• Mexican Jumping Beans: Not a good fajita topping

    Did you know that the worms inside Mexican Jumping Beans weave a silk wall if their beans are broken? Or that they avoid light and heat? Or that they taste horrible in a burrito? Learn all this and more in this video from the BBC and then head over to MyPetBeans where they sell a tin of beans for $10. I just bought some for my kid(s). Read More

  • The Europas Advisory Board features some of the best of Europe

    I’m delighted to announce the members of The Europas Awards Advisory Board. As you can see there is an enormous wealth of talent here – these are people who know the pan-European tech and startup scene like few others. Over the next few days, until the Wednesday deadline for public voting, our Advisory Board will also be looking at the nominations and selecting their winners for… Read More

  • MIT's EurekaFest showcases high school students' problem-solving prototypes

    EurekaFest is a yearly event held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that showcases the prototype inventions of high school students from around the country. The inventions consist of various gadgets and devices aimed at helping solve real-world problems. Read More

  • Nvidia plugin decreases Adobe Premiere Pro H.264 video encoding time by 11 times

    Good news for you Adobe Photoshop (and other Creative Suite applications) CS4 users who just so happen to have a high-end Nvidia GPU. Nvidia released today a bunch of plug-ins for Adobe CS4 (both PC and Mac) that leverage the power of your GPU. For example, one such plug-in, Elemental Accelerator 2.0 for Windows, taps into your Quadro GPU to help encode video faster. Encoding H.264 video… Read More

  • Win a Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR from pingg by taking a picture of Brooklyn!

    So here’s a pretty easy contest for anyone living in or around Brooklyn, NY. Online invitation purveyor pingg (akin to evite, but way cooler) is currently seeking submissions for their Brooklyn-themed photography gallery. The finalists from the submissions will have their work showcased in a Designer Series gallery that’s dedicated to Brooklyn. So what does that mean for you? Read More

  • Web Site Story: CollegeHumor's Epic Internet Musical

    CollegeHumor has outdone itself again. Just a few days after unveiling Bing, the better way to Google, the site has released Web Site Story, a five minute musical tribute to some of the web’s most popular websites. I’m not going to ruin any of the jokes, but suffice to say if you’ve ever bashed Evite, found yourself a few characters over the Twitter limit, or relied on… Read More

  • Dell working on Android MID, says WSJ

    According to the WSJ, Dell engineers are hard at work on an Android powered device that’s pocket-sized with the ability to tap into the Internet. Multiple sources (two to be exact) have seen early prototypes of the purported Android device and say that it’s “slightly larger” than the iPod Touch. Another source for the WSJ on this story says the device could be out in… Read More

  • Shall we establish some useful battery life standards?

    It’s difficult to trust computer makers on certain aspects of their product. Sure, you can believe them when they state the number of gigabytes in the drive, or what type of processor is in there, but when it comes to claims of performance and usability, they can be a bit biased. And while I’m sure everyone has their own way of testing something like battery life, shouldn’t… Read More

  • Who Needs Clip Art? OffiSync 2.0 Integrates Google Image Search Into Microsoft Office

    Last month we wrote about OffiSync, a powerful plugin that directly ties Microsoft Office to Google Docs, allowing you to save your desktop files to the cloud automatically. Since launch the plugin has fared quite well, with over 50,000 downloads. And today it’s releasing a new version that could prove immensely useful for those of you that frequently use Office. The biggest addition… Read More

  • JVC announces DivX-compatible Blu-ray player with USB port

    JVC Japan announced the XV-BP1 today [JP], a new Blu-ray player that comes with two interesting features and a fair price. The player supports DivX/MPEG-4/MKV/AVCHD files and sports a USB port at the front so you can plug in a USB stick with your DivX-movies (you know, the ones you downloaded legally earlier) into the device and directly start watching. Read More

  • 13-inch Macbook Pro crashes the netbook party on Amazon

    In case you didn’t know, Apple refreshed its notebook lineup a few weeks back and rebadged the 13-inch unibody Macbook as a Pro model. Apparently the masses like it as that model now occupies the top spot in Amazons best selling laptop computer list and number four overall. It wasn’t that long ago that netbooks ruled that second list and the white 13-inch Macbook was the top… Read More

  • Bit.ly's Grand Plans, And Their Inevitable Clash With Digg: Bitly Now

    URL shortener and analytics service Bit.ly has been working on a new set of products, being referred to as “Bit.ly Now” internally, which will define the next stage of the company’s growth. The company confirmed these plans to us today. The services will include both a destination website as well as a distributed service via expansions to the Bit.ly API. The core Bit.ly… Read More

  • Cooler Master touts world's smallest 95W laptop adapter

    In the neverending quest to shrink down the size of notebook power adapters, Cooler Master tosses its hat into the ring with the pretty-small SNA 95. It’s a 95-watt adapter with some thoughtful extras like a USB charging port, cable management base, and nine different power tips for widespread compatibility with most notebook manufacturers. Read More

  • NZXT gaming gear contest update

    Our NZXT gaming gear contest is well underway and we’ve had a good amount of true gamers enter. Your chances of winning this gear is so much greater in this contest than our other giveaways partly because we’re actually asking you to do something this time around. Below is a small gallery of some of the entries so far, showing how easy the contest really is. Just spray the… Read More

  • The making of Pitfall! for the Atari 2600

    The first video game system in the Aamoth household was the Atari 2600. My parents bought it used from our next door neighbors, wrapped it up, and put it under the Christmas tree. Pitfall! was one of the handful of games that accompanied our new-to-us Atari. If you’re over the age of 30, you may have played the game more than a few times. Even if you’re under 30, you’ve… Read More

  • Well-played, Mr. Wales. Well-played.

    Just got this email. It’s a bit presumptuous considering the common expectation is that you don’t author your own Wikipedia entry. Basically Jimmy is asking me to become a fan of his Facebook page but does Jimmy really need fans? And does he have to launch such a personal appeal? He’s a heck of a guy, I’m sure, but what’s in it for me? Read More

  • MJ flash drive includes Thriller album and sad, cynical marketing ploy

    I Took My Flash Drive
    On A Saturday Tweetup
    “Boy Is That Flash With You”
    “Yes We’re One And The Same” Now I Believe In Gigabytes
    And An 2 Gig Model
    Is Shipping Tonight But, If
    You’re Thinkin’
    About My Flash Drive
    It Costs $19.99 And Comes In
    Black And Green Read More

  • In France, Canal+ heading to Xbox 360

    Like the Sky deal before it, Xbox 360 users in France will soon be able to view Canal+ content on their TV set. Users will have access to some 3,000 movies on demand and eventually Ligue 1 soccer. Read More

  • SharesPost Report: Facebook Worth $4-6 Billion. So Much For That $10B Valuation

    They may be mysterious and perhaps even a bit shady, but secondary equity markets, which allow employees to sell off their shares to other buyers, are quickly heating up. Because of the rarity of IPOs and acquisitions in the startup world these days, early employees and founders are becoming increasingly anxious to convert some of their shares into cash (one need look no further than reports… Read More

  • PlayOn adds local media playback, brings .avi & .mkv support to the Moxi HD DVR

    I’m so excited. MediaMall has updated its DLNA software, PlayOn, to support local network media playback within the app. The streaming app was always a solid way to playback Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube on any DLNA device like the Archos devices, the PS3, Xbox 360 and so many others. In fact, this was Digeo’s solution to bring Internet media to the Moxi HD DVR. However, the app… Read More

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