• Big Blue Acquires Data Discovery Software Provider Exeros

    IBM has acquired Exeros, a company that creates data discovery software, for an undisclosed amount. IBM says that Exeros’ technology will be used to strengthen IBM’s Business Analytics Optimization Consulting practice. Exeros’ software uncovers hidden relationships between databases, helping users make sense of different data sources quickly and efficiently. For example… Read More

  • The Onion does what it does best, rips on the new Star Trek movie

    Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’ Star Trek fans are outraged! Read More

  • Does iPhone OS 3.0 take better photos than 2.2.1?

    You can’t up a camera’s megapixel count without a hardware change, but there are a good number of things that can be done in the software to improve photo quality. You can tweak the color filters, or polish up auto-exposure for example. We’re not quite sure what Apple changed in the iPhone 3.0 firmware camera settings, but it looks like it was for the better. Read More

  • Tesla Founder Elon Musk Dreams Of Electric Airplanes

    Last week, Elon Musk had a candid conversation with VC George Zachary at the Charles River Ventures CEO Summit. One of the most interesting things Musk talked about was his desire to see electric airplanes in the future—and perhaps even one day help develop these green, energy efficient planes himself. It makes sense—Musk has an interest in aeronautics (he founded Space… Read More

  • Vudu gets it, embeds streaming software on Entone's IPTV set-top box

    People do not want multiple devices hooked up to their TV. They don’t. What they really want is the functionality of all the devices without the physical boxes and it seems that Vudu understands this. The movie streaming company has teamed up with Entone to provide the IPTV company’s set-top boxes with the Vudu software. This is the first time that the service has been… Read More

  • Classic stand alone guitar controllers announced for The Beatles: Rock Band

    Last month saw the official announcement of The Beatles: Rock Band and with it came pricing for the kit along with details on two of the four iconic instruments played by the Fab Four – Höfner Bass and a Ludwig drum kit. And today, the circle is complete with the announcement of the Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo Jet guitar controllers. I always wanted a Rickenbacker growing up because… Read More

  • CoolCop keeps cops… well, you can probably figure the rest out

    As weird as this apparatus looks, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it’s actually not a bad idea. The $50 “CoolCop” is basically a length of vacuum-like hose that goes from a car’s air conditioning vent on one end and clips to a police officer’s bullet-proof vest on the other end. Those vests are hot, I tell you! Well, I don’t tell you, actually. Read More

  • Twishitter: Twitter Apps Head Towards The Gutter

    It’s inevitable. A platform becomes popular, gains mainstream appeal, and the race to the bottom begins. We saw this happen with the iPhone, where a plethora of farting applications hit the store. But it happens, at least in part, because people enjoy the humorous crude app every once in a while. The success that iFart and other apps of that ilk point to this — or at least to… Read More

  • Good To The Last Tweet: Coffee Machine Drips Updates To Twitter

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all … I’m here at the Next09 conference in Hamburg, a two-day conference about the future of the web and media that kicked off today with an afternoon of keynote presentations by Jeff Jarvis, Andrew Keen, Umair Haque and more. There was one booth out in the hallway that caught my attention however, and after seeing it I felt the insatiable… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 250GB portable hard drive for $60

    Amazon’s got a one-day deal on the 250GB Seagate FreeAgent Go portable external hard drive at $59.99 after $15 off the regular price. The whole kit is about a half-inch thick and features synchronization software for keeping all your files up to date between multiple computers. Read More

  • Unreleased Android-running HTC Hero caught on camera

    Lookie, lookie. It seems that HTC’s next Android handset couldn’t avoid the geek paparazzi. We hear that this phone is the rumored HTC Hero and might get a release sometime in Q3 of this year, which sounds ’bout right if working handsets are already in the wild. Read More

  • LogMeIn Coming Soon To The BlackBerry Storm

    Another day of WES2009, another day of BlackBerry news. This morning brings an announcement from LogMeIn, makers of the remote desktop access software of the same name. For those unfamiliar with the concept, LogMeIn allows you to control a Windows or Mac computer from another terminal across the internet. Previously, the term “terminal” here was limited to meaning any PC or system… Read More

  • SeeWhy Raises $4.5 Million, Improves Website Conversion By Closely Tracking Abandoners

    Imagine a potential restaurant visitor calling a place he’s never been before, asking all sorts of questions about the establishment and ultimately deciding to make a reservation elsewhere. If you’re the restaurant owner, you should be wondering what went wrong where and when, and what you can do about it. Now assume the number of people calling the restaurant and ultimately… Read More

  • Dareway: Unsafe at any speed

    Spin around slowly! Fall off! Cause brain damage! You don’t have to be the Woz to have your own Segway knock off. This odd device – made for kids – lets you move forwards and back and even in circles. Has anyone seen these in real life? It looks really old – and slow – but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Read More

  • Watchclocks: Studies in behavioral control

    If you’ve ever wandered around an older building you’ll notice something that looks like an ashtray bolted to the wall. These ashtrays, which usually say something like “Watch Station,” once held keys to wind up a watchclock, a mechanical wonder that forced the night watchman to make his rounds through the building under mechanical supervision. As you moved through… Read More

  • Gist Scores $6.75 Million For Gmail, Twitter and Microsoft Outlook Integration Service

    Seattle-based Gist has secured $6.75 million in Series A funding led by the Foundry Group with participation by its founding investor Vulcan Capital. The investment will be used for product development efforts and to expand operations. Currently in closed beta, Gist integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail to aggregate, organize and prioritize emails, links, attachments, and related… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 20% off a weird watch for Momma's Day

    Who says mom doesn’t appreciate a nice time piece too. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Watchismo is offering 20% off all of their ladies wrist watches. Browsing their catalog, it looks like there’s something there for pretty much anyone, and what better way to show Mom just how much you care? There’s even a handy guide on their site that’ll show you which shipping… Read More

  • Video: Maus fur der PSP

    Some German guy attached a PS2 mouse to a PSP and played Coded Arms. via Nowhereelse Read More

  • Researchers take over botnet, grab 56,000 passwords an hour

    Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, have published a report after taking over a massive botnet called Torpig aka Sinowal. The malware network was able to collect 56,000 passwords and hour as well as 70GB of financial and personal data. The researchers found that most users reused passwords for multiple sites and that the malware was able to steal credit card numbers… Read More

  • Why XP mode is good: It runs stuff under XP

    I’m down with Windows 7. I really am. It’s going to be a good, solid OS that will take us well into the next decade. Microsoft does this kind of thing every few years – they dump out a clinker (Windows ME) then amaze us all with something great (Windows XP). They’re not the richest company in the world because they’re dumb. They know what they’re… Read More

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