• YouTube Full Of Creepy, Soundless Music Videos

    YouTube has been testing a new way of combating copyright violations on the site – removing the audio, leaving the video. The result is a wasteland of music videos that are creepily silent. For some time now the company has been fingerprinting audio tracks and notifying users of infringement when they find a copyrighted song (I received one of these in error, fought it and won). Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Factory Showroom Edition

    Review: Thirsty Light
    LEGO announces digital camera and more
    CrunchTrip: St. George Spirits in Alameda Read More

  • People Are Now Playing Quake Live

    Quake Live, the upcoming free in-browser version of Quake, is sending out beta invitations to the service. Users are directed to beta.quakelive.com This is a grand new experiment in gameplay. Instead of charging users a monthly access fee, id Software is teaming with IGA Worldwide to add advertising and sponsorships to the game to make money. Early reviews of the game are a thumbs up, and it… Read More

  • Meez Merges With Pulse Entertainment, Raises Funding

    Meez, a 3D avatar community site / virtual world, has announced its merger with Pulse Entertainment, a provider of user-generated mobile multimedia messaging and entertainment services, and has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from LA-based VC firm Anthem Venture Partners to help with the transition. Details are scarce for the time being, but Meez plans to integrate Pulse’s… Read More

  • Meanwhile, Internet Usage In China Still Booming

    The Chinese government may be keeping a close eye on which websites, blogs and search engines their people can visit, but that’s not stopping internet usage from growing fast throughout the country. The government-related information center CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) claims the nation’s online population has grown 41.9% in 2008 to an astounding 298 million… Read More

  • MagicStudio secures funding for classroom application

    Magic Studio, which has a web based application to suck in content from museums, archives and publishing houses for better presentation in a school classroom, has secured £750,000 in venture investment from the newly launched media-tech fund Andromeda Capital and its existing investors the South East Growth Fund (SEGF), a £30m public-sector backed venture capital fund aimed at SMEs in South… Read More

  • Dearest Microsoft, I hacked you. Love, the friendly Russian hacker

    An unidentified hacker has sent a friendly surprise to Microsoft beneath a recent variant of the Zlob Trojan, which a French analyst found and forwarded to Microsoft’s security team. This is the second message that Microsoft has received from this hacker, and apparently the last. Here’s the strangely friendly message for your enjoyment. Read More

  • Forgotten CES: Silverstone Raven mouse quickie hands-on

    CES is over, but I’m still finding things on my camera that I never got to report. For instance, I saw the Silverstone booth and thought they might be showing their Raven mouse. Its most obvious feature is that enormous scrolling thumb-wheel, which few if any mice have something comparable to. I gave it a quick spin while on the lookout for booth babes. Read More

  • Google Gets Serious About Resellers

    Google is opening the doors to resellers for its Google Apps suite of office services. Businesses who want to use Gmail, Google docs and other Google offices services in lieu of Microsoft or other solutions will be able to sign up at Google or through any qualified value added reseller that chooses to carry the products. Google says that more than 1 million businesses and 10 million users… Read More

  • Scope Out Public Transportation At A Glance With Google's Transit Layer

    Today Google added a new feature to its extremely useful Maps service, allowing users to quickly view the layout of public transportation systems in more than 50 cities. While Google’s Transit site has offered automatic trip-planning for a number of areas for some time, the new feature makes it easy to determine at a glance if public transportation is even a viable option. To activate… Read More

  • Review: Thirsty Light

    Most of the plants in our house have a death wish. A palm-like thing my wife and I bought a while ago is drying up and this little ficus tree we have thrives outdoors but then dies under our care, only to be resurrected when we take it back outside. Heck, we just killed a cactus. We’re pretty bad. That’s why I like the Thirsty Light. It’s basically a little stick you put… Read More

  • Cable modem hacker charged, pretends to be innocent

    According to documents obtained online, the owner of the website cablehack.net is facing federal charges for the sale and distribution of hacked cable modems. While he has multiple disclaimers on his website, they are all carefully worded and have a generous dose of *wink wink* applied. Read More

  • NVIDIA revises its quarterly earnings to "jack"

    Man oh man! You show me a business that isn’t taking a hit in this economy, and I’ll show you (probably) a corporation guilty of price fixing and underhanded dealings. If AMD is feeling the hurt, laying off people left and right, at least they can be comforted by the fact that NVIDIA just announced that quarterly revenues will be down “40 to 50 percent” over the… Read More

  • Why Do We Still Let Webmail Services Get Away With Deleting Our Data?

    It’s 2009. Storage is so cheap that Email providers like Yahoo are literally giving you as much space as you want. Yet we still have to deal with archaic policies that allow these Email providers to delete everything in our inboxes if, for whatever reason, we forget to login for a few months. The time limits vary: Yahoo cuts you off at 4 months, Windows Live Hotmail at 60 days, and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 8.9-inch Eee for $229

    Netbooks! Here’s the 8.9-inch Asus Eee from Best Buy for $229. Read More

  • Danish gamers arrested when game noises mistaken for real murders

    This is pretty dumb, but if your TV is up so loud that your neighbors are mistaking your Call of Duty game for actual warfare, or your GTA for real-life murders, you might want to consider better sound insulation. Or new neighbors. It seems that said neighbors in the town of Valby called the police, who then deployed the Danish equivalent of SWAT, who surrounded the area and megaphoned the kids… Read More

  • How to fix your plasma TV if you're insane.

    One thing about Australians, you have to admire their “can do” attitude. From eating Vegemite to fixing TVs, no one else can do it with their particular, well, style. And if this guy is any indication, we now know exactly how the future we saw in Road Warrior will come to pass. Read More

  • Look out – Netlog releases GPS-enabled iPhone app for its 33 million users

    European Myspace competitor Netlog, which has over 33 million users, has released its native iPhone app. Users can get a feed of friends updates, see pictures, upload content and add pictures. Unusually, it is also GPS-enabled, something Facebook has so far steered clear of. It’s TechCrunch’s general view that if Facebook added true, location-based mobile social networking to… Read More

  • Video: A stupendously exciting demo of Ford's Sync 3.0

    Ford and Microsoft has been hard at work upgrading their lovechild named Sync 3.0. The latest version upgrades simply adds more features but maintains the easy-to-use voice-activated system. Simply press the button on the steering wheel and say one of the pre-recorded commands. That’s it. Simple and easy. Exciting video demo after the break. Read More

  • Comment on the Russian President's new video blog. Just don't mention gas…

    Perhaps taking a cue from the Downing Street YouTube Channel, where punters are leaving questions for the UK Prime Minister, Russia’s President has opened a video dialogue with citzens on his blog, reports Russian startup Quintura. The video is even translated into English. It’s clearly a growing trend. The Kazakh Prime Minister, in power since 1989, has actually ordered his… Read More

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