• Review: Lexar Shoot-n-Sync Wi-Fi memory card

    By now most of you have heard of the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD memory card and what it’s capable of, right? Okay, good. Earlier this year, January to be exact, Lexar announced that they had teamed up with Eye-Fi to bring a Lexar branded SD card with Eye-Fi technology by year’s end. Well, the time has come — Lexar’s Shoot-n-Sync card is finally here and I’ve been testing it… Read More

  • Buying Guide: Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour?

    Short Version: As music games go, both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour are impressive, fun, and either would make a great addition to any gamer’s lineup. But which one is best for you? Read More

  • Dudes keep Motorola clinging to its market share for one more year

    Motorola somehow managed to keep its position this year as the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the US, according to a report by analysts at Multimedia Intelligence, but things aren’t looking so hot for next year. The analysts predict that RIM and Apple’s penetration (heh) into the mobile market are causing heartache for Moto and its 21% market share. Samsung and LG are… Read More

  • Twones: A Social Music Feed (500 Beta Invites)

    The more that music moves online and is consumed in streams from multiple sites, the harder it is to keep track of what you listen to across the Web. A startup from Amsterdam called Twones is trying to make sense of all the noise. It acts as a social music feed of everything you and your friends are listening to, as well as a library of your favorite songs. It is in private beta, but the… Read More

  • Review: Hitachi P50X902 Director Series 50-inch Plasma

    To the point: A nice plasma that offers a quality image, good colors, and a great scaler. Too bad it’s overpriced. Read More

  • Do you use a cell phone holster?

    It was pointed out to me recently that the citizens of the U.S. are just about the only people on the planet that carry their cell phones in holsters. After a moment’s reflection I realized this was pretty accurate: in all my travels through Scandinavia, and Western and Eastern Europe over the last couple of years, I don’t think I saw a single cell phone carried anywhere other than… Read More

  • Video Review: Tuttuki Bako, the box you put your finger into

    You know you’ve been curious. You know you’ve wanted to know how that box you put your finger into works. CrunchGear has all the deets on one of the most important devices of the century (after the coronary stent). Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Read More

  • (Parody) Video: The Smart Stitch portable sewing machine makes sweatshop labor fun again

    New Portable Sewing Machine Lets Sweatshop Employees Work On The Go It’s about time! A company in India has released something called the Smart Stitch that makes sewing pockets onto jeans a lot easier. The portable device means that workers in Indian textiles plants can literally take their work with them… Read More

  • Helping people, for once: A refrigerator that doesn't require electricity

    Someone decided to be clever and actually put technology to good use (as opposed to pouring endless amounts of money into developing bigger and bigger TVs), having developed a refrigerator of sorts that doesn’t require any electricity to operate. A team at Stanford, funded by a VC dude by the name of Adam Grosser, came up with a device that essentially works like a big hand warmer, but… Read More

  • Paulo Coelho: "MySpace Is My Wife, Facebook Is My Mistress"

    I had the absurdly awesome opportunity to attend a small MySpace-organized private lunch with author Paulo Coelho this afternoon in Paris before he spoke at the Le Web conference. Coelho, who has sold 135 million copies of The Alchemist, announced his new movie project, The Experimental Witch, in partnership with MySpace. He’s pictured to the left with MySpace COO Amit Kapur, who was also… Read More

  • Biggs 3.0

    {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/KfDc85R6NQ_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Biggs 3.0 “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/hVArqmiayk”}}}
    Milla Sadie Biggs. Arrived 12/7/2008. 7lbs. 19 inches. Read More

  • Kindling Hopes To Spark Your Company's Best Ideas

    Kindling, the first web product from New York-based design and tech firm Arc90, is looking to help business share ideas more effectively. The site offers a Digg-like system for voting on ideas, allowing team members to hit a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ next to each project or idea, with the most popular ones floating to the top. Users can also indicate if they’re going to complete… Read More

  • tävo gloves keep hands warm while ipodding

    Now that old man winter has hit, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing those gloves and mittens that open up to allow your naked finger to caress the supple touchscreen of your fancy mobile device. These new gloves from tävo let you keep your precious digits nice and warm while navigating your winter playlist or calling AAA to get your car out of that snow bank. Read More

  • Apple's first French retail store to open by next autumn

    Apple is expected to start construction on its first French retail store later this week, to be located in a chic area of Paris. (“A chic area of Paris” is redundant, by the way.) Actually, it’s right by the Louvre, where thousands of plundered ancient treasures are stored for all to see. So that makes five European countries where Apple has at least one retail store: the… Read More

  • GeForce 9400M to rescue the Intel Atom?

    The Achilles heal of Intel Atom powered netbooks/nettops is that the graphic power sucks. Hopefully, that will change with an on-motherboard GeForce GPU 9400M. That graphics chip is the same found in Apple’s latest MacBooks and should help improve the lackluster Intel Atom’s graphic performance. Read More

  • Video: Warcarting, wardriving on a budget

    Warcarting is “wardriving on a budget.” (Good news, what with the recession and all.) It’s also probably, like, 27 years old, it’s new to us! The shopping cart is equipped with all the items you’ll need to steal your neighbor’s Internet access. There’s a bunch of laptops, several antennae, two turtle doves, etc. Read More

  • Review: Beats Tour by Dr. Dre from Monster Cable

    Monster Cable’s second foray into the in-ear monitor area is much, much better than their first go-around with the Turbines. Knowing that Monster Cable loves to gouge folks on overpriced cables, one has wonder if their headphones are overpriced as well? Perhaps, but it depends on who you’re asking. Read More

  • G1 and Diamond push HTC to record profits in November

    Curious as to why Sony Ericsson (and 13 others) might have hopped on board with the Open Handset Alliance? Take a look at the November numbers of HTC, the folks behind the only Android handset currently on the market, and it all becomes clear. Read More

  • Thanko sells wrist watch with integrated spy camera

    Thanko, the pioneer in disruptive technology, is rolling out one innovative product after another. After announcing the teddy bear-shaped gloves yesterday, the Tokyo-based company today unveiled an analog wrist watch that features a built-in video camera. The so-called VIDEO CAMERA Analog Watch looks totally normal from the outside (weight: 80g) but is able to record 2 hours of video through… Read More

  • The White Fruit Radio looks nice (too bad radio is dead)

    While the radio business may be finished—CBS Radio, no one is going to suffer through commercials to listen to pre-selected, cookie-cutter music when they have a perfectly viable iPod in their pocket—there’s still plenty of industrial designers out there who are able to put their own little spin on the device. Take this White Fruit Radio, for example, It’s made of… Read More

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