Reeder, gReader & Other Popular Feed Reading Apps Partner With Feedly Ahead Of Google Reader Shutdown

In less than a month, Google Reader will shut down for good, according to <a target="_blank" href="">the countdown timer</a> on, a company now in the process of building

Notey Raises $1.6 Million For Its Topic-Focused Blog Directory

Notey, a Hong Kong-based startup that wants to help internet users discover more original content and blogs, has closed a $1.6 million seed round to build out its service.

The Best News-Reading App, Reeder 2, Returns To Mac

For all five of us who still prefer managing our own news-reading experience through a dedicated RSS reader application, there's good news out today: One of the best news readers on the market, Reeder

Now With 3 Million New Users, Google Reader’s Heir Apparent Feedly Relaunches On iOS & Android, Reveals How It Plans To Make Money

<a target="_blank" href="">Feedly</a>, the RSS feed-reading client which is rapidly becoming <a href="">the one to

Google Reader Who? Feedly Became Top News App On iPhone, iPad & Android This Week; New App Now Awaiting Approval

Where are the users headed following news of Google Reader's shutdown? To <a target="_blank" href="">Feedly</a>, it seems. We <a target="_blank" href="

Pipes Is A Clever App That Lets You Track Any Topic You Care About

Prepare to further isolate yourself in a world containing only the news and information you care about. A new mobile application called Pipes has just launched a simple tool to help you find and follo

Personalized News-Reading App Pipes Now Smartly Summarizes Articles, Without The Help Of Editors

A personalized news reading app, Pipes, is now offering summaries of news stories to save mobile readers time while trying to catch up on-the-go. This is a big shift for the app, which launched earlie

Smart Building Technologies Could Expose Companies To A New Breed Of Cyber Attack

Last month major corporations and household names such as Evernote, TweetDeck and Feedly were held ransom by Internet hackers. Many found this concerning, but even more serious is that some businesses

Panda Reveals A Web Dashboard For Developer And Designer News And Inspiration

A new website (or Chrome extension, if you prefer) called Panda is offering entrepreneurs, developers and designers an easy way to keep up with industry news and inspiration from a variety of sources

With A Major Redesign On Mobile, Feedly Becomes A Social News Magazine

<a target="_blank" href="">Feedly</a>, as its name implies, is a service that <a href="">st

Digg Reader Adds Top Requested Features, But Still A Long Way From Replacing Google Reader

<a target="_blank" href="">Digg Reader</a>, the Betaworks-backed alternative to the now dead Google Reader, is making progress in becoming a more solidified platform for serious

Buffer Social Scheduling Startup Launches Buffer For Business, After Beta Drives 10% Of Revenue

SF-based Buffer, the social media scheduling tool has officially launched its Buffer for Business product after a small private beta that ran during the past few months. Buffer lets users schedule upd

The Return Of The Desktop Productivity App

For many users, the desktop productivity app probably never fully went away. Anyone who uses Microsoft Exchange for email or calendaring, or Microsoft Word as their word processor, can tell you that t

TheNeeds Brings Its Personalized News Reader To iPhone

Newly launched iOS application TheNeeds is the latest attempt at offering users a better, more personalized news-reading experience with a service that focuses not only on your interests, but also how

Good Riddance, Google Reader

Google Reader turned into a zombie a long time ago and it’s good that Google finally killed it. For years, Google Reader has been sitting on Google’s servers without any appreciable update

Inq Mobile, One Of The First Facebook Phone Makers, Shuts Down

Inq Mobile, one of <a href="">the first companies to build a Facebook phone</a>, announced that it has shut down with a message on its s

With Mt.Gox In Flames, A Lesson: When Building A Company, First Do No Harm

The collapse of Mt.Gox this week has sent shockwaves through the early-adopting tech community. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoins have been lost, and account holders are justifiably an

Buffer Scheduling Service Now Making Over $100K In Monthly Revenue, With 600K Users Sending 5M Updates Per Month

Social network scheduling startup Buffer continues to grow, and is now on track to make over $1 million in annual revenue with over $100,000 coming in from clients per month. The company now has over

Newsle Lands $1.8M From Media Giant Advance Publications, Bloomberg Beta & More To Be The News Reader For People You Care About

Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon began building <a target="_blank" href="">Newsle</a> as undergraduates at Harvard to fill a nagging gap among today's news aggregators. The idea being th
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