• MSI GX630 gaming laptop now available

    First announced in August the gaming-centric GX630 from MSI is now available from a number of online retailers (newegg.com, amazon.com, mwave.com, zipzoomfly.com, and buy.com) for $800. Specs can be found here. Read More

  • BlackBerry 8900 aka Javelin aka Curve II passes through the FCC

    This morning T-Mobile Germany announced the 8900 and now CellPhone Signal has found the FCC filing for North America. The baby Bold is expected to hit both GSM networks here in the US, but it’s unclear when that will be. For all the T-Mobile customers like myself, I hope it’s soon. Do I switch to AT&T to get the 3G Bold or suck it up and wait for the EDGE Curve II? Read More

  • And what do we think about the new Sirius lineup?

    Here’s the Sirius lineup for you, to go with the XM lineup we wrote about earlier today. I’m not as familiar with Sirius as am I with XM (being an Opie and Anthony fan and all), but I do like how Sirius is all, “Don’t like X? Try Y instead!” Um, no. We like X, meaning we’re likely to hate Y. The comments over at Orbitcast are worth reading. Holy smokes… Read More

  • Multiply Launches Collaborative Professional Photo Printing

    Multiply, a social network largely geared towards adults, has launched a new set of printing features that allow members to order professional prints of their photos directly from their online albums and those of their friends. Available photo products include photo books, calendars, cards, and standard prints. The site uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to place photos, allowing users… Read More

  • A Brief Intermission To Remember Why The Internet Is So Wonderful

    http://www.ustream.tv/flash/live/317016 A camera + the Internet + puppies. Ten thousand people are watching right now. My goal is to get people to stop emailing me this. Ok? It’s awesome. I posted. Time has all the details, if you want to know their names, etc. Read More

  • iGo multi-device charging solutions

    Would you shell out $140 for the iGo everywhereMAX because it charges your laptop in three ways: wall outlet, car outlet, airplane seat? How about the added value of being able to charge up your phone or some other device at the same time? Don’t most gadgets charge via USB these days? And what about the wallMAX for $100 that only plugs into a wall oulet? Would you call either of… Read More

  • Watch out, Surface; GestureTek is straight frontin'

    I guess you don’t know you’re leading the pack unless you hear the other dogs barking at your heels. GestureTek is a company that puts out touch- and gesture-based interactive screens in more various forms than the Microsoft Surface project. From what I can tell, it doesn’t track as exactly or as reliably as the seriously stress-tested Surface, but it also has a more… Read More

  • This Christmas, give the gift of a terrifying, photorealistic death mask

    Your lover will never forget… Wait, no, they’ll never forgive you if you have one of these frightening replicas made, either of your face or theirs. Apparently ThatsMyFace can create a passable resemblance of you from one straight-on shot and one profile shot. I’d think they’d want a few more data points, but you can’t argue with results. You can, however, argue… Read More

  • Nokia announces the E71's little brother: E63

    This morning Nokia made the E63 official although we found out about it yesterday. Nothing too fancy compared to the E71, but it does come with Wi-Fi, 3.5G and a 2-megapixel camera for 199 Euro. Read the rest at MobileCrunch Read More

  • LG, Sharp, and Chunghwa nailed for LCD price-fixing

    Such shameful conduct! It looks like from 2001 to 2006, LG, Sharp, and Chinese OEM Chunghwa were conspiring to keep the prices of LCD screens high and agreed on pricing floors to guarantee cash flow for everybody involved. Over five years of first- and second-party sales (Dell and Apple were among the buyers), they must have run up quite a tab, although no one’s done the math yet. Read More

  • The horrifying sounds of broken hard drives

    What’s one of the scariest sounds you can hear come out of your computer? How about the telltale clicking of a broken hard drive? Once you hear that click-click-click you know it’s game over. Hope you backed up your data. Datacent, which is a data recovery company, has a collection of broken hard drive sounds that should put the fear of God in you. Note that the site has been… Read More

  • Apple rolls out big 4th gen iPod nano patch

    Owner of a 4th-gen iPod nano? You might wanna download the 1.0.3 update for your new iPod. The 53MB patch adds Apple in-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic support along with fixes for some Cover Flow issues. Specifically the iPod doesn’t distort Cover Flow when using TV out slideshow and allows you to turn it off when rotating the iPod into a landscape position. So yeah, stop… Read More

  • Video: When do robots cross the ‘realistic or creepy’ line?

    Oh, robots. I think people liked you more when you looked like Rosie than your current “human-light” appearances. Take this one, named Jules by scientists at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the UK. It’s supposedly the first “humanoid” robot that “can mimic the facial expressions and lip movements of a human being.” It has its own software that lets… Read More

  • Belkin Switch-to-Mac Cable, exactly what the name implies

    A $50 cable from Belkin will alleviate the headache of switching from a PC to a Mac. Easy peasy, folks. Read More

  • Yahoo Almost To $10. Referee, Please Call This Fight.

    Yahoo dipped again today (as did the market in general), down nearly 9% to $10.34. That means they’ve officially destroyed $31 billion in shareholder value since turning down Microsoft’s acquisition offer earlier this year. We now remember the good ‘ol days back in June when the stock price was in the twenties. If you go by Facebook’s official valuation of $15… Read More

  • NVIDIA's Tegra to debut by mid-2009

    Embedded and generally small systems are becoming a more serious market force every day, not just as mobile phones become more powerful, but media players, netbooks, and miscellaneous stuff like the Pandora. Intel’s Atom seems to be the star of the show right now due to their clout, but VIA has an extremely competitive product, other smaller companies do as well, and now NVIDIA is ready… Read More

  • Rumor: Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshot shenanigans

    With Windows Mobile 6.5 now pretty much a sure thing for 2009, the churn of the rumor mill is growing ever louder. Smartphone France has supposedly dug up some screenshots of the new operating system. As these shots will no doubt pop up week after week on forums around the intertubes until 6.5’s eventual release, we’ll go ahead and weigh in now: fake. So, why are we calling… Read More

  • Whoops! 7-Eleven breaks Wrath of the Lich King release date (by a few hours)

    http://gamevideos.1up.com/swf/gamevideos11.swf?embedded=1&fullscreen=1&autoplay=0&src=http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/videoListXML%3Fid%3D22558%26adPlay%3Dtrue Whoa. Head thee to your local 7-Eleven right now (if you can) to check if it’s selling Wrath of the Lich King before it’s official launch at midnight tonight. (I’ll be at home watching Charlie Rose on PBS… Read More

  • This Week on the CrunchBoard

    This week on the CrunchBoard we want to welcome Mirego and Brilliant2 to the new services and sales directories on CrunchBoard. They are great ways to reach the start-up community. While you are checking out these new directories, make sure to look at the latest job listing on CrunchBoard. Click through to see some of jobs posted in the past week. Read More

  • HTC MAX 4G: From Russia with WiMax

    Still fawning over the HTC Touch HD? Well, meet its bigger, badder brother: the HTC MAX 4G. Just announced today, HTC’s newest beast is the world’s first GSM/WiMax handset. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Aw man, a GSM/WiMax handset would be pretty much useless in the states”, you’re completely right – and HTC seems to agree. Read the rest at… Read More

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