• BFF: Automatic toilet seat helps you save face

    A poster on BFF points us to: The most hotly contested battlefield in the gender wars isn’t in the bedroom. It actually is the bathroom. The seat-up vs. seat-down debate rages on and on. A group of students from the Skjern Technical College has finally found a solution. They invented an intelligent toilet that puts down the seat after it’s flushed – without needing any… Read More

  • SnorePro SP600: Wake up, little snorie, wake up

    The SnorePro detects loud snores and the buzzes to remind you, even as you sleep, that you’re pissing of your sig. other. As someone who recently started snoring because I’m so freaking sedentary and fat, this could be a godsend! The product costs $99.99 and is available at Amazon. A full release follows. Read More

  • On The Eve Of Its Fifth Birthday, A Facebook Design Retrospective

    Facebook turns five years old tomorrow. That’s practically middle-aged in Silicon Valley. To celebrate, Facebook has put up this slideshow that highlights Facebook’s evolving Web design over that time period. We’ve reproduced the slides below. Founder Mark Zuckerberg also hints at a surprise virtual gift that will that will appear tomorrow in the the Facebook Gift Shop. … Read More

  • IBM supercomputer of unheard-of size to monitor nukes

    The US Government has decided at last that it’s time for Skynet. They’ve tapped IBM to create a supercomputer nearly twenty times as powerful as the current world champion: IBM’s Roadrunner, running at 1.1 petaflops. The computer is to be in charge of making sure that America’s nuclear arsenal is in a working state at all times. That seems like more of a job for guys… Read More

  • The LeapFish Chronicles: "Admitting To Click Fraud Is An Interesting Business Model."

    When we first covered LeapFish, once a domain name appraisal service, they had just launched a new meta search engine which I claimed no one would ever use. Practically immediately after posting, we were flooded with anonymous comments praising the service, all coming from the same IP address and within half an hour (CEO Ben Behrouzi later apologized for the astroturfing). But there were… Read More

  • iDesktop's new player makes your videos just that little bit slicker

    Those iDesktop.tv guys up in the wilds of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire (ok, so it’s not that wild) have come up with a new version of their wrap-around video player and it’s actually pretty slick. The bootstrapped startup composed of three young graduates has completely changed the design of the site, and added more functionality such as extensively customisable/embeddable… Read More

  • Sale on Left 4 Dead painkillers at Target!

    Looks like the guys at Valve wanted a certain level of realism in their zombie apocalypse game — aside from the whole “zombie apocalypse” bit. So they’ve based the pills in the game (“Pills here!”) on the generic Ibuprofen from Target. Clever. Read More

  • What's this, a replica gun from Portal?

    The New York Comic Con is this weekend, and while my initial plan to show up dressed as Tifa fell through—you have no idea how hard it is to find pants that match hers!—this Portal gun replica could make a fine Plan B. But then I’d also have to show up dressed as an Asian women (the main character from Portal is an Asian woman, right, or did I totally make that up?), so… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89 (but it's refurbished, so…)

    Did you miss last week’s Woot for the $80 Flip? Fear not, citizen, for Buy.com has the Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89.99. (Buy.com notes that it usually retails for $199.99.) It’s refurbished, meaning that if you give it as a gift it’s a sign that you really don’t love them person, so there’s that. Read More

  • TringMe Finds A Way To Make VoIP Calls from Microsoft Silverlight

    Indian start-up TringMe launched a demo of a widget that now allows a user the ability to make a VoIP call from Microsoft Silverlight applications. Silverlight doesn’t allow access to a microphone, thus restricting VoIP calls, so TringMe used a backdoor Flash widget to access the microphone. This could open up the door for Silverlight developers to integrate VoIP in their applications. Read More

  • Is The Kindle Outpacing Early iPod Sales?

    When the Kindle sold out during the holidays, I guessed that Amazon would end the year selling 500,000 of its electronic books. All I did was roughly double the 240,000 that had sold through the middle of the summer. But now Citi analyst Mark Mahaney has come to the same conclusion, using better data. In a note today, he cites some numbers in Sprint’s 10Q filings that indicate… Read More

  • Phantom Operating System to kill Windows AND Linux

    Russian programmer Dmitry Zavalishin is working on a revolutionary new concept for an operating system. In Zavalishin’s Phantom OS, snapshots of the entire system will be continually saved to disk, preserving state for running applications and active data. There are no files in the traditional sense, instead a file is merely an object with persistent state. Neat! Read More

  • Beer fuels you, left over beer fuels your car

    Beer, the third most popular beverage in the world after water and tea, just gained another reason for our support. Sierra Nevada Brewing, makers of fine beverages, recently purchased an EFuel 100 MicroFueler, which produces ethanol from water, sugar, and yeast. Guess what one of the major byproducts of beer fermentation is? Yup, yeast! The excess yeast left over from brewing will soon find… Read More

  • Patent watch: Does this show an Apple tablet?

    What’s this, yet another patent filing that may or may not turn into anything? But, but! It’s from Apple, so let’s all gather ’round the electronic campfire and discuss the implications, together! Actually, she’s pretty neat: a “Display Housing for Computing Device,” or, in English, it’s a possible Apple tablet. Or, maybe, it’s merely a… Read More

  • Animoto Launches The Perfect Last-Minute Valentine's Gift

    Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and while you’ve still got plenty of time to stock up on chocolates and other goodies, come February 14th there’s a good chance you’ll have forgotten about the big day entirely. That is, until your dearly beloved springs an incredibly thoughtful gift on you and you’re left wondering if you can somehow regift the Tony Bennett… Read More

  • Homeless man designs audio crossover to get stereo sound from a single speaker

    There’s an interesting story over on CNET about a man named Kevin Nelson who’s designed high-end audio speakers that are capable of producing two distinct stereo channels from a single cabinet. Nelson also happens to be homeless. Read More

  • iWidgets Raises $4.1 Million For Social Syndication Platform

    In a economic climate that isn’t ripe for funding, iWidgets, a social network syndication service, just raised $4.1 million in Series A funding from Opus Capital and University Venture Fund. The start-up previously received an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Opus Capital, Wilson Sonsini, and a few angel investors in June of 2007. iWidgets, who lists CBS Interactive as one of… Read More

  • Our long national nightmare is over: Last Fairlight guy pleads guilty to criminal copyright infringement

    The Feds have stricken a huge blow against piracy, friends, protecting the sanctity of life here on planet Earth for yet another day. Sing! Let’s go back to 2004, when Operation Fastlink shut down various release groups, including Fairlight. The last guy from all that mess, one Greg Hurley, pled guilty last week, but is unlikely to face jail time. His crime? “Criminal copyright… Read More

  • Bloops! Motorola loses $3.6 billion

    Motorola lost $3.6 billion last quarter with revnue of $7.14 billion, 26 percent down from the same time last year. The biggest decline was in mobile phones with a 51 percent decline in revenue. Read More

  • Room for one more? LG Arena touch screen phone image leaked

    Move over FADs (“for a day”), it’s time for FAFYs (“for a few years”). Thanks to Apple’s lead, touch screen mobile devices have just about consumed the entire mobile industry. Including a touch screen just for the hell of it is like putting lipstick on a hockey mom pig. On the other hand, more competition helps everything: prices drop and innovation… Read More

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