• Time to panic? RIAA wins suit against Usenet.com

    It’s safe to say that I shed no tears yesterday when, for all intents and purposes, The Pirate Bay ceased to be. Suffice it to say that if Usenet comes under attack next I will not be a happy camper. (I know, I know: The first rule of Usenet is not to talk about Usenet, but bear with the story for a minute.) The RIAA just won a lawsuit against usenet.com, which, as you might guess, is… Read More

  • Today on the CrunchGear Live Podcast

    Here are some of the topics from today’s podcast… Which is better: Chipotle or Qdoba? Pirate Bay… sold! Also, Usenet.com sued by RIAA CrunchGear raises ~$5000 for charity at Wiimbledon Is HD video recording necessary on cell phones? Devin discovers that the letters in CAPS LOCK can be rearranged to spell something mildly amusing LISTEN: Show Link | RSS Feed | iTunes Link Read More

  • Review: Averatec D1133 18.4-inch All-In-One PC

    In a move to offer inexpensive all-in-one computers to consumers, many companies are fitting Intel’s Atom processors into small form factor PCs and selling them for around $500 to $600. Averatec has adopted a similar approach with the D1133 but has instead bumped the CPU up to a dual-core 1.5GHz AMD chip along with ATI Radeon 3200 graphics and then priced the system to move at… Read More

  • Wiimbledon 2009: We raised ~$5000 for Child's Play

    Wiimbledon 2009 has come and gone and I’m happy to report that it was a great success! We had 98 tournament participants and everything went off without a hitch. With the help of generous eBayers, tournament attendees and Barcade, we’ve raised somewhere in the vicinity of $5,000 for the Child’s Play Charity. On behalf of CrunchGear, Wiimbledon and Child’s Play… Read More

  • Bing Keeps Its Foot On The Gas, Adds Tweets To Results

    Bing is something of a rarity for Microsoft these days: It’s a product that actually has good natural buzz. And for good reason too, it’s a solid product. For certain queries, it seems more useful than even, yes, Google. (And not just porn queries.) And Microsoft isn’t squandering away this opportunity, it’s keeping its foot on the gas, today attacking what is perceived… Read More

  • Free Nickelback track with IE8? Wrong again, Microsoft

    Because the main reason people haven’t downloaded Internet Explorer 8 is not enough Nickelback. Of course, if you’re a Nickelback fan and a prospective IE8 user, this is the only site you’ll ever need. Read More

  • Weak PS3 sales: Now the Taiwanese government sponsors Sony

    Sony seems to be less happy with the PS3 sales numbers than one could think. Or why else would they cooperate with the Taiwanese government to make local developers create more games for their console? Yesterday Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has closed a cooperation deal with Sony that centers on the areas of human resources and financing. The aim of the project is to increase… Read More

  • Pentax Japan gets 300 "haniiero" W80s

    Why must Pentax Japan deny the US of those badass special edition cameras, like the silver K20D or the camo K2000? Pentax Japan must really hate us because they’ve released a limited run of 300 honey yellow Optio W80s, which were announced last week in a trio of ho-hum colors. Pentax Japan Read More

  • Joost, Meet The Competition. Magnify.Net Sees Growth In White Label Video Platform

    With the news surrounding the implosion of Joost and the startup’s move towards providing white label video platforms for companies, we thought it would be a good idea to check in with one of Joost’s new competitors. As we wrote in our post about Joost’s prospects as a white label video community provider, there is already plenty of competition, including Brightcove… Read More

  • Hide your drinking intentions with the Timbuk2 Dolores Cooler

    Large plastic coolers can be such a drag. Their bulky size means they are a pain to travel with and store. But not Timbuk2‘s Dolores Cooler bag. [PSGallery=7vyyyl81sf] Read More

  • Play 2K's The BIGS 2 for free tonight in NYC

    2K’s latest baseball title, The Bigs 2, doesn’t hit store shelves until July 7, but if you live in NYC then you can play it tonight for free. Read More

  • Cloud Computing by the Hour

    Earlier last month web hosting provider SoftLayer announced the availability of cloud services on an hourly basis. The offering includes flat hourly rates for cloud instances, while cloud storage is accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis. While most traditional cloud services (IBM, Savvis, AT&T, Terremark, etc) require multi-year commitments, the hosting industry has seemed to embrace… Read More

  • Bing Wants To Feature Your Best Summer Photo — No Keg Stands, Please

    It may sound kind of silly, but when I talk to people outside of the tech world about Bing, the first thing brought up is usually how they like the pictures. And now Microsoft has created a contest on Facebook to let one user get their own picture featured on Bing. The Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest is asking Facebook users to submit their best summer vacation photos. The community will… Read More

  • Overpay Britannia: DJ Hero for $180 in the UK, but only $120 in the U.S.

    How much would you be willing to pay for DJ Hero? The latest news or rumors or whatever you want to call it is that UK retailer ShopTo was apparently told by Activision that the MSRP of the game will be £107.99, or just shy of $180. That includes the turntable, of course. Read More

  • Details On The Upcoming New Facebook iPhone App. Now With Events!

    It’s been a big day for Facebook, with news earlier this morning that the social network will soon be totally revamping its privacy settings and making it easier to share with the entire web. Now developer Joe Hewitt, who is responsible for Facebook’s massively popular iPhone application, has posted a note to the site describing some of the new features we can expect from the… Read More

  • Dell sells 19-inch monitors in Taiwan for $15 by accident, may have to ship them

    Oopsies. Dell’s Taiwan website recently listed a 19-inch monitor for the equivalent of about $15 for eight hours before being fixed. Naturally, orders flooded in left and right and when Dell refused to ship the monitors, people complained. Read More

  • Quick Look: Lenovo Ideapad S10-2

    Guess what the Lenovo fairy just brought us! This is the new Lenovo S10-2, a $399 ultralight with a 10-inch screen, Atom processor, and six-cell battery. It weighs 2.2 pounds and looks pretty sassy. The S10-2 has three USB port, VGA-out, and bog standard audio-in and -out. Most interesting is the delicate polka dot styling on the laptop’s cover, perfect for nights on the beach or a… Read More

  • Last.fm free for Xbox Live Gold members

    Flexing their journalistic muscles, the crew at Joystiq have details surrounding Last.fm’s arrival onto Xbox Live, which was announced at E3 this year. It shouldn’t come as a surprise by now, but Gold members will have 24-hour access to the service that’s ad supported for free. Read More

  • The Looming Facebook Privacy Fiasco

    Facebook’s privacy conference call just ended, and it’s clear some major changes are going to be coming to the social network soon. Some of these, like a totally revamped privacy control page, are both long overdue and very welcome. But others, like the Transition Tool, seem ripe for disaster. Facebook clearly wants its users to become more comfortable sharing their content… Read More

  • YOU IS WINNAR! The Pleo finds a home

    Wow. You guys wanted a Pleo. When we offered you one a few days ago I didn’t realize 707 people would comment wildly in hopes of winning a little green dinosaur. Well, there is a winner and he is… Read More

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