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  • App Store who? Android Market what? Qualcomm's BREW Platform has Transacted over $3 Billion in App Sales

    It’s been around for 9 years, is on over 1,200 handset models, used by over 65 OEM’s, available in 25 countries, and has over 250M potential users. Yet you may never have heard of it. It is BREW, a mobile operating system developed by Qualcomm that powers anything from feature phones to low-cost smartphones. For feature phones, BREW is the OS of choice for AT&T and Verizon, the… Read More

  • Motorola to replace Google with Bing on Chinese Android phones

    Imagine this with Bing inside. It’s easy if you try. If I were a spit takin’ man, I’d do a spit take right now. Motorola, stalwart of freedom, will work with Chinese carriers to add Bing to Chinese Android-based phones, ousting Google Search and Maps from the scene. Now this isn’t meanness on Motorola’s part although Reuters notes that this move could have… Read More

  • Verizon officially launches the rugged, text-friendly Casio G'zOne Brigade

    Just yesterday we were saying that Casio’s built-to-be-beaten G’zOne Brigade would be launching today — and sure enough, it just went live on Verizon’s web site. Read More

  • Opera Mini 5 Beta Now Available For Android

    Sure, Opera Mini may (or may not) already be the most popular mobile browser in the world — but why stop there? Following up on the Android release of Opera Mobile 4 just over a year ago, Opera has just launched Opera Mini 5 for Android into public beta. The jump from version 4 to version 5 is pretty huge, introducing a handful of features that Opera says “makes your mobile… Read More

  • Your smartphone: future air-quality data point

    You know the good feeling you get when you think about how your computer is running Folding@home all the time, or that you’ve been careful to clip six-pack rings all your life? Well, soon you might have one more warm fuzzy feeling, if this project underway at Intel Labs Berkeley comes through. They’re designing portable air-quality sensors that monitor and sample the air around… Read More

  • Aw, iPhone app fridge magnets

    Take a break from reading our hard-hitting news coverage and take a look at these cute little things. Perfect stocking stuffer (I know, a little early) for your favorite app developer and/or iPhone fanatic. What with these things, those Android pillows, and all the other tech knickknacks I’ve been seeing, it seems that pretty soon they’re going to need a whole online store just… Read More

  • Two new gestures coming to iPhone OS: long press and three finger tap

    Tired of all that boring ol’ two finger pinching-and-zooming and swiping on the iPhone? Ready for some fancy new gestures to be thrown into the mix? Wish granted. Soon. Maybe. Last night, Apple released a new beta of iPhone OS 3.2 to developers. As is par for the course at this point, people almost instantly began tearing through the OS looking for secrets hidden within – and it… Read More

  • Surprise! HTC Legend pre-orders delivered a bit early

    Handset manufacturers are usually pretty good about holding their tongue about specific release dates until the launch date is a sure thing, so it’s not too often that we see delays in the mobile world. What’s even more rare than a delay, however, is something shipping way earlier than expected. And yet, that seems to be exactly the case with the HTC Legend. Read More

  • Bravo to Epic Games for porting Unreal Engine 3 to the iPhone

    Don’t get mad at me—I wanted to go to GDC, but The Man said no. So now we’re relying on CNET to bring us word of Epic Games’ efforts to bring the Unreal Engine to the iPhone. You may not have even played Unreal for several years, but plenty of big games are based on the engine. Mass Effect and BioShock are based on versions of the engine, as is EA’s upcoming Medal… Read More

  • Casio's ultra-tough G'zOne Brigade going on sale tomorrow?

    WAAAAY back in November, Casio and Verizon showed off the G’zOne Brigade, an ultra-durable clamshell phone with a surprise QWERTY keyboard packed inside. “Push to talk!” they said. “It’s weatherproof!” they said. And then the radio went silent; nearly four months later, not so much as a release date had been mentioned. Well, it looks like the release might… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson unboxes the Xperia X10, stomps on toes

    You know what weirds me right the hell out? Companies doing their own unboxing videos. That’s our job. I realize they’re probably proud of their work and are just itching to show it off, but a new handset getting its first video unboxing by the company that made it is like a dad taking his own daughter to prom. Wrong? Not technically. Kind of awkward? Absolutely. Oh well. Sony… Read More

  • XNA 4.0 games on Windows Phone 7 Series look awesome (but won't be for Zune HD)

    A bundle of screenshots just hit the net showing off the latest Direct3D-based mobile games running on a WinPho7 device, and they look pretty hot. We knew that the Tegra chipset in the Zune HD and likely in several upcoming WinPho handsets (Tegra 2, to be precise) is capable of some nice 3D, but these are better than anything I’ve seen yet. The game shown is The Harvest, a dungeon… Read More

  • Want to sleep with Android? Now you can.

    Do you love Android? Like, really love Android? So much so that those Android action figures just don’t seem like enough? Well, now there’s a way for you to show the world how much you really care about your favorite OS: by bringing it to bed with you. Now, now, get your mind out of the gutter (There are no intentional innuendos anywhere in this post. Honest!). Etsy seller… Read More

  • Video: Samsung explains why their Super AMOLED screen is better than your normal AMOLED screen

    Samsung’s pretty proud of their Super AMOLED technology – and why shouldn’t they be? With next to no fanfare, they managed to knock out the readability issues that plagued AMOLED handsets any time they were within view of the sun. And if vastly improved readability wasn’t enough, they went and slimmed the whole thing down into a package considerably tighter than the… Read More

  • Sprint Touch Pro 2 to finally get Windows Mobile 6.5 later this month?

    Given that the HTC Touch Pro 2 saw upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5 on just about every other carrier months ago, Sprint Touch Pro 2 owners might be feeling a wee bit rebuffed right now. On the brightside, chances are good that the upgrade is coming eventually, right? Well, it looks like “eventually” might be sooner than later. Read More

  • BlackBerry App World bumped up to version

    If you’ve been messing with the App World on your favorite BlackBerry device lately only to be plagued by some nasty glitch, you might want to check out the brand-spankin’-new App World update that just went live — it might have fixed it. Read More

  • Palm launches PDK beta, brings C and C++ development to webOS

    Good news, everyone! We’ve got another acronym for you to remember! Back at CES 2010, Palm announced that they’d be launching a “PDK” at some point in the future – and, well, it’s here, and it’s time to pay some attention to it. You see, “PDK” stands for “Plug-in Development Kit” (as opposed to “SDK”, or Software… Read More

  • Never Ending Goldrush: Doodle Jump for iPhone Smashes Through 3 Million Sales

    Doodle Jump for the iPhone is something like a developer’s fairy tale: two brothers set out to make a game using only the talents they’ve got at hand, and end up striking gold. They keep pushing out minor updates, and the game just keeps selling. Tomorrow morning, Lima Sky will be announcing that Doodle Jump has just surpassed 3 million sales — a feat, they claim, is a first… Read More

  • Nokia files patent for kinetically-charging mobile phone battery

    Question: can you file a patent for something that’s existed for a long time? I guess the question is of implementation. While self-winding watches and shake-to-charge flashlights already harvest kinetic energy to store and later discharge, I suppose they do it in a different way than this proposed system from Nokia. Not sure I trust something sliding back and forth in my phone, either. Read More

  • Oh no you didn't: woman stabs man after looking at his call log

    Such are the perils of technology. A Las Cruces woman is being charged with battery after stabbing her ex-husband repeatedly after looking at his cell phone’s call log. No word on exactly what calls she was upset about, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the ones he made to the local Pizza Hut. Word of advice people: clear your damn call log, or don’t leave your phone out… Read More