• Whoops; Sharp and LG Display caught price fixing

    Two of the largest display companies, Sharp and LG Display, have been caught fixing TFT LCD prices and will plead guilt next week. Details about the crime haven’t been released but we do know that LG is going to pay $400 million and Sharp, $120 million in fines. Ouch. Some suits aren’t getting their Christmas bonus this year. Read More

  • Robot Overlord Field Guide: The Bumblebee

    As we all know, when the End Times come we’re going to want to know what will come to kill us. Introducing the Missile Defence Multiple Kill Vehicle, which looks and acts kind of like those bumblebee fireworks you used to shoot of on July 4 which ( the former American Independence Day and now known as COMMANDSTATUSREPORT DAY). While this is an early prototype, rest assured that this… Read More

  • MSI: Touchscreen Wind at CES, ‘shocking’ 13.3-inch affordable ultraportable, no Linux in the U.S.

    Aw, there I go giving away the entire post in the title again. I should have made it something like “What’s in your city’s water supply? MSI knows! Full story on the ten o’clock newscast” or something sensational like that. Oh well. Laptop’s got some interesting info about what we’ll see from MSI at CES, including: Read More

  • Money burning a hole in your pocket? How about a $30,000 Vertu cellphone (with 3G!)

    Ah, Russia. Home to a well-olied kleptocracy, Andrei Arshavin and, apparently, incredibly wealthy people who don’t know what to do with their money. (See: Roman Abramovich et al.) As such, we really shouldn’t be too surprised to see this new Vertu cellphone on a Russian luxury blog. As you can see, it, the Vertu Boucheron 150, looks just like that other Vertu luxury phone, but this… Read More

  • Android Market may be getting Ringtones, Wallpapers, and Google Checkout

    Can’t live without Fergie ringtones on your Android handset, but can’t take the time to throw together your own? You may be in luck. While rummaging around through the files tucked away within the Android Market package, the guys over at Phandroid noticed a couple of unused icons lingering. If these icons are any indication of functionality thus far unseen, we might be seeing… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MacUpdate Promo Holiday Bundle for $49.99

    MacUpdate offers a bunch of handy software for $49.99. For that price you get everything on the picture. I never needed any of these and I also have no idea what they do (except for VirusBarrier) but this seems like a bargain. Thanks Stephen! Read More

  • HP to sell laptop battery with 3-year no degradation claim

    HP might have a solution to laptops batteries slow death thanks to a Boston-Power-made battery. The battery, dubbed Enviro by HP, should hit select platforms in early 2009 features with some kick-ass features. Allegedly, the battery can be be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes and will not degrade before a 1,000 re-charges. HP is backing the battery with a 3-year warranty to ensure… Read More

  • Just Got Fired From Yahoo? Have A Taco.

    Today, 1,500 people at Yahoo are losing their jobs, as layoffs across the tech landscape approaches 100,000. But for startups lucky enough to have cash to hire, 1,500 soon-to-be-unemployed Yahoos is a recruiting opportunity. Video chat startup TokBox (which raised $10 million in August) will be parking a taco truck outside of Yahoo headquarters today, handing out free tacos and job applications. Read More

  • Psystar drops some antitrust claims, adds others

    Psystar is kind of turning into an annoying step-brother by “respectfully disagreeing” with the courts latest findings, but by adding other charges to take the place of the dismissed ones. This whole case seems like it’s going to continue on OJ style, – the first one – never-ending and just wasting taxpayers dollars. Maybe there is a silent… Read More

  • Douche of the Day: Diego Norte/James Brausch

    We’ve been getting some spam emails from someone purporting to be Diego Norte offering us exciting notes to post on our blog. These notes include tips on how to cheat on your taxes and how to lure children into vans (I didn’t read the entire thing, so I can’t confirm that that’s in there.) I’m sure you, as an Internet Professional, have brushed up against this… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HAVA Platinum HD streamer for $87

