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  • Video: If you don't laugh at this, you might want to go get checked

    There is absolutely nothing that needs to be said about this video. Oh, except for this: wear headphones. Don’t want to wake the baby. [via Reddit] Read More

  • GameFly iPhone App finally gets proper Game Queue management support

    I’m a fan of GameFly. As a hardcore gamer (as in I spend too much time doing it, not as in I’m particularly good) who gets bored of games quick, it just makes economic sense. That’s why when GameFly announced their GameCenter iPhone app last October, I just about ate my pants in excitement. That’s what people do when they’re excited, right? Eat their… Read More

  • The iPad's Killer Feature Summed Up by One Word: Multiplayer.

    The web is abuzz about the iPad again and frankly, I’m stoked. There are a lot of things about the new Apple tablet that are interesting, from couch computing to a portable media player. But the feature I’m most excited about is Multiplayer. Multiplayer what? Multiplayer games, multiplayer browsing, multiplayer video viewing, multiplayer productivity apps. Say that five times… Read More

  • iPad apps begin to go live in the App Store

    Oh, Apple! You dirty, dirty tease. Two days before the iPad itself hits the shelves, its apps have begun to go on sale in the App Store. Read More

  • New Twitter For BlackBerry Beta client leaked

    Didn’t manage to squeeze your way into our Twitter for BlackBerry Beta code giveaway? Got into the Beta, but just want to be on the absolute cutting edge? Either way, you’re set. A new Beta version of the client has just leaked out, making RIM’s mediocre Twitter client slightly less mediocre. Read More

  • Verizon Palm Pre and Pixi Plus price slashed, Mobile Hotspot goes free

    Be still, my pounding heart! In what is quite possibly the worst day to choose to do so (we promise its not a joke!), Verizon has just lopped a ton of cash off the entry fee for the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. Better yet, they just made Mobile Hotspot, the add-on service that turns your Pre Plus/Pixi Plus into a 3G-powered WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices, completely free. Read More

  • Windows 7 Mobile gets ported to the iPhone via a custom theme

    Blasphemy? Maybe, but it seems to run great. Unfortunately the creator — woocash-kun on DeviantArt — states he’s not ready to release it to the public and wants to keep it to himself for the time being. That’s blasphemy. The Internet is about sharing and caring, pal. Now let us all have your creation so we can pass it off as our own because we’re clearly too… Read More

  • Not really a big surprise: iPhone multitasking to use "Expose-like" interface

    We know iPhone OS 4 is in the pipes, and I imagine this little nugget of information is far from the only inklings we’ll have of new iPhone features over the next few months. Despite the extraordinary length of the Apple Insider article, there’s really only one piece of new information: the iPhone will be using an Expose-like interface to let you switch between apps, though due… Read More

  • Seeking Jumbotron Fame? CrowdCameo Lets You Upload Mobile Photos To The Big Board

    Social Media is catching fire, and college sports wants a piece of the action. Row27, a company we profiled a few months ago, has just released CrowdCameo. The product is a suite of picture-sharing web and mobile apps which let fans post pictures directly to a college sports-branded web page. Basically, all those drunk idiots (including myself) at college sports games can now spend all day… Read More

  • Review: Motorola CLIQ XT

    It can be said that Motorola just got its groove back. The Droid is probably one of the best phones out there, followed by the Devour, and they’re constantly releasing a few good models every few weeks, which is better than some manufacturers can say. They’ve hit on a strong formula: build a nice phone, put Android on it, sell a few hundred thousand. Repeat. While the CLIQ XT… Read More

  • How-To: Manually update your Verizon Droid to Android 2.1

    It’s here. It’s finally, finally here. After countless rumor-fueled false starts and delays, the Android 2.1 update has finally started rolling out to Verizon Droid owners. Unfortunately, it’s only been rolled out to around 8,000 Droids at this point — and considering that there are purportedly at least a million of these things floating around, that means the majority… Read More