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Mammoth, an X and Threads competitor, embraces news, curation, and more in latest release

Mammoth, an app from the Mozilla-backed startup focused on building a more consumer-friendly entry point to the world of decentralized social media, is out today with its next big upgrade: Mammoth 2.

DataCebo launches enterprise version of popular open source synthetic data library

Long before most of us were thinking about large language models, DataCebo co-founders Kalyan Veeramachaneni and Neha Patki were creating an open source library called Synthetic Data Vault, or SDV for

As a new AI-driven coding assistant is launched, the battle for AI-mindshare moves to developers

With the news that Microsoft’s Copilot is getting OpenAI’s latest models and a new code interpreter, it’s clear the battle over the future of AI is increasingly being fought at the developer and

Avail rolls out its AI summarization tool to help Hollywood execs keep up with script coverage

Avail is tackling one of the many time-consuming tasks in film and TV development: script coverage. The new ChatGPT-powered summarization tool is designed to summarize scripts and books within minutes

Why in-house platforms can undermine your business strategy

While the allure of absolute control is compelling, technical leaders must critically reassess its long-term viability.

Tidal is cutting 10% of its staff as parent company Block seeks to reduce headcount

Music streaming service Tidal is laying off more than 10% of its staff, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The move comes as Tidal’s parent company, Jack Dorsey’s Block, recently told in

Early impressions of Google’s Gemini aren’t great

This week, Google took the wraps off of Gemini, its new flagship generative AI model meant to power a range of products and services including Bard, Google’s ChatGPT competitor. In blog posts an

Google launches migration tool ahead of Google Podcasts’ 2024 shutdown

In September, Google announced it would shut down its standalone podcasts app, Google Podcasts, sometime next year. Now that the end of 2023 is nearing, the company is today launching a migration tool

Apple says it is not aware anyone using Lockdown Mode got hacked

Last year, Apple launched a special new protection for at-risk users — such as journalists and activists — called Lockdown Mode, designed to limit some regular iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch features

Startups must master operations

Josh Claman Contributor Share on X Josh Claman is the CEO of Accelsius, makers of direct-to-chip, two-phase cooling technology. An advocate for the power of transformative technology throughout hi

Rhythms launches out of stealth to make successful team habits replicable

A new company, Rhythms, wants to help organizations improve their productivity by using AI to identify the working patterns of top-performing teams. Rhythms, which integrates with a business’ ex

Simply Homes nabs $22M, leverages AI to tackle affordable housing crisis

The United States has long had an affordable housing crisis, but it’s been exacerbated as of late by a surge in mortgage interest rates and low inventory. The problem is especially acute for lower-i

Block releases Bitkey hardware wallet to 95 countries… kinda

Jack Dorsey’s Block (the company formerly known as Square) announced today that it is releasing its hardware Bitcoin wallet, Bitkey, in 95 countries. However, users can only preorder the device

Ex-Google, Coursera employees start Lutra AI to make AI workflows easier to build

The young startup, started in April, creates AI workflows from natural language so no technical experience is needed.

EU ‘final’ talks to fix AI rules to run into second day — but deal on foundational models is on the table

As European Union lawmakers clock up 20+ hours of negotiating time in a marathon attempt to reach agreement on how to regulate artificial intelligence a preliminary accord on how to handle one sticky

Why Congruent turned down over $300M from LPs for its third climate tech fund

Investors thought the firm's initial target of $200 million was far too modest, and instead offered $600 million, a threefold oversubscription.

Opal Security, which helps companies manage access and identities, raises $22M

VC investment trends in the cybersecurity market suggest a sector in decline — at least within the context of recent months. According to Crunchbase, cybersecurity deal count fell during Q3 to 1

As the planet warms, climate tech is getting scorching hot

Investors realize that things are changing so quickly that companies founded to work on the space will mature in time for a standard venture fund lifecycle.

Following UK expansion, Robinhood brings crypto trading to EU

Robinhood’s long-awaited international expansion is at full throttle. The consumer trading and investment app tailored to the younger generations is launching its crypto app to all eligible user

Pimento turns creative briefs into visual mood boards using generative AI

Pimento is a new French startup that is using generative AI in an interesting way, as the company focuses on the first step of creative processes — ideation, brainstorming and moodboarding. And the
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