• Elevator Pitch Friday: BookGlutton, The Computer's Kindle

    This week’s elevator pitch comes from BookGlutton. Although the pitch is long-winded and lacking energy and enthusiasm, it did alert us to this site that is worth checking out. Read More

  • New arcade stick specifically for freaky shoot-em-up

    I’m a big fan of shoot-em-ups, as I mentioned the other day, but everyone knows that the best way to control a shmup is with an arcade stick — a device about as common as hen’s teeth these days. Well, legendary shmup developer Cave’s Death Smiles now has its own arcade stick. Sister doin’ it for herself! Read More

  • Teaser trailer for Transformers 2 to debut during the Super Bowl

    You better be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday if you plan on seeing the teaser trailer for Bay’s sequel to the smash hit Transformers. I <3 Megan Fox. So, when exactly will it air? Hit the jump to find out. Read More

  • Rummble releases WiFi-finder iPhone app with TotalHotSpots

    UK mobile startup Rummble has teamed up with TotalHotSpots the global WiFi hotspots directory to produce a branded version of Rummble iPhone app. Marketing of the app will start on Monday next week. The end result is an application which will tell you where you can get WiFi nearby, as in places like Cafes, and the ability to “Rummble” (or rather rate) those wifi hotspots and see… Read More

  • Don't tell Google that Google Earth can be used to help terrorists

    The terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year brought any number of technologies “under the microscope”: Twitter can be used by terrorists to coordinate attacks; Google Earth can be used to map out possible attack routes, etc. Too bad Google completely disagrees with this slipshod logic. Read More

  • Casio announces new watch, the Cachalot

    While Casio is considered to be a higher end watch company in Japan, they sometimes have image problems in the States. Better known for their G-shock and calculator watches in the US, their Oceanus line is sometimes ignored by higher end retailers. This is a shame really, since the line has some features not even found in the likes of Tag Hauer and Seiko. Read More

  • WELCOM To The World’s Most Exclusive Social Network (Not Really, But Here Are Screenshots)

    The World Economic Forum in Davos is finally trying to make its mark in social media at this year’s conference. The organization is unveiling the beta version of its exclusive Facebook-style social networking site, called WELCOM, reserved for high-profile attendees of the World Economic Forum like Mark Zuckerberg, Vladimir Putin and Kofi Annan. The site, which was designed in… Read More

  • Appropriate attire for your next Chernobyl trip

    Raiation Shield Technologies has what you need in order to hit those hard to reach geocaching locations deep inside the Chernobyl wasteland. The Flordia-based firm’s fabric is comprised of metallic fabric that is more flexible and light than traditional lead suits which should make galavanting around a tad more enjoyable. The suits can withstand gamma rays, X-rays, and even nuclear… Read More

  • Startup2Startup Unites Startup Rookies With Veterans; Five Invites For TechCrunch Readers

    Startup2Startup, a popular invite-only Silicon Valley networking event, held its 7th get-together last night, bringing 140 entrepreneurs together. The event is the brainchild of Dave McClure, the venerable startup angel investor who recently joined Founders Fund, and the event sponsors include some of the top VCs in the valley. The monthly event typically consists of a dinner, with an… Read More

  • NEC cutting 20k employees, 20,000

    There isn’t a day that passes that CE companies don’t announce layoffs. NEC’s expected cuts are some of the largest yet though with plans to eliminate 20,000 employees. That would result in the company firing nearly 7% of its worldwide work force just to “convert to a more muscular profit structure.” The overall goal is to return the company to a more profitable… Read More

  • PS3 doing fine, no price drop in sight, PSP is a different story, says European SCEE boss

    With a ten-year shelf life the execs at Sony don’t seem too worried about the PS3’s poor showing last year compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii. SCEE head honcho David Reeves sat down with Eurogamer to rap about how well his little toy is doing and what’s next for Sony. Much of this is geared towards the European market but that doesn’t mean we can’t glean some… Read More

  • What bad habits have you picked up from the Internet?

    Has the Internet changed the way you think and act even when you’re not at a computer? It has me. I find myself speaking in LOLcat when I’m making puns with my friend. I find myself thinking in terms of regular expressions when I want to correct something I’ve said. I rarely remember URLs anymore, instead focusing on the search terms I fed to Google to find the sites I use. Read More

  • Video: Jetski-powered jetpack is totally awesome

    Looks like this guy, my new hero, has redirected the jets in his waterski to fire out of a makeshift jetpack. O brave new world! That has such gadgets in’t! Read More

  • Lose weight the Hello Kitty way

    In the CrunchGear chat room this morning we were talking about exercise. Someone linked to Hundred Push Ups, and issued a challenge to see how many push ups we could each do. We postured and boasted and tried to convince one another that blogging had not gone to our bellies. Thankfully we were quickly distracted by a Hello Kitty weight loss gadget. Read More

  • Google's GDrive revealed in code?

    A recently modified bit of code in Google Pack was picked apart by blogger Brian Ussery, who found the following text: Read More

  • OpenTable Files For IPO, And Reveals Its Finances

    OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation site that was founded in 1998, is hoping to raise as much as $40 million in an IPO, according to a filing with the SEC (embedded below). The prospectus offers a detailed look at the company’s finances and operations. Revenues through the nine months ended September 30, 2008 were $41.3 million, a 41 percent increase from the same period in 2007. Read More

  • Wherein Penny-Arcade illustrates just how bad MacBook Pro overheating really is

    So how hot does your MacBook Pro get? Like, hot hot or just hot? (I have an old MacBook that’s not too bad about that kind of thing.) There’s a delightful message today on Penny-Arcade about how their MacBook Pro, when left to its own devices, becomes extraordinarily hot. Like, otherworldly hot. Read More

  • Tiny bubbles make me feel fine

    Philips is working on some fancy new drug deliver technologies that utilize microbubbles in a new way. Traditionally, microbubbles are used to enhance the resolution of ultrasound images, but Philips’ research provide a one-two punch for imaging and targeted drug delivery. Read More

  • iPhone firmware 2.2.1 jailbroken [Updated]

    Just FYI – 2.2.1 is jailbroken but upgrading will totally bork your unlock. UPDATE #2 – The real deal iPhone dev team QuickPwn (Windows/Mac) and PwnageTool (Mac only) apps are now available. They have yet to SIM unlock the new baseband (02.30.03), so tread with caution and read directions especially close if you’re planning on liberating your handset. Read More

  • Yes Yes Yes: Activision confirms DJ Hero

    And now, the greatest news since that time I was coming home from a bar in Barcelona only to find out that Radio Slave was performing by the club near my old apartment and I freaked out because oh my God it’s Radio Slave: Activision has confirmed the development of DJ Hero. Call me a jerk, I don’t care, I’m getting this game. Read More

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