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Reekon hopes high-tech home improvement tools can drag contractors into the 21st century

TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield company Reekon is building the next generation of smart tools for home contractors.

Former Meta AI VP debuts Sizzle, an AI-powered learning app and chatbot

Founded by the former vice president of AI at Meta, Jerome Pesenti, Sizzle is a free AI-powered learning app that generates step-by-step answers to math equations and word problems. The company recent

Navigating public-private partnerships with Uber, Cruise, and the mayor of Atlanta

Tech companies say they will help cities reach their ambitious decarbonization goals, but increasing public trust and working closely with government partners is key.

Alpha3D wants to accelerate digital asset and AI-powered generation through cheaper, hyperscaling technology

Alpha3D, a generative AI–powered platform, is a participant of the Startup Battlefield 200 cohort to showcase a technology that can hyperscale digital assets.

Amazon Devices Event 2023: Everything you need to know about Alexa, Echo, Fire TV and more

Amazon reveals generative AI plans, new Alexa features, Echo devices, Fire TV news, a new eero Wi-Fi system and more.

5 things to get straight before submitting an RFP to a digital marketing agency

The already-colossal $200 billion online advertising industry is staring down unprecedented innovation — and even more significant revenue.

JusticeText taps AI to transcribe evidence for public defenders

While studying computer science at the University of Chicago, Devshi Mehrotra and Leslie Jones-Dove were inspired to build tech that centered on the needs of communities historically marginalized by l

Front goes beyond the unified inbox with a Zendesk-style knowledge base

Customer operations platform Front is better known for its omnichannel inbox that lets you aggregate all customer conversations in a single view — emails, chat conversations, SMS, social media messa

Meta targeted for fresh UK gov’t warning against E2E encryption for Messenger, Instagram

Buckle up for another encryption fight: Hot on the heels of securing parliament’s approval for its Online Safety Bill yesterday, the U.K. government is amping up pressure on Meta not to roll out

Clika is building a platform to make AI models run faster

Clika, a startup participating in the Battlefield 200 competition at TC Disrupt 2023, aims to build tech to "compress" existing AI models.

Petnow claims to be able to identify dogs and cats from their snouts

Standard pet ID tools, like tags and chips, are imperfect. Tags become easily detached, and not every owner is comfortable with the idea of microchipping their pet. Even those who are comfortable ofte

Will the American Climate Corps program be enough to meet the wave of jobs coming up in climate tech?

The White House is launching a training program that promises to prepare 20,000 people for a range of jobs across climate tech and ecosystem restoration.

PDS is coming to a cop car near you to stop you from drug-driving

According to a 2022 traffic safety study, 56% of drivers involved in serious injury or fatal crashes tested positive for at least one drug. In 2020, there were more than 5 million car accidents report

PayPal’s PYUSD stablecoin is now available on Venmo

PayPal announced today that PYUSD, its stablecoin for payments and transfers, is now available on Venmo. PYUSD is available to select users starting today and will be rolling out fully in the coming w

OpenAI unveils DALL-E 3, allows artists to opt out of training

OpenAI today unveiled an upgraded version of its text-to-image tool, DALL-E, that uses ChatGPT — OpenAI’s viral AI chatbot — to take some of the pain out of prompting. Most cutting-e

Parallel Health takes a biotech-forward approach to skincare with custom phage therapy

Parallel Health turns the microbiome of the skin from creepy fact to potentially transformative skin care with custom phage therapy.

Capsule introduces its AI-powered video editor for enterprise teams

Capsule, a startup that’s been putting AI to use in video editing, is releasing its product to the public, after three years in development. The company’s enterprise-focused AI editor aims

Mainstack’s no-code online business service eliminates cross-border payment complexity

Ayobami Oyaleke and Olamide Akinola grew up in Nigeria dreaming of launching a tech startup. Today they are living that dream with Mainstack, a no-code website-building tool for small business owners

Orion, from makers of Halide, lets you use an iPad as an external HDMI display

Lux, the makers of popular iPhone photography apps like Halide, Spectre and Skylight, is out today with its latest app: Orion, an app that turns an iPad into an external HDMI display for any camera, v

Untap Health wants to help offices and care homes track risk from bugs like flu and COVID-19

Ever since the pandemic we’ve been told we’ll need to learn to live with COVID-19, while also being warned it won’t be the last pandemic to hit us. Yet health risks aren’t equa
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