• One more BNP thing – heatmaps replace pins, but Pandora's box is now open

    One of the interesting debates that surrounded today’s story about the BNP was what to do with the data once it got out. So far it’s pretty clear that the names and addresses of members of the BNP are way out of bounds in a legal sense. The political party, whether you agree with its far-right, largely racist policies or not, is still considered legitimate by the authorities… Read More

  • The PS3 draws $145 worth of electricity per year unless totally shut off

    Leaving the PS3 plugged in and turned on all the time could add as much as $145 to your electricity bill every year. That’s what the Natural Resources Defense Council has concluded in a report issued this week. Nearest we can tell, the report means that leaving your console in standby mode—not merely “on’ as in you’re actually using it—doesn’t do you… Read More

  • This Week on the Crunch Board

    Make sure to look at the latest job listing on CrunchBoard. While doing that take a look at our new Crunchboard Service and Sales Directories. They are a great way to connect with the start-up community. Click through for some of jobs posted in the past week. Read More

  • G4saurus Defectus: AMD snipes at NVIDIA in viral cartoon

    I think you have to be a real hardware geek to find this stuff funny, so it’s no surprise that it made me smile. Although it’s not exactly credited, it’s pretty clear that this is a low-key effort by AMD to discredit NVIDIA — the cartoon casts a bediapered dinosaur as NVIDIA’s troubled last generation of video cards and makes fun of their limited and faulty… Read More

  • Google Makes Up 88 Percent Of Mozilla's Revenues, Threatens Its Non-Profit Status

    Today, the (for-now) non-profit Mozilla Foundation released its financial statements for 2007 (embedded below). Revenues for the organization behind the open-source Firefox browser were up 12 percent to $75 million, with search-related royalties from Google accounting for 88 percent of the total, or $66 million. (Another $2 million or so came from other search engines). Those revenues come… Read More

  • First Guns N' Roses Album In 17 Years Debuts Tonight On MySpace Music

    Chinese Democracy, the first new Guns N’ Roses album since 1991, debuts tonight at 9 PM PST exclusively on MySpace Music, where fans can listen to it for free. Well, actually it debuted on BitTorrent a while ago, but we’re not talking about that. Also, the band has previously released two songs, Chinese Democracy and Better, to radio stations and music sites in the past couple… Read More

  • Kingston bumps thumbdrive capacities to 64GB

    Damn, these things are getting out of control! There’s not much to say on this front other than this little drive holds sixteen times the data my little HyperX DataTraveler does. At this point one has to ask, who needs a 64GB thumbdrive?! Actually, having spacious, pocketable drives around is very handy: I back up a lot of video footage and just to be redundant I put a copy on any… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… [Podcast RSS Feed | Podcast in iTunes] Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Fallout 3

    Yahtzee seems to be not too opinionated on Oblivion with Guns, which I believe means he loved it. I’ve just embarked on the main quest after getting the best unique weapons and armor on the entire map, and the game just got really easy&hellip… Read More

  • Mac media player Plex can now play DRM'd iTunes files (plus other goodies)

    Work on Plex, the Mac-enhanced port/fork of XBMC, continues, with the media player having been updated to version 0.7 two days ago. It’s not just a bugfix or anything—I wouldn’t bother mentioning it here if that were the case—as the developers have added several features that should compel you to upgrade. One word about upgrading, though: because so many internal… Read More

  • How Can The Music Industry Be In Trouble With All This Free Promotion.

    2007 person-to-person music downloads were worth a staggering $69 billion, and movie/television piracy continues to grow, says a new study. And all that free promotion didn’t cost them a penny. At least, that’s how Techdirt sees it. And I agree. Instead of embracing what might be the largest free marketing giveaway in the history of the world, the music labels instead sue their… Read More

  • Microsoft continues pushing ‘I’m a PC’ initiative with overpriced merchandise

    “Advertising, advertising, fix Vista, advertising, make $19 T-shirts, advertising, make $15 polyester trucker hats, advertising, advertising, fix Vista, advertising, forget Vista and move on to Windows 7, advertising, forget Windows altogether and turn the focus to general PC users while making it seem like none of them use Linux, advertising, advertising, $60 skateboard decks, $18… Read More

  • SnapTell: Instant Product Lookup From The iPhone. You Want This.

    If you have an iPhone, you’ll probably want to check out SnapTell Explorer, a free application now available on the App Store. The premise is simple: take a photo of the cover of any CD, DVD, book, or video game, and the application will automatically identify the product and find ratings and pricing information online. I was skeptical when I first saw the app – the iPhone has… Read More

  • Bottlecap "tripod" – don't put anything expensive on it

    I’ve jury-rigged some tripods before, but I’ve never yet had to stand my camera on top of a bottle. While this is an extremely space-efficient way to make your camera stand straight up, I fail to see more than a couple situations in which it’d be useful. For one thing, it’s incredibly easy to knock over, and the risk increases the heavier the payload. It doesn’t… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 8GB Insignia Pilot for $59.95

    Perhaps even better than the previous Bluetooth-enabled audio player CrunchDeal, Geeks.com has another good deal on the refurbished 8GB Insignia Pilot running until the end of the month. Normally $79.95, you can pick up the Pilot for $59.95 by using promo code 8V24 at checkout. The player does audio and video, is less than half an inch thin, and features stereo Bluetooth and a 2.4-inch… Read More

  • Philips throws in the towel on the US home theater market

    Philips is ready to turn the the nuke codes over to Funai as the company tries to reorganize in this pirate-infested world. Earlier in the year, the company turned over the rights to televisions and now is doing the same with DVD, Blu-ray, and home theater products. From here on out, the Philips name will still be present but Funai will be the brains behind the operation with the rights… Read More

  • How's the New Xbox Experience working out for you?

    Running into any problems or is everything smooth as butter? What are your overall thoughts on the UI redesign? NXE coverage on CrunchGear Read More

  • Space: Astronaut loses grip on tools, finds out it’s even worse than dropping your keys in a lake

    I can just imagine Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper’s space helmet fogging up as she yelled “Nooo!!!!” while watching her bag of tools slowly but eternally float away from her. It wasn’t all her fault, though, as a grease gun apparently burst inside the tool bag while she was making repairs on the International Space Station. All of the greased-up tools must have been too… Read More

  • What do you want to know about the BlackBerry Storm?

    We may or may not have one lurking around the office, but in case we do, what would you like to know about it? Let us know in comments. Read More

  • Wal-Mart and Sam's Club to sell the iPhone 3g after Christmas

    It looks like the iPhone 3G is going to America’s favorite neighborhood store and warehouse retailer. The only thing is that Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club minions will not be pimping the Jesusphone ’till after the holidays – like December 28th. It seems that select locations will get the phone first but eventually, the phone will be rolled out till the entire 2,500 store… Read More

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