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Android 14 brings new lock screen customization options, accessibility features and more

Google unveiled Android 14 today at its Made By Google event in New York City. The company revealed that Android 14 comes with new customization options, accessibility features and more. Android 14 is

Pixel 8 Pro’s upgraded camera system offers dream specs for mobile photographers

Google made its Pixel 8 smartphone lineup official today, including the Pixel 8 Pro. This year, the Pro gets a number of camera upgrades, both in terms of hardware and software, that puts a little mor

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 brings new sensors for improved health tracking

After years of rumors and reports, Google finally released its first smartwatch last year. It was a long overdue debut for the company behind the nearly 10-year-old Wear OS. Getting there required the

Google’s Pixel 8 brings new camera tricks, better display and a thermometer

When it comes to hardware releases, Google zigs where the competition zags. Leaks are a virtual inevitability at this point. I know that, you know that and Google certainly knows that. Rather than fig

Google Assistant is getting AI capabilities with Bard

Google Assistant is getting an AI-powered update. At today’s Made By Google live event, the company introduced Assistant with Bard, a new version of its popular mobile personal assistant that&#8

Google Pixel Fold’s Dual-Screen Interpreter mode brings subtitles to real life

Every so often a new software feature comes along that makes a hardware form factor a lot more useful. I would put Dual-Screen Interpreter mode in that category. The feature, which arrives today as pa

Meta debuts generative AI features for advertisers

Meta announced today it’s rolling out its first generative AI features for advertisers, allowing them to use AI to create backgrounds, expand images, and generate multiple versions of ad text ba

Ask Sophie: What are the options for replacing an L-1A visa?

It’s time for Congress to raise the numerical caps and eliminate the country-of-birth caps!

Making wearable medical devices more patient-friendly with Professor Esther Rodriguez-Villegas from Acurable

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week, our old friend Darrell Etherington joins Becca Szkutak to talk with Professor Esther Rodriguez-Villegas from Acurable. A

Rainforest raises $8.5M to help software companies embed financial services, payments

In November 2019, Andreessen Horowitz General Partner Angela Strange famously declared that, “Every company will be a fintech company.” Specifically, Strange projected that — in the not-too- says biomanufacturing is broken and its continuous fermentation tech will fix it intends to bring down the costs associated with biomanufacturing by reimagining of fermentation facility operations.

Recapitalization, $60M Series D support growth of e-commerce financier Clearco

Today's news marks a turnaround for a company that’s had its share of ups and downs over the past year.

Rabbit is building an AI model that understands how software works

What if you could interact with any piece of software using natural language? Imagine typing in a prompt and having AI translate the instructions into machine-comprehendable commands, executing tasks

Okta plans to weave AI across its entire identity platform using multiple models

One thing is clear this year: generative AI is having a tremendous impact on the software industry, and a week doesn’t pass without software companies announcing their plans to incorporate the seemi

Yubico can now ship pre-registered security keys to its enterprise users

Physical security keys remain one of the best ways to secure user accounts, but the fact that new users have to register them before they can use them often adds quite a bit of friction. Yubico, the c

Resy and Eater co-founder raises $24M for Blackbird, a restaurant loyalty platform

Blackbird Labs, a hospitality tech company whose platform helps restaurants stay in touch with guests and incentivize them to dine out more frequently, today announced that it raised $24 million in a

TC Startup Battlefield master class with Flourish Ventures: Defining early-stage product-market fit

Flourish Ventures' Emmalyn Shaw explains how early-stage startups can define, test, pivot and successfully figure out their product-market fit.

Yahoo spins out Vespa, its search tech, into an independent company

Yahoo, otherwise known as the company that pays my salary (full disclosure: Yahoo owns TC), today announced that it’s spinning off Vespa, the big data serving engine, into an independent venture

Okta acquires a16z-backed password manager Uno to develop a personal tier

Okta, the U.S.-based identity management giant, announced today that it has acquired password management app, Uno. The company said that Uno’s team will help speed up the public launch of the Ok

CoPilot, a training app that matches users with remote fitness coaches, raises $6.5M

CoPilot, a digital training app that matches users with one-on-one remote fitness coaches, has raised $6.5M in Series A-1 funding led by Jackson Square Ventures. The app, which has seen more than 1.5
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