• Sony confirms: PS3 motion control this Spring, and Resident Evil 5 will work with it

    So yeah, the PS3 motion controller will be available this Springtime, and the first “big” games to make use of it will be Resident Evil 5 and LittleBigPlanet. High Velocity Bowling will also use the controller, and it sounds absolutely thrilling. Read More

  • Yahoo Brands Flickr; Users Retaliate

    It appears that a few days ago there was a slight change to Flickr’s logo: an addition of a small Yahoo logo to the right side so it reads “Flickr from Yahoo.” In response, many Flickr users have taken to the photo-sharing site’s forums to express their horror at Yahoo’s branding on Flickr. The underlying fact is that Flickr users, many of whom are techy… Read More

  • Yahtzee looks at Beatles Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5

    http://static.themis-media.com/media/global/movies/player/flowplayer.commercial-3.1.1.swf Look for the Wheel o’ Babies! Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch gets lopped down to $149.99

    (With the image above, close your eyes and pretend that instead of bottles of shampoo, the price cut signs are pointing at a shelf full of MyTouches. Our photoshop talents only go so far. And by “so far”, we mean not very.) If you were on the cusp of buying a T-Mobile myTouch but just felt it was a little too expensive, we’ve got good news: it just got cheaper. Early this… Read More

  • Congrats to Dopplr? Maybe. But before the champagne, some context

    So before we get into this, let’s build the case for the defence. Nokia has been acquiring lots of small startups lately (Plum, Cellity and Bit-Side this year) and TechCrunch.com now has a source that says they’ve bought boutique travel social network Dopplr. This appears to have occurred while Dopplr was fundraising – something which often happens when deals are being… Read More

  • SmartScreen: The most wonderful thing you'll never see on your (non-jailbroken) iPhone

    Widgets. They’ve been all-the-rage slowly simmering as the go-to “next big thing” in mobile since 2004. Though no one has yet to launch a massively successful widget engine, some are still banking on the idea as a means of competing in a world suddenly filled with full-fledged Apps coming out of full-fledged App Stores. Now, thanks to a handful of ingenious developers out… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: How Resident Evil 5 looks on an Alienware PC (video)

    Alienware announced yesterday they will “shake the gaming world to its foundation” at the Tokyo Game Show 2009. Well, the show started today, I went there and played Resident Evil 5 (and a bunch of other titles, for example Streetfighter 4) on Alienware hardware. I’m not sure if the gaming world is really that different when compared to yesterday, but all the games did look… Read More

  • Behold the future of headphones – TODAY!

    EXCITING TIMES, MY FRIENDS! Meritline just dropped a headphone bomb of awesome-tastic proportions with these – WAIT FOR IT – double-sided earbuds! One side is a cruddy, cheap earbud like you’d find included with a cruddy, cheap MP3 player while the other side is a fancy earbud that goes into the deepest depths of your ear for the ultimate in fancy sound, just like all the… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: First impressions and a look at Sony's and Ubisoft's booth

    I just came back from this year’s Tokyo Game Show and must say I am pretty disappointed with the show this year. There were hardly any highlights, Sony didn’t show their motion controller anywhere after the announcement during their keynote (picture of the device below/more info later) and staff members often didn’t let me shoot any pictures or videos (which I did anyway… Read More

  • Confirmed: Sprint Samsung Instinct HD dropping Sept. 27

    Circumstantial rumor > confirmed rumor > official confirmation. Such is the storied life of a mobile gadget these days. It was just last week when word of a September 27 launch date for Sprint’s Samsung Instinct HD leaked onto the Internethers, and today that rumor became substantiated. Read More

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