• No Child's Play: KIDO'Z Creates A Kid-Friendly Media Browser

    Making a browser may not exactly be child’s play, but there is still a need for one children can play with. Tel Aviv, Israel-based KIDO’Z is taking a crack at it by launching its custom media browser for kids today, so if you have any young children who use the internet on a regular basis, you might want to give this one a whirl. KIDO’Z is a pretty nifty Adobe AIR-powered… Read More

  • Sprint lost only $594 million last quarter which is a good thing

    The Wall Street gurus understand that some companies aren’t doing that well during this recession, but Sprint surprised some folks today when the company released its quarterly financials. It seems that the wireless carrier’s $594,000,000 loss wasn’t as much as the experts expected causing the company’s stock to rise. But isn’t it crazy that we’re living in… Read More

  • The Nokia E71x is now for sale at AT&T

    The Nokia E71x is one sexy kit and now available from AT&T for the on-contract price of $99.99 after rebate. Read More

  • Dark Horse Comics finally makes its way to the iPhone

    Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics has finally made its way onto a mobile platform with the its first iPhone App today. With the upcoming release of Terminator Salvation, Dark Horse has pulled out a classic from the archives for its first foray with The Terminator. It was originally published in 1998 and the entire four-part series of The Terminator: Death Valley is available now for $0.99 each. Read More

  • Larger Kindle for newsapers and magazines coming as early as this week

    There are two money shots in Brad Stone’s report on a new Kindle coming this week with a larger screen designed specifically for reading newspapers and magazines. Here they are: But it is Amazon, maker of the Kindle, that appears to be first in line to try throwing an electronic life preserver to old-media companies. As early as this week, according to people briefed on the online… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Putting Obstacles Edition

    DIY: Brick pizza oven for under $50
    Doorstop helps improve your putting
    Crocheted White Album vinyl: the perfect addition to a Beatlemaniac’s couch Read More

  • The Big Screen Kindle Hail Mary To Newspapers Will Fall Incomplete

    Hail Mary – noun: A long forward pass in football, esp. as a last-ditch attempt at the end of a game, where completion is considered unlikely. New reports have several companies on the verge of releasing large screen electronic readers designed specifically for reading newspaper content. The first such product may be unveiled as soon as this week — a large screen version of… Read More

  • TweetPhoto Aims To Take On TwitPic By Adding More Features. Will It Stick?

    People love to share photos on Twitter, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see many independent application developers focused on facilitating just that through tools using the micro-sharing service’s API. Many of them have been submitted to us, and we wrote about a few in the past, from stand-alone services like TwitPic, Twitxr, Pixim to add-on services from photo sharing… Read More

  • Trent Reznor Responds To Apple: You Want Obscene, I'll Show You Obscene

    Trent Reznor, the leader of the band Nine Inch Nails is pretty upset that Apple has rejected the latest version of his iPhone app. And rightfully so, the reason for the rejection once again points to Apple’s inconsistencies when it comes to the App Store approval process. While we pointed that out yesterday, Reznor pulls no punches in pointing it out today, in the NIN’s… Read More

  • My Day With The Google Goats

    As promised, I went to go visit the Google goats today — you know, the goats that were brought in to replace lawnmowers in Google’s ever-expanding quest to go more green. I was told the goats would be in the big field at the corner Rengstorff & Amphitheater (on Google’s campus in Mountain View), and sure enough, I found a few hundred of them there. Apparently, the area… Read More

  • Adventures in Realtime

    Ever since Leo Laporte enabled a foldback loop on the video feed coming from his TwiT studios, the Gillmor Gang has hit a new sweet spot in the Adventures of Realtime. Prior to the foldback loop, we were still back in the Nightline days of staring blankly into the camera and pretending to see what Ted Koppel’s expression was. Harry Shearer of the Credibility Gap and more recently the… Read More

  • Kidlandia Personalizes Fantasy Maps For Kids

    As a four-year-old, Brian Backus became captivated by the children stories told by Dr. Seuss, a neighbor of Backus’s aunt. According to Backus, Dr.Seuss’s tales inspired him to join the world of cartoon storytelling years later as a producer at Disney Interactive. Now, Backus is launching Kidlandia, web destination where parents and kids can create personalized cartoon fantasyland… Read More

  • Doorstop helps improve your putting

    Clearly there’s gotta be some crossover between people who like golf and people who need to prop a door open or this $18 “Golfer’s Doorstop” would cease to exist. Read More

  • The Apple Store is down! Somebody do something!

    You guys! Nobody panic, but the Apple Store has that image up that makes everybody go ape shit. What could it be?! The candy-coated iPod Touch 2.5?! The new iMacbook Tablet Mini Pro Classic?! The long-awaited Apple iPager?!! I can’t take the suspense!!! Apple Store [Apple.com] Read More

  • Review: Online-Mastering.com

    Having your super hit song mastered with some sexy and expensive analog gear is an important part of the music making process. Of course you can do the mastering yourself in your home “studio”. Trust me on this: Having your song professionally mastered is a good thing and Online-Mastering.com does it even better. Read More

  • YouTube helps man deliver baby

    Well, it finally happened: someone used YouTube to help deliver a baby. Yup, a man in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Cornwall, to be exact) used to video-sharing site to help deliver his wife’s fourth child, a boy named Gabriel. (A nice, biblical name!) Yes, this is a crazy world we live in. Read More

  • Ottumwa, Iowa makes push for video game hall of fame

    The 26,000-person city of Ottumwa, Iowa claims to be the “Video Game Capital of the World” and is making a big push to become the location of the video game hall of fame. Read More

  • Corporate Tweets and the SEC: Sometimes It's Better To Keep Your Mouth Shut

    Last year, I covered the landmark SEC decision to recognize corporate blogs and potentially other forms of Social Media as a recognized form of meeting public disclosure requirements under Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure) – in some cases. It was a significant validation of a widely recognized medium for sharing information between publicly-traded companies and stakeholders. Jonathan… Read More

  • How OpenTable Could Actually Matter

    Dot com meltdown survivor and restaurant reservation software company OpenTable had been a rumored IPO candidate for a while. Still, it shocked many when it finally filed its intention to debut on the Nasdaq back in January. What? Does this company just have a thing for market meltdowns? There’s still no word on when OpenTable will actually price, but so far, the IPO is still on… Read More

  • June: BlackBerry 8900 on AT&T

    Good news, CrackBerry fans. (See what I did there?) It looks like the 8900, which is currently running wild on T-Mobile, will make its way to AT&T this June. That’s the “word on the street,” at least Read More

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