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  • T-Mobile MyTouch to get wire-free charging

    PureEnergy is selling their WildCharge wireless charging solution at select T-Mobile stores and will be offering a special charging pad for the MyTouch, T-Mo’s popular Android phone. This is one of the first wireless charging solutions out there and, in addition to the Palm line, one of the first carrier-approved wireless charging solutions. Click through for the presser. Read More

  • Yar! There be hackers in your iPhone, stealin' your texts.

    EVERYBODY PANIC! A new exploit has been found in Safari, allowing hackers to rip the entire catalog of text messages (received and sent, deleted or not) from your iPhone for their perusal and personal privacy perversions. You load the malicious website, and it goes to work, no user interaction required. In theory, this same exploit could extend to picture messages, contacts, and all sorts of… Read More

  • Quick Look: The HTC HD2 on T-Mobile

    Here’s a quick look at the first US version of the HTC HD2, a really nice Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. We’ve have plenty of coverage of this phone over the past few months but now it’s available on T-Mobile for $200 with contract. It’s a really beautiful phone – and I don’t say that much – but will it take off with WinPho waiting in the wings? Read More

  • iFixit pits the iPhone 3GS against the Nexus One infograph style

    iFixit is known for its gadget teardowns and self-help repair services. Now we can add large infographs to the mix as well with this large iPhone 3GS vs Nexus One graph comparing everything from the hardware to the manufacturing cost to sales. Our favorite part, however, is in the middle where the steps required to replace each phone’s battery is compared. Well played, iFixit, well played. Read More

  • Motorola DEVOUR now on sale at Verizon for $149.99

    We knew it was coming soon, but Verizon Wireless and Motorola just announced that Motorola DEVOUR is now available online and in stores today for $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a two-year customer agreement. DEVOUR is the second Android-powered smartphone from Motorola to run on Verizon Wireless’ 3G Network after the Droid. The phone comes with MOTOBLUR, Motorola’s… Read More

  • Jabra announces white version of their Stone headset

    When Jabra announced the Stone headset last year (and tormented Matt), we really liked it. John dug the design, and Jabra’s headset’s never lack in the quality department. What they were lacking was color. Well good news, if you’ve been holding out because you wanted a headset that matched your earbuds, Jabra is ready to help you out. Read More

  • Further tests confirm iPhone touchscreen superiority

    The last time I wrote this up, it turned (predictably) into a flamewar in the comments. Look, whether you think the iPhone is the world’s most advanced device or a toy for people who can’t handle real smartphones (I take no stance), you have to admit that its touchscreen is the business. The test I cited before was kind of informal, but they’ve redone it with a… Read More

  • AT&T to begin 3G MicroCell rollout in mid-April, MicroCell unit to cost $150

    The news out of CTIA just won’t stop. AT&T has just announced their roll out plans for their cell-tower-in-a-box, signal-boostin’ 3G MicroCell service, which they’ve had in testing since September. Not sure what the MicroCell is? Don’t sweat it – it’s a bit of a weird concept. If you’re in an area where signal is spotty, you can pick up one of… Read More

  • Skype on Verizon launching on Thursday

    The first day of CTIA was pretty crazy, scheduling wise. Yesterday afternoon, we had the choice between going to Samsung’s press conference, Sprint’s press conference, or Skype’s press conference. I managed to bend time and space just enough to cover both Samsung’s Galaxy S event and Sprint’s EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) event — but unfortunately, time can only… Read More