• Thanko releases new and improved portable multimedia player

    Thanko, the infamous gadget vendor from Japan, has released an upgrade of its portable multimedia player that has been available since July. I am not sure if anyone will be interested in buying the device but it should be listed in the company’s English online store soon (price in Japan: $85). The player runs on Windows Vista and XP and features a 3-inch TFT screen with a… Read More

  • TIOTI sold to Vizimo

    TV and video social network TIOTI (Tape It Off the Internet), which has had a rocky ride this last two years, has been acquired by Vizimo, a NorthStar-backed startup with similar aims. Vizimo says it plans to use TIOTI as a shop window in which to pioneer, demonstrate and test new functionality and tools that tie together TV, the web and, increasingly, mobile devices. In other words, TIOTI has… Read More

  • Traveling to Switzerland? Stay in nuclear bunker. It's cheap.

    Hotel accommodations these days are too opulent. Who needs central heat and carpet? No one. Only the Wall Street fat cats, that is. Real people stay at this converted nuclear bunker zero-star hotel that offers rooms for only £6. They even provide you with a a hot water bottle heating system and a bed to sleep on for that price! I know, what a good deal. Plus, if you’re lucky… Read More

  • Netbook + Tablet = Amtek T10L

    A netblet, eh? Here’s the Amtek T10L, a device that’ll apparently be shown of at CES this year. While it’s quite possible that this would never make it to the US and/or it’s not even meant for consumer use, the specs seem to indicate that it could very well be sold as a low cost netbook-class device: Intel Atom N270 chip 512MB RAM, expandable up to 2GB Battery life… Read More

  • Uh-oh. Adviser says Obama's an iPod guy

    Just when you thought President-Elect Obama could buck the common trend and be his own man by sporting a Zune, a close adviser states he’s an iPod fanboy. Sorry, Zune boys. It looks like your main man isn’t that big of a maverick after all. Instead, he clarified Obama’s position as an Apple fan and an owner of an iPod, which he most often uses when working out. Zune or iPod… Read More

  • SaveThePlanetAndWin: Another Social Network Hoping To Make The World A Little Greener

    Save The Planet And Win, a new green social network looking to help users cut back on their carbon deficits, launches today to the public. Beyond traditional social network features like user messaging, Save The Planet And Win offers a few ways to help users keep track of and earn more carbon credits. Every week the site will offer a 30 second clip from a sponsor, who will add points to a… Read More

  • The $100 Coby Netbook might not be coming after all

    A story broke the other day indicating that Coby – maker of cheap electronics – will start selling a $100 netbook in Rite Aids and Krogers within a matter of months. It was to be powered by a Chinese-built CPU and run a Linux distro. Well. Ars Technica is calling bull based on some holes in the story. Primarily, this story, or any announcement regarding a netbook… Read More

  • Vodafone Americas Foundation launches $3 million fund to fuel mobile innovation

    Have you got some outstanding idea for the mobile world rattling around in your brain, but can’t afford to make it happen? Vodafone wants to hear from you. This morning, the Vodafone Americas Foundation is launching a $3 million fund to help them find “wireless technology that can change the world.” Coming out swinging, they’ve announced that the first $600,000 of that… Read More

  • Super Mario gingerbread house looks delicious

    Hey guys, you’ll really “jump” for this one. You don’t have to be eating “mushrooms” to appreciate how “koopa kool” this Super Mario Brothers gingerbread house looks. Don’t bother “bowsering” around in “another castle” for a better house, okay? You’d be in a “cloud world” if you got to eat some of… Read More

  • Flying Ultraman: Japan gets another cool Nippon-exlusive toy

    Tokyo-based toy maker Wiz today unveiled a remote-controlled mini Ultraman figure [JP, PDF] that is able to fly, just like the original in the legendary super hero series. The so-called Charabot Ultraman will hit Japanese stores at the end of January (price: $35), probably without ever making it outside the country. Wiz says it wants to sell the toy mainly to male adults in their 30s and 40s. Read More

  • OpeniMac releases a quasi-Mac clones

    You would think that these Argentineans would know about Psystar’s legal ‘issues’ with Apple before they decided to release an unofficial OS X machine, but whatever. The company is selling two Mac Clones for a reasonable amount of cake. The OpeniMac is only $990 and ships with 2GB of memory, 320GB HDD, and a 256MB ATI Radeon HD Pro. The OpeniMacPRO will run ya, $1,710 but… Read More

  • Sony Ericcson "Kate" becomes C510, details of two new handsets leaked

    When word of this Sony Ericsson cybershot handset got out waaaay back in September, rumors indicated that it would be on the shelves by October. October came and went.. then we burned through November.. and now we’re marching right through December without any real indication of a release date better than the always slipping “next month”. While we’re not sure… Read More

  • Review: Stanley FatMax Utility Knives

    Short Version: One of these Stanley FatMax Utility Knifes impresses, one does not. One is solid and one is dangerous. One is useful, one is not. One will break, one should last. Read More

  • Fuji develops cleaning robot that's able to use elevators to clean floors

    Japanese mega companies Fuji Heavy Industries and Sumitomo today presented their jointly developed floor cleaning robot [JP, PDF] in action in an office building in Osaka , Japan. The autonomous cleaning robot can clean corridors and other similar spaces and also is able to move between the floors of the building by using the elevators. It can detect obstacles of any kind via a built-in… Read More

  • Mitsubishi outs a Blu-ray DVR destined only for Japan

    Japanese geeks get all the fun and the latest from Mitsubishi proves it. The DVR-BF2000 comes equipped with a 500GB HDD, two digital TV tuners, and a Blu-ray recorder drive. Amazing! Not only can it record two HD programs at one time (kind of normal), but can also burn recorded programs onto a Blu-ray disc. Best of all, it’s all wrapped up into a cute, soft white package that will… Read More

  • Did YouTube Just Turn On HD For Real?

    After teasing us for a year with the option to watch “higher quality” videos that weren’t quite high-def, it appears that YouTube is making the switch to HD, at least for some videos that have been uploaded in that quality. Earlier this month, there were reports of YouTube testing this feature, but this morning it seems to be more widespread. (This comes after YouTube adopted… Read More

  • Review: Logitech V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for notebooks

    Quick Version: The V550 Nano from Logitech is by no means the first cordless mouse to be produced, nor will it be the last. But it is one of the better ones that have come out in recent years.
    Read More

  • Magical light to make you sleep well

    This new gizmo called the NightWave Sleep Assistant aims to induce pre-sleep relaxation. It projects a calming blue light in your bedroom that rises and falls. While you lay in bed, you synchronize your breathing with the light and eventually the light becomes slower and slower, causing you to drift off into sleep. Read More

  • Koobface Virus Still Making The Rounds On Facebook

    Yesterday, reports started circulating about a virulent piece of worm spreading through Facebook. The malicious code isn’t exactly new (it started surfacing in August), but has now been altered to strike social networking websites only and is currently making the rounds on Facebook pretty quickly, it seems. The virus can spread fast because they travel through messages which appear to… Read More

  • Add Licensed Indie Music To Your YouTube Videos, Courtesy Of Rumblefish

    YouTube has partnered up with music licensing startup Rumblefish to enable users to add fully licensed songs from its 25,000 tracks strong catalog of independent artists to videos. Users can add the songs through the AudioSwap feature, giving them a much broader choice than was the case until now. To use the feature, just pick any uploaded video and browse the provided audio library. Read More

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