• AT&T Complaint Prompts FCC Letter To Google Inquiring About Google Voice

    Two weeks ago AT&T wrote a letter to the FCC about Google Voice, complaining that the service was preventing users from calling certain numbers, which is against FCC policy (AT&T has previously attempted to do the same thing but was prevented from doing so). Google promptly responded, explaining that it was not a traditional phone carrier and thus should not be held to the same rules… Read More

  • This is a voice guided coffee maker. Yes, you read that right.

    You know which sector has been aching for interactive voice command features? Coffee makers. For instance, if I were to set the timer on my own personal coffee maker, I’d have to press the timer button, select the time I want the coffee to brew, and then press the timer button again to set it. That’s two button presses with some button holding in between! Read More

  • Nooka: Now with more mascots

    I am a huge Nooka watch fan and and it’s fun to see what they’ve been up to lately, especially on the marketing front. This little video features the new Nooka mascot, a wee fellow who looks like some kind of Chinese mooncake god. Read More

  • Google Squared Gets Better, But It Still Can't Find Mars

    A few months ago, Google launched an experimental new search project, called Google Squared, that literally tries to take all the messy, unstructured information on the Web and put it into neat little, labeled boxes. It is still very much in Labs, but today it got better. Google Squared can now deal with four times as many squares of data, 120 up from 30. Columns can now be sorted, and… Read More

  • Motorcycle iPhone kit can be forearm or handlebar mounted

    Trying to use a cell phone while riding a motorcycle can’t be an easy task – maybe it isn’t that hard for experienced riders, I have no idea. I’d be all wobbly thanks to a) never having driven a motorcycle in my life and b) having no business trying to operate a phone one-handed while piloting a two-wheeled moving vehicle for the first time. For those of you who can do… Read More

  • Robovie-X: New glove-controlled, ambidextrous humanoid

    Japan-based Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and robot venture Vstone have announced the joint development of a mini humanoid [JP] that’s able to handle objects dexterously through a remote control. The so-called Robovie-PC is already on sale in Japan and costs $4,500. Read More

  • Livestream Redesigns Player To Be More Twitter And Facebook Friendly

    Video streaming service Livestream, which was known as Mogulus until a few months ago, just launched a redesign of its streaming player and channels. Livestream lets anyone create and produce live webcasts through an embeddable player. The startup offers free ad-supported players and premium players, which are ad-free, can be branded and offer high quality streaming. Livestream has also made… Read More

  • Motorola to LiMo: Sorry, We're with Android now

    Motorola has made no secret of its new-found love affair with Google’s mobile OS, Android. Having just recently kicked WinMo to the curb, word on the mobile street is that Motorola has now dumped LiMo as well. According to jkOnTheRun, Motorola VP, Christy Wyatt, has abandoned her seat on the LiMo Foundation Board. In order to make sure its new position is clear, Motorola took things one… Read More

  • Unboxing the Windows 7 Launch Party kit

    My Windows 7 Launch Party kit is finally here! As you may recall, I was selected to host one of these Windows 7 Launch Parties. I’m so lucky. Oh, man, look at all this stuff. Streamers, balloons, party bags, playing cards, a puzzle, and a poster!!! Microsoft sure knows how to throw a party. Add some jello shots and a beer bong, and this party should be crazy. Oh, and the fact that I… Read More

  • Barnes & Noble has a color ebook reader in the works

    Plastic Logic is building a color ebook reader for Barnes & Noble. It’s slated for a Spring 2010 launch and theres is no word on Android powering the device. It will run the Barnes & Noble e-book software. That’s all we know. Questions? I hope not, because all we know comes from the video above. Read More

  • You Can Ignore The AP's Bluster. It Is Just A Negotiating Bluff.

    The Associated Press is yapping again about the “exploitation of news” by search engines, news aggregators and, well, the Internet itself. The CEO of the AP, Tom Curley, told a media industry powwow in Beijing: We will no longer tolerate the disconnect between people who devote themselves — at great human and economic cost — to gathering news of public interest and… Read More

  • Nokia N900 unboxed at Maemo Summit '09

    300+ developers attending the Maemo Summit were given a (pre-production) Nokia N900 for a 6 month “trial” period. One of the lucky attendees was kind enough to share his unboxing video (above) with the world. See, kids. Dreams can come true. [via UMPCPortal] Read More

  • CTIA supports Micro-USB and 3.5mm for (future) industry-wide adoption

    As anyone who follows the mobile space knows, the CTIA, aka the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry, is holding its annual conference this week in San Diego. Besides serving as a stage for new wireless products and services, the CTIA Board has convened to discuss a variety of issues that affect the industry as a whole. Perhaps the most important news to come… Read More

  • Universal notebook adapter features retractable power cord, two USB ports

    The war against the tangled mess that’s created by most notebook power adapters has been moving forward lately, with Emerge Technologies’ ReTrak universal notebook adapter. Read More

  • Interview: Mike Paolucci, the founder of space-viewing service, Slooh

    In honor of the LCROSS impact we talked to Slooh.com founder Mike Paolucci about his telescope system and his mission to bring astronomical content to a wider audience. Slooh streamed the LCROSS impact live this morning. Tell me about Slooh.
    There was a time when the only option for star gazing was paying around $2000 for a backyard telescope. But, Slooh is offering an innovative way for… Read More

  • Thanko sells underwater mini USB camera

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko is rolling out another USB device, but this time the gadget (kind of) makes sense. It’s a USB mini camera [JP] that can be used for a variety of activities, including shooting pictures and videos underwater. It’s water-proof up to a depth of 20m. Read More

  • Looks like it’s Splitsville for NVIDIA and Intel

    That NVIDIA and Intel haven’t been getting along lately isn’t big news but it looks like NVIDIA has finally gotten up from the dinner table and left the restaurant in a huff. The epicenter of the problem appears to be NVIDIA’s Ion chipset, which provides some much needed oomph to netbook and nettop platforms. Intel wants to keep a distinct separation between its low-power… Read More

  • Video: Motorola's MotoBlur ported to a HTC G1

    Hey, hey. This hack will probably make more than a few G1 owners giddy. Apparently someone got their hands on a leaked copy of a Motorola Cliq ROM, which just so happens to have all the stuff for Motorola’s custom Android build, MotoBlur, and has converted it for the G1. Don’t ask us where these files are or the install instructions for your G1. We don’t know. But what we do… Read More

  • Good news: NASA did not blow up the Moon with the LCROSS

    Just a few minutes ago at 7:13:19 AM EDT, NASA crashed a probe into the Moon at 5,600 MPH with the hope of finding water. BOOM!
    NASA broadcasted the entire thing live on its TV station and online, but if you missed our previous post and just learned about the event, you probably didn’t catch it. However, the NASA geeks are currently analyzing the LCROSS data and will hopefully… Read More

  • TechCrunch Munich, 20 October

    Quite some years ago I was a young journalist sent on assignment to Munich to cover a conference. As many conferences are, it was not exactly rich with stories. But there was an upside. The Oktoberfest was on and I managed to sneak out to enjoy the echoing halls of the festival, drinking beer, singing songs and eating fantastic food. Munich is a beautiful city, rich with history and surrounded… Read More

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