• Bare It All in HD: 69adget's DIY Guide to Homemade Sex Tapes

    Some content may not be suitable for all audiences. Kim Kardashian’s done it. Paris Hilton’s done it. Ron Jeremy invented it. And Screech perfected it. Now it’s your turn to jump on the bandwagon because nothing takes your career to the next level quite like a sex tape! Why Make A Sex Tape?
    Ohhh the sex tape. Kinky. Homemade. Easy to make. The sex tape is not only for… Read More

  • T-Mobile Sidekick Disaster: Danger’s Servers Crashed, And They Don’t Have A Backup

    Wow. T-Mobile and Danger, the Microsoft-owned subsidiary that makes the Sidekick, has just announced that they’ve likely lost all user data that was being stored on Microsoft’s servers due to a server failure. That means that any contacts, photos, calendars, or to-do lists that haven’t been locally backed up are gone. Apparently if you don’t turn off your Sidekick… Read More

  • T-Mobile Sidekick Disaster: Danger's Servers Crashed, And They Don't Have A Backup

    Wow. T-Mobile and Danger, the Microsoft-owned subsidiary that makes the Sidekick, has just announced that they’ve likely lost all user data that was being stored on Microsoft’s servers due to a server failure. That means that any contacts, photos, calendars, or to-do lists that haven’t been locally backed up are gone. Apparently if you don’t turn off your Sidekick… Read More

  • Facebook appoints bizdev in Germany, as Twitter goes Deutsch

    Facebook finally gets its own ‘face’ for Germany: The sleuths of media newswire Kress Report got wind that Facebook could hire the advertising expert Scott Woods, who previously headed the Last.fm office in Hamburg. His new job is to build up contacts with brands and advertisers in Germany, as he already did for the music site. It was only last year that Woods got appointed as… Read More

  • Either The British Royal Family Is Reading TechCrunch, Or They Should Be

    A couple days ago we wrote a nice, healthy rant about the awful state of television controls. Now Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (also known as Queen Elizabeth’s husband), has joined the cause. Speaking to Britain’s Channel 4, the duke went on a rant of his own again the complexity of modern television operation. I’m not saying for sure that he reads TechCrunch, but… Read More

  • NSFW video: This man hearts his Neo Geo collection

    Note: The topless Asian man in this slightly NSFW video that’s dancing around with his Ne Geo collection is not Peter Ha. I asked him if it was any of his family members but he didn’t find the joke funny. Ah well. Read More

  • Why open source will never rule the desktop and why it doesn't have to

    Open source software is our era’s version of the French scientific salon. In the 18th and 19th centuries, young men (mostly men) would gather at the feet of elder scientists to learn the truth of the day. In Revolutionary France it was philosophy and natural science they studied and in the open source forums of the past decades it was discussions of the finer points of kernels… Read More

  • The HP Envy 15 Beats Edition blazes its own path

    The HP Envy 15 Beats Edition is noice. Look at that beast. You have to respect the matte black on black styling. Apple fanboys can’t say anything about this edition of the HP Envy looking like their MBPs. The Beats Edition looks better. Too bad it suffers from all the downfalls found in the Envy series and carries a $500 premium. At least it comes with the Beats headphones. Read More

  • Fast Cars and Mullet Wigs: How I Won The Maverick Business Adventure

    I didn’t really want to strip to my underwear on a street in broad daylight and sing Bob Seeger’s Old Time Rock and Roll a lá Tom Cruise in Risky Business. But when I agreed to come on this trip for a very unusual entrepreneur’s adventure, I told myself that I’d play along. And this, apparently, was part of the drill. Read More

  • Area Man Murders Palm Pre At Local Bar

    If you’re Palm you’re hoping that Pre owners love their phones so much that they cherish and protect them for always. So when a guy who owns a Palm Pre drops it in his beer just to see what happens, you can’t be too happy. It just doesn’t say a whole lot about how much a person values a phone when they drop it into a mug of beer. On the upside, it stays on for about… Read More

  • Viral Video Alert: Miley Cyrus Raps About Reasons For Quitting Twitter

    The video below has racked up a little more than 6,000 views at the time of this writing. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t top a couple of millions by the end of this weekend. Enjoy Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus’ rap about the reasons for her quitting Twitter, which caused quite a ruckus earlier this week, for reasons known only to some people other than myself. Read More

  • The Tale Of Storytlr Ends Here

    Storytlr, a nifty web application centered around the concept of lifestreaming, will cease to exist at the end of this year. In a blog post, the two guys who built the service jointly announced the decision to stop operating Storytlr on December 31st 2009. Unfortunately, all data that doesn’t get backed up by its users in the next ten weeks will be wiped out, although there is a simple… Read More

  • Chile Wants Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses, Your Tech Entrepreneurs

    Are you an immigrant who is fed up with waiting for years for a green card which you may never get? Or a tech entrepreneur looking to dramatically cut costs? I’ve got a suggestion for you. Move South. No, I don’t mean to Los Angeles or San Diego, I’m taking about way down South in Chile. They’ll welcome you with open arms and offer you incentives which will cut your… Read More

  • Nintendo announces new Pokemon game, wiimotes, and hardware bundles

    This is a good news, bad news, type of thing. Nintendo Japan just announced some really cool new hardware (including two new bundles) that’ll be out this December. The bad news is, it’s not coming to the US. Read More

  • This is what happens when your mother-in-law uses Internet Explorer

    I removed IE from the desktop, taskbar, Start Menu, and even hid the icon in Windows Explorer. I then installed Firefox and Chrome and renamed them both “Internet.” But yet somehow my mother-in-law still found a way to use Internet Explorer and wonders why her computer runs like poo. Oh, and she wants to keep all of the toolbars. She uses them. Read More

  • 2 People Died In A Sweat Lodge Last Night. And Deleted Tweets Have Surfaced.

    Last night, at a retreat in Arizona, two people died and another 19 had to be hospitalized after something went horribly wrong at a sweat lodge. Normally, such a story, while interesting, wouldn’t be right for TechCrunch. But there’s a tech angle here. Apparently, the man who rented the place and threw the retreat, author James Arthur Ray, is also an avid Twitter user. And yes… Read More

  • Facebook Tries To Suck The Last Drops Of Life Out Of Orkut In The US

    Facebook has seen amazing growth over the last few years, and has long since established itself as the largest social network in the world. But the battle isn’t over yet — Facebook is still duking it out overseas with a number of other social networks to establish regional dominance. In India, Google-owned Orkut has nearly twice as many unique visitors as Facebook. So Facebook… Read More

  • Comcast launching "HomePoint" technology; welcome to 2001

    Comcast is preparing to launch their new service, Homepoint, which will provide a VoIP handset with integration to email, news, weather, and other services. Wait, doesn’t my mobile already do that? Read More

  • AMD's Eyefinity reviewed on video for your pleasure

    Some day, I too will have three identical monitors for gaming purposes. It’ll have to be in my game cave once I retire as an eccentric millionaire, though. Don’t have room for it here. That’s probably a good thing, though, since I also don’t have the money required, and besides that there are still a few quirks to be worked out. Not to mention the fact that the best… Read More

  • Apple, Psystar ask for summary judgemets, looking to avoid trial

    This Apple-Psystar business sure is hotting up! Both Apple and Psystar have asked for summary judgments based on what they believe to be What’s Going On. Such an action would avoid a pesky trial, which would necessarily costs both companies a whole lot of money. Read More

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