• Canabalt: Amazingness in an iPhone game package

    Did you see this? This is Canabalt, a crazy little game that involves a man running and jumping in an 8-bit pixellated world that seems to be falling apart around you. I’m reminded of Half-Life, Mirror’s Edge, and like some kind of weird Sonic game that doesn’t require you to remove your testes to play. Read More

  • TBUZZ One-Ups TwittLink In Beauty And Speed, But Requires User Install

    No sooner do I write up TwittLink, then do I continue on down my list of sites to check out today and hit TBUZZ, arguably an even easier and faster way to share sites on Twitter. Whereas with TwittLink, a site owner has to install a bit of JavaScript in their site’s header, TBUZZ works solely through a bookmarklet. If you simply go to this page and drag the bookmarklet into your… Read More

  • TalentSoft secures €1.6 million in VC for its HR software

    [FRANCE] TalentSoft, a French software startup which has SAAS software enterprise products has finalised a new round of funding with Seventure Partners to the tune of €1.6 million. The idea is to further develop its products which are designed to perform staff appraisals and something called “talent planning”. Read More

  • The common peephole finally goes digital

    It’s 11:30 PM. You’re all alone. Suddenly!! A knock at the door!! “Who could it be?” you wonder. Oh, two large pizzas just for you. That’s right. You ordered them directly from your TiVo in a fit of self loathing. Better make sure it’s the pizza guy, though. Oh, actually it might be the frozen yogurt you ordered too. Time to use the digital peephole viewer. Read More

  • TwittLink: Share Fast And Tweet From Your Site With Others

    Just last night we were talking about the speed at which information is shared on the web, primarily through Twitter and Facebook. The default options for both of those services make you go to another page to do your sharing. A new service, TwittLink, wants to bring Twitter sharing to your page by way of a widget. Basically, this is just a lightweight widget that a website owner installs via… Read More

  • Skype Starts to Roll Out Those Click-To-Call Ads

    Over the past few months, Skype has been testing click-to-call ads on the Web, partnering with local-business directories who pay for the calls. Tomorrow, Skype is set to announce the official roll-out of its click-to-call advertising service with European Directories, one of the largest local business directory services in Europe. Part of Skype’s latest version for Windows (Skype… Read More

  • Video game addiction is hard

    Good God. There’s an article that was published on Green Pixels not too long ago that discussed video game addiction. It’s your standard-issue “question” piece, where the writer asks a question—can video games be addictive?—and goes to a variety of experts, be they doctors, industry executives, and whatnot, and tries to ascertain their opinion. Read More

  • Thank the Lord, for The Pirate Bay is back on Google

    At ease, soldiers. The Pirate Bay is back in the Google search index. I understand this was eating at your very soul for some time now. Read More

  • Palm's first paid application for WebOS goes live

    Four months after the launch of the Pre, and just a few weeks later than we’d expected, paid application downloads for WebOS arrived today. And what application did Palm choose for their premium premier? What monster of mobile merrymaking would serve as the model for all that follow? Would it be some advanced navigation application, or one that pulled Palm’s hardware to its… Read More

  • Ready for your close-up? Jinni goes into public beta

    Finding a movie to watch on a rainy Friday night can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.Jinni is a content discovery system, or as the makers prefer to call it a “taste engine”, for movies and TV shows which addresses this problem. The service has just gone into public beta. Most of us choose movies based on rather amorphous criteria like mood or an association… Read More

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