• Singing A New Tune: The Imeem Music Store.

    Does embattled music streaming site imeem think it can take on iTunes? For the most part, nearly every streaming song on the site has a download button which links to both iTunes and the Amazon MP3 store. But it is quietly testing its own music download store which bypasses iTunes and Amazon and sells MP3s directly. For instance, this is the case with some Sub Pop artists, such as Iron and… Read More

  • Authorize.net Goes Down, E-Commerce Vendors Left Hanging

    Talk about a serious outage. Payment gateway service provider Authorize.net has been down and out for several hours, a number of tipsters inform us. That has big implications: since the service is used by tens of thousands of e-commerce vendors to accept credit card and electronic checks payments on their websites (example), it likely means millions are being lost during its downtime. PayPal… Read More

  • Sony patents amazing "WeebleDong" motion control system

    Look at that man. He seems to really be enjoying himself. Soon you’ll be enjoying yourself like him too if Sony ever figures out how to manufacturer this motion control system that I’m code-naming “WeebleDong.” It uses everyday objects – a fake sword, a spoon, your mum’s little friend – to control on-screen action. Read More

  • Toshiba Japan to roll out inexpensive HDD/DVD recorders

    After losing the format war against Sony, Toshiba is yet to produce Blu-ray hardware, but at least they keep on rolling out DVD hardware in their VARDIA series. The company yesterday announced two new HDD/DVD recorders for the Japanese market [JP]. Read More

  • Coming Soon: Even More TechCrunch in London

    It’s been a nice two weeks in San Francisco, but in about 10 hours I’m headed to SFO’s international terminal again. This time, I’m going to London. I’m traveling as part of a group of bloggers, authors and videographers called “The Traveling Geeks,” whose mission is simply to go to various cities around the world and try to learn as much about its… Read More

  • LG is delusional: plans to be #2 in 2012, new Black Label coming, iPhone killer coming, too

    What in the hell is LG Mobile’s president smoking because this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever read. Becoming the #2 mobile phone maker in three years is one thing considering the fact that Samsung could and would destroy them at any time. But a new Black Label device to compete with the iPhone? Or a luxe brand on par with Nokia’s Vertu? Keep dreaming, Ahn. via Unwired Read More

  • Turn Web Content Into A Map With GeoMaker

    At the end of last May, Yahoo released an experimental version of Placemaker, a “geo-enrichment” platform. What it does is help developers make applications location-aware by identifying places in unstructured and atomic content (think RSS feeds, web pages, news, status updates etc.) and returning geographic metadata for geographic indexing and markup. In layman’s terms: it… Read More

  • iPod Touch 3G case? Nah

    Reader “Jenny” sent us a link to a silicone case from Asiajunk manufacturer UXSight. It purports to show an iPod Touch 3G – third generation, not third generation wireless – with two holes -one for a camera and one for the antenna. Or maybe the little one is for a little pencil that comes out and draws the subject on a piece of paper? Remember: Apple never releases… Read More

  • Hotz does it again, releases jailbreak app for iPhone 3GS

    George Hotz, the 20-year old hacker who originally unlocked the iPhone, has released a jailbreaking application for the iPhone 3GS codenamed “purplera1n.” It’s currently Windows-only (Windows 7 not supported), and requires the latest iTunes installed, and an iPhone 3GS with the 3.0 firmware. Hotz mentions in a blog post that the jailbreak for Mac is “coming soon.”… Read More

  • Brace Yourselves! "Asteroids" Headed For The Big Screen

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, movie studio Universal has won a bidding war to pick up the film rights to the classic Atari video game “Asteroids”. Initially released as an arcade game back in 1979, Asteroids featured a triangular space ship that needed to be navigated through an asteroid field. The object was to shoot and destroy masses of rock and the occasional flying… Read More

  • In India, Google Searches For Users With Print Ads

    Different markets have different needs for marketing products or services. We all know that much. But that doesn’t take away the weirdness of a company like Google advertising its core product (online search) by using ink that was printed on paper. Guilty of this hideous crime (I kid, I kid) is Google India, who apparently ordered some targeted quarter-page advertisements to appear in… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Lost at Sea Edition

    Two new Battlestations: Pacific DLC inbound
    Paparazzi beware! Flash purse stalks the stalkers
    The Pirate Bay, well on its way to irrelevance at record speed
    What will you do if piracy as we know it goes away? (I’ll just read more) Read More

  • My Interview With Antitrust Expert Gary Reback: Google's Looming Antitrust Issues

    On Wednesday I spoke with antitrust attorney Gary Reback, the man who spearheaded the push to break up Microsoft in the nineties. The event was hosted by HBSTech at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. If anyone in the world can make antitrust law interesting, it’s Reback. Much of the hour plus conversation focused on the history of antitrust law and Reback’s experience… Read More

  • Mother of all game packs: 20 2K games on Steam for $54

    If you just want a couple games to get you through the long weekend, today’s X-COM deal should do that for you. But if you need something a little more… substantial, which includes the X-COM games, may I take the liberty, sir, of recommending this 2K games pack? $54 is a substantial sum, to be sure, but consider what you are receiving: -Bioshock -Civilization III, IV and all… Read More

  • Does Anybody Still Use Second Life? And If So, How Much Is It Worth Today?

    Analyst firm Next Up Research has published an extensive report on Linden Lab, the San Francisco company behind virtual world Second Life. The research is based on aggregate data and is available on SharesPost, a site set up to trade shares of privately held companies (if you register, you can download the report for free from that page, or you can find other valuation reports on companies… Read More

  • Latest dev diary for Batman: Arkham Asylum

    So, how messed up are the souls residing in Arkham Asylum? Check out the latest developer diary from the chaps at Rocksteady Studios. Paul Dini also talks about the storyline for this upcoming Eidos/WB title. I played a bit of it at E3 and it’s pretty damn fun. Can’t wait for it to drop on August 25th. Read More

  • Printed batteries to be rolling out before year's end

    Some German researchers have conjured up a kind of battery that’s less than a millimeter thin and is made by the reactive layers onto each other like a silk screen. But the most surprising bit is that they’re planning on making them on a commercial scale within six months. Usually we hear about this stuff and then it disappears for a couple years. Not this time, hopefully. Read More

  • Hummingbot UAV hovering in slow motion

    I’m concerned that before long, every critter out there will be replaced by a biomimetic robot surrogate. With BigDog, LittleDog, mechafish, swifferbot, and the robo-ant already on the march, it won’t be long before the pleasant tweet and buzz of nature is replaced by the noise of servos and tiny guns. The latest fiend to come out of DARPA human-extinction research money is this… Read More

  • Peacekeeper purse: combat couture

    While I do advise my female friends untrained in hand-to-hand combat to carry mace or pepper spray, a little backup option like this might also be a good idea. The same warning applies to this purse as to a knife, though: break it out, and someone’s going to get hurt — not necessarily the other guy. Read More

  • Two new Battlestations: Pacific DLC inbound

    My favorite WWII RTS is getting another round of DLC starting with the Mustan Pack today for 800 MS points. The Carrier Battles Map pack drops on the 23rd of this month for both Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live. Read More

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