• Reevoo's Hunkering Down Pays Off As It Signs New Partners

    Back in December 2008 Reevoo looked like it was running out of time. The UK-based B2B customer reviews site hunkered down on staffing amid pressure from the downbeat economic climate in an attempt to play out its investment from Banexi Venture Partners and Eden Ventures. Partner revenue was coming in but its crowd-sourced reviews were invisible on Google and it was, in my opinion… Read More

  • HotPrints Launches Totally Free Photo-Book Printing

    Early this year we were introduced to HotPrints, a startup that lets you print out color photo books at a very low price. Where other photobook printing services cost around $20-$30, HotPrints sells its books for a mere $2.99 plus $0.75 shipping to the United States. Given the low price it’s little surprise that the service has started to get some significant traction, with over… Read More

  • Albatross-mounted cameras? Yes, we have arrived at the future

    This is interesting. A study done by Japanese and UK universities outfitted several albatrosses with cameras in order to study their feeding strategies. While animal-mounted cameras are far from rare these days, I think it’s indicative of how far we’ve come that a scientific team can snatch a couple birds, tape cameras on their backs, and just let ’em ride. With the… Read More

  • Grizzly bear bean bag, for when you just need to hibernate

    It isn’t really a gadget, but I’d say this bear-shaped bean bag qualifies as gear. Maybe you bring it to your LAN party. Maybe it’s seating for your Windows 7 launch party. Either way, it’s a giant bear you can sleep on without fear of being mauled. When was the last time you had that luxury? [via GearFuse] Read More

  • Rumor: Nikon is releasing a clone of the Leica X1

    So we’ve known that something was coming, but we weren’t sure exactly what. We still don’t know for certain what Nikon is up to on the 15th, but that whole is looking better and better. It’s not a huge surprise really, since the new Leica’s have really been in the news lately. Read More

  • Motor your boat with a cordless drill

    Two questions: first, do you have a boat? Second, do you have a cordless drill? If you answered “yes” to both questions, you may be interested in the above video, which showcases a cordless drill being used to propel a boat. Read More

  • Exclusive: Dell's Android phone is coming to the U.S.

    Remember the Dell Mini 3i, Dell’s China-only Android phone? Well it’s not China-only anymore. Rumor has it that Dell will bring the Mini 3i to the U.S. in the next few months to compete with other Android phones coming down the pike from HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. The phone, presumably still in its Chinese trade dress, felt “cheap and plasticky, like the Pre,”… Read More

  • Photo dialing, solar cellphones, and newspapers on TV: only in Japan

    Sharp has on display a number of fun new gadgets at CEATEC. As is all too often the case, these things are for Japanese release only (at least for now). Maybe we’ll see them in a couple years. Read on for details on a dial-by-photo phone, newspapers on TV, solar-charging cell phones, and the Sharp Netwalker! Read More

  • Video: Some kid makes the PSP that Sony should have made 5 years ago

    Sony would do well to hire the man who put this PSP mod together. It’s basically what the PSP should have been since Day One: a built-in camera, 32GB of flash memory, and a second analog stick. Well, you have to stretch the definition of analog stick here; it’s that nub thing. Read More

  • Too big to fail: Using MMOs to study economics

    We all know that real world officials have used games like World of Warcraft to monitor the spread of infectious diseases, like trout flu. But what’s new to my eyes, broken pieces of junk that they are (I wouldn’t be able see Jupiter even if I were five feet away from it), is that researchers are using them to study economics. It’s simultaneously a bad and good idea. Read More

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