• Confirmed: Pandora Raises A Huge Round, Post Streaming Rate Agreement

    With its potential troubles behind it, having reached a deal to stream music while staying afloat financially, it looks like Pandora is getting flush with cash. The Internet streaming radio service has raised a new $35 million round of funding, multiple sources told peHUB earlier, and we’ve just confirmed the round with the company. Pandora is being mum on the huge number, but is saying… Read More

  • Video: Playing with App Expose in Snow Leopard

    Here’s a quick look at App Expose in Snow Leopard, a feature I was really looking forward to. It’s quite cool and works like a treat in the latest update. There are also a few improvements to the contextual menus in the dock but this is the only major UI improvement I saw. Sorry for the sound quality. I was trying something new. But the most important stuff is there. Read More

  • Microsoft VP says Google Chrome OS is a decoy

    Walid Abu-Hadba, Microsoft’s Vice President of Developer and Platform Evangelism, has gone on record to say that “[m]ost of what Google does is defensive.” He has an interesting point: all of the non-search stuff that Google invests in keep its would-be competitors on their toes, and prevent those would-be competitors from encroaching upon the cash cow of Google’s… Read More

  • Olympus sees error, credits original source of the E-P1 video

    That old adage of “Imitation is the best form of flattery” is bull. There is nothing fulfilling when your work is recreated without at least a hint of the source. The Olympus E-P1 Pen digital camera ad after the jump is a great example. It clearly rips off the video above which was posted three months ago. It wasn’t until the Internet erupted a few hours ago that Olympus… Read More

  • Review: Scottevest Cotton Hoodie

    The tagline for the Scottevest cotton hoodie is “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. Considering that the hoodie conceals no less then 13 pockets, it’s a pretty accurate description. Read More

  • CrunchUp Live The Main Event: Real Time Round Table

    Here it is. The final panel discussion of our Real-Time CrunchUp conference. Judging from the participants, it should be a good one. Here’s the roster: Iain Dodsworth, TweetDeck
    Nick Halstead, Tweetmeme
    David Hornik, August Capital
    Bret Taylor, Friendfeed
    George Zachary, Charles River Ventures
    Loic LeMeur, Seesmic
    Dan’l Lewin, Microsoft
    Craig Walker, Google
    Andreas Weigend… Read More

  • Review: Morpheus Culinary Watch

    I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when the Morpheus Culinary watch first slipped out of its little leather pouch and onto my table. It looked as garish as an overweight, open shirted tourist wearing cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. But then, to continue the metaphor, the watch seemed to get give me a plate of hot wings and a beer and said dig in, slowly getting me drunk as it told… Read More

  • Eidos denies allegations that it's trying to influence Batman: Arkham Asylum review scores

    Friday controversy! Eidos (remember: now owned by Square Enix) has flatly denied the allegations that it is trying to influence review scores of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Said allegations first popped up on The RAM Raider’s blog earlier today. Read More

  • CrunchUp Live: Real Time Business

    We’re here at the Real-Time CrunchUp, listening to the Real Time Business Panel featuring: Porter Gale, Virgin America
    Adam Pisoni, Yammer
    Maynard Webb, LiveOps
    Eric Marcoullier, Gnip
    Ross Mayfield, SocialText
    John Ham, UStream
    Max Ventilla, Aardvark
    Tim Young, Social Cast Follow my live notes below (paraphrased). You can also watch the live video stream here. Read More

  • Another MacBook Pro issue? ‘Clicking and beeping’ noises could be caused by hard drive conflict

    Yet another possible glitch affecting the MacBook Pro, this time having to do with “strange clicking and beeping noises.” It seems that several people with the 7200 RPM hard drive (the Seagate Momentus 7200.4) have reported those “clicking” issues, as well as general performance issues. Can’t have that. Read More

