• The Plot Thickens: Skype Founders And Joost Sue Former Chairman And CEO Mike Volpi

    The Skype-eBay plot thickens. Joost and Joltid, both companies owned by Skype’s founders, have filed a lawsuit against former Joost chairman and CEO, Mike Volpi. The suit also names Index Ventures, the VC firm where Volpi is a partner. In a nutshell, the legal documents say that Volpi obtained confidential information in his role as CEO of Joost about how to circumvent Joltid’s IP. Read More

  • Google's DoubleClick Launches New Marketplace For Display Ads

    Google, which has dominated search advertising, is hoping to take over the display advertisement space by launching new DoubleClick Ad Exchange to create an open, real-time marketplace for large online publishers and ad networks and agencies to buy and sell display advertising space. In an announcement made on the company’s blog, Google says that display advertising, which are ad… Read More

  • Pearl Jam Takes Over MySpace Music With New Album Debut

    When I came to write for TechCrunch, I never realized that I would get to write about my favorite band while I was growing up, so often. But I do once again today because Pearl Jam has an exclusive deal to premiere their new album on MySpace. The album, Backspacer, will begin streaming live today on MySpace Music, a few days before it’s available in stores and online to purchase. Read More

  • Mint Is Yodlee's YouTube

    A lot of people at Adobe weren’t all that happy when YouTube was acquired by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006. After all, YouTube was just a pretty front end to the core Flash web video technology created by Adobe. YouTube got rich. Adobe got peanuts. Mint, which sold to Intuit earlier this week for $170 million, is Yodlee’s YouTube. That’s because, like YouTube, the core… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: No Rock 'n' Roll Fun Edition

    I’m sorry, but we have to ban music. That’s just the way it is.
    Deep Green, The Pool-Playing Robot
    The GoGoStand fits in your wallet, transforms to hold your phone Read More

  • AcceptEdge Launches College Recommendation Engine To The Public

    Ah, the college selection process. A time filled with confusion, disappointment, and occasional bouts of joy, along with a nice dose of raging hormones. AcceptEdge, a new startup launching today, is looking to help take a little bit of uncertainty out of the process. The site starts off by asking you a series of questions about your academic, family, and personal histories. Most of the… Read More

  • Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Europa

    This week’s TechCrunch 50 conference in San Francisco brought together a number of threads and stories which have been kicking around the back of my mind for while. A little like Borat, I’ve been asking the Americans a lot of questions (though hopefully without the accompanying chaos). The first one seems obvious but is worth spelling out one more time: to launch a consumer web… Read More

  • ToyBots: The Stealth Prototype

    ToyBots CEO Shervin Pishevar, fresh off his TechCrunch50 debut, apparently wasn’t too pleased with my post yesterday calling him and his company out for not dreaming big enough. My chief complaint – that ToyBots should be building the next multi-billion dollar superhit toy, not messing around with an unproven platform solution that no one may ultimately use, but that many may… Read More

  • Ustream's Mobile Video Broadcasting Comes To Android

    Tonight, Google’s Android platform is getting another application that gives it functionality iPhone users can only gaze at longingly. This time, it’s Ustream, a mobile streaming application that lets you broadcast video directly from your phone. The application will be available on the Android Market by 9 AM PST tomorrow morning. Ustream isn’t the only option available… Read More

  • The GoGoStand fits in your wallet, transforms to hold your phone

    This should be quick. The $5 GoGoStand is a plastic card that can be rigged to hold your phone and then just like it doesn’t care, collapsed down for easy wallet storage. Watch the video after the break if you still don’t get it. Read More

  • LaCie puts out a new portable DVD-RW drive – but who will buy it?

    Look at this drive. It’s nice in its way. It will play DVDs, it’ll write data on ’em, it’ll even inscribe them with text and graphics if you care to utilize the Lightscribe function. But I can hardly think of a single situation in which something like this would be needed. Can you? Read More

  • Video: A good BlackBerry Tour trackball vs bad trackball

    Almost 40% of the BlackBerry Tour users who participated in our quick poll voted that they have returned a BlackBerry Tour because of trackball problems. That’s a clear indication of a problem. The dude in this video is on his sixth BlackBerry Tour and shows the difference between the two. Read More

  • The Importance Of Enthusiasm In Any Product

    A video took the web by storm today entitled “Incredible, amazing, awesome Apple.” Basically, it boils down Apple’s latest event into a series of superlatives. It’s a funny video because Apple really does have a pattern of using these types of words over and over again in its demonstrations. Cynics will say this is how Apple brainwashes the masses into buying their… Read More

  • TC50 Demopit Company TweetFunnel Launches Enterprise-Friendly Twitter Publishing Platform

    As more and more businesses dip their toes in the Twitter stream, there’s a need for enterprise-focused Twitter applications that cater to businesses’ needs from the microblogging platform. TechCrunch50 demopit company TweetFunnel is business-friendly publishing platform for Twitter. The web-based application is both a Twitter client and a platform for businesses to manage all… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Wrap-Up. Congrats To All The Startups Who Made It.

    To all those startups who made it to TechCrunch50 this year, whether it was on stage or in the DemoPit, congratulations and thank you. We wouldn’t be here if there weren’t so many creative entrepreneurs out there trying to build something worthwhile out of nothing but ideas, sweat, and a little risk capital. A little risk can go a long why. And while it is true that this… Read More

  • Handy hack: Nintendo DS mini USB

    The Nintendo DS’s charge port looks a lot like a mini USB plug. In fact, it really is, just modified a bit. One enterprising hacker, tired of plugging his DS into the wall, no doubt, decided he’d make his DS USB-compatible. And although it seems to have been a relatively straightforward operation, I question the practicality of it when there are USB charge cables for the DS for $4. Read More

  • The Pentax K-x to be available in all the colors of the rainbow (and some others)

    Pentax just rolled out the K-x late last night, but the official announcement only mentioned black, white, and red models. Bor-ing. Soon the camera will be available in a multiple colors in Japan – but everyone can play with the online creator. Read More

  • A Couple Little Nifty Facebook And Twitter Username Tweaks

    So, you remember those Facebook vanity names? Yeah, well starting today they’re even more useful. That’s because you now use them to sign in to your Facebook account. One of the most annoying things about logging into Facebook was that it still required you to use an email address as your username. The problem is that most of the time those are much longer than regular user names. Read More

  • Touchnote addresses its weakness with a smart iPhone app

    We’ve been following photo notecard printing start-up Touchnote for a while now, for example in March, when the company launched its API. But until now there’s been something missing from the Touchnote experience: an iPhone app. That’s about to change, because at some point tomorrow Touchnote’s iPhone app will hit the App Store. You’ll be able to snap, customise… Read More

  • I'm sorry, but we have to ban music. That's just the way it is.

    It has come to my attention that the music industry now wants royalties for those 30-second clips of music you hear in iTunes. That, I think you’ll agree, is bullshit. Seeing as though we’re a solution-oriented blog here at CrunchGear, I want to offer a completely fool-proof way to save the music industry and put an end to the years and years of nonsense we’ve seen since… Read More

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