• DEMO: Tinker Gets Some New Toys For Its Real-Time Content Platform

    Tinker, the product from Glam Media that aggregates real-time conversations on services like Twitter and FriendFeed, and allows publishers to embed them in widgets, has launched a new 1.0 release to the public. The company announced the new version at this week’s DEMO Fall conference. Tinker actually launched back in March, offering both a consumer facing site that serves as a central… Read More

  • IR technology would prevent in-theater video recording

    There’s an old Seinfeld episode where Jerry agrees to become a bootlegger. His skills at recording the screen with a tiny, hand-held camera are top-notch, so he’s roped into helping out the little kid on the street who can’t get into R rated movies. You know the episode I’m talking about, the one where Elaine dances all weird. (Here comes the horrible segue-way!) If… Read More

  • Jobsket hopes to mix up the job search market

    With today’s job market, even if there are countless job search alternatives to go around, there’s still opportunity to stand out. Jobsket, a small bostrapped startup operating and Spain and Ireland is jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to solve a number of job search challenges with their platform. It’s difficult to find an online tool that equally takes into account… Read More

  • Let's Be Trends: Brizzly Launches A Twitter Trending Topic API

    One nice feature of the Twitter web app Brizzly is that it has an explanation for why each trending topic on Twitter is popular at any given moment. And because these explanations are user-editable, they’re always up to date. Now Brizzly wants to share that data with the launch of “Let’s Be Trends,” its trending topic API. The idea is to have other Twitter… Read More

  • Twitter iPhone balloon nears Nerdgasm Event Horizon

    What do you get when you attach an iPhone running custom software to a balloon and float it around a conference room in Bucharest? I don’t know but, these guys did it and got the iPhone to Tweet out random pictures from over the heads of rapt conference goers. It appears that this was done to promote a Java programming company, which is pretty nice of them. Essentially they programmed… Read More

  • Tweetboard Launches Twitter Client And URL Shortener

    Tweetboard, a recently-launched product that lets you create a Twitter-powered forum on any site, is adding additional functionality by releasing a Twitter client, new API, and a URL shortener, called PO.ST. As we’ve written in the past, the advantage to Tweetboard is is the ability to view discussions as a thread, similar to what you’d find on FriendFeed or Facebook. Read More

  • Not two, not three, but four displays for the price of one!

    Intel, in an Onion-esque display of technological one-uppery, has set the world on fire with its latest mega-laptop, which sports not only a large primary display but three sub-displays above the keyboard. These little OLED touchscreens will be able to display videos, music playlists, and file explorers — pretty much whatever you like. Read More

  • Book cheap, last-minute hotel rooms via Twitter, with Inoqo

    Inoqo is a new Twitter-based hotel booking engine that claims to provide a win-win solution for recession-hit hoteliers and travelers who need a hotel room, like, right now. Inoqo (surely “LastSecond.com” would have been a better name?) capitalises on the “real-time web” to bring last-minute deals to forgetful or busy travellers. It opened to hotels this week in the… Read More

  • DEMO: Can A Hooking Up And Looking Up App Redeem Intelius?

    There’s really no excuse for going on a date in this day and age without knowing anything about the person — even if they’re a complete stranger. With so much information available about people online whether through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the like, it’s relatively easy to find out way more information than you probably want to know. And now… Read More

  • Share events the Serbian way with Plakatt

    Plakatt is a new free service launching today out of Serbia which allows users to share and find events in their own city or in the region. In other words it’s an online event manager meets social network. The startup is joint venture of two companies from Novi Sad — Rendered Text and Sprawsm. Plakatt users are able to post events they are interested in, browse existing ones and… Read More

  • The Top Ten Twitter Apps On The iPhone Among Early Adopters

    What are the top Twitter apps on the iPhone? It’s hard to say because the iTunes store doesn’t have a Twitter category (Twitter apps are lumped in under “Social Networking). But AppsFire, the iPhone app sharing service, might have an answer—at least for the early adopter crowd who tend to use AppsFire (i.e. people like you, dear reader). AppsFire looks at apps… Read More

  • P-Flip iPhone dock doubles as a backup battery

    This is the P-Flip Foldable Power Dock. It comes in five different colors, costs $55, and pulls double duty as both a backup battery and dock for your iPhone or iPod touch. The backup battery has a 2000-mAh capacity, which ought to be good for almost two full charges. Read More

  • Ballmer's Silver Hammer

    With Windows 7 shipping in less than a month, we’re sure to smell a whiff of the Microsoft of old from the Pacific Northwest. After years of dropped balls and transitions from the Gates era to whatever we’re now in, Steve Ballmer should have plenty to feel good about. Steve Sinofsky has completed his personal reworking from Office chief to Windows czar, and the new OS arrives just… Read More

  • Picasa Adds Facial Recognition And Geo-Tagging To Its Desktop App

    It took a whole year, but Google is finally adding the facial recognition features you can find in Picasa Web albums to its desktop app. With today’s release of Picasa 3.5, when you add a name tag, it scans your entire photo library and applies that name to every match. If it’s not sure it’s the same face, it gives you the option to apply the tag. To help you tag people… Read More

  • SeedcampWeek09: Winbladh and Klein riff on the startup 'rollercoaster'

    Employing an alarming stream of profanity (but endearing the audience along the way as a result), yesterday Sendit founder Hjalmar Winbladh talked the audience at Seedcamp Week through his entrepreneurial journey, compered by Saul Klein. Here are a few highlights. Read More

  • Leaked Sega-Sony meeting doc says PS3 motion control coming this Spring

    A document on Sega America’s official FTP server suggests that Sony will launch it motion control thingamajig this Spring. The document summarizes a meeting between Sega and Sony, which took place last month. Read More

  • Review: Vue Personal Video Network

    When I saw the Vue Personal Video Network a few months ago, I was impressed. The system is dead simple to install. You plug in a base station, sync two little wireless cameras that run on tiny batteries, and watch the video on any web browser, anywhere. It’s like a little mini-security system that you can connect anywhere you have Wired ethernet. Sadly, my joy was short lived. The… Read More

  • What can the iPod nano FM tuner do for you?

    Before you all say it at once, I know the Zune has had an FM tuner all along. But the new iPod nano just got one of its own and so FM is all of a sudden relevant again. A recent online survey by VisionCritical of 1,185 American adults shows that 66% have an active interest in the pause-and-rewind feature of the built-in FM radio. Plus, it’s the third most popular feature of the iPod… Read More

  • Wanna see the iPhone ad spots? If not, move along.

    Two more new iPhone commercials are after the jump. Read More

  • Kensington iPhone battery doubles as stand

    Battery backup options for the iPhone and iPods, they’re everywhere! Seemingly in yo’ face at all times. This new one from Kensington is a little bit chunkier than most, but it’s got a flip-down USB connector, which means no extra cabling to carry around, and the whole getup doubles as a landscape stand for your iPhone or iPod touch. Read More

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