• iPhone software bumped up to version 2.2.1

    There I was, attempting to load my iPhone with the latest Fergie/Lady GaGa/Cyndi Lauper mashup, when word came down the pipes that the mighty makers from Cupertino had passed down a morsel of mending, a reliquary of repair. In other words, new iPhone software update yo. This latest revision is a minor one, only bumping the version number up a single digit – but that doesn’t… Read More

  • Golf: ‘OnPar GPS’ handheld due early next month

    Sure, it’s –65 out right now but it’s never too early to start thinking about golf. Savant GPS knows this and, as such, will unveil the “On Par” GPS unit in Orlando this weekend with retail availability slated for “early February.” Read More

  • CrunchDeal: All Steel Cake watches for $75

    Matt at Steel Cake Watches is offering his customers a considerable discount on all Steel Cake model, reducing everything to $75. Use the discount code “steel75” on checkout. Read More

  • Those PSP 2 rumors are rubbish

    As if we even need to relay this information, but those PSP 2 rumors from yesterday are completely baseless. Do not get excited, do not lose sleep. Go about your day as if you never heard the rumor. Read More

  • Poll: Will you buy a Kindle 2?

    Just to get a sense of interest in the Kindle 2, will you buy one if or when Amazon announces them in two weeks? I love the current incarnation only and precisely because it makes it easy to grab ebooks over the air. I consider the form and design to be sub-par at worst and acceptable at best. I, for one, would love to see something a little thinner and a lot more durable. Poll after the jump. Read More

  • AT&T launches the LG CF360, even they don't care

    Practicing a controversial new “Lets not tell anybody” marketing method, AT&T has quietly slipped the LG CF360 onto store shelves. The demand was overwhelming – at one AT&T spot in Galesburg, Illinois, one whole person waited through the night for the doors to open. Upon questioning, the anxious would-be CF360 owner responded, “Crap, I thought it was a new… Read More

  • Any luck at Circuit City liquidation sales yet?

    Circuit City Stores have been liquidating for almost two weeks now and hopefully some people have found decent deals at the sales. Most big ticket items are probably still not worth it thanks to shady liquidator tactics, but someone, somewhere hopefully scored something at a bargain basement price. Right? Read More

  • Oops! LG voluntarily recalling 45K LG 150 mobiles for lack of "certification"

    Do you live or work in Canada? Do you enjoy LG cell phones? Are you a proud owner of the dead-simple LG 150? Then here’s lookin’ at you kid! Your trusty mobile device is the lucky winner of a 45,000 unit (voluntary – i.e. LG is doing you a “favor”) recall! Apparently the LG 150 is “no longer certified as meeting the Radio Standards Specifications 102 (RSS… Read More

  • Fring Integrates Last.fm Into Its Mobile VoIP Client

    Mobile VoIP and IM service fring, one of the more popular mobile communication services around, is experimenting with porting a bunch of third-party apps to the fring client and will be announcing a number of those in the course of this year. Today, fring is launching a custom mobile-optimized Last.fm music radio add-on that brings a lot of the music recommendation service to the fring client… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 28-inch monitor for $369.99

    Costco members might be pleased to hear that there’s a 28-inch HannsG monitor for $369.99 after a $30 instant discount. Specs include a 1920×1200 resolution, 3ms response time, 500 cd/m2 brightness, 800:1 contrast ratio, HDMI/VGA/DVI connections, and built-in speakers. Read More

  • Mario Rand WOOO!

    This kind of reminds me of how I was acting last night after my brother-in-law and I finished a bottle of tequila. Unfortunately, my old Game Boy doesn’t have any batteries so I couldn’t recreate this beautiful and touching paean to one of the best games in the whole world. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Too much stress? Don't have a car? Try the Sound Accel Pedal

    Japanese gadget companies DO have a strange attitude when it comes to answer the question of how to relieve stress for Nippon’s exhausted salary men and house keepers. In the past, CrunchGear covered a stress-absorbing vase, a healing headset and a pocket calculator that can help you blow off some steam. And now comes the Sound Accel Pedal [JP]. Read More

  • New Zealand man buys MP3 player loaded with U.S. military data

    A Kiwi bought an MP3 player in Oklahoma. No, that’s not a setup to a bad joke, but the chilling, real life ordeal that’s currently the long national nightmare of New Zealand. Read More

  • Amazon press conference on 2/9: I can haz kindle too?

    Last time Amazon had a press conference they release a little something I like to call the best ebook reader in the whole wide world. Well, we’ve got a seat at another conference on Monday and unless they’re announcing a Bezos-themed amusment park in the Ukraine, I’m pretty sure we’re going to see the Kindle 2. Read More

  • General Mobile to announce Dual-Sim touchscreen phone at MWC, supposedly running Android

    After a surprising lack of Android at CES, it looks like everyone’s pulling out their best Android garb for Mobile World Congress next month. Latest on the list of companies purportedly planning an Android announcement is General Mobile who, we’ll admit, we’ve never actually heard of. That’s okay, though – if they actually manage to get the DSTL1 onto the shelves… Read More

  • Chew Tech: The ‘No Spill Spit Cup’

    If you’re on your way to an important business meeting, wedding, or award ceremony, the last thing you want to worry about is dribbling chew spittle all over your nicely pressed shirt. But those standard spit cups just can’t be trusted! Read More

  • Western Digital sets the bar higher with the 2TB Caviar Green

    There was a time when 1TB drives seemed huge, but then the 1.25TB and 1.50TB dropped. Now, Western Digital resets the standard at 2TBs with the latest in the Caviar Green lineup. The 3.5-inch drive utilizes 500GB/platter technology along with a 32MB cache for a fast and apparently, eco-friendly operation. The best part? Read More

  • Updated: A Year Later, AOL Is Contemplating A Bebo Sale

    I didn’t quite believe it when one of my most trusted sources told me that AOL was seriously considering selling Bebo, the social network it acquired for $850 million only a year ago. But I have now confirmed the rumor with three other sources intimately acquainted with the company. AOL is indeed quietly pondering a sale after watching Bebo perform much worse than it had hoped. That… Read More

  • Panasonic announces the Lumix ZS3, ZS1, TS1, FX580, FX48 and FS25

    You may recall the three Lumix point and shoots that Panasonic announced on the 16th and thought that’d be the end of that. Well, those were just a warm up and today Panasonic revealed the rest of their 2009 lineup. A handful of these cameras are wide-angle and record HD video in a new format called AVCHD Lite. Hit the jump for details on this new format. Read More

  • Facebook Users Are Becoming Big Fans of Masturbation, And Other Page Stats

    If you want to track the most popular fan pages on Facebook, AllFacebook pushed out a new Facebook Pages Tracker last night that keeps stats on 611,213 fan pages on the social network. Only about 57,000 of those pages have more than 1,000 fans. The tracker also shows the fastest-growing fan pages. A fan page dedicated to masturbation grew 11,900 percent in the last week and is the No. 8… Read More

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