    Amazon has the Slingbox-like HAVA Platinum HD extender for $86.99, down from its $149.99 list price. The box takes in an HD video signal and streams it back out over your home network via the built-in Ethernet port. Video on your local network gets compressed as DVD-quality MPEG-2, while you’re also able to watch everything over the internet, too, compressed as MP4 files. The HAVA can… Read More

  • Ultimate Ears announces the Triple.Fi 10vi in-ear monitors

    Today, Ultimate Ears updated their top of the line in-ear monitors for use with your iPhone and/or BlackBerry. According to UE, the Triple.Fi 10vi monitors are the closest things on a performance level to their custom monitors. *I can’t stop drooling* With a triple speaker configuration that delivers a full range of crisp audio you’ll hear every single note clearly and… Read More

  • To Really Understand The (Google) Zeitgeist, You Need To Dive Into The Details

    Google released its 2008 Zeitgeist list of the most popular search terms for the year. Unlike Yahoo’s 2008 list of top search terms, Google looks at the fastest-rising searches of the year. That makes for a slightly more interesting list. (Yahoo’s list was basically a repeat of its 2007 list). Below are the two lists, and you can compare to Google’s list for 2007, which… Read More

  • Truphone Adds Key iPhone App Features, Hunkers Down

    Truphone has re-vamped it’s iPhone app with two crucial new features. The first, dubbed Truphone Anywhere enables iPhone users to make low-priced international calls via the GSM network even when they are not connected to Wi-Fi. This is significant because prior to this you needed WiFi. The second is that inbound Truphone calling on the iPhone has now been added for the first time. Read More

  • Tesla Motors needs a bailout, too

    Tesla Motors is discovering that it cannot build cars on hopes and dreams alone; real capital is required, too. The forward-thinking company is stating that they will not be able to produce their 4-door, Model S electric car without a $350 million dollar US government loan. Remember, the founder stated a while ago that all the pre-orders for the Roadster will be fulfilled, but without this… Read More

  • Marissa Mayer's Simple Advice On Who To Hire: Smart People Who Get Things Done

    Google’s Marissa Mayer said a lot of interesting things on stage today on stage at the Le Web Conference in Paris. We covered the Chrome and Search Wiki news. But the most important thing she said, in my opinion, was also the simplest. An attendee asked Marissa how she went about building her team over the last decade. Her answer: “I like to hire people who have two traits. Read More

  • Sony launching Playstation Home (Beta) tomorrow for all

    http://www.viddler.com/simple_on_site/17671819 It’s been nearly two years, but the time is coming, friends. The folks at the Playstation blog announced that starting tomorrow Sony would be rolling out Home to everyone in an open Beta. Director of Playstation Home Jack Buser encourages those who haven’t been privy to Home to snuggle up to the veterans to get tips on how to… Read More

  • Albatron Tee PC approved by FCC

    Although the name doesn’t seem too creative, the specs are promising. This tablet features a 7-inch 800×480 touch screen, and VGA or 1.3-megapixel camera, runs Windows CE and comes with a dock that has USB, power and audio ports and built-in speakers. It also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a 10.8W/hr battery. Unlike netbooks that feature faster processors from Intel or VIA and a minimum… Read More

  • Bose Patent infringement litigation settled

    Bose recently announced that it has settled with Phitek Corporation who allegedly infringed on patents that protect its active noise-cancelling technology. Phitek has agreed to make changes to the headphones that it has been manufacturing for Creative Labs and Audio-Technica. Read More

  • Le Web Has A Room With A Viewdle – Startup Winners Picked

    Le Web, a key event for Europe’s traveling circus of startup communities, ran a pitch competition alongside the main track again this year. It attracted 30 companies from Europe, and a few from the US, across a wide range of sectors and this year was handled by Europe-wide early-stage investor SeedCamp. So the winner of the event was Viewdle, which won the “Gold”, followed… Read More

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