• Report: Click Fraud At Record High

    17.1% of all clickthroughs on web advertising are the result of click fraud – the act of clicking on a web ad to artificially increase its click-through rate – according to the latest report from Click Forensics, a company that specializes in monitoring and preventing internet crime. The level of clickfraud is the highest the company has seen since it started monitoring for it… Read More

  • Leapfrog announces new reader "Tag Junior"

    Leapfrog makes some great educational toys, no doubt about it. In fact, my son uses the LeapPad system to read books. Once he was old enough to use it on his own, he spends hours listening and repeating the words to learn them. Now it looks like LeapFrog is going after the younger audience. Read More

  • Tin Terminator Bear, not creepy at all

    This cuddly destroyer of mankind from Be@rBrick features light-up eyes and probably won’t help your kid sleep at night. I’ve always had a fondness for tin-toy-looking things, but I want them to be kitschy-looking, not terrifying. Read More

  • Microsoft has no plans to kill off Zune

    In the face of a 54 percent revenue drop last quarter, there’s been a lot of speculation going around (myself included) as to what’s going to happen with the Microsoft Zune. Microsoft has now come out and said that it has no plans to deep six the hardware or the software and that there will indeed be a new Zune lineup later this year. Read More

  • Forgotten CES video: the glorious cart-ride to North Hall

    In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to take the cart from Central Hall to North Hall (I think that’s where I was going), now you have a chance. Click on for the speed and the glory of the CES golf ride. For the extremely lazy or fatigued only. Read More

  • Video/Photos: A look at the Most Recent Android "Cupcake" Development Build

    As 2008 came to a close, we saw the first hints of a new developmental branch of Android called “Cupcake”. Promising video recording, copy and paste, stereo bluetooth and more, an endless clamor has rang from the userbase ever since. There’s still no word as to when we can expect it to drop onto devices, nor are they making promises that any specific feature will make it on… Read More

  • Video: D700 video hack

    Ever wonder whether you could just intercept that Live View stream and save it? Well, you can. It’s just no one thought to actually try… until now. Click for video and an explanation of the hack. Read More

  • Boobs And Booty Banned From The App Store

    Breasts and the iPhone have had a tumultuous relationship. Last month, an application that allowed users to shake a pair (possibly NSFW) of 3D breasts was banned from the App Store for being apparently too risque for its audience. A few weeks later an application called Wobble made it into the App Store using something of a loophole – instead of offering pre-rendered mammary shaking… Read More

  • Tri-fold Apple MacBook mock-up

    This is by no means a real Apple product, nor are we trying to pass it off as one. The notebook above is simply a clever mock-up of what a an Apple MacBook Mini (read: netbook) could look like. The touchpad/wrist rest folds on top of the keyboard and then the screen folds down. Plausible? Sure, but it’s also plausible that Microsoft will upgrade Windows Vista suckers for free to Windows… Read More

  • Review: The entire NAVIGON GPS lineup

    Short Version: We take a close look at four NAVIGON GPS units that are overpriced but still capable PND. Click on for a review of the 2000S, 2200T, 7200T and 8100T personal navigation devices. Read More

  • Whisper it – A year later, AOL contemplates a Bebo sale

    I didn’t quite believe it when one of my most trusted sources told me that AOL was seriously considering selling Bebo. But I have now confirmed the rumour with three other sources intimately acquainted with the company. AOL is indeed quietly pondering a sale after watching Bebo perform much worse than it had hoped. That, combined with an advertising market buffeted by the waves of… Read More

  • The GarageBand Lesson Store Could Be Apple’s Next Revolution In Music

    iLife ’09 is finally available on store shelves, and while most of the attention will probably go to iPhoto’s spiffy new face-recognition, there’s a feature tucked into GarageBand that might be making headlines very soon: premium lessons for piano and guitar, presented by the artists themselves. Dubbed ‘Lesson Store’, Apple’s online marketplace for… Read More

  • Digg Poaches New Head Of Sales From Yahoo

    After not being acquired by Google last year and announcing some cutbacks last week, Digg is rolling up its sleeves and getting to work. The company has hired Tom Shin as its new head of sales from Yahoo, where he was one of the top sales people and head of the Northwest sales region. His job is to build a sales team at Digg go after advertising dollars more directly., something CEO Jay… Read More

  • Inventory shows mysterious "Canon 1D Mark III N"

    Well, it’s not that mysterious. Like the 1D Mark II N, this will probably be a minor update: increase in megapixels, maybe a better LCD screen, a better cache for burst shots, etc. It was probably to be a surprise at PMA, but now everyone will have to just pretend like they didn’t know. Awkward! Read More

  • Review: WTF? How to Survive 101 of Life's Worst F*#!-ing Situations

    We don’t often review books on CrunchGear, mainly because books tend to lack that ever important “Gear” aspect that our readers expect of our posts. We strayed from that path a bit by publishing one book review back in October, which apparently was a sufficient signal to book publishers that CrunchGear is getting totally-super-serious about book reviews, and that they… Read More

  • Google I/O 2009 Registration Now Open

    This morning Google opened up registration for its annual Google I/O conference, a two-day event focused on developer topics that will feature Android, App Engine, Chrome, GWT, and AJAX APIs. According to Tom Stocky, Director of Product Management at Google, the event has a broad appeal for both small startups and large, established companies. He says that this year’s event will… Read More

  • Gmail Goes Offline With Google Gears

    Until today, one of the biggest drawbacks of Gmail is that you could not go through your emails when you were offline. Today, that changes. Gmail is finally going offline. Google is rolling out a Google Gears version of Gmail that will be available to users starting today in Gmail Labs. (If you don’t see it, keep checking, the rollout to all users should be complete by the end of… Read More

  • Review: NZXT Whisper PC case

    If you’re looking to upgrade your computer’s case one of these days, consider moving into a nice spacious one like the Whisper. These full-tower things are perfect for expanding your system into and avoiding unsightly external storage. Plus, the Whisper has sound-deadening foam along the inside to hide the noise of your dual Radeon 4870s. Click on through for a video adventure… Read More

  • Living in the past: Commodore 64 on a Symbian phone

    Ah for those thrilling days of yesteryear, when gaming was 8-bit, and the world was blocky. If you thrill at the thought of having a portable Commodore 64, and you have a Symbian phone, then your dreams are coming true. Read More

  • Apple calls off dogs: Papermaster can now work for Lenovo

    When Apple hired away Mark Papermaster from IBM as its new senior vice president of hardware engineering for devices, IBM struck back with a lawsuit attempting to bar him from switching jobs. Citing his non-compete clause, IBM convinced a judge to order Papermaster to stop working at Apple until the dispute was resolved. Well, now he can finally go make future iPods for Apple. The two… Read More

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