• CrunchDeals: Babylon 5 complete series for $105

    You guys like your Babylon 5, do ya? Today only, you can get the whole series on DVD for just over a hundred bucks. That’s 30 discs in all, spread out over five seasons equalling 80+ hours of content. Read More

  • Keep Track of Mobile Visitors To Your Website With PercentMobile (Invites)

    As more mobile phones become full-fledged Web-browsing devices, a small but fast-growing segment of all visitors to any given Websites will be mobile. But with so many different mobile phones and browsers, it is difficult to figure out where most of that mobile traffic is coming from. A new mobile Website tracking service called PercentMobile lets you track mobile visitors by device, cell… Read More

  • Domain Monetizer Parked.com Picks Up WhyPark

    Parked.com, a company that specializes in monetizing – you guessed it – parked domain names, has acquired WhyPark, a 3-year old startup based in Willoughby, OH that provides domain name owners with tools to attract traffic to the web addresses with simple, user-made sites as well as tools to manage their portfolio and buy and sell domains on a virtual marketplace. The terms of… Read More

  • iPhone Owners Don't Use Their Devices For Work? Yeah, Right.

    We haven’t actually seen the details of it since a first look was given exclusively to the New York Times, but there’s a new Compete report coming out supposedly later today that claims only 27% of iPhone owners primarily use their device primarily for work-related needs compared to 59% of owners with other types of smartphones (HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.). The NY Times… Read More

  • Zoho Now Fully Integrated With Mobile Devices

    Zoho, the creators of a web-based software suite made up of document, project and invoicing management tools, has launched the availability of its comprehensive webtop productivity products on mobile devices. Zoho previously had basic mobile support for its applications on iPhone and some limited capability on Windows Mobile but now fully integrates Zoho Applications with several mobile devices. Read More

  • Mint Turns Personal Finance Into A Game. It's Better Than It Sounds

    Mint, the popular personal finance site that won 2007’s TechCrunch40, is launching a new feature called “Financial Fitness” which, strange as it may sound, adds an element of gaming to the service. Yes, it may sound like a bizarre combination at first – personal finance and fun aren’t exactly two things that go hand in hand. But it’s also a smart move… Read More

  • Socialthing Starts Spreading Across 75 AOL Sites

    A couple weeks ago, I spotted the reincarnation of Socialthing on AOL’s country-music Website TheBoot and speculated that it would potentially be rolled out across AOL’s other MediaGlow properties as well. Today, a press release from AOL in my inbox confirms that MediaGlow “is in the process of deploying Socialthing across its network of more than 75… Read More

  • TrueCar Shifts Into Gear, Lets You Check If Your Neighbors Got That Mercedes At A Better Price

    TrueCar, an information service launched at TechCrunch50 that aims to give potential new car buyers an idea of what the price tag of the vehicle they’re considering purchasing should really be reading, is officially launching its free consumer-focused website today by taking the beta label off. In essence, the service allows car buyers to check if the price for their next car is on par… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bamboo Bunker Edition

    This crossbow should automatically classify you as “Most Wanted”
    G.E.’s microholographic storage promises dancing dolphins and prancing unicorns
    Animalia Disco Mouse: Thanko presents the weirdest PC mouse ever Read More

  • Keep It Simple, Stupid

    K-I-S-S: Keep It Simple, Stupid. It’s a mantra that always pops into my head when I’m looking at new startups. A lot of them seem to want to do a million different things because other companies have been successful at one of those things in the past. But that’s a bad idea. Way too many new products and services are too complicated. And I would suggest, often fail as a… Read More

  • Wakoopa's First State Of The Apps Shows What We're Using, When And How

    As a service whose sole purpose is to track the applications that people actually use on their systems, it should be no surprise that Wakoopa has a lot of interesting usage data. On a day to day level, Wakoopa’s data is good, but it’s the aggregate data over long periods of time that can be really meaningful to show how we are using our computers. Today, Wakoopa has released the… Read More

  • FourSquare Prepping To Take Its Game Overseas

    It’s been about six weeks since SXSW, where the Dodgeball-reborn location-based social network FourSquare was formally launched. A lot of people thought it was one of those things that was cool at a conference, but would die quickly after. But all these weeks later, I’m actually using it more than ever, according to my statistics. And soon, more of you may be able to play along… Read More

  • India buys 250,000 OLPC systems for schools

    India recently signed an agreement to purchase 250,000 XO laptops from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. Given India’s lukewarm reception to the concept in the past, it’s surprising to see that they are starting to buy into the concept. Perhaps the success of the pilot program in 2007 has convinced them that this is a good idea. And while an Indian company has attempted… Read More

  • Marin Raises $13 Million For Search Engine Management Software

    Marin Software, a startup that creates search engine management software for advertisers and agencies, has secured $13 million in Series C financing led by DAG Ventures, with Focus Ventures, Benchmark Capital and Amicus Capital participating. Marin received $7.25 million in Series B funding in 2008 led by Benchmark Capital. The company also received $2.5 million in Series A funding from… Read More

  • Quub: A Micromessaging Service That Asks "What Are You Doing?" And Means It

    At its core, Twitter is supposed to be a micro-presence service that invites users to answer the question, “What are you doing?”. That’s all well and good, but most people tend to ignore this question entirely, Tweeting about anecdotes, their favorite songs, and any number of other things totally unrelated to what they’re actually doing. It’s become a service… Read More

  • Swiss robo-DJ demonstrates future of AI-human symbiosis

    The headline makes it sound a little more sinister than it is, but that’s really the gist of it. QB1, a robot created by Swiss group OZWE, is essentially a next-generation music playing machine. While things like Pandora and Genius playlists are changing the way people interact with their music within the confines of the traditional OS, OZWE wanted to change the way we interacted with… Read More

  • Microsoft Vine To Connect Family, Friends When Crisis Hits

    Microsoft is launching a new product into private beta on Tuesday morning with the aim of keeping friends and family in touch during emergencies. The idea for product, called Microsoft Vine, came to Microsoft GM Public Safety Initiatives Tammy Savage four and half years ago during Hurricane Katrina. Development started a year and a half ago. Vine is designed to keep family and friends in… Read More

  • This crossbow should automatically classify you as "Most Wanted"

    This is the kind of weapon that is owned by a killing machine. It’s not an enthusiast weapon, and it’s not a hobby weapon. It’s a murder weapon. I see it being owned by someone like the main character in A History of Violence. He doesn’t want to use it, but god help us all if you make him. Read More

  • Technorati Gives Blog Network Blogcritics A Much Needed Facelift

    Technorati has fully redesigned Blogcritics, a seven-year old blog network that the media company acquired last August, in an effort to drive more traffic to the site. We originally wrote about Blogcritics in 2005. Blogcritics currently is a community of 3,300 writers who have published more than 84,000 articles, providing bloggers an entry point to publish their content to a more… Read More

  • New e-paper tech promises better contrast and color

    Although the Kindle 2’s screen is much improved over the first one’s, it still lacks the contrast and brightness of a normal piece of paper. Obviously real paper is the gold standard for e-paper, and lots of research is being done to make the devices more like the real thing. Research published recently in Nature Photonics describes an e-ink display method that promises to be… Read More

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