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  • Still waiting for an Incredible? Care to swap it for a Droid X?

    Did you pre-order an Incredible with the dream of owning the hottest piece of hardware, if only for a short while? Are you now bitter that — with the delays on your pre-order, and the impossibly short product lifecycles of Android phones — you will never taste that joy? Do you want to swap your HTC Droid Incredible pre-order over for a Motorola Droid X pre-order? Well read on… Read More

  • Sorry To Shatter Your Dreams, But Dreams of iPhone On Verizon Are Of The Pipe Variety

    Tell me “I told you so” in six months, but Bloomberg’s exciting news that two dudes said something about the iPhone coming to Verizon is false until we see hardware and there has been no hardware. Apple picked GSM because it is an international standard. CDMA, the system used by Verizon and Sprint, is about as international as American beer – both are considered weak… Read More

  • Amazon releases IMDb app for Android, makes things a bit more social, or rather its Internet Movie Database (IMDb) subsidiary, is launching an Android app, enabling users to get movies information, trailers and showtimes from their Android devices and shop for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Functionality includes voice search, sharing, option menus and more. Here’s the listing on AndroLib (the app was named IMDb Movies & TV). Read More

  • eBay application for BlackBerry leaves beta, heads to Australia and Europe

    eBay and RIM this morning jointly announced that the free eBay Application for BlackBerry smartphones is now available through BlackBerry App World in six more countries: Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The application is also now officially available to BlackBerry smartphone users in North-America after a beta preview period. Read More

  • Cute, cheap iPhone 4 mod: use modeling clay on the corners

    Don’t feel like spending the $30 on a nice case for your new iPhone — or maybe just want to be different? A little of this Sugru modeling clay may be the solution. Just make a few little nubbins, let it dry overnight, and boom, your iPhone is now protected from quite a lot of the common bumps and dings that tend to shatter iPhones. Pro tip: this technique works for any flat… Read More

  • Apple's reception issue talking points leaked, no mention of fix

    So apparently the reception problems on the iPhone 4G are reaching levels where Apple feels they need to make sure their customer service people are aware of it. According to a document leaked to BGR, the problem isn’t with the phone (or the network) it’s that you’re not holding your new phone properly Read More

  • Foursquare Closes $20 Million Series B From Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square, And O'Reilly

    Foursquare Closes $20 Million Series B From Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square, And O'Reilly

    Foursquare, the geo-mobile startup everybody tried to invest in or buy, now has officially closed its Series B funding round. The “wire transfer heard ’round the world,” as board member Bryce Roberts puts it, was for $20 million, giving the company a $95 million pre-money valuation. The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, as previously reported, with existing investors… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy S hits the 100k mark six days after launching in South Korea

    The future is looking bright for the Samsung Galaxy S. The SK Telecom — the exclusive provider — managed to put 100,000 Android handsets in the hand of South Koreans over the last six days. Of course it’s not iPhone 4-type numbers, but South Korean is different than the subsidized market here in the US and this is just another Android unit. After playing with the phone… Read More

  • Air Phone NO.4: Your $100 iPhone 4 clone

    Oh, Shanzhai, you did it again! This wild iP4 clone looks just like the real thing (presumably they had plenty of time to copy this one over the past few months thanks to a young man who enjoyed beer) and runs the standard garbage OS and processor chip. Read More

  • Jeff Bezos On The iPad: "It's Really A Different Product Category"

    Jeff Bezos On The iPad: "It's Really A Different Product Category"

    A day after Amazon made it abundantly clear it’s gunning for world domination in the e-reading space by lowering the price of the Kindle from $259 to $189 – following competitor Barnes & Noble’s decision to slash the price of its Nook e-reader down to $199 – chief executive Jeff Bezos sat down with Fortune’s JP Mangalindan for a fairly interesting… Read More

  • Nokia N9 makes its film debut

    Oooh! it looks like a video of the upcoming Meego-powered Nokia N9 has surfaced. The video shows us a large screen (or tiny hands), an 8mp camera with flash, a front-facing camera, a full-QWERTY slide-out keyboard (with an angled hinge similar to the N97), and what looks to be a mini HDMI port. Read More