• Interview: James Weatherson, Red Inflight Entertainment Engineer on Virgin America

    A few weeks back I hopped onto my first Virgin America flight with Aircell’s Gogo service on-board. It wasn’t the first time I’ve reviewed Gogo and if you recall I was on the first commercial Gogo flight with American Air. The plan was to interview James Weatherson, Virgin America’s inflight entertainment engineer, while I was up in the air, but there was a scheduling… Read More

  • Google Friend Connect Adds Comment Translation

    For sites that use Google Friend Connect and its comment widget, there is now a novel new feature: comment translation. The comment widget plugs into Google Translate to allow readers to translate comments left in foreign languages. This will be a boon to international blogs and sites, such as Go2Web20, which use Google Friend Connect as a login system. Now you can talk to people half-way… Read More

  • The iPhone Is Accelerating Music Sales For Pandora

    Pandora is a company that mainly makes its money through advertising deals on its streaming Internet radio service. But a growing portion of the business is also affiliate downloads of songs that users hear on Pandora and want to buy on either iTunes or Amazon’s MP3 service. And the biggest mover accelerating growth in that regard are downloads taking place on the iPhone. Users are… Read More

  • THQ CEO thinks Sony will discount PS3 this year

    Here we go again. The rumors of a PlayStation 3 price cut are making the rounds today thanks to THQ CEO Brian Farrell. During his company’s earnings call yesterday he stated that a price cut would come this year, but not at E3 as we’ve all expected. Read More

  • Eric Schmidt On Netbooks: Forget Android, It's All About Cloud Services

    Many people are dying to get Google’s Android operating system onto their netbooks – Google’s OS running on the miniscule computers seems like a match made in computing heaven (or at least better than the bloated Windows or unusable (for newbies) Linux. And Android netbooks are certainly coming soon. Dell, for example, is planning to release their own Android-equipped device. Read More

  • Show mom you love her at least 20%

    Heads up, everyone: Mother’s Day is this weekend. Please don’t wait until the last minute to pick up some lame gift for your mom. You owe it to her to say thanks for all the love and support and bail money she’s given you over the years. We’re here to help you make sure you get a gift that mom can actually appreciate. Read More

  • Psystar to produce and sell an OS X netbook?

    Psystar, the crazy folks that have stood up to Apple’s legal behemoth and continue to produce Mac clones, might be working on a netbook according to MacRumors. Apple has been very quite on the netbook front, and seems to not want anything to do with the niche market — although rumors state otherwise. But there is nothing stopping Psystar from producing its own OS X-running netbook. Read More

  • Google Press Day, Live

    Google’s 2009 shareholder meeting is today at 2 p.m. pst. As usual they’re holding a press event prior to the shareholder meeting. Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt, SVP Corporate Development David Drummond, VP Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer and VP Product Management Susan Wojcicki are attending and taking questions. Key topics discussed: Apple: In response to a… Read More

  • The WoWPod insures you play World of Warcraft safely, comfortably

    Okay, this is one of the better “gadgets” I’ve yet seen. It’s called the WoWPod, and it’s a self-sufficient tiny room for World of Warcraft players. Easy-to-reach food and water, built-in toilet, no annoying people distracting you, etc. It’s probably the closest thing to Heaven that a certain section of our society will ever encounter. Read More

  • Caption Contest: Win A Pair Of Tickets To Tonight's Sold Out Star Trek Screening

    Our opening night screening of Star Trek tonight in Redwood City is totally sold out, but we’ve held back ten tickets for a special Trekkie caption contest. The rules are simple: leave a comment with a funny caption for the photo above, and we’ll pick out the five best entries, who will each win a pair of tickets. We’ll choose the winners at 2:45 PM PST (be sure to leave… Read More

  • Happiness In Slavery: NIN iPhone App Approved With No Changes

    Well, apparently if you speak loudly enough on the web with enough swear words, Apple does listen. After initially rejecting an update to Nine Inch Nails’ iPhone app, Apple has relented and accepted it back into the store. So what did NIN do to change the app? Nothing. Apparently, Apple’s definition of “objectionable” changed. NIN frontman Trent Reznor tweeted out the… Read More

  • $100K TyphoonHD4 used underwater for the first time

    So the BBC has an upcoming six-part series dubbed South Pacific and to help create some hype for the show they released this footage of Dylan Longbottom in “a 12 foot monster barrel wave.” Before I spout off about why that statement is ridiculous I’ll get through the rest of the nitty gritty. Aussie cameraman Bali Strickland was in the water filming Longbottom with a… Read More

  • Facebook Connect For The iPhone Has Been Borked Since Yesterday

    Facebook Connect is an absolute boon for iPhone developers who want an easy way to add a social layer to their apps. And the service is great for users because it allows them to use the social elements of apps without having to create yet another account with yet another service. It’s a win-win — except when it goes down. As it has today. Based on several tips and various… Read More

  • Huddle.net launches on a million social networks, via Ning Apps

    Online collaboration startup Huddle.net has scored a win with the launch of Huddle Workspaces on Ning Apps, a new suite of social networking applications that Ning network creators will be able to deploy across their networks. A few pre-selected network creators have access to a private beta of Ning Apps as of today, and it’ll be available to everyone on Ning by the end of the… Read More

  • World's coolest convenience store is called 'Insert Coin'

    Should you find yourself in San Sebastian, Spain, you’d be doing yourself a disservice and the rest of us a disservice if you didn’t visit this convenience store to spend a few bucks. Read More

  • Activision announces Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero

    Besides DJ Hero, Activision also announced Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero for a Fall launch. Details are still scant, but we do know that you’ll be able to “drop in and out of songs and change band members, instruments and difficulty levels on the fly” in GH5. Band Hero is more family friendly with an E10+ rating and will feature Top-40 hits. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Price cuts on Acer netbooks

    Looks like prices are dropping on a handful of older Aspire One netbooks, presumably to make way for newer models coming out soon. Prices range from $239 to $279 now, down from $249 to $299. Read More

  • When It Comes To URL Shorteners, bit.ly Is Now The Biggest

    Well, that was fast. No more than a day or two after Twitter switched over to bit.ly as its default link shortener (from TinyURL), bit.ly is now the most popular URL shortening service. According to statistics published by Tweetmeme, bit.ly now accounts for 46 percent of all the short URLs on Twitter over the past 24 hours, while TinyURL’s share is down to 43 percent. Just over a… Read More

  • Video: The magic of Ninja Rocks

    I’m not going try to explain the science behind Ninja Rocks ’cause, well, I don’t fully understand it. But basically, small chunks of spark plug ceramic can pwn tempered glass. It has something to do with the ceramic being a lot harder than the hard, but also brittle, glass. And according to the always accurate Wikipedia, Ninja Rocks are even considered burglary tools by… Read More

  • Saving print: Amazon demands 70 percent of newspaper's revenue for Kindle use

    How is the Kindle DX going to save the newspaper industry when Amazon demands a whopping 70 percent of all revenue, plus the right to license that content (“the mayor said something important today at City Hall”) wherever it chooses? Such is the plight of the Dallas Morning News, and, presumably, other, smaller (compared to the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) newspapers. Read More

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