoyGeniusReport is hearin’ whispers that the handset you see up above is one of Motorola’s first outings in Android territory. Codenamed, nicknamed, or just plain name-named (they’re not sure which) “Ironman”, Motorola is supposedly aiming at a Q3 release. Specific specs are absent, but… Read More

  • Phishing Attack Underway At Facebook. Don't Sign In To Fbaction.net

    We’ve received multiple tips of a new phishing attack that has broken out on Facebook. If you get an email message that looks to be from Facebook with the subject, “Hello,” and featuring the text below, don’t bother clicking on the link included. Doing so takes you to a site called fbaction.net that mimics the look of the main Facebook login page, hoping to get you to… Read More

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic turns Trekkie for the UK

    While some phones stay true to a single flick (take Sony Ericsson handsets and any Bond movie ever, for example), some leap around Hollywood like a heiress on a booze binge. One example of the not so loyal? The Nokia 5800. After making its ultra-early debut in The Dark Knight, it’s jumping over to the Star Trek camp. On May 1st (7 days before the film’s release), UK retailer… Read More

  • Stairmaster + scooter = Pumgo

    If you like stairs and you also happen to like scooters but you can’t decide between a flight of stairs and a scooter, maybe you’ll find yourself in the market for this Pumgo thing. It’s a pedal-powered scooter. You know, for when pushing your foot along the pavement isn’t as exhilirating as pedaling. Read More

  • Bell&Ross iPhone App: Hrm?

    What the heck? Seriously? Durr? Read More

  • AOL Posts 23 Percent Decline In Revenues During 1st Quarter As It Prepares For Spin-Off

    Time Warner announced first quarter earnings today, giving us a peak at how AOL is doing. It’ seen better days. Revenues were down 23 percent to $867 million. Of that advertising revenues made up about half ($443 million), but were down a gut-wrenching 20 percent. Yahoo, in comparison, saw a 12 percent decline in advertising revenues during the quarter, and Google saw 6 percent growth… Read More

  • Looky, looky: PC Street Fighter IV has (slightly) different render modes

    Good—albeit ludicrous—news, PC gamers. Capcom will announce the release of the PC version of Street Fighter IV on Friday. Yes, you read that right: it’s Wednesday, and Capcom would like you to know that on Friday it will announce a release date. Okay. To top it off, there doesn’t seem to be too much going for the PC version compared to its console brethren Read More

  • Hey Google, Free The Orphans

    Once again, Google is facing antitrust scrutiny, this time over its proposed settlement with the Authors Guild that would clear the way for it to scan out-of-print books. Most sane people seem to agree that scanning these books and making them available in digital form is a good idea, and the settlement even provides for a token payment of up to $60 per book to go to copyright… Read More

  • RealNetworks' hardware DVD ripper facing legal trouble

    RealNetworks is currently entangled in a legal case over a prototype hardware DVD ripper called “Facet.” Described as “TiVo for DVDs,” the $300 box aims to replace set-top DVD players by allowing owners to rip their movie collections directly to a 500GB hard drive for quick and easy access and playback. Read More

  • iTunes 8.2 hints at a Blu-ray future

    Steve Jobs previously stated the Blu-ray was “a big bag of hurt,” but the new iTunes 8.2 splash screen mentions the format nevertheless. This, of course, could mean two things. One, Apple is about to support Blu-ray in it’s media organization software and disc info will be provided by Gracenote. Or two, it’s just something the lawyers wanted to included within the… Read More

  • Share your 3G connection over Wi-Fi with the LevelOne MobilSpot

    It’s now a tad easier to share a 3G connection thanks to the LevelOne MobilSpot Portable Wireless HotSpot. All the router requires is either a USB or Card Bus datacard and off it goes, sharing the EV-DO or HSDPA stream over Wi-Fi or out through Ethernet. It’s that easy, folks. LevelOne has also configured the router to work as a standard home router that’s compatible with… Read More

  • Here's a Microsoft Surface unboxing video

    Wanna see a Microsoft Surface unboxing? Click through to watch one lucky guy unwrap the $13,500 gadget. These touchscreen tables still fascinate us. Could the Surface be the ultimate gadget? Yeah, probably. Read More

  • MSN Picks WetPaint To Add A Fresh Coat To Its Entertainment Pages

    MSN had a bit of a problem. It had the popular entertainment area of its service, where movies, musical acts, and other things in pop culture have pages filled with content for fans. But the problem was that paying people to populate these sites with content was expensive. And since it’s the fans that want to see it, why not let them help out to build the site? That’s why MSN is… Read More

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