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  • Leaked AT&T Memo: If Anyone Asks About The Verizon Lawsuit, Just Tell Them We're Awesome

    Needless to say, AT&T’s none too happy about Verizon’s “Theres a Map for That” campaign. AT&T first complained about the ads back in October, saying they were misleading. Verizon responded by adding a few extra words and an itsy bitsy disclaimer – but that wasn’t enough for AT&T. Early this morning, AT&T filed a false advertising suit against… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade for the Samsung Jack now available

    Look – we’re certainly not the world’s biggest fans of Windows Mobile 6.5, but we still absolutely feel that anyone who has the opportunity to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.5 should certainly do so. If you’ve got a Samsung Jack, we’ve got good news: that “anyone” group now includes you. Samsung just hit us up to let us know that the Windows Mobile 6.5… Read More

  • Verizon to sell the Droid to New Yorkers extra, extra early

    So you’ve lurked the blogs, watched the unboxing, and read the coverage, and you just know: you want your Droid. You already know that most Verizon Stores are opening the doors a bit early at 7 AM to get your your fix – but what if you want it even earlier? We just got word that a very, very limited number of Verizon stores will start peddling the Droid as soon as the clock ticks… Read More

  • T-Mobile shares some Android statistics, will soon support carrier billing

    While other carriers might finally be dipping their toes in the Android water this month, T-Mobile has been in this game for a long time. They got their first Android phone (the G1) out last October, and managed to launch two more (the myTouch and the CLIQ) within the year. It makes sense, then, that they’re the first to pipe up with some usage details. T-Mobile today shared a few… Read More

  • The Nokia X3 passes the FCC exam

    The Nokia X3, not to be confused with the Android-powered SE X3, just made it through the bowels of the FCC, which is somewhat of a surprise. The phone launched back in September and we didn’t really expect to see it stateside like many of Nokia’s fun and unique handsets. But here it is, in all of its GSM glory. The phone isn’t 3G so it’s up in the air whether… Read More

  • Verizon to raise ETF to $350 on "advanced devices"

    Don’t expect to scam Verizon on BOGO deals anymore, folks. The carrier is raising early termination fees on Novermber 15 to $350 for “advance devices” only. Clearly VZW is targeting users who were abusing the buy one get one free BlackBerry deals and those that figured out that it was cheaper cancel their current contract and pay the $175 ETF than to pay full retail for the… Read More

  • HTC launches the HD2 in Europe and Asia, reconfirms stateside availability in early 2010

    Seeing as HTC’s CEO Peter Chou sorta slipped up and mentioned this back in October, it’s not exactly, you know, news news – but just in case you were a little bit shaky on the dates, HTC has gone ahead and confirmed that the 1 Ghz, WinMo 6.5-powered HTC HD2 will be coming to the United States “with a major US carrier in early 2010. ” Note that they specifically say… Read More

  • New Motorola Droid commercial drops

    If this latest commercial is any indication, the Motorola Droid is going to be air dropped from stealth fighter planes into random locations where people have no idea what it is. Read More

  • T-Mobile goes down around the country

    Ack! Talk about bad timing. T-Mobile is just barely off the grill for their guilt-by-association connection with the Great Danger/Sidekick outage of 2009, and now they’re right back in the network-outage spotlight. This time around, it appears that it’s their entire network – or at least, a big ol’ chunk of it – that has gone down. Voice and data are both coming… Read More

  • Tutorial: How to Tether on an iPhone 3G or 3GS running OS 3.1.2

    When the iPhone OS 3.1 update rolled through town, it brought with it a handful of new features – but it also killed off one, not-so-official feature: unauthorized data tethering on AT&T. Early this morning, the endlessly ingenious iPhone hacking community released Blacksn0w, a carrier unlock for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Even if you have no need to plug in a different SIM card than… Read More

  • Tethering unofficially returns to AT&T iPhones thanks to BlackSn0w

    Good news, everyone! As you may have heard by now, the iPhone 3GS and 3G are now fully carrier-unlockable thanks to blacksn0w – but that’s not all! In addition to making your iPhone carriers SIM card slot play friendly with just about any SIM you can cram in there, blacksn0w also undoes some of the locks put in place by Apple/AT&T during the upgrade to 3.1. Namely, it removes… Read More

  • Newly discovered Safari bug could mean big fees for some iPhone users

    Whenever you hear about bugs and exploits being discovered in the iPhone’s browser, Safari, it’s usually the doings of some masterful meddler who devoted hours to unearthing any flaws they could find — not some user casually tapping around the application. Apple’s pretty good at keeping things locked down, and the iPhone’s got enough users that most of the… Read More

  • Gameloft Announces Q3 Results, Expands Into Southeast Asia And The Middle East

    Gameloft, one of the world’s largest mobile gaming development houses, has just released their numbers for the third quarter of 2009. In the first three quarters of 2009, Gameloft has already slung $132.3 million in mobile applications. This is up roughly 18% percent from the same time period last year, during which they brought in roughly $112.2 million. Read More

  • How To Make BeeJive's Push Notifications Far Less Annoying

    We BLOOP dig BeeJive on the iPhone. What we BLOOP don’t dig is getting a pop-up push BLOOP notification every 3 seconds just because some of our friends like to type in fragments rather BLOOP than sentences. Fortunately, BeeJive has recently added a new setting which lets you tweak the behavior of push notifications to be far, far less annoying. The wording they chose to tuck it… Read More

  • Sprint to officially block tethering

    Tethering has always been great for the consumers and bad for the companies – ostensibly because it overloads the bandwidth but really because most tethering has been done under the radar by hax0rs and it essentially circumvents the limitation of bandwidth providers put on there in the first place. Read More

  • Apple sells only 5,000 official iPhones in China

    Not that this should surprise anyone, but Apple has sold only 5,000 iPhones since last week when it officially launched. The phrase “officially launched” is key, since people there have been able to buy the iPhone on the gray market for some time now. And it’s a superior phone on the grey market, since the official phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi. That’s right: a… Read More

  • Buongiorno, vi presento un video del Sony Ericsson Experia X10

    Long-suffering handset maker Sony Ericsson is all about the UX, people, and they’ve got the screens to prove it. The new system does basically what everyone else is doing and it brings all of your friend’s content into something called TimeScape (there’s another one for media called Media Scape.) Their new UX UI looks pretty amazing – you basically drag cards all over… Read More

  • Opera releases new beta build of Opera Mobile for Nokia, Symbian/S60 phones

    It’s been about two months since Opera introduced the non-beta version of its Opera 10 desktop browser, and today the Norwegian software developer is following up on that release with that of the latest beta build of Opera Mobile, a custom browser specifically built to give Symbian and Windows Mobile equipped handset users a (much) more pleasant Web browsing experience. The… Read More

  • 5 iPhone Accessories We're Still Waiting For

    digg_url = ‘’; Way back in March, Apple announced that the latest and greatest build of the iPhone OS would open up a whole new world to third parties: richly featured accessories, complete with tie-in software. No longer would accessory makers be limited to headphones, cases, and FM… Read More

  • Motorola CLIQ now available to all

    You know what? We’ll be honest. The fact that the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ is now available to anyone who wants one (rather than only existing T-mo customers, as its been for a week or two now) is only a small part of the reason we wrote this post. We primarily wrote this because we wanted to be able to use the “298 minutes away from cake” graphic one more time. It’s just… Read More