• Paypal Looks to Crush Amazon's Fledgling Payment Service With A New, Secret API

    It looks like PayPal is rolling out a more flexible payments API called Adaptive Payments. We’ve obtained a confidential document, which is embedded below, explaining the details of the new system. Basically the API is designed to give developers full access to PayPal’s features, allowing them a lot more freedom in building applications which include the ability to accept and… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson time travels to 1997, returns with "Twiggy"

    Do you miss the good ol’ days of mobile phones? There was none of this touchscreen nonsense going on, and getting applications onto your phone was like solving Section 4 of Kryptos. Better yet, the number pads on many candy bar phones came shrouded by a plastic cover, allowing you all the benefits of a flip phone without actually having to own a flip phone. Because there are a ton of… Read More

  • The TechCrunch Europas Awards: The Nominees Are…

    The Europas, the TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009 for European and EMEA tech companies, will be held on July 9 in London and with over 300 people coming from across Europe’s startup scene, it should be pretty fun. Over 400 entrants were voted on by the industry – we had over 50,000 votes in aggregate – and these results were merged with those from 19 expert advisors. Thanks to… Read More

  • Another iPod Touch case with a hole in it UPDATE

    So it looks like this whole “iPod Touch with Camera” thing is coming to fruition. While the first case we saw was a little wonky, this makes more sense. Take a look at the back of your iPod touch – there’s a Wi-Fi antenna on the left side so the only place they could stuff a camera would be in the center, next to the antenna. I’m not sure what else is up in… Read More

  • Review: Viliv X70 UMPC

    The Viliv X70 isn’t the first UMPC, nor is it the most feature-filled. It isn’t the most expensive or cheapest. But I’m willing to bet that it’s one of the most important devices in its class. The X70, and it’s little brother the S5, offer a lot of mobile goodness for a relatively low price. I’ve used the X70 everyday for almost three weeks and I’m… Read More

  • Michael Jackson's sad, sad toy barn

    These panoramas show the remains of MJ’s secret toy lair complete with C3-P0, Batman, and Darth Vader dolls along with some bikes, some Bruce Lee stuff, and a few lumpen Power Rangers. This is the detritus of an overgrown kid with attention disorder. It jumps from cool thing to cool thing and even includes an arcade dedicated to games that died at the turn of the century. Read More

  • Thanks, Internet: Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid presentation online for free

    Thanks to the Internet, and a healthy disregard for copyright, you, too, can watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s presentation at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu today. Here’s how. Read More

  • Nokia denies plans to debut Android handset

    About that Android-based Nokia touch-screen device the Guardian was squawking about; it’s not true, says a Nokia rep by the name of Joseph Gallo. re: Nokia’s rumored Android phone and you can quote me on this: We (Nokia) are NOT making an Android smartphone. Symbian is our platform of choice when making smartphones. Read More

  • Samsung has Nvidia Ion netbook plans

    Samsung is about to break the mold with its latest netbook: It’s going to have an 11.6-inch screen! On noes. Intel isn’t going to like that as it breaks the company’s so-called restrictions on netbooks. Anyway, according to DigiTimes, this netbook should come equipped with an Nvidia Ion platform paired with an Intel Atom N-Series CPU. Read More

  • Purplera1n+ultrasn0w unlocks iPhone 3GS

    Only a couple of days after George Hotz became the first hacker to release a jailbreak app for the iPhone 3GS on Windows, there’s a Mac-compatible version out too. This time, Hotz got some help from two fellow coders to be able to please the Mac folks, but he also made some improvements to the Windows version. Happy jailbreaking, and in case you didn’t know yet: happy unlocking too. Read More

  • Japanese cell phones for all: NEC and Panasonic plot overseas sales plans

    Japan, the world’s second largest economy with the third biggest Internet population, and the many, many early adopters of technology inhabiting this nation could be heaven for the domestic cell phone industry. And it was for years, until sales started slowing dangerously (minus 30% last fiscal year), and the overall population is poised to shrink and age dramatically in the… Read More

  • Yahoo Gets A New Marketing Director For Europe, Too

    Following the recent reshuffling of Yahoo’s global marketing executive team with the appointment of Elisa Steele as CMO, the hiring of Penny Baldwin as SVP of global integrated marketing and brand management and most recently the promotion of Kristof Fahy as international marketing VP, it was apparently time for Yahoo Europe to get a new marketing chief as well. We’ve learned… Read More

  • Dream Cat Venus: Sega Toys to roll out creepy animal robot

    Sega Toys Japan is pretty active when it comes to developing toy robots. They are the company behind the E.M.A. (aka the kissing robot) or the A.M.P. (aka the music robot). But Sega Toys is also selling a lot of animal robots, for example a robo-hamster, baby biddies or a puppy. Their newest robotic animal is called Dream Cat Venus [JP, PDF]. Sega Toys has been selling life-like (well… Read More

  • All the mobile Obama videos you can handle, courtesy of Clippz

    Clippz, a fledgling video startup with offices in the UK and Princeton, NJ, offers a platform for mobile videos that eliminates the need for a carrier network. It’s a very basic service: it essentially lets you select your current mobile phone on its website and based on your selection it allows you to download the most fitting version of any mobile video on its platform to your computer. Read More

  • Obama On The Go: Clippz Launches Mobile Channel For White House Videos

    Clippz, a fledgling video startup with offices in the UK and Princeton, NJ, offers a platform for mobile videos that eliminates the need for a carrier network. It’s a very basic service: it essentially lets you select your current mobile phone on its website and based on your selection it allows you to download the most fitting version of any mobile video on its platform to your computer. Read More

  • Viralheat Emerges From Private Beta; Now Analyzes Content From Websites

    Viralheat, the affordable social media measurement product that scours social video sites including YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo, and Twitter to deliver real-time results of consumer generated content on these sites, has exited private beta and added additional functionality to its monitoring service. You can read our initial review of the site here. Viralheat will now give users a real-time listing… Read More

  • Amazon Ordered To Pay Back $119 Million In Taxes In Japan. More Tax Trouble May Be Ahead.

    Bad news for Amazon over the weekend. The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau slapped Amazon’s affiliated unit “Amazon.com International Sales” with a $119 million tax bill. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported yesterday [JP], the subsidiary is accused of failing to report income in Japan between 2003 and 2005. Japanese tax authorities started making these allegations as early… Read More

  • Ad Network Consolidation: Hi-Media Buys AdLink Media

    Paris-based online media group Hi-media has announced its acquisition of AdLINK Media, the display advertising unit of AdLINK Internet Media (also the company behind SEDO and Affilinet, which are not being sold), itself a part of Germany’s ISP United Internet. Still with us? The acquisition comes about 18 months after the latter assigned Morgan Stanley to assist in the sale of the… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Baby Blues Edition

    Gadget translates baby’s cries into various moods
    WTF: GameStop selling Nintendo Wii bundles with rubber ducks, water guns
    eBay: Piece of chicken shaped like Ocarina of Time Read More

  • Techfuga Is Taking A Couple Of Months Off Delivering Breaking Tech News

    There are a couple of places where you can go to get your fill of tech-related information and keep track of breaking news and events outside of your RSS reader or e-mail inbox. Google News isn’t one of those places (yet), but Techmeme and to a lesser degree Alltop, popurls and Digg are some of the most frequented websites when it comes to pleasing those who like to stay on top of hot… Read More

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