• OneRiot Believes It Has A Way To Monetize The Realtime Web With RiotWise

    If you’re reading this, you clearly use the Internet. And if you use the Internet, you clearly know Google AdSense. It’s pretty much everywhere (even on this site in places). But as much as Google would like you to believe they are serving up ads that users want to click on because they are relevant, these are still ads, and most people do not want to click on them. OneRiot’s… Read More

  • AT&T launching Genus satellite smartphone with TerreStar

    AT&T announced today that they are teaming up with Terrestar to release a smartphone with satellite capabilities. Previously, satellite phones were limited to just voice calls, or the occasional tethering (that didn’t work very well). Read More

  • Yeah, Apple wasn't integral in Light Peak transfer technology

    So Apple wasn’t so integral in that whole Light Peak thing after all. Rumors that Apple was integral in the design Light Peak process seem to be false which could put a damper on Apple’s plans to implement the technology in its new hardware. Read More

  • Germany's streaming video startup make.tv switches off

    German streaming video startup make.tv has filed for insolvency. The platform for live video streaming and hosting of transmitted programs will be available until mid October and then switched off. Make.tv was just in the process of pitching for €2.5m in a third round of financing. An email informs all partners that, well, the partnerships are over and make.tv will not be available any more… Read More

  • DoubleSight outs three new USB mini-monitors

    I’m a fan of USB mini-monitors. They’re super handy if you’re a photoshop’r or to house Tweetdeck, but they can also get a little expensive and sometimes cost more than full size LCD monitors. But these from DoubleSight are little more on the affordable side. Plus, there is a webcam add-on for the larger model and everyone loves webcams. Read More

  • German Last.FM clone Simfy gets financing to become a Spotify, er, clone

    German Last.FM clone Simfy has won a new round of financing – to re-launch itself as a clone of Spotify. Music Networx, a German online distributor of live music and a portfolio company of VC firm Earlybird, has invested an undisclosed sum to finance Simfy’s upcoming relaunch as well as the introduction of a flatrate music pricing and a mobile version. Here’s how… Read More

  • Recession slows the sales, adoption of Intel's Classmate PC

    The worldwide recession looks to have taken a bite out of sales of Intel’s Classmate PC, a computer that was supposed to bring the power of, um, computers to the developing world. Since governments have been devoting resources (read: money) to fighting the recession, they have less money to buy “superfluous” items like computers for kids. Read More

  • New device brings wireless Internet to boats

    We have Internet access in planes now (Virgin America offers it in the US, for example), so why not on boats? That’s what one of Japan’s biggest telecommunications companies, KDDI, thought and now gives us a device that will allow ship passengers to enjoy wireless broadband Internet while being out on the water. Read More

  • Google Wave: There Will Be Backlash

    Have you gotten your Google Wave invite yet? Just kidding — they’re not out yet. The team (which is based in Australia) decided to push them out later today so they could be up to deal with issues surrounding the massive influx of new users. And judging from the response on the web, “massive” is also the perfect word to describe the anticipation for the service. Ever… Read More

  • Borders to offer free Wi-Fi

    In an effort or “re-engage customers as a serious bookseller,” Borders is offering free Wi-Fi powered by Verizon in over 500 stores. Fair enough. Might be a nice little treat for those dudes who sit in the anime aisle reading book after book or the weird guy who is totally angry at the latest of Atlantic Monthly and willing to tell everyone about it near the cafe. It will, in… Read More

  • Facebook's Plan To Trounce Orkut In India May Be Working

    With the growing market of internet users in the country, India has become a battlefield for social networks. Google-owned Orkut has long been the most popular social network in India, with Facebook fighting to catch up. But Facebook has been upping the ante over the past few months, and according to August’s ComScore numbers, the plan may be working. In August, Orkut’s unique… Read More

  • More Motorola Tao (Sholes) Android shots leaked

    Lots and lots of Big Red’s customers (not to mention potential defectors from other carriers) are getting really excited about the purported launch of an Android-powered, Motorola-made mobile for Verizon. New images of what was originally known as the Motorola Sholes, and more recently rumored to be named the Motorola Tao, have surfaced on the Interwebs. Read More

  • Pioneer outs the first 12x Blu-ray writer

    Behold, the Pioneer BDR-205! Thrill to the 12x write speeds on double layer Blu-ray media! Marvel at the 50Gbytes of storage capacity! Be amazed by the low, low price of $250 United States dollars! Click on through to read the entire exciting press release! Read More

  • SNES on the Nokia N900? Yes, please.

    You know what? Your phone could play Crysis at a high resolution with the settings cranked way up, and I wouldn’t really care all that much. But coax it into playing SNES ROMs? I’ll take three. With a bucketful of elbow grease and more tech know-how than anyone should be allowed to have, Konttori (One of the Maemo project managers) and the DRNokSNES team have managed to squeeze… Read More

  • Just think of everything you could do with this NASA Omni-Hand prototype

    For only $22,500 you can own the robotic hand shown in the video above. That’s nothing for a piece of NASA history. This impressive early prototype demands an important place within robotics history as the first motorized dexterous robotic hand. It represents one of the early steps towards making robots more anthropomorphic. The Omni-Hand was designed and built in the early 1990s by… Read More

  • AT&T desucks the 3G in Colorado Springs

    Colorado Springs: Home to 415,000 people, scary-ass gravity-defying boulders, and, as of this morning, AT&T’s 850 Mhz 3G Network. As we saw in San Francisco and New York last month, Colorado Spring’s towers have now been tweaked to dedicate the 850 Mhz spectrum to 3G data rather than TDMA, which theoretically ups the number of simultaneous users the data network can handle. Read More

  • Get 'em while they're hot: HTC releases Touch Pro2 and Diamond2 hotfixes

    CellPhoneForums.net member Cathy was kind enough to post information regarding two new HTC hotfixes, one for the Touch Pro2 and the other for the Diamond2. Read More

  • Need a new friend? How about the WowWee Robover or Joebot?

    Man alive, there’s only a few topics I write about with any regularity here: e-books, World of Warcraft, sports, and robots. I’m not even a fan of robots, and yet I always get assigned the robot stories! Like today, I wake up and see this assigned to me: new WowWee robots. What? Oooh, WowWee, I know them. Read More

  • Sprint looking to drop their Touch Pro 2 down to $199?

    (These guys are excited that they might soon be able to buy the Sprint Touch Pro 2 without declaring bankruptcy.) Good news, everyone! According to some dude on the internet who heard it from another dude — and a bunch of people who have already managed to get the deal — the Sprint Touch Pro 2 is going to see a huge price drop as early as tomorrow. How huge? Like 44% huge. Read More

  • HP to merge printers and PC to bolster both

    HP’s printer division, long a cash cow, is being folded into its PC division after sales of printers and ink fell this year. Most companies broke out their printer divisions once they realized they could make a lot of money there but now that HP is beating Dell, the company may see a good reason to bring printers and PCs together. Read More

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