• Milabra: B2B Image Recognition Service Learns To Find Anything From 'Puppies To Porn'

    Milabra, a new image recognition company offering other websites a B2B solution, has launched to the public. In conjunction with the launch, the company has also announced a $1.4 million funding round with a number of private investors contributing. Milabra’s engine is capable of identifying a broad range of images, “from puppies to porn” (their words), and can be applied in… Read More

  • It's almost Valentine's Day; do you know where your stripper pole is?

    If you’re like me, you’re always misplacing that pesky stripper pole. And after you went to all that trouble to have the man install it! No worries, my dears, Peekaboo has got you covered. Their home stripper pole kit (with DVD!) will make sure your February 14th goes off just as planned. I’ve also got your sexy music inside. Woudn’t want to miss that, would you? Read More

  • Latest ‘blizzcast’ reveals other planned Hero Classes for Wrath of the Lich King

    Blizzard released one of its infrequent podcasts (or, “blizzcasts”) at the weekend wherein several people involved with the creation of Wrath of the Lich King discussed the game, its development, the reception to it, etc. The podcast is only about 40 minutes long, so it’s not like it’s a huge time commitment. Read More

  • It Turns Out Zecco's Free Trading Model Isn't Such A Good Idea

    We outlined three points in 2006 on why Zecco’s free trading model raised some red flags. Unsurprisingly, the discount online brokerage firm has been forced to change its pricing structure due to the economic crisis. Over the years, the zero commission brokerage service increased the minimum asset balance to $2,500 and decreased free trades from 40 to 10. Now the company is putting… Read More

  • Comcast offers $5 for Super Bowl penis peep show? That's it?

    It seems that Comcast is trying to quickly sweep its Super Bowl porn broadcast under the rug. According to an unsubstantiated claim on Consumerist, the company is offering Tucson, AZ subscribers $5 off their next bill for their unwanted porn experience. But a one time $5 credit? Really? Did they see the video? Read More

  • The Super Bowl economic stimulus should result in 2.6 million HDTV sold

    The Super Bowl is a major economic force and should cause 2.6 million HDTVs sold this year – or so says the CEA. After all, it is the biggest football game of the year and people love an excuse to gather. No doubt some used the digital switch or so-called liquidation sales as an excuse to plop down money on a swanky new HDTV. Read More

  • Ugandan woman constructs phone charger out of scraps

    When you gotta TXT, you’ve gotta TXT. This Ugandan woman had to travel 20 miles by bicycle to recharge her phone so she came up with a better option on her own. It seems that she wrapped five D batteries together and then attached wires to the positive and negative terminals of the phone charger’s terminals. Who knows how well it works but hopefully it saves the lady a few trips on… Read More

  • LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman: "We Can Go Public Any Time We Want To"

    Next up in my series of interviews recorded at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week is Reid Hoffman, the founder and CEO of LinkedIn. I spoke to Reid for more than twenty minutes in the lobby of our hotel about a wide range of subjects, including LinkedIn’s product plans, fundraising activities and revenue. LinkedIn has raised over $100 million in financing –… Read More

  • Verizon offers $200 debit card to VAIO owners

    If the $900 starting price of the Sony VAIO P seems a bit high to you, especially if you’d otherwise be shelling out an additional $60 per month for 3G data, Verizon’s looking to take a wee bit of the sting out of the bottom line with a $200 mail-in rebate debit card. Read More

  • Weird two-person e-instrument

    This is an odd little device. It’s a dual-person synth designed for “primates.” Here’s the description: Each side of this instrument is operated by one primate. Each side has identical controls, except for a single tempo control on the side. The lower manual contains four synthesizers with four independent ADSR envelope generators. Interlocking rhythmical elements can… Read More

  • The Suima crib is the world's first fully automatic baby bed

    Kyuushuu University in Japan (where else) and Nagasaki-based Maruki Kaihatsu have developed a baby bed that makes it possible to console crying infants automatically. The so-called Suima crib [JP] is only available in Nippon and according to the makers, it’s the first one of its kind. (Very convincing) video after the jump. Read More

  • At what point do you start worrying about the RFID tag in your passport?

    Does your passport look like this, with a strange-looking symbol on the bottom? Then you’re in luck, for your passport contains an RFID tag! Now, we’re not exactly the tin foil hat types, but news that one of those security researcher types has managed to copy sensitive data off various passports in San Francisco without the owners’ knowledge does annoy us. What’s worse… Read More

  • The Early Adopter Gets the Worm

    There are a dizzying number of cool new services, applications, and gadgets available to citizens of the world today. New stuff is coming out all the time and it can be hard for us Internet experts to keep up, let alone average human beings. For example, my dad — no Internet slouch — had no idea what Hulu was. How is he expected to care about the difference between Twitter or… Read More

  • Mario Kart tops best-selling games of 2008

    The five best-selling games in the world for 2008 have been announced based on sales data from various reports by video game industry analysis firms NPD Group, Enterbrain, GfK, and ChartTrack. Topping the list is Mario Kart Wii at 8.94 million units. How do you like that? Read More

  • Google's Task List Turns Up On The Android And iPhone

    When Gmail Labs added a Task list to Gmail in December, it turned out to be an extremely popular feature. Now the Tasks app is going mobile, and is available on Android mobile phones and iPhones through the browser on those devices. Both of those browsers are based on Webkit). Simply point your mobile browser to gmail.com/tasks. If you’ve already installed Tasks on Gmail, they will… Read More

  • A balsa woodbox playstation mod

    Cramming vintage gaming consoles into random containers isn’t a thing just for the handy geeks. This guy over on Ben Heck’s forums shows that anyone can do it and all it takes is a some balsa wood. You have to give it to the guy for constructing it but the result definitely isn’t the epitome of portability or ergonomics. And balsa wood? Did this guy ever take woodshop? More… Read More

  • VPL-FW41: Sony presents new LCD/BrightEra data projector

    Sony Japan today announced theVPL-FW41 [JP], an LCD projector that uses BrightEra technology and is primarily aimed at businesses. The company’s proprietary BrightEra imaging technology is supposed to guarantee a higher aperture ratio, superior resolution and brighter image. Read More

  • One of RIM's BlackBerry data servers is down, causing sporadic outages

    No matter who you are, which carrier you’re on, or which hardware you carry: network outages can find you. More at 11. Sorry – us cellphone bloggers don’t often get the chance to fearmonger, so I had to pounce on the opportunity. Word on the street is that RIM’s having a bit of an issue with one of their servers. If you’re one of the lucky bunch that happens to… Read More

  • ASUS announces new Eee 1000HE with N280 CPU and 9.5 hours battery life

    Available for pre-order through, of all things, ASUS’ Facebook page, the Eee 1000HE is promising a staggering 9.5 hours of battery life at a suggested retail price of just $399. Read More

  • Yahoo! Stops Serving Ads In RSS Feeds

    Yahoo! has discontinued its Ads in RSS service, which enabled network publishers to insert contextual advertising into syndicated content and get a piece of the action thanks to a revenue-sharing program. Yahoo refers to Ads in RSS as a beta program, but it was launched quite a while ago; it was formally introduced in November 2005. Now that Yahoo is pulling out of the RSS advertising… Read More

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