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Minecraft is releasing a new version for Chromebooks

Minecraft is releasing a new version of its game Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Chromebooks for $19.99. The purchase will give users access to Minecraft Marketplace, the ability to play on Realms and

Meta Verified arrives in India, now honors ‘legacy’ verified badges

Meta Verified, the Facebook and Instagram owner’s recently launched paid verification system, is expanding to India, the company announced today via post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his Instagra

TikTok expands its ‘Series’ paywall feature to more creators

Previously only available to select content creators, TikTok’s Series feature is now available to users in 94 countries. The feature allows creators to lock a “series” of exclusive content behin

Register for today’s TechCrunch Live’s event on Atlanta right here!

TechCrunch Live is excited to host a special, extended episode focused on the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. The show kicks off today at 2:30pm EDT, and concludes at 4:30pm EDT following a pitch-off

Real estate is facing a climate crisis, but there might be a way through

It's not an easy problem to solve, but there might be huge potential here.

OpenAI still not training GPT-5, Sam Altman says

OpenAI is still not training GPT-5, months after the Microsoft-backed startup pledged to not work on the successor to GPT-4 “for some time” after many industry executives and academics ex

Apple updates its App Store rules to crack down on clones

On the sidelines of the ongoing Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines to crack down on app clones and copycats. In a blog post, the company said imp

Google Cloud and Salesforce team up to bolster AI offerings

Salesforce and Google Cloud are teaming up to help businesses leverage data and AI via a new strategic partnership. Announced this morning, the partnership will allow companies to use their data along

Volvo reveals the small, simple and inexpensive EX30 electric SUV

There’s a lot to love about the new Volvo EX30. The starting price of $34,950 puts it as one of the least expensive modern EVs on the market. The interior is beautiful in a simplistic fashion an

Bonside launches with $4.35M to provide growth capital to brick-and-mortar businesses

Here’s how it works: business owners receive growth capital in exchange for a percentage of their business’ revenue, which is paid back in accordance with how fast or slow revenue is accumulated.

Mosaic raises $26M to help inform companies’ financial decisions

Typical financial planning and analysis teams spend the bulk of their time on data-gathering and administering processes. That’s because they often have to deal with cumbersome systems and softw

Google launches new learning and consulting offers help enterprises on their AI journey

Google Cloud today announced an expansion of its Google Cloud Consulting offering, its service for connecting customers to experts who can help them along their cloud journey. As part of this expansio

Google’s generative AI support in Vertex AI is now generally available

Google announced today that its generative AI support in Vertex AI, the company’s machine learning platform, is now generally available. Based on Google’s models like PaLM 2, Imagen and Co

Apple is making developer betas free and accessible to everyone

Apple is making it easy for everyone with an Apple ID to test developer beta versions of its different operating systems — iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Previously, developer beta releases w

Blush, the AI lover from the same team as Replika, is more than just a sexbot

Positive Ventures’ new impact fund will be triple its flagship fund

With the new fund, Positive Ventures intends to invest in between 20 and 25 companies at the pre-seed and seed levels.

Automattic launches an AI writing assistant for WordPress

Automattic, the company behind and the main contributor to the open source WordPress project, launched an AI assistant for the popular content management system on Tuesday. The company s

Twitter increases window to edit tweets to one hour for Blue subscribers

Twitter has increased the time limit to edit tweets from 30 minutes to one hour for Blue subscribers. This gives people a bigger window to change their tweets and correct any typos. The company made t

Benchmark’s view on the AI race: Talking with Miles Grimshaw

At the end of 2020, Miles Grimshaw became — and remains — the most recent addition to the storied venture firm Benchmark, which has stubbornly refused to change how it fundamentally operat

Payrails banks $14.4M for its OS for complex payments flows

Enterprises and marketplaces that need to take and make payments across multiple geographies and products have typically relied on mix-and-match bags of third-party services patched together by teams
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