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  • Bar-code Scanning RedLaser iPhone App reaches 750K downloads, over $1M in revenue

    Yep, it’s still happening. You can still become a millionaire on the iPhone without a marketing budget and a brand name. Occipital, the company behind RedLaser [iTunes Link], has struck gold with its barcode-scanning iPhone app. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s much harder to be an indie developer on the iPhone these days. The App Store is riddled with brands and much of the… Read More

  • Behold: The Nexus One Boots Up

    The leaks continue to hit the web about the Nexus One, aka “The Google Phone.” Here’s the latest: The booting up of the device on video. Enjoy. Also, here’s apparently the official logo. Read More

  • PSA: iTunes Connect will be down December 23-28

    Well, if you were planning on spending Christmas Eve monitoring the sales of your iPhone app, better make new plans. Apple’s shutting down iTunes Connect, which developers use to manage and track their apps, starting December 23rd. It’ll be back up on the 29th. Chances are you already know this if you’re a dev, but hey. Doesn’t seem a very nice thing to do, but maybe… Read More

  • The iPhone And The Droid Face Off.. In Song

    You know whats nerdier than contrasting the merits of the iPhone versus those of the Motorola Droid (twice)? Pitting the two phones against each other in a sound effect remix battle. You know what’s even nerdier than that? Absolutely nothing. The folks over at Indaba Music have challenged their users to strive for that pinnacle of nerddom in an all out remix competition they’re… Read More

  • Exclusive Video: Hands-on With Swype For Android

    I’ve been pretty pumped about Swype’s ultra-speedy alternative typing solution for touchscreen devices ever since it first debuted at TechCrunch50 2008. My excitement only grew when it finally made its way to a handset, the Omnia II, just last month – but as I’m not the biggest fan of the OS that powers that device, my thumbs were left twiddling until an Android port… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 slips back to 2010

    When the rumor mill was still churning in full force over the Xperia X2, one thing seemed to be popping up fairly consistently: a January 2010 launch date. It seemed pretty solid. When Sony Ericsson made the handset official, however, they proclaimed that it wouldn’t ship in 2010, but sometime in the fourth quarter of 2009. Fingers were crossed, and breaths were held – alas… Read More

  • Of course Android 2.1 has been ported to the Droid

    That didn’t take long. Last week the Google Phone was just another unfounded Internet rumor, but now that the Nexus One is out in the wild and its exclusive Android 2.1 build has been ported to the Droid. It’s of course just as buggy as other Android releases ported to unsupported devices so you should probably hold up a bit before you dive into the installation. Oh, and… Read More

  • Android Market grows up, hits 20,000 apps milestone

    Rest assured that 2010 is going to be a big year for the Android operating system, with many new handsets finding their way to stores around the world (including Google’s own phone) and an increasing number of developers building tools, games and the likes for the fast-growing platform. One way of noticing that the OS is poised for a big breakthrough at the expense of Windows Mobile… Read More

  • Seesmic for BlackBerry gets updated, pushed to the App World

    While Seesmic has been available for BlackBerry handsets since right around the end of November, it has thus far required you to manually download the application by visiting That’s like what, a million letters to type? Typing is for chumps. Fortunately for all of us lazy-thumbed folks, RIM has just given Seesmic the greenlight for distribution in the BlackBerry… Read More

  • Clink-Clink lets you clink your "drink"

    Even if you’re staying away from the sauce this holiday season, it’d still be nice to be able to clink your glass with everyone else when the toasts go down. Sure, you could just have glass of water – but why do something practical and not absurd when there’s an iPhone app? Read More

  • CrunchDeals: TomTom U.S. iPhone Apps now 30% off

    Either TomTom’s startin’ to feel the burn of the incredibly competitive (and arguably crumbling) navigation app market, or they’re just feeling generous for the holidays. Either way, now’s the time to buy if you were considering snatching up any of TomTom’s U.S. apps. Read More

  • Dazzboard Rolls Out Android Handset Support

    Each time we write about Dazzboard, a browser-based syncing solution for getting photos, videos, and music onto your mobile handset, it’s pretty much a given that someone will comment that it doesn’t support their handset of choice yet. Everyone’s a critic, right? While it still doesn’t support the much clamored-for iPhone or iPod Touch (nor does it seem likely that it… Read More

  • Xperia Pureness now available for those with too much money, not enough sense

    Do you ever find yourself firing caviar cannonballs from your yacht, thinking “Man. I want to buy a really, really basic phone, but only if it costs me an absurd amount so that everyone knows how much money I have.”? Sony Ericsson and Saks Fifth Avenue have you covered. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness is about as basic as can be – hence the “Pureness” name. Read More

  • Vodafone confirms they'll carry the Nokia N900 "soon"

    Good news, everyone! Well, everyone in the UK. Er, everyone in the UK who wants an N900. Vodafone has just officially confirmed by way of press release that they will be carrying the Nokia N900 “soon”. They didn’t throw in any specific dates, nor did they think to mention pricing – but one way or another, it’s coming. Check out the press release after the jump. Read More

  • Palm Pixi hits FCC with EVDO and Wi-Fi

    It looks like a Wi-Fi-enabled version of the Pixi is hitting Verizon next year, at least according to this FCC filing. The filing shows CDMA/1x EVDO and Wi-Fi support along with Bluetooth and matches with the expected P121EWW model number (Sprint’s is P120EWW). Read More

  • Dear AT&T: If your network is so great, why don't you marry it?

    The Gruber does it again. In a point by point analysis of Randall Stross’ article about AT&T not really sucking and actually being great, he points out a few valuable concepts. First, if the iPhone sucks so much on AT&T’s network, why hasn’t AT&T made Apple fix it? Unless AT&T is so afraid of Steve Jobs’ hit squad that it refuses to point out that it… Read More

  • ZOMG The Google Phone Is “Like An iPhone On Beautifying Steroids”

    We told you the Google phone was confirmed. And now some Googler’s seem to be confirming it, too. There is a lot of chatter on Twitter about Google employees with HTC-built unlocked Google Phones running Android 2.1. And the devices look to be coming out in January. We noticed a Twitter message from a Google Program Manager, who writes “Stuck in mass of traffic leaving work post… Read More

  • TomTom wises up, releases $49.99 USA-only GPS app

    Most agree that the original TomTom iPhone app is a tad overpriced at $99 for just the app. That doesn’t include the $119 windshield mount. Esspecially now that Google has made its mark on the GPS market with the free Google Maps Navigation app. And so that brings us to the latest TomTom GPS app. This one is US-only, but only costs $50. Read More

  • Motorola Milestone sells out in the UK in three hours

    After more than a month of listening to their U.S brethren blab about how great the Droid is, folks in the UK finally got the chance to nab its European-doppelganger, the Milestone. Well, for about 3 hours anyway. Read More

  • Stupid teens still text and drive because they're stupid

    Despite the fact that you’d have to be a stupid idiot to still text and drive, plenty of teens in the U.S. still text and drive. “By the time [the police] pull you over, the chances are you are going to be done with your text anyway so they can’t exactly prove that you were texting.” Good thinking there, sport. Read More