• More Apple iPhone Search Weirdness, And Embarrassment For Google

    Google’s carefully orchestrated launch of their new voice-recognition search application for the iPhone took a dive this weekend. The application didn’t appear as promised, and Google took down the YouTube video demo’ing the product (although it’s still on the Google Channel YouTube page and embedded below). This is an extraordinary event. Other search app providers… Read More

  • AOL Gets Out Of User Generated Video Business

    AOL is on a product-cutting spree. In addition to the shuttering of XDrive, AOL Pictures, MyMobile And Bluestring, the company will also be shutting down the AOL Video Uploads service starting this week. Users must move their videos prior to December 18, when the service closes for good and the videos will no longer be available. AOL is recommending that users transfer videos to Motionbox, a… Read More

  • Today's Umbrage Inducer: CIO's "Why the Storm is better than the iPhone"

    Eric Zeman, my favorite Phonescoop editor after Rich, wrote a fairly cogent article debunking the flame bait put out by CIO magazine comparing the Storm to the iPhone. Read More

  • Atari 2600 controller makes my heart melt

    At only $20, the LegacyEngineer controller is a pretty nice deal. Not only do you get a USB-powered Atari 2600 controller, you get a warm feeling that no, the 1980s did not pass you by and that no, spending most of your grade school years playing D&D and listening to the James Bond theme song album over and over on casette again (true story!) were not for naught. After all, now this… Read More

  • Man reaches level 80 in Lich King on day after launch

    Man also doesn’t lose virginity until age 30 when it’s with a strange, small woman he paid $50 in a park. In his memoirs, written in vi, he calls her a love gnome. Read More

  • Yes watch brings it all back home

    Yes Watch appeals to me on several levels. The complexity of all the things it does goes straight to the inner nerd. The utility of the things it does is a siren call to pragmatist. The simplicity of the design draws the aesthete. And for their 10th anniversary, they re-released their original concept. This is a sweet timepiece. Read more… Read More

  • Sam's Club ad was so very, very wrong: Bundle is $425

    So Photoshop was our nemesis this holiday season: the bundle in the “leaked” Sam’s Club ad is not $224 for a Wii and a bunch of games it’s $425. Not great but not bad, either. Considering the Wii itself will cost $249, less than $200 more for two games, three Wiimotes, and three Nunchucks isn’t bad. Read More

  • WTF: Come on, Hulu/Netflix/ABC/NBC/Sling/whoever, let us watch American TV outside of the country

    A quick rant. I’m in Geneva, the city where boredom goes to be bored, and wanted to watch a movie on Netflix Instant Play. I headed over and discovered, much to my chagrin, that the system was keyed to my current location and, as a result, I’m locked out. While I’m aware of IP masks and other tricks I could use to get to the content, I’m essentially browsing Usenet… Read More

  • IBM to Mark Papermaster: What about the children?

    BBG found a great line from IBM to Mark Papermaster, the IBM hardware guy who went to Apple to make and sell iPods. After trying many methods to keep Mark from joining a successful hardware company, they finally whipped out the favorite of anti-smut crusaders and anti-segregationists everywhere: After Papermaster informed IBM of his decision to accept the position at Apple, IBM implored… Read More

  • Twitter's Hockey Stick Moment

    October was a good month for Twitter. All those election Tweets brought a 25 percent increase in U.S. visitors from the month before, to 1.45 million unique visitors, according to comScore. (Worldwide, the number was 5.6 million in September). Since January, Twitter has experienced a 16-fold growth in the U.S. And that is just visitors to Twitter.com. These numbers don’t count all… Read More

  • Shut down your PC or Mac with a text message

    This fairly long video shows you how to create a mail trigger in Outlook to shut down your PC or Mac whenever you send a text message to your mailbox. It’s a pretty simple trick – I think I had this running back on an old Linux box when I was still on Sprint in like 2001 – but it’s nice to know it’s still possible. Add this to your friend’s computer and… Read More

  • MySpace and Facebook In 2009: Battle Of The Books

    Two “tell all” books about the world’s biggest social networks will be published in 2009. The first, set to be published on March 17, 2009, is Wall Street Journal editor Julia Angwin’s Stealing MySpace: The Battle to Control the Most Popular Website in America (you can pre-order it here). The second is Fortune Senior Editor David Kirkpatrick’s upcoming book on… Read More

  • Mr. bluDANGLEs

    I knew a dongle bluDANGLES and he’d connect for you
    And had a crazy string
    With silver case, a tiny mic, and and an LED
    The oddest thing
    He it clipped to your shirt, clipped to your shirt
    So it never touched down I met him in an aisle in Odd Lots I was
    down and out
    He looked to me to be $9.99
    as he paired right out
    I talked of life, talked of life, I laughed
    clicked my heels and… Read More

  • Is Obama Ready To Be A Two-Way President?

    Where there’s victory, there’s also opportunity… This Presidential election was profound in its results. Obama won both the Electoral College vote 364 to 163 and the popular vote 53% to 46% with roughly 120,000,000 votes cast. This election was the first in 50 years, in which there was no incumbent President or Vice President from either party competing for the Presidential… Read More

  • A Sad Day In Silicon Valley

    The San Jose Mercury News reports that a 47 year old man named Jing Hua Wu, after being laid off from his job at a fabless digital radio semiconductor startup in Santa Clara called SiPort, came back to the office on Friday afternoon with a gun and killed three people. Sid Agrawal, the company’s CEO, and Brian Pugh, VP Operations, were killed along with one other as yet unidentified woman. Read More

  • Mac Pro Ultra Mini project

    This project is a bit confusing but here goes: a guy got a broken 13-inch MacBook Pro. Most of it was water damaged but the mobo was fine so he unsoldered everything and made it into a little caseless computer with an external screen and hard drive. He discovered, however, an odd little case that was shaped like a Mac Pro but was about as big as a Mac Mini. With a little sass and vinegar… Read More

  • Aww! T-Mobile's Customer Delight Day is today!

    BGR is reporting that T-Mo is having their Customer Delight day where T-Mo customers can get 100 bonus minutes just for stopping by the store and 200 for bringing a friend. If you refer a customer you get a $25 credit on your next bill and if you at T-Mobile @Home you get the first month free. Some resctrictions apply, but I’m kind of sad I switched to AT&T now. T-Mobile is sooooo nice. Read More

  • Star Trek trailer leaked, soon to go bye bye [Update]

    Don’t expect this to stay up much longer but if you want to see Sylar as Spock, here’s your chance. Update: Official trailer after the jump. Read More

  • CrunchGear asks: Why the poop shelf?

    I spent the past week traipsing around Europe and, luckily, I’d not brushed up against the poop shelf until last night. For those of you not in the know, the poop shelf toilet is a toilet that offers an unobstructed view of your waste, both solid and liquid, before it is whisked away into the darkness. As this guy states,, it’s found in many German-influenced countries including… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Street Scene Edition

    Xpod: Tiny speakers, presumably tiny sound
    Public Art: Finally, a solution to unsightly utility boxes
    Burninate food with a Jacob’s Ladder
    Vort! Champagne oombrella! Wow!
    Best Buy in ‘The New Adventures of Your Old TV’ Read More

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