• NZXT gaming gear contest update

    Our NZXT gaming gear contest is well underway and we’ve had a good amount of true gamers enter. Your chances of winning this gear is so much greater in this contest than our other giveaways partly because we’re actually asking you to do something this time around. Below is a small gallery of some of the entries so far, showing how easy the contest really is. Just spray the… Read More

  • The making of Pitfall! for the Atari 2600

    The first video game system in the Aamoth household was the Atari 2600. My parents bought it used from our next door neighbors, wrapped it up, and put it under the Christmas tree. Pitfall! was one of the handful of games that accompanied our new-to-us Atari. If you’re over the age of 30, you may have played the game more than a few times. Even if you’re under 30, you’ve… Read More

  • Well-played, Mr. Wales. Well-played.

    Just got this email. It’s a bit presumptuous considering the common expectation is that you don’t author your own Wikipedia entry. Basically Jimmy is asking me to become a fan of his Facebook page but does Jimmy really need fans? And does he have to launch such a personal appeal? He’s a heck of a guy, I’m sure, but what’s in it for me? Read More

  • MJ flash drive includes Thriller album and sad, cynical marketing ploy

    I Took My Flash Drive
    On A Saturday Tweetup
    “Boy Is That Flash With You”
    “Yes We’re One And The Same” Now I Believe In Gigabytes
    And An 2 Gig Model
    Is Shipping Tonight But, If
    You’re Thinkin’
    About My Flash Drive
    It Costs $19.99 And Comes In
    Black And Green Read More

  • In France, Canal+ heading to Xbox 360

    Like the Sky deal before it, Xbox 360 users in France will soon be able to view Canal+ content on their TV set. Users will have access to some 3,000 movies on demand and eventually Ligue 1 soccer. Read More

  • SharesPost Report: Facebook Worth $4-6 Billion. So Much For That $10B Valuation

    They may be mysterious and perhaps even a bit shady, but secondary equity markets, which allow employees to sell off their shares to other buyers, are quickly heating up. Because of the rarity of IPOs and acquisitions in the startup world these days, early employees and founders are becoming increasingly anxious to convert some of their shares into cash (one need look no further than reports… Read More

  • PlayOn adds local media playback, brings .avi & .mkv support to the Moxi HD DVR

    I’m so excited. MediaMall has updated its DLNA software, PlayOn, to support local network media playback within the app. The streaming app was always a solid way to playback Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube on any DLNA device like the Archos devices, the PS3, Xbox 360 and so many others. In fact, this was Digeo’s solution to bring Internet media to the Moxi HD DVR. However, the app… Read More

  • Yes, Rackspace Is Down And So Are Many Of Your Favorite Sites

    Last week, Michael Jackson’s death caused sites to fail left and right. Today, it’s a very different problem. The hosting service Rackspace has been completely down for the past 30 minutes or so. Don’t believe us, just listen to Justin Timberlake or Michelle Malkin, both of which have sites on the service and took to Twitter to complain. Apparently, it’s an entire… Read More

  • Yahoo Kills Maven: From Acquisition To Deadpool In 17 Months (Updated)

    At the beginning of last year, Yahoo made a fairly large acquisition with the purchase of online video distribution and advertising platform provider Maven Networks. Under the terms of the agreement, which we reported as a rumor the same day the papers were signed, the company acquired the startup for approximately $160 million. At the time, the press release touted the acquisition to lead to… Read More

  • Pellermodel: Bandai lets you build a 3D figure of yourself

    Even though I live in Japan, I admit I don’t know anything about Origami and other techniques to build objects out of paper. Today is also the first time I heard of the Pellermodel concept, the art of creating “true 3D paper objects”. Now Bandai is planning to sell “Pellermodel” (brand name) kits, which make it possible for users to build a small, humanoid-like… Read More

  • Samsung GX-30 DSLR specs supposedly leaked

    Now, I can’t attest to the legitimacy of this spec list leaked by PhotoRumors, but let’s take a gander at what the GX-30 is purportedly equipped with. Assuming you understand the relationship that Samsung has with Pentax then one would assume that the GX-30 is simply a clone of the recently announced K-7. But is the GX-30 just that? A clone? Read More

  • Here's How iPhone App Store Ratings Work. Hint: They Don't.

    We’ve been a bit baffled by the system Apple has in place when it comes to ratings for applications in the App Store. Is it allowing apps with nudity? Not allowing them? Allowing them with a 17+ rating? We’ve talked to some developers willing to break their NDAs because they think the App Store approval process in general is messed up, and would like to see Apple do a better… Read More

  • Submit Your StartUp To TechCrunch50 NOW For Your Chance to Pitch Kevin Rose, Sean Parker and Yossi Vardi

    Digg founder Kevin Rose, Founders Fund partner Sean Parker and leading Israeli angel investor Yossi Vardi will return to our third-annual TechCrunch50 conference Panel of Experts September 14 – 15 in San Francisco. Our experts judge the fifty startups launching at the event and discuss each of the demos on stage as a group. Yossi, Sean and Kevin were experts last year and return based… Read More

  • Still no idea when that StarCraft II beta will come out

    When will that StarCraft II beta come out? We don’t know, but that won’t stop us from speculating! Read More

  • David Blaine now douching up your iPhone

    I don’t know if you guys are aware, but nothing is better for making people think you’re awesome than doing card tricks. No, seriously. Anyone you know with a ton of friends only has so many friends because of their card trick repertoire. Actually, there is one thing that’s cooler than doing card tricks: doing card tricks with virtual cards. For maximum cool, it must be done… Read More

  • Yaar! The Pirate Bay fires its Video Bay cannon at YouTube

    Supposedly, the The Pirate Bay guys were found guilty in their recent trial in Sweden, and, supposedly, they got sentenced to a year in prison and had to pay $4.5 million in damages. But back in the parallel universe which happens to be the real world, they’ve appealed the verdict and could probably do so for the next few years. Which means that in the meantime they need to keep busy… Read More

  • Power Shelf de-tanglifies your chargers

    Through some bizarre law of the universe if you put two cables on opposite ends of an empty room and return an hour later, both cables will be tangled together in a knot. You can help to stem that tide somewhat by forcing yourself to adopt simple cable management techniques. There’s nothing fun or sexy about cable management but it can be simplified by using things like these Power Shelves. Read More

  • Xing To Give Up China And Make Way For LinkedIn In The US?

    LinkedIn has bolstered its position as America’s leading business social network by the month lately, with Germany-based Xing as the only company regarding itself a worthy competitor in the last few years. But now those days seem to be over – in the US and China, at least. Today German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt published an interview [GER] with Xing CEO Stefan Groß-Selbeck… Read More

  • Headline: Afore you go shopping, get thee to the iPhone widget

    You’ll be glad to know that New York City is drowning in iPhones 3GS while the rest of the state is showing iffy availability, The iPhone 3GS availability widget is up and working quite well so you may want to head over and check things out before you drive all that way to the mall, are seduced by the Cinnabon, and then have to go home empty handed and then drink yourself into a stupor. Read More

  • Live out your Airwolf slash fiction with the Silverlit Heli-Mission

    This Heli-Mission Swat truck is heli cool. It’s basically a helicopter inside a truck that you can drive around and then make the helicopter come out and do some missions like “flying into the coffee table” and “hitting the wall and breaking.” The truck/helicopter combo costs $99 and will be available soon, according to SlashGear. Video after the jump. Read More

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