• Fliqz Raises Another $6 Million For Turnkey Video Platform Solutions

    White label video host Fliqz is adding more funding to its war chest in a Series C round led by Triangle Peak Partners and joined by Mohr Davidow Ventures, which had already invested $5.5 million into the company in a previous round. The third round brings the total financing for the company to $12.2 million. While the name is virtually impossible to remember, Fliqz has a solid offering… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero Metallica GameStop pre-order dealio

    Can you believe it?!?! Guitar Heor: Metallica is only two and a half months away. I know! I can’t wait either! GameStop has a killer deal if you are willing to plop down the pre-order cash now and it’s totally worth it. I mean, you’re going to to buy the game anyway right? Right!? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox Live Gold for $29.97

    I don’t know about you guys, but winter is already shaping up to be a pain in the ass – a pain so cold and snowy that all I want to do is hunker down and play some Xbox all weekend, every weekend. Read More

  • Cloud Black: Japan gets a Final Fantasy XIII PS3 special edition

    Square Enix Japan today announced a very stylish PS3 bundle [JP] that includes a trial version of Final Fantasy XIII, the highly anticipated new game in the series. Read More

  • The G1 to land in more European countries on the wings of a lie

    T-Mobile is set to bring the G1 to more even more counties. Germany and Poland will be the first counties outside of the US and England to receive the Android-based phone with a launch of February 2nd, 2009. Eventually though, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria will all have the phone from the region’s T-Mobile branch. Pricing for every region, except Germany, haven’t been… Read More

  • VUDU adds HD YouTube viewing feature

    VUDU sent along a minor update that adds a little YouTube goodness to the Netflix-streaming machine. Now, if a high definition version is available, the VUDU box will display that rather than the crappy SD version. You, the user, do not have to do anything extra; well, just update your movie streaming box. That’s all. You listening, TiVo. Where is your HD YouTube update? Eh? Read More

  • Microsoft Rumored To Add Mobile Devices to Live Mesh With SkyBox

    It looks like Microsoft is finally ready to roll out the mobile version of Windows Live Mesh, it data syncing service that competes with Apple’s MobileMe (which ran into problems at launch). Live Mesh was first announced last April, and currently only supports Windows PCs and a Webtop in the cloud. Mac and mobile versions are shown to be “coming soon.” Tom Warren at… Read More

  • LG busts into the ultraslim DVD gala

    Samsung dropped the swanky BD-P4600 Blu-ray player at CES and now it has some company – and competition – from LG. While the DV4S and DV4M are not Blu-ray players like the Samsung counterpart, the two models still hold their own with different functions and features. Read More

  • Video demo: iControlPad iPhone gaming controller

    The iPhone is a killer mobile gaming platform – so says the hardware. Controlling some of the games with the touchscreen-only can be a test of your nerdism but the iControlPad aims to bring gaming on the iPhone to the masses. It’s not available for purchase just yet but at least we have a video demo showing what the little pad can do with the Quake4iPhone app. Impressive to say… Read More

  • iGoogle Gadgets Are Getting Social Smarts

    New social features are popping up in iGoogle gadgets, those apps you can add to your personalized Google homepage. For instance, the My Google Book Search Library gadget, which lets you search books and create a personal digital library, now asks people who have OpenSocial profiles if they want to allow the gadget to “know who I am and access my profile” and “post updates to… Read More

  • Navitell Raises €2 Million For Mobile StoryTeller Software

    Belgium-based Navitell just announced it has secured €2 million (or about $2,635,000) in funding from FPIM, an investment holding company operated by the federal government. Navitell develops the StoryTeller software suite, which can be used to enrich mobile phones and PDAs with multimedia content based on the respective locations and profiles of its users. On its website, Navitell fails… Read More

  • Ableton Live 8 featured at NAMM

    Live is a great piece of software. The latest version has a lot of new features, new instruments, better workflow and easy sharing of sets between users. Maybe this time the devs will make it sound good too. Read More

  • Attention European Startups: Registrations For Plugg Start-Ups Rally 2009 Now Open

    We’re getting closer to Plugg, the conference that provides an overview of how the web is changing from a European perspective, organized by one of our writers from across the pond, Robin Wauters. The event will take place on the 12th of March in Brussels, Belgium, and will feature a host of top speakers from the continent, a possible 2-hour lunch, and a competition that aims to weed out… Read More

  • Native Instruments on track with the Maschine

    Last week the APC40, now the Maschine! It seems that the big pro audio companies are starting to realize what musicians need. The Maschine is the combination of a groove box and a controller. Read More

  • Lotus Notes Soon To Become Even More LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has partnered with IBM to create a new plugin that integrates its professional social network into Lotus Notes, a popular business desktop client that includes Email, calendar, and IM functionality. The plugin is making its debut to the public at Lotusphere, with plans for its release in the first half of 2009. For users who spend much of their day ‘living’ in their… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Burger Chase Edition

    For the child who’s not spoiled enough, there’s the $530 Porsche sled
    Damn, this bed is making me hungry
    Skate 2 sneakers for real skaters Read More

  • Juniper Research: There's Money In Mobile Dating Services

    Juniper Research has just released a new report that claims the value of the mobile dating and chatroom market will grow to nearly $1.4 billion by 2013, and also pegs the total UGC market to reach $7.3 billion by the same time. The estimate is up almost half from a report by the research agency that was presented in May 2008, which said revenues from mobile dating and chat services were… Read More

  • Unwrapp Tracks Your Favorite Web Apps So You Don't Have To

    Unwrapp is a brand new application that enables you to keep on top of all the web applications you use, by notifiying you when there are new versions, features or upgrades of the services in question. Of course, you need to proactively indicate which applications you use for the tool to be useful, but Unwrapp has made this remarkably easy by offering a comprehensive directory to pick… Read More

  • TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B

    It’s time for an update on the progress we’ve made on the low cost touch screen tablet that I first wrote about in July 2008 when I asked for a dead simple touch screen web tablet that boots right to the browser. Here’s our first post on the tablet, which we’re now calling the CrunchPad internally. The idea is to get a new type of device into people’s hands for… Read More

  • ChaCha CEO Has Pretty Damn Sweet 8-Monitor Computer

    Scott Jones, the CEO of human powered voice/sms search engine ChaCha (our recent coverage), has one of the awesomest computer setups I’ve seen. It can be seen, along with everything else in his house, in this MTV Teen Cribs video (also embedded below) that focuses on his fifteen year old son. For the computer, jump to the 3:25 mark. They don’t say anything about the processor, but… Read More

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