• Finally, A Decent Website To Browse Android Apps: AndroLib

    Ever tried finding applications for the Android platform on the web rather than from your handset? Don’t even consider using the regular web version of Android Market – Google’s official app directory – on your computer’s browser: it has no search (irony much?), no categories, no community involvement like comments, ratings and reviews, and it’s only… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Refraction Edition

    Darth Vader clock: Know when it’s time to wake up alone
    Michael Jackson’s sad, sad toy barn
    Review: Klonoa for the Wii Read More

  • Push Gmail Comes To The iPhone — Through An App (If It's Accepted)

    You’d think on a phone that can do as many cool things as the iPhone, push email through one of the world’s most popular email services, Gmail, would be one of them. But for some reason, Google and Apple haven’t turned on the functionality for Gmail accounts on the iPhone. Sure, you can get push email through MobileMe, Yahoo Mail or Exchange, but basic Gmail users are… Read More

  • Palm Pre To Hit Europe By Christmas With Telefónica

    There were a few leaks and rumors about this last week, but now it’s been officially confirmed that the Palm Pre will launch exclusively with mobile network Telefónica, initially in four major European markets. Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany will get the device first – which will be a GSM version – on the O2 and Movistar networks, just before the winter holidays. Read More

  • ZooLoo Is A Social Network That Basically Never Wants You To Leave

    Since you see it every time you open your web browser, a good start page is key. Google has a pretty good option with iGoogle, which is highly customizable. But as social networking continues to rise in popularity, an increasing number of people just have something like Facebook as their main page. ZooLoo is kind of like iGoogle meets Facebook. When you set up your ZooLoo account, you are given… Read More

  • What The Hell Happened To The Free Version Of Google Apps?

    The free version of Google Apps is history. The current sign up page makes no mention of the previously free Standard edition. Instead, new users get a 14 day free trial, and then must pay $50 per user per year after that trial. Google Apps is a suite of online applications like gmail, Google calendar, Google Docs, etc. that are packaged and tailored for business use. Earlier this year we… Read More

  • No Second Life, Twinity Wins $6m For Real Worlds

    Virtual worlds can be pretty dull when nothing you see there is recognizable as anything remotely real-world, which is perhaps why Twinity has such confident investors. The virtual world which re-creates the world’s cities for real-looking avatars to wander around, has closed another round of financing from existing investors to the tune of 4.5m Euros ($6.26 million). Twinity’s… Read More

  • OWLE: A Mount That Turns Your iPhone 3GS Into A Mobile Video Workhorse

    We’ve made no secret of our admiration of the iPhone 3GS’s video capabilities — Apple has managed to integrate a video camera that’s both easy to use and surprisingly high quality into an already-stellar device. But for all its merits, the iPhone 3GS suffers from being, well, a phone. No matter how good the phone’s video quality is, it’s still prone to… Read More

  • Get a netbook for a buck? Sounds too good to be true.

    On the surface, this sounds like an okay deal: buy a Compaq Mini 110c-1040 DX netbook for $1.00, and sign up for mobile broadband with Sprint on a two year contract. Just make sure you don’t go over the limit on your data plan. And where exactly can you get this screaming deal? Read More

  • Ogg Theora and H.264 battle it out for HTML 5 standard

    With YouTube and other video sites serving up over a billion streams a day, it’s beyond contention that web-based video is not only mainstream, but has become fundamental to the web experience. Why, then, is a huge majority of web video in a wrapped in a proprietary Flash candy coating — essentially making Adobe the gatekeeper of video content? It’s worked okay so far… Read More

  • Traveling Geeks – On the road in the UK

    The following is a guest post by Ayelet Noff, who is part of the Traveling Geeks contingent of bloggers. This morning we had a breakfast with Tristan Wilkinson, Intel’s Director of Public Sector and other Intel execs. We had an interesting discussion about the use of  technology in the Western world, in developing countries, in the classroom. For example, we talked about how parents… Read More

  • Palm Pre, she is not doing so well

    My, how time flies in the tech world. It was only one month ago today that the Palm Pre launched to the public, giving users their first chance to try out WebOS first hand. Critical response to the device was generally positive, though much of this stemmed from the phone’s impressive operating system rather than the hardware itself. Still, it was exciting to see a genuinely… Read More

  • iPhone 3GS: too hot or not too hot?

    There’s a bit of a kerfluffle arising from the discolored iPhone 3GSes out there. Some users insist that the new phone is to fast for its britches and is cooking the case, but one Apple technician seems to think it could be the result of faulty cases. Really, sir. I find your ideas fascinating and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Read More

  • Review: Punch Entertainment kills it with Reign of Swords: Episode 2

    Reign of Swords: Episode 2 won’t reinvent a genre, but it will leave you wondering why more games aren’t made with the same artful precision as this is. Brought to you by Punch Entertainment, Reign of Swords 2 is a rock-solid turn-based strategy (TBS) game for the iPhone, and will provide you with hours upon hours of stimulation (no, not that kind) and entertainment. The game… Read More

  • Embrace the coming of Chalkbot

    Say what you will about Lance Armstrong, his “LIVESTRONG” motto and subsequent foundation does some really great things for people with cancer. On that same thread, fans of the Tour de France frequently, write messages of inspiration to the riders, or for other fans to see. Enter the Chalkbot: designed to combine the inspirational messages of the LIVESTRONG foundation with the… Read More

  • A solid-steel iPhone case I can actually get behind

    Another day, another iPhone case, right? Well, kind of, but this one differs from all the others in that it’s totally awesome and has a set of lenses that fit into it. While I’m the last person in the world to shoot real pictures or video on a phone, if I had to, I’d certainly make sure I had some real glass on it. That’s what the Factron Quattro case offers &mdash… Read More

  • What The Hashtag: Your Guide To Enigmatic Twitter Hashtags

    There’s been a lot of chatter recently about the reliability of Twitter’s trending topics and how to make sense of hashtags. Hashtags are words preceded by a “#” which denote what the Tweet is about and makes it easier to search for Tweets about specific topics and events. This weekend’s “Moonfruit” and “GorillaPenis” trending topics… Read More

  • Fake iPod headphones almost like the real thing

    This is pretty cool. The folks at Cult of Mac bought some $14 knockoff earbuds fro the iPhone. They look exactly like the iPhone earbuds but “broke down in a week.” Read More

  • The return of the TV-B-Gone

    Just when you thought it was safe to go to a consumer electronics show, some clever individual has come up with a way to make that most infamous of TV remotes, the TV-B-Gone, even smaller. Now you have a few more choices on where to conceal your weapon of mass distraction as you are searched by a security guard. While the original TV-B-Gone wasn’t exactly clunky, some people just… Read More

  • Mother Teresa, MLK, The Dalai Lama And Twitter. All But One Have A Nobel Peace Prize…So Far

    Remember a few weeks ago when we wrote about former Deputy National Security Advisor Mark Pfeifle saying that the founders of Twitter should get the Nobel Peace Prize? Most everyone thought it was just a half-serious comment made on the fly. But it turns out, Pfeifle wasn’t joking. At all. In an op-ed today in the Christian Science Monitor, Pfeifle lays out exactly why he thinks… Read More

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