• Palm Pre to get its own "App Catalog"

    With the Palm Pre rocking a brand spankin’ new OS and an entirely new development platform, it was pretty foreseeable that Palm would eventually announce plans for a central application store. Apple’s doing it, Google’s doing it, RIM is doing it – if you don’t have an App Store of your own, you’ve got nothing. Sure enough, Palm has gone ahead and announced… Read More

  • Better hurry: Windows 7 beta now online (now with direct links)

    Here’s the Windows 7 beta download link. Go crazy, but not too crazy you don’t want to put an eye out or anything. Read More

  • $5 in your pocket? Give Crayon Physics Deluxe for the iPhone a whirl

    For those of you who are tired of playing first-person shooter after first-person shooter, may I recommend Crayon Physics Deluxe for the iPhone (and iPod touch) and PC? It’s probably the best $5 (iPhone) or $20 (PC) you’ll spend today. Here’s the iTunes link Read More

  • Eyes-on the 3D BCS Championship game

    The hottest ticket in Las Vegas last night was the inaugural 3D broadcast by RealD which featured the BCS Championship game and we were there. After chilling with some big wigs and interviewing Mark Cuban, we settled down in the comfy Paris Las Vegas theater for what we were told was the next big thing. We quickly found out that was a lie; a dirty, nasty lie. Read More

  • Microsoft's servers feeling the heat re: Windows 7 beta

    Look what happens when you try to visit Microsoft’s Windows blog, in search of the Windows 7 beta. Read More

  • Make Your Photos Talk Smack With Storyblender

    Storyblender, the casual animation site that launched at TechCrunch40 that lets you put together customized goofy video clips, has just opened up a fun new side project called Make Me Talk. The new web app lets you stick some fake lips on the photo of your choosing and make them move realistically in sync with a voice recording. Read More

  • Interview with Mark Cuban and Bud Mayo

    We had a chance to chat with billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, and CEO of Cinedigm, Bud Mayo, about their work together to bring live 3D entertainment into movie theaters across the country. The technology promises to be a completely different theater-going experience. Cuban even went as far as to call it “the LSD of 2009.” Read More

  • Twtvite Makes Organizing Tweetups Easy

    From the developer who brought us twtpoll, Felipe Coimbra, now there is twtvite, an easy way to use Twitter or Facebook to create a micro-invite for your friends and followers. You create an invite on the twtvite site, and then micro-message with a tiny URL on Twitter or Facebook. The link takes people back to the site where they can RSVP. (See screenshot below). I just created one for… Read More

  • Wiki Service AboutUs Secures $2.5 million From Voyager Capital

    Portland-based AboutUs has secured a $2.5 million round of financing from Voyager Capital with the VC firm’s managing director Erik Benson joining its board, reports TechFlash. The company operates a wiki for information primarily about small businesses, organizations, and ‘anything that has a website’. Yes, that includes TechCrunch. This is different from our own wiki… Read More

  • Hands-on with the OQO 2+ MID

    We were lounging around the Intel area and saw this big collection of Mobile Internet Devices. These things are so weird we could barely tell what’s new and what’s years old, but we did spot the freshly-announced OQO 2+ and decided to give it a spin. There were guys standing around it so we picked up a Willcom D4 first for comparison. Read More

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