• Qik and Boingo Wireless to announce partnership today

    Like all mobile video broadcasting solutions, Qik works at its best when it’s granted access to a nice fat WiFi pipeline. But beyond their living rooms, their local coffee shop, and that one street corner where they can pick up WiFi signal if they hold their laptop just right, most people don’t have a very wide array of WiFi spots available to them – not without… Read More

  • Video Review: Novocaine Relaxation Drink

    Novocaine is a relaxation drink made by Malava Beverages that offers a bit of relaxation in a can. Does it work? The first can I drank made me very mellow – my mouth was literally numb – but after four cans of the stuff I’m pretty much used to it. Does it work? Sure. It’s relaxing, doesn’t taste horribly bad, and apparently it goes well with vodka. If you see it… Read More

  • Dell multi-touch XT2 tablet now available

    The second go-around for Dell’s multi-touch tablet line, the Latitude XT2, is now available from Dell’s business division with a starting price of $2,399. The company is promising over 11 hours of battery life with a six-cell battery (add $25) and an additional battery slice (add $249). Read More

  • How do you compare? Teens spend 31 hours a week online

    How much time do you spend online, America? [Waits for answer.] That’s funny because the average teenager spends a cool 31 hours per week online. And what does the average teen do? The usual, I guess you can say—instant message friends, surf YouTube, get homework help, view porn, etc. Just another day in Anytown, USA. Read More

  • Newegg.com e-mail blast is a shoo-in for ‘Most School Spirit’ award

    I open my Newegg.com “Weekly EggXclusives” e-mail and what do I see? Look at this guy! He’s going ape-shit for deals! What a rush! Good thing he’s ordering online because that’d cause quite a ruckus in a retail store. Read More

  • New Hello Kitty alarm clock looks cute, runs away to annoy you

    I covered quite a few alarm clocks with annoying features from Japan in the past months, i.e. one that’s shaped like a railroad crossing sign, one that wakes sleepers with helicopter engine sounds and Bandai’s brilliant Gun o’ Clock. But none of these devices is as cute as the Hello Kitty Action Alarm Clock, today announced by Sanrio (the company behind the ultrapopular… Read More

  • Video: The Onion takes on Sony's New Stupid Piece Of Sh*t That Doesn't Fu*king Work

    Is there truth to this satirical video from the Onion? You may want to put in your earbuds for this one or watch at home. Definitely NSFW. Read More

  • Playing Xbox makes you a good soldier

    Not for nothing, but we did a post a few weeks back about how more and more of today’s professionals are from the video game generation. That is, the man in the suit behind the desk on Wall Street (what’s left of it) or in Foggy Bottom spent his formative years in front of an NES (or whatever), and can take some of the skills he learned there and apply it to the real world. Case… Read More

  • It Works: Sony VAIO P + Windows XP

    Do you want to install Windows XP on your Sony VAIO P (don’t call it a netbook!)? Do you even have a Sony VAIO P yet? If you answered yes to both questions, read on. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson announces the W395 to get it out of the way

    Joining Samsung in the mentality of “Lets announce small stuff before MWC so that people don’t notice our gigantic leaks” is Sony Ericsson, who has gone ahead and announced the W395 Walkman phone. It’s not quite the beastly beaut we’re expecting to see next week at Mobile World Congress, but it might be just enough to tide over the desire for more leaks in the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Vudu drops down to $150

    Thanks to cheaper hardware and higher revenue from movie sales, Vudu has lowered the price of their streaming set top box to $150. That’s a whopping 50 percent discount. Vudu’s current lineup includes 13,000 TV shows and movies. Their HD offerings are up to 1300. The 1TB XL model also saw a price drop bringing it in at $499 with a free $100 home theater connectivity software package. Read More

  • The DTV Delay Act isn't official yet, Obama hasn't signed it

    So, Obama? What’s going on here? The Senate and The House of Representatives both passed the DTV Delay Act that made the analog switch-off optional until June 12, 2009. But Obama hasn’t signed the damn bill yet! What’s he doing? There is nothing more important than American television. Forget the economy, sign this bill into law and lets confuse millions of American’s… Read More

  • Review: JVC Everio GZ-MG330

    Pros: Small size. Sturdy. Zoom. Records to 30 GB hard drive. Affordable.
    Cons: Light balance in low light a bit yellow in automatic. Not HD. The JVC Everio GZ-MG330 is all about simple and easy. It’s not much bigger than my fist and packs in a 30 gigabytye hard drive for up to 37 hours of recording in the most compressed mode. This camcorder is so small, that on my way out the door… Read More

  • Why no multitouch on the G1? Because Apple said so.

    When the G1 launched back in October, a common question clanged through the halls: wheres the multitouch? When a few clever minds managed to patch in their own multitouch support, proving that the hardware could handle it, things got even more perplexing. Had Google just not ironed out the multitouch workings enough to support it in this first device, or had Apple’s patent… Read More

  • DVD burning speeds hit 24X

    If you’re like me, burning a DVD at 22X is like waiting for water to boil. My kingdom for a 24X DVD burner! That extra 2X would make all the difference in the world – or would it? Read More

  • Epson's Na01 Endeavor mini netbook gets new color and price

    Epson today in Japan announced the Na01 Endeavor Mini White [JP], a variation of a netbook the company released in Nippon back in November. It’s unknown whether the white or the older black model will ever be available in the rest of the world. Read More

  • Nintendo DS Lite Onyx discontinued, other models to join it soon?

    The next-gen Nintendo DSi is already for sale in Japan and American gamers should get access to it within the coming months. It seems that The DS Lite Onyx might be the first of the current generation to get that axe. This comes from an internal GameStop newsletter and begs the question if other models will soon join this model. Read More

  • Yet more WinMo 6.5 screenshots

    It is probably safe to say that this is what Windows Mobile 6.5 will look like with this many screen shots. No one can deny the Zune-ish feel to ’em either. Mobile World Congress starts next week and purhaps Microsoft is reading the upcoming OS for a preview or soft launch. Previously we learned that 6.5 will hit manufacturers in April with the devices hitting consumer’s hands… Read More

  • TicketMaster and Live Nation Agree to $2.5 Billion Merger

    This could be good news for the music industry, which suffers from steadily declining record sales and stands to benefit from more ticket sales for live performances. Or just another last-ditch measure to save itself from an inevitable death and rebirth. According to Paidcontent, Live Nation and Ticketmaster have entered into a definitive agreement to merge into an entity called Live… Read More

  • Google's PowerMeter Project: For When The Web's Data Is Not Enough

    Google has announced its plan to help consumers gain better information about their personal electricity usage. The plan, which is listed on Google’s philanthropic website, promotes the adoption of smart electricity meters in homes across the world. These smart meters are better than regular meters because they can provide detailed information about usage rates throughout the day… Read More

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