  • MySpace Hires Former AOL And Tsavo Exec Mike Macadaan As VP Product

    MySpace continues to hire and fire in their attempt to recreate the struggling but still huge social networking service. They’ve just hired, we’ve confirmed, former AOL and Tsavo exec Mike Macadaan, who we hear will become the company’s VP Product, to report to Chief Product Officer Jason Hirschhorn. Macadaan spent ten months at Tsavo Media before announcing his departure… Read More

  • FriendFeed Promises Penicillin For The "Syphilis" — We Sign Up Again

    So. Maybe you read Michael’s rant about FriendFeed being like syphilis. His point was that its brilliant technology which facilitates real-time discussions is also perfect for mobs. Mobs that rally around hot topics, and get whipped up into saying fairly awful things about people they don’t really know. I’ve written similar things in the past as well. Anyways, a mob… Read More

  • Interview: Greg Grunberg and August Trometer, founders of Yowza, action heroes

    Greg Grunberg and his partners August Trometer and Rick Yaeger have a successful iPhone App called Yowza – it’s basically a location-aware coupon app that gives you great deals at major merchants – and Greg plays Matt Parkman on NBC’s Heroes, a program I’m told is quite popular with a certain demographic. They are two very cool guys. I got a chance to talk to Greg… Read More

  • Mag.ma Bubbles Up 300 Invites For TechCrunch Readers

    Last May we got our first taste of Mag.ma, Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron’s new online video startup that looks to help surface interesting new videos in real-time. The site is still in private beta as it continues to introduce new features (it was pretty bare bones last time I tried it out, but has improved significantly since), and today it’s opening up 300 invites to… Read More

  • TuneIn: A Media Dashboard For Your Twitter Stream

    Twitter has quickly turned into one of the best places to discover new media — be it video, images, or links — as soon as it comes out. Videos that may take hours or even days to surface on sites like Digg can virally spread across Twitter in a fraction of the time. As Fred Wilson put it, the value of Twitter lies in “the power of passed links”. TuneIn, a new… Read More

  • FlipSide Wallet goes 2.0

    Carlos Deleon first told you about the FlipSide back in January and the fine folks from the revolutionary wallet company have informed us that they’ve gone 2.0. The RFID blocking wallet is now smaller, thinner and supposedly ‘smarter’ than the first generation FlipSide. Read More

  • 12seconds Lays An iPhone Video Messenger On Top Of Twitter's Social Graph

    12seconds has had an iPhone app for a while now. Unfortunately, it was fairly crippled because iPhones couldn’t shoot video, so you had to take still pictures and make 12 second collages. Now, with the iPhone 3GS you can shoot video. And so 12seconds is making its app a whole lot better. Unveiled today at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp event, the “12seconds Video Messenger for… Read More

  • The #Europas: In Video, Pictures and Posts

    Our video streaming partner for The Europas Awards last night was Techfluff.tv, which also produces awesome corporate videos under the Newspepper brand, featuring the irrepressible Hermione Way. Here’s their take on the event: The first part of our panel on “Where is Europe now?” featuring Sarah Lacy, Tariq Krim, Stefan Glaenzer, Brent Hoberman and Michael Birch. The second… Read More

  • JS-Kit's Real-Time Commenting Widget Echo Captures The Pulse Of Comments On The Web

    Comments are taking on a life of their own now as Facebook Connect and other modes of commenting communication become increasingly popular. Comments are evolving into what some say are “social gestures,” instead of conventional comments and these gestures are taking place all over the web, not just on a publisher’s site. Just look at the amount of reTweets a popular… Read More

  • Qik Launches Push API, Mobile-To-Mobile Video Streaming

    Mobile video streaming service Qik has just announced a new Push API at today’s Realtime CrunchUp in Redwood City. The new API, which is currently in private beta, offers a firehose of new Qik content that will allow developers to immediately update their apps with new Qik videos as they come in. Depending on the app, users will now be able to specify which Qik users, tags, or… Read More

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