• Amazon Ordered To Pay Back $119 Million In Taxes In Japan. More Tax Trouble May Be Ahead.

    Bad news for Amazon over the weekend. The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau slapped Amazon’s affiliated unit “Amazon.com International Sales” with a $119 million tax bill. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported yesterday [JP], the subsidiary is accused of failing to report income in Japan between 2003 and 2005. Japanese tax authorities started making these allegations as early… Read More

  • Ad Network Consolidation: Hi-Media Buys AdLink Media

    Paris-based online media group Hi-media has announced its acquisition of AdLINK Media, the display advertising unit of AdLINK Internet Media (also the company behind SEDO and Affilinet, which are not being sold), itself a part of Germany’s ISP United Internet. Still with us? The acquisition comes about 18 months after the latter assigned Morgan Stanley to assist in the sale of the… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Baby Blues Edition

    Gadget translates baby’s cries into various moods
    WTF: GameStop selling Nintendo Wii bundles with rubber ducks, water guns
    eBay: Piece of chicken shaped like Ocarina of Time Read More

  • Techfuga Is Taking A Couple Of Months Off Delivering Breaking Tech News

    There are a couple of places where you can go to get your fill of tech-related information and keep track of breaking news and events outside of your RSS reader or e-mail inbox. Google News isn’t one of those places (yet), but Techmeme and to a lesser degree Alltop, popurls and Digg are some of the most frequented websites when it comes to pleasing those who like to stay on top of hot… Read More

  • blueTunes: Music In The Cloud Comes To Your Desktop

    blueTunes, a streaming music site that lets you stream your music library from the cloud to any computer, is launching a new desktop app tonight that looks to make the service an even more compelling alternative to other online music sites and possibly even iTunes. For those who aren’t familiar with the service, blueTunes lets you scan your hard drive for music files and upload them to… Read More

  • Prepare Yourself For iPod Video

    Like most people who’ve had an iPhone 3GS in their hands, we’ve been extremely impressed with the video capabilities of this little device. Not only Does it take near-HD video, it has excellent basic editing software and video can be uploaded to YouTube over Wifi or the cell networks. Among other things, it is the most useful video camera in the world today. No wonder the video… Read More

  • The Doctor Is In: ABC Content Comes To Hulu, Starting With Grey's Anatomy

    Last April, Hulu made the major announcement that The Walt Disney Company had acquired an equity stake in the online video site. Up until that point, Hulu’s original investors News Corp and NBC were the site’s primary content providers, making for an impressive but still somewhat limited selection. The Disney deal opens doors to an entirely new library of content for Hulu to… Read More

  • Nokia to debut Android device in September

    Well, it appears that Nokia will finally pull its head out of its ass come September, says an industry insider according to the Guardian. At Nokia World, the mobile phone giant is expected to debut an Android-powered touch-screen device. Will it be powered by Intel? Eh. Who knows, but I hope it’s true and that they’ve finally realized that Symbian needs to be put out to pasture. Read More

  • Details on Marc Andreessen’s New Fund (Plus Five Other Interesting Things He Said)

    Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are launching their much-anticipated $300 million venture fund this evening, aptly called Andreessen Horowitz. The fund will make investments of $50,000 to $50 million (yes, $50 million), but will generally focus on early stage opportunities. And here’s a fun fact: they don’t currently have a website, and apparently they aren’t sure they will… Read More

  • Details on Marc Andreessen

    Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are launching their much-anticipated $300 million venture fund this evening, aptly called Andreessen Horowitz. The fund will make investments of $50,000 to $50 million (yes, $50 million), but will generally focus on early stage opportunities. And here’s a fun fact: they don’t currently have a website, and apparently they aren’t sure they will… Read More

  • NTT Docomo Buys 35 Percent Of PacketVideo For $45.5 Million

    Mobile video is taking off in Japan, where mobile operator NTT DoCoMo just invested $45.5 million in PacketVideo, which s a long-time supplier of mobile video software. The all-cash investment gives NTT Docomo a 35 percent stake in PacketVideo, which is s subsidiary of NextWave Wireless (a holding company that owns rights to wireless spectrum in the U.S. which it plans to use for a Wimax… Read More

  • PS3 bundle basically gives you Killzone 2 and MGS4 on the house

    Maybe Sony is beginning to change their mind about the PS3’s punishing pricing strategy? This leaked Best Buy bundle, said to be available next Sunday, nets you a PS3, Killzone 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4 for the current price of the console alone. That’s a slap in the face for anyone that bought an 80GB PS3 in the last month, but let’s be honest: how many of them can there… Read More

  • Video Interview: The Europas Awards & The European Tech Scene

    I was kindly interviewed by the tech video site Intruders.tv last Friday about The Europas Awards coming up this week and the European tech scene in general. The 15 min video is here , or embedded below, in case it’s of interest. (Click on the video to stop and start, and here’s the embed code). Read More

  • SimilarWeb’s integration with Twitter is, well, questionable

    Web applications and services are all the rage right now and Twitter app creations are even hotter. So, not soon after SimilarWeb launched its website, their sister project SimilarSites, which is basically SimilarWeb’s search engine, presented an interesting twitter integration that brings most of their core functionality to twitter. What is their core functionality exactly? Read More

  • Track is Back The Movie

    I’ve been filming segments with various folks in preparation for TechCrunch’s Realtime Stream CrunchUp this coming Friday. One of these conversations took place last Thursday in the wake of FriendFeed’s announcement of what they call Realtime Search and what I call the return of Track. Paul Buchheit and his co-founder Bret Taylor have been on numerous editions of the Gillmor… Read More

  • Tweetraising: The Potential For Charities On Twitter

    Twitter has been hailed as an incredibly useful marketing tool for businesses and brands, both big and small, to disseminate information and engage with consumers on a massive scale. But what about non-profits? The ability to use social media to fundraise for charitable purposes has been questionable. A few months ago, the Washington Post reported that Causes, one of Facebook’s… Read More

  • iPhone 3GS. Jailbreak. Mac.

    Only a couple of days after George Hotz became the first hacker to release a jailbreak app for the iPhone 3GS on Windows, there’s a Mac-compatible version out too. This time, Hotz got some help from two fellow coders to be able to please the Mac folks, but he also made some improvements to the Windows version. Happy jailbreaking, and in case you didn’t know yet: happy unlocking too. Read More

  • Good heavens, what is LucasArts going to announce tomorrow?

    Alert the media! LucasArts’ official Twitter feed has been tweeting non-stop about… something! It looks like the company is poised to announce a new game based on an old game/franchise tomorrow, July 6. Read More

  • Japan's Rakuten: Can The Biggest E-Commerce Site You Never Heard Of Become a Threat for Amazon Globally?

    The term “e-commerce” still lacks a universally valid definition, but even if you just bundle B2B and B2C transactions under it, it’s a multi-trillion dollar business globally. Last year, Nielsen found [PDF] 86% of the global web population made an online purchase already (North America: 92%). For the US alone, B2C sales are expected to grow from $130 billion this year to… Read More

  • Way Too Competitive: Tech Gurus Flock To World Series Of Poker

    6,000 or so people have congregated at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas for this year’s World Series of Poker to fight for $50 million or so that will be split among the last 10% of players left standing. Among them are a number of tech startup entrepreneurs. We’re tracking four of them, plus any others that pop up. This is David Sacks’ third WSOP. Sacks, a former PayPal exec and… Read More

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