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Yorba’s service is like Mint for uncluttering your entire digital life

Spend enough time online, and you’ll collect a digital paper trail of accounts, logins, subscriptions, mailing lists and passwords wrapped up in data breaches. A new startup called Yorba can hel

Nikola sells abandoned electric Badger pickup truck program to friend of disgraced founder Trevor Milton

Beleaguered electric trucking company Nikola has sold the Badger electric pickup truck assets it was once supposed to build with General Motors. The buyer? A new company called Embr Motors created by

Substack now lets writers curate a ‘network’ of recommended publications for their subscribers

Substack is updating its peer-to-peer recommendation system, the company announced today. With this new update, Substack is helping writers aid other writers in expanding their reach and potentially g

Google Pay takes its QR soundbox to small merchants in India after trial run

Google said Thursday it plans to roll out the SoundPod, its portable speaker designed to instantly validate and announce successful payments, to small merchants across India over the coming months. Th

Starbucks Odyssey’s community lead sees NFTs as the best way to build brand loyalty

The NFT space may be down substantially from all-time highs, but brands and loyalty programs looking to reach fans in new ways can still find value, said Steve Kaczynski, co-author of the book “The

As VCs slow gaming investments, Frost Giant turns to community for fresh capital

The company's decision to test the waters for an equity crowdfunding round comes after it sold several million dollars worth of goodies to its fanbase on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Almost half of adults on TikTok have never posted a video, research shows

Adults on TikTok lean camera-shy, a new study from Pew Research Center suggests. A survey of 2,745 adults who use TikTok revealed that 48% of respondents have never posted a video, and a typical user

Chrome gets a built-in AI writing tool powered by Gemini

Google Chrome is getting a new AI writing generator today. At its core, this Gemini-powered tool is essentially the existing “Help me write” feature from Gmail, but extended to the entire

Rabbit’s Jesse Lyu hops into StrictlyVC LA on February 29

We’re announcing an exciting addition to our speaker lineup for StrictlyVC Los Angeles on February 29. Jesse Lyu, founder and CEO of rabbit Inc., will be joining us and showcasing rabbit r1, the

Locker organizes your shopping links into virtual wish lists and collages

After years of copying and pasting shopping links into spreadsheets and taking screenshots of products to share with her friends and family, Kristine Locker finally decided to launch a social shopping

Spotify follows Meta, YouTube and others by offering AUX, a service to connect brands and creators

Facebook, Instagram, Snap, YouTube and other social networking companies offer programs to connect creators with brands, and now Spotify is doing the same. The company announced the launch of AUX, its

Women in AI: Krystal Kauffman, research fellow at the Distributed AI Research Institute

To give AI-focused women academics and others their well-deserved — and overdue — time in the spotlight, TechCrunch is launching a series of interviews focusing on remarkable women who&#82

The women in AI making a difference

As a part of a multi-part series, TechCrunch is highlighting women innovators — from academics to policymakers —in the field of AI.

Hellohive is tackling hiring discrimination as more equitable hiring companies emerge

Hellohive announced on Thursday a $3.4 million Series A round to help combat discrimination during the hiring process.

Golden Ventures secures another $100M to invest in Canada’s tech ecosystem

Golden Ventures' fifth fund targets seed-stage founders working across technologies, including AI, climate, blockchain and quantum.

TikTok launches its ‘Add to Music app’ feature available in over 160 countries

TikTok announced today that it is launching its “Add to Music app” feature, which lets users add a song playing on a clip to services like Apple Music and Spotify, in 163 new countries. Th

DatologyAI is building tech to automatically curate AI training datasets

Massive training datasets are the gateway to powerful AI models — but often, also those models’ downfall. Biases emerge from prejudicial patterns concealed in large datasets, like pictures

AddGlow takes on Reddit, Facebook with community-building software for brands

The New York-based startup collects data via profile attributes specified by the brand in order to personalize the homepage, product description pages, emails and SMS. 

Google pauses AI tool Gemini’s ability to generate images of people after historical inaccuracies

Google says it’s temporarily suspended the ability of Gemini, its flagship generative AI suite of models, to generate images of people while it works on updating the technology to improve the hi

Meta’s Oversight Board extends its scope to Threads

Meta’s external advisory group, its Oversight Board, announced today that it is expanding its scope to Threads along with Facebook and Instagram to scrutinize Meta’s content moderation dec
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