BuzzFeed Is The Future (Whether It Lives Or Dies)

It's time for a little inside baseball! Be still your beating hearts. But admit it: secretly you want to know about the success/failure of the myriad news sources whose stories flit disconnectedly

The Internet Will Be Just Fine Without Google Reader

“Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013”, read the popup message on Google Reader this morning. It’s impossible to ignore. It’s right there, in the center of th

The Google Reader Shutdown Is Yet Another Nail In Feedburner’s Coffin

How long until Google shuts down Feedburner? The company just announced that it is shutting down Google Reader on July 1. That’s a sad day for all of us who still regularly use it, but its demis

Digg Hints Its Google Reader Replacement Will Go Beyond RSS Alone To Include Content From Social Media, HN, Reddit & More

Digg today <a target="_blank" href="">responded</a> to early user feedback about its plans for a Google Reader replacement <a href="https://beta.techcru

Digg – Yes, That Digg – Is Building A Google Reader Replacement, Complete With API

Google Reader being shut down by its malevolent overlords leaves a gaping, Google Reader-sized hole in the market where it used to be. Many are stepping up today to announce that their products or ser

GoogleReaderpocalypse. For Real This Time.

Don't be evil? If that's the unofficial Google motto, then the company has failed to deliver today. Among the products Google <a href="">just

The GoogleReaderpocalypse Is Upon Us – Google’s Feed Reading Service Unusable Since Sunday

<a target="_blank" href="">Google Reader</a>, the RSS feed-reading service Google has long since benignly abandoned, has gone completely mad, and Google has yet to acknowledge

Focusing On The Google Reader Shutdown

Taylor Buley Contributor More posts by this contributor Oculus Rift Shares Developer Hardware Sales Data Google Glass’ Women Problems Last week Google announced the shutdown of Google Reader as

With Over 400,000 Users, Social Media Manager Buffer Gets A Refresh On Web & Mobile, Moves Away From Being A Destination Site

<a target="_blank" href="">Buffer</a>, the social media manager that allows you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, is today launching a redesign of its service o

What If The Google Reader Readers Just Don’t Come Back?

If judged by my Twitter stream last week, the shutdown of Google Reader is the <a target="_blank" href="">biggest story ever</a> in the history of news. Of c

(Web) Castles Made Of Sand

If there is one sliver lining in the Google Reader <a href="">shutdown</a> that has <a href="

Why Startups Fail: A Postmortem For Flud, The Social Newsreader

In late July, news broke that Flud, the social news reader for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, was headed to the deadpool. Startup failure is an all-too familiar, even cliche, story in Silicon Valley.

The Evolution Of Google Reader Started With A Crash

<b>Editor’s note:</b> <em>Jason Shellen is a former Googler and founding product manager of Google Reader. He is now co-founder at Boxer and advisor at Tapedeck.</em> As part of Google's recent

Iterations: All The News That’s Fit To Reinvent

If there was a time-lapse video chronicling how humans have shared and received news information throughout history, the transcript of that video would go something like this: Chest-thumping. Hand ges

Ex-Google Reader Product Manager Posts Scathing Review Of Reader Redesign

Former Google Reader Product Manager Brian Shih has posted <a href="">a scathing, but fairly accurate, review</a> of the <a href="

Feedly Adds New Ways To Explore The Blogosphere

<img src="" width="215" height="112" /> I find myself relying on traditional feed readers less and less these days (stream re
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