• Popular Mechanics magazine shows the "Lost" love

    Well, to be fair, pretty much everybody loves “Lost”. I for one am happy that there’s some decent sci-fi on television that won’t be violated and then canceled because of a talking car. Popular Mechanics is expressing their love in their own particular way though. Read More

  • KDDI au unveils spring cell phone line-up (photo gallery)

    Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au today presented their new cell phones [JP] for this spring. The first handsets will be available in Nippon on Saturday. And they have a few spectacular models to offer – if only the Japanese carriers did what they promised a few months back (large-scale internationalization due to a shrinking home market), everyone could get… Read More

  • Free iService trojan removal tool for the greedy people

    So you wanted to steal CS4 and got nothing but a trojan for your mac. Now you are sad. Let me cheer you up by letting you know that SecureMac released a free removal tool to clean your mess up. Happy? Read More

  • Next-gen iPhone revealed deep in latest firmware?

    There is a slight chance that MacRumors stumbled across the first evidence of Apple’s next iPhone. It boils down to a previously unused product code – iPhone2,1 – which suddenly made an appearance in firmware 2.1.1. The current generation iPhone is notated with the product code, iPhone1,2 so they might be onto something. Plus, iPods have seen similar product code increases as… Read More

  • When IBM Beats Facebook And Twitter: Discover Relevant People Within Your Network

    When twitter recently added a “Suggested Friends” feature, I was more than a little disappointed. Unlike Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature, no explanation is provided for why these people were suggested. In an enterprise setting, the most valuable people are the connectors: “The people who know which people know what”, according to Alan Lepofsky… Read More

  • You Need To See This Video (1981 TV Report On Birth Of Internet News)

    “Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee, turning on your home computer to see the day’s newspaper. Well, it’s not as far-fetched as it may seem.” Thus begins this video of a 1981 KRON report predicting the rise of news reporting on the internet. You need to see this, it’s pure gold. My favorite quotes: David Cole (S.F. Examiner): “This is… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Traffichaos Edition

    Useless and Japan-only but cute: Mini USB construction site
    Dangerous toy robot hurts 14 kids
    Review: Korg Kaossilator Read More

  • Adobe AIR Is Flying: 100 Million Installations Accounted For

    Adobe has announced that they’ve recorded 100 million successful installations of Adobe AIR, the company’s cross-platform runtime environment for RIAs, at the same time boasting that the newest version of Adobe Flash Player (10) was installed on over half of computers worldwide in just the first two months of its release. The company made the announcement at the Adobe MAX Japan… Read More

  • Teach your children

    Normally I wouldn’t write about this. I’d keep my head down, hoping that someone else would say what I might. Many of the people cited in Rafe Needleman’s post are friends, professional colleagues, and actors in the Web 2.0 comedy. But this stuff isn’t funny, trading in the politics of personal destruction is not professional, and letting this slide is not an act of… Read More

  • Glam Snaps Up AdaptiveAds

    Glam Media has acquired AdaptiveAds, a startup based in Mumbai, India that serves display ads targetable by the demographic characteristics brand advertisers understand (such as “Women 24-40, Fashionista, Beauty”). It calls its contextual display ads BrandWords. They will now be called Glam AdaptAds. The purchase price was not disclosed, but AdaptiveAd was shopping around a series… Read More

  • Video: Setting up VIA's barebones Artigo A2000

    I’m in the middle of reviewing VIA’s latest barebones system, the Artigo A2000. Essentially a tiny PC in a tiny box like other barebones setups, the Artigo sports the latest Nano-ITX mainboard and uses a sort of netbook-level processor, the VIA 1.5GHz C7-D. It’s a simple little device to set up, although getting the RAM in was a bit of a chore. Everything else works like a… Read More

  • Google Gobbled Up 90 Percent Of All U.S. Search Growth In 2008

    Google ended the year with 63.5 percent market share of all search queries performed in the U.S., estimates comScore. And that market share has inched up steadily from 58.5 percent in January, 2008. But the market share numbers mask the absolute growth in searches and how Google has ben able to Gobble up all of that growth. The chart above tells a clearer story. It comes out of the… Read More

  • ComScore Report: Fastest-Growing Sites And Top-Ten Advertising Magnets

    Of the top 100 sites on the Web, which ones grew the fastest in 2008? In a report it is preparing to release tomorrow, The comScore 2008 Digital Year In Review (which you can sign up for here), comScore ranks the 20 fastest-growing Web properties. These are out of the largest 100 sites overall. They are shown below, as measured by growth in unique visitors. (Interestingly, in a separate… Read More

  • VirtuOz Raises $11.4M For Eerily-Smart Customer Service Chat Bots

    VirtuOz, a company that develops virtual support agents, has closed a $11.4 million Series B funding round led by Mohr Davidow Ventures, with Galileo Partners and Eric Hahn with Inventures Group also participating. The company’s “Virtual Agents” are basically intelligent chat bots that can walk users though sales, help, and support questions automatically. Virtual… Read More

  • Get ‘em started young with the BlackBerry-like ‘Text & Learn’

    It’s true what they say: Little kids love the BlackBerry. Imagine the message you’re sending to your kids by having your own big boy BlackBerry glued to your face all the time. They want to be like mommy and daddy and mommy and daddy have two kids and two BlackBerries, which equals a family of six. Naturally, your little ones want their own QWERTY-enhanced handhelds. Read More

  • Crisis averted! U.S. gets back its MP3 player loaded with military info

    As I said on the podcast earlier this afternoon, the U.S. military has retrieved that MP3 player that was loaded with sensitive information. The guy who bought the player made out pretty well: the U.S. embassy there gave him a shiny, new MP3 player in exchange for the old one. Best $10 he’s ever spent? Could be. Read More

  • "Teensy," a Triscuit-sized dev board that supports Arduino

    It’s really more half-a-Triscuit-sized. This little 1.2″x0.7″ $20 board is a good solution for your home projects that require a little computation but not a lot of space. Say you want to put a little RFID detector in your door that unlocks it when you come near. Don’t need a big hard drive-sized package nailed to the door; with a Teensy you could practically embed… Read More

  • Scrapblog Gets A $4 Million Boost For Online Scrapbooking

    Scrapblog, a startup that lets you build rich Flash-based online scrapbooks, has closed a $4 million funding round led by Disney’s Steamboat Ventures and Longworth Venture Partners. The round brings Scrapblog’s total funding to $7.5 million. Scrapblog offers an online editor that allows users to decorate their scrapbook with text, images, colorful themes, and other… Read More

  • Hammacher Schlemmer looking for new product ideas, will pay handsomely

    You guys read about gadgets all day, right? Some of you probably have great ideas for products you’d like to see that haven’t been invented yet. If you share those ideas with Hammacher Schlemmer you could win a minimum of $2,500 plus 20 years worth of a percentage of every product sold through the catalog. Read More

  • Review: Korg Kaossilator

    I’ve always been a fan of techno but I’ve always only played folk guitar. What’s a fella to do? You go get the Korg Kaossilator, that’s what. This amazing little box, $199 on ThinkGeek, is a tiny sequencer/synth that is considerably smaller than the average guitar tuner. It has 100 audio presets which are basically generated sounds synthesized using an X/Y touchpad. Read More

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