• Vancouver seen through a Gigapixel photo

    Oh man. You better have nothing planned for the next hour, ’cause this photo is addicting. Gigapixel Photography Inc. composed this 1,000,000,000 pixel image and uploaded it to a web service that allows users to zoom and navigate around. I wonder if all the residents of those apartment buildings, including the building in the middle with the chick halfway up, signed a waiver allowing… Read More

  • Guess Which Brand Is Now Worth $100 Billion?

    Millward Brown, a subsidiary of the WPP, has come out with its annual list and report, BrandZ, that ranks the most valuable brands in the world. Unsurprisingly, Google tops the list for the third year in a row, with the Google brand valued at $100 billion, rising 16% in value over the past year from $86 billion. Microsoft comes in second, with its brand valued at $76.2 billion, only rising 8%… Read More

  • Japanese company sells portable USB turntable

    Here is something cool from Japan for the many vinyl fans still out there: A portable turntable for your old records [JP]. The device, made by a Tokyo-based music and DJ equipment maker called Vestax, not only plays your records but also digitizes them. Read More

  • Time's 100 Most Influential People Includes 4chan And Twitter Creators

    This list is in. Time has released its annual Time 100 list, honoring the most influential people in the world. There are a lot of interesting names including Sarah Palin and President Obama, but let’s focus on the names from the tech sphere. Moot (the creator of 4chan), Jeff Bezos, The Twitter Guys, Sam & Dan Houser, Jack Ma, Robin Chase, Nathaniel Silver, Nandan Nilekani, and… Read More

  • Rumored Palm webOS handset snapped by Mr. BlurryCam

    I think that’s a phone, no wait, it’s a stapler, no wait, it’s a ham sandwich. That right there is actually the next Palm webOS handset, according to A Boy Genius tipster who really needs a better camera phone. Honestly, there is no way to confirm whether this is the phone that Michael Arrington’s source was talking about, but at least the form factor seems about right… Read More

  • Palm EOS: Is this the Mini-Pre?

    It looks like all it took for details of Palm’s post-Pre phone to begin spilling out was for us to break the news of it yesterday. Just hours after, a blurry shot of the handset was out. Now, before the next day is even half way over, a decent shot and a full list of purported specs have made their way out. We’re getting conflicting reports of what this thing is codenamed. Some… Read More

  • Google Becomes Default Location Provider For Firefox

    Many of us have been saying it for a long time: location based services are the future. But up until now they’ve been a distant, hazy future, because they’ve been so difficult to use. That’s going to change soon, and it looks like Google is going to be leading the way. Google has just announced that it has become the default location provider service in Firefox, which… Read More

  • More Info On The Palm "Mini-Pre": Code Name Pixie

    We’ve got more information on the upcoming Palm WebOS device to debut later this year. We broke the news yesterday of its existence. Now we’ve got the internal name for the project: Pixie. The Pixie will use the same operating system and software as the Palm Pre, but in a smaller candy-bar form factor and a target $99 price point. It will be released only a few months after the Pre… Read More

  • Ding! Cupcake is done! Android v1.5 now hitting handsets in US and UK

    After four long months,the Android v1.5 “Cupcake” update has finally been made available to the masses in the UK and USA. As April 29th came to a close, the first reports of update notifications came trickling in, and they’ve continued throughout the morning. As usual, it’s not hitting every handset at the same time. Don’t panic if you’ve yet to see the… Read More

  • eBay targeted by Aroxo's 21st Century haggling engine

    Today Aroxo launches an ambitious play, aiming to create a brand new space in between online retailing and the auction model – specifically targeting eBay. This is, put simply, the thousands of years old process of buyers and sellers haggling over price put into an online model. But there is more to it that that, since it also brings pre-qualified leads to sellers who want to offload… Read More

  • Facebook Updating Friends Area To Simplify Friend Filtering

    In a few hours, Facebook will roll out changes to one of its main areas, “Friends,” designed to make it easier and more obvious as to how to add friends, make Friend Lists and edit those lists. This is important as filtering is a key part of the newly redesigned homepage, and up until now it’s been a bit confusing for some users as to how to create these lists. The… Read More

  • Rumor: Shipment of Palm Pre handsets headed to the US right now

    Take this Internet rumor as you would any other Internet rumor. According to an everythingpre.com tipster though, a UPS plane is current enroute to the companies main hub in Louisville, KY with a shipment of Palm Pre cell phones. Read More

  • Viximo Lands $5 Million For Virtual Goods Platform

    Viximo, which provides a platform for the creation, distribution, and monetization of virtual goods for social networks and mobile devices, has secured $5 million in a round of funding from North Bridge Venture Partners and Sigma Partners. Former CEO Rob Frasca has been replaced by acting CEO Dayna Grayson, who works at North Bridge Venture Partners. Read More

  • Ikea selling $20 solar-powered desk lamps

    In case you hadn’t heard, Ikea is on the solar bandwagon. After pumping $75 million into various environmentally-sustainable initiatives, we’re starting to see products trickle out. Aside from solar-powered garden lights — which have actually been availalbe from numerous companies for a while — you can also pick up a $20 solar desk lamp. Read More

  • iPhone Sweeps JD Power Consumer Smartphone Ratings — Except In Battery Life

    The latest 2009 JD Power Consumer Smartphone Satisfaction Study numbers are in. And the winner is … the iPhone. Apple’s device nearly swept every category, with top marks in operating system, features, ease of operation, physical design and overall satisfaction. In fact, the only device it didn’t receive the highest marks in was “battery aspects.” Looking at… Read More

  • Silly rabbit, this rugged touchscreen netbook tablet is for kids

    Those of you holding out for a rugged touchscreen netbook/tablet might want to ask your kids where to find one. This PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop actually looks halfway intriguing. Read More

  • Amazon to charge 50% more for OTA Kindle document transfers

    Amazon’s Personal Document Service has mainatined a $.10 fee for every document transfered via Whispernet since the device was launched, but the service will now cost at least 50% more. Starting May 4th, Amazon will charge $.15 per megebyte rounded up to the nearest whole megabyte for each document transfered. Basicaly, the base fee will soon be $.15 and it goes up from there. It’s… Read More

  • Disney Buys Into Hulu. YouTube Should Be Worried.

    As Hulu continues its spectacular rise (it is the No. 3 video site in the U.S. and is closing in on No. 2), it just got major buy-in from yet another major media company. Disney is now an investor, joining News Corp and NBC (along with private equity firm Providence Equity Partners). Each of the three media companies now reportedly own 27 percent of Hulu. As the initial exclusivity for NBC… Read More

  • Mobile Communication Startup fring Bags More Funding

    Fring, the Israel-based mobile call and chat application provider, has closed a Series C round of financing on top of the $13 million it has raised since its inception in 2006. The capital comes from its entire list of previous backers: North Bridge Venture Partners, Pitango Venture Capital, Veritas Venture Partners and VenFin Limited all participated in the round. The actual amount raised… Read More

  • New Phishing Attack Spreading On Facebook. This Time From FBstarter (Updated)

    Yesterday a phishing scam spread across Facebook in the form of a message form a friend asking you to click on a link which took you to what appeared to be a Facebook login, but was actually at a different URL, http://fbaction.net. It was quickly blocked. But now there seems to be a new one linking to http://fbstarter.com/. It comes in the form of a message from a friend telling you to… Read More

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