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  • Want to sleep with Android? Now you can.

    Do you love Android? Like, really love Android? So much so that those Android action figures just don’t seem like enough? Well, now there’s a way for you to show the world how much you really care about your favorite OS: by bringing it to bed with you. Now, now, get your mind out of the gutter (There are no intentional innuendos anywhere in this post. Honest!). Etsy seller… Read More

  • Video: Samsung explains why their Super AMOLED screen is better than your normal AMOLED screen

    Samsung’s pretty proud of their Super AMOLED technology – and why shouldn’t they be? With next to no fanfare, they managed to knock out the readability issues that plagued AMOLED handsets any time they were within view of the sun. And if vastly improved readability wasn’t enough, they went and slimmed the whole thing down into a package considerably tighter than the… Read More

  • Sprint Touch Pro 2 to finally get Windows Mobile 6.5 later this month?

    Given that the HTC Touch Pro 2 saw upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5 on just about every other carrier months ago, Sprint Touch Pro 2 owners might be feeling a wee bit rebuffed right now. On the brightside, chances are good that the upgrade is coming eventually, right? Well, it looks like “eventually” might be sooner than later. Read More

  • BlackBerry App World bumped up to version

    If you’ve been messing with the App World on your favorite BlackBerry device lately only to be plagued by some nasty glitch, you might want to check out the brand-spankin’-new App World update that just went live — it might have fixed it. Read More

  • Palm launches PDK beta, brings C and C++ development to webOS

    Good news, everyone! We’ve got another acronym for you to remember! Back at CES 2010, Palm announced that they’d be launching a “PDK” at some point in the future – and, well, it’s here, and it’s time to pay some attention to it. You see, “PDK” stands for “Plug-in Development Kit” (as opposed to “SDK”, or Software… Read More

  • Never Ending Goldrush: Doodle Jump for iPhone Smashes Through 3 Million Sales

    Doodle Jump for the iPhone is something like a developer’s fairy tale: two brothers set out to make a game using only the talents they’ve got at hand, and end up striking gold. They keep pushing out minor updates, and the game just keeps selling. Tomorrow morning, Lima Sky will be announcing that Doodle Jump has just surpassed 3 million sales — a feat, they claim, is a first… Read More

  • Nokia files patent for kinetically-charging mobile phone battery

    Question: can you file a patent for something that’s existed for a long time? I guess the question is of implementation. While self-winding watches and shake-to-charge flashlights already harvest kinetic energy to store and later discharge, I suppose they do it in a different way than this proposed system from Nokia. Not sure I trust something sliding back and forth in my phone, either. Read More

  • Oh no you didn't: woman stabs man after looking at his call log

    Such are the perils of technology. A Las Cruces woman is being charged with battery after stabbing her ex-husband repeatedly after looking at his cell phone’s call log. No word on exactly what calls she was upset about, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the ones he made to the local Pizza Hut. Word of advice people: clear your damn call log, or don’t leave your phone out… Read More

  • Video: HTC Supersonic briefly caught on camera

    We started drooling about the HTC Supersonic as soon as we heard the words “Android” and “WiMax” in the same sentence. Once “4.3 inch display” got thrown into the mix, our salivary glands just couldn’t be stopped. While HTC hasn’t made even the smallest of official peeps about this thing yet, it looks like someone out there has gotten their hands… Read More

  • Swype for Android rolls into semi-public Beta

    Swype for Android’s finger-dragging input method goodness has been available to some extent through other means for a while now — some legit, some not quite as legit. Legitimate means or otherwise, Swype has still only been made available to pretty small group of people. Well, things are about to open up — if only just a bit. Read More

  • Stuck in the iPhone mindset, AT&T locks down apps on their first Android phone

    Our full review of the Motorola Backflip should be up in a few days, but a few words of wisdom in the mean time: Don’t buy it. Between its crazy form-factor and the hidden trackpad tucked on the back of the display, everything we took as merits at face value have devolved into novelties. Worst of all, it seems AT&T has taken a page from their time with the iPhone that no one wanted… Read More

  • Xachi Pets fuse iPhones and Stuffed Animals into one Cute and Cuddly iToy

    What do you get when you mix a Unicorn and a Nexus One? I’ve got no idea – but if you put an iPhone and Furby together, you get a Xachi pet. Announced last week at the American International Toy Fair, a Xachi (pronounced “ZAH-chee”) Pet is an iPhone-controlled toy. It looks kind of like a Furby with a giant LED screen in place of its face. And, yes, you interface with… Read More

  • Indian telecom releases AAA battery-powered cellphone

    Olive, an Indian telecom, is releasing a phone that can be powered for a brief period using a single AAA battery. While it still has a main, rechargeable battery, this wonk-tastic phone has polyphonic ringtones, an FM radio, and a calculator! Best of all you can play Bollywood hits on it! Read More

  • More BlackBerry slider photos for you, guv'nor

    It looks a little bit better than it did before when it’s in focus, and with a Bold for comparison. Click for the high resolution version, or head over to BlackBerry Leaks for the rest. People are falling over themselves trying to decide whether this is going to be Bold-branded or Storm-branded. I see no reason why they shouldn’t launch as a whole different line — a… Read More

  • More Shots of Microsoft's Project Pink "Turtle" and "Pure" leak out; hitting Verizon on April 20th?

    We’re still trying our darnedest to not feed the hype machine surrounding Project Pink, considering that all signs are indicating that neither phone is anything to get worked up about. With that said, a couple of new shots of the Turtle (the stout, portrait sliding QWERTY handset) and the Pure (the horizontal QWERTY handset pictured above) have just leaked out, along with some… Read More

  • TwitCasting lets you stream live video and tweet simultaneously from your iPhone

    Late last year, Ustream and qik launched iPhone applications that let you stream videos from the iPhone to the web and allow others to watch them as they’re being recorded. And now there is an iPhone app called TwitCasting Live (iTunes link), which offers the same basic functionality, but is – as the name suggests – much deeper integrated into Twitter. The free app is… Read More

  • Video: HTC Legend gets an early unboxing

    Can’t get enough of the ultra gorgeous, uni-body HTC Legend? Neither can we. That’s why we’re glad (and a bit jealous) that our buddy Chris Davies over at SlashGear got his mitts all over a near-retail version of the device, and proceeded to give it a proper unboxing. We say “near-retail” version because there seems to be a few things missing; while the device… Read More

  • HTC: Don't put the Nexus One in your hipster jeans

    The wording in the headline may not be, you know, exactly what HTC said – but it might as well be. After the folks over at Crave UK woke up to a broken screen — which they swear isn’t their fault, as the device had just been sitting on a desk charging — full of inky purple rage on their Nexus One , they shot a call over to HTC support. After investigating the device… Read More

  • Adobe releases Mobile editor for Android developers

    Adobe this morning announced that third-party developers now have access to the Mobile for Android 1.1 editor, allowing them to make it a part of their applications. The news comes four months after the company released Mobile for Android, enabling users to easily edit and share their photos. That app got an upgrade, too. Amusingly, Adobe also takes a bit of a swing… Read More

  • Spy shots of the HTC Incredible that are… not as good as the last batch

    I’m posting these out of a sort of philosophical curiousity. Why would you take spy shots of an upcoming device that has been thoroughly pictured, in high resolution, in focus even, with interface shots and everything? It’s a bit like getting spy shots of the Eiffel Tower. Well, I guess the previous pictures didn’t have a white G1 in them. That’s something, anyway. Read More