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Apple Messages in iOS 17 brings voicemail transcription, a ‘Check In’ safety feature, Live Stickers, and more

Apple is introducing an overhaul of one of our most-used apps on the iPhone, the Messages app. Alongside notable tweaks, like the ability to view transcribed voice messages and an interface change tha

Apple introduces a dedicated ‘Journal’ app to log your daily experiences

Apple is introducing a new dedicated journaling app as part of iOS 17 called “Journal,” the company announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today. The new app is des

Thanks to AI, iOS 17 will learn your swears

Autocorrect in iOS is set to vastly improve — thanks to AI. At its annual WWDC conference, Apple announced that iOS 17 will feature an upgraded autocorrect powered by an AI model that can more a

With iOS 17, Apple introduces new journaling app, refreshes communication apps

Today at WWDC 2023 Apple unveiled the new version of its mobile operating system for the iPhone. iOS 17 is receiving many different new consumer-facing features, so here’s a roundup of what you can

Apple surprise-launches new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon

At Apple’s WWDC 2023 event today (see our full coverage), the company surprised fans with a brand new Apple Silicon-powered desktop and rack-mounted Mac Pro workstation. It’s the last of t

FaceTime voicemail is coming to iOS 17, plus live voicemail transcription

In iOS 17, Apple is making upgrades to key apps like Messages, FaceTime, Contacts and Phone. Announced today during WWDC, Apple revealed that users will soon be able to leave video voicemails via Face

FedNow instant payments are about to unlock fintech investment opportunities

The Fed’s initiative has opened up a window for innovation, the effects of which could be realized as early as next year.

Apple announces the M2 Ultra with up to 192GB of memory

At WWDC 2023 today Apple unveiled the M2 Ultra, its most powerful Apple Silicon chip yet. With the M2 Pro and Max launching earlier this year, and rumors pointing to Apple finally bringing the M2 gene

Apple refreshes the Mac Studio with the M2 Max and M2 Ultra

The Mac Studio, Apple’s small yet powerful desktop computer, is receiving a product update, announced today at WWDC. With this refresh, Apple is updating the silicon and replacing the M1 Max and M1

Apple’s $1,299 15-inch MacBook Air is its largest to date

When is an ultraportable not an ultraportable? It’s a riddle posed by Apple’s latest addition to the MacBook Air family. The much-loved thin and light line just got its largest model to date, anno

How far have Twitter’s advertising revenues fallen?

It really does seem like Twitter is in a tight spot when it comes to its ability to generate profit.

10 questions early-stage founders should be asking investors

While it might seem daunting to question potential investors, remember that you need to build a mutual zone of trust for the long journey.

SEC sues Binance and CEO Zhao over alleged mishandling funds, lying to regulators

The SEC is accusing Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, its CEO Changpeng Zhao and BAM Trading and BAM Management, of lying to regulators about its operations, according to a federal suit

India’s open e-commerce network expands to B2B transactions

The Indian government-backed open e-commerce network has been expanded to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) transactions — months after enabling transactions between consumers and merchants over

6 investors explain why they are bullish about Japan’s startup scene despite an uncertain economy

Thinking of Japan often evokes notions of bleeding-edge tech mixed with deep tradition and culture. The country’s startups, however, haven’t seen the sort of growth that upstart tech companies in

Microsoft says Clop ransomware gang is behind MOVEit mass-hacks, as first victims come forward

Security researchers have linked to the notorious Clop ransomware gang a new wave of mass-hacks targeting a popular file transfer tool, as the first victims of the attacks begin to come forward. It wa

Revenge of the mutual funds

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Our Monday s

Google Workspace and Cloud get support for passkeys

A month ago, Google rolled out passkey support to consumer Google accounts. Today, it is extending this to business users, with the open beta launch of passkeys for Google Workspace and Cloud accounts

Multiple subreddits and moderators are protesting Reddit’s API changes

Multiple subreddits and moderators are protesting Reddit’s API pricing changes that may shut down many third-party clients. Popular subreddits such as r/aww, r/video, r/Futurology, r/LifeHacks a

Apple WWDC 2023: Headset rumors, iOS 17 and everything else to expect

Look. We’re all interested in one. I know it, you know it, Apple certainly knows it. Much as AI was Google’s primary focus at I/O and … I don’t know — Windows 11, I guess — was Mic
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