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  • Cryptic Droid release date counter reveals October 28th announcement date

    This one goes out to all the Da Vinci Code fans out there. You know who you are. The Droid is incoming, this we know, but the day and date have eluded us… until now. The little countdown on the Droid does site is made of little glyphs, but a simple substitution code isn’t going to hold off the internet for long. I could have applied my steel trap of a mind to it, but I’m… Read More

  • Palm catalogs webOS apps online for all to see

    Being the new kid on the block is always tough, especially when the guys who have been around always seem to be a few steps ahead of you. Palm certainly knows how that feels: after launching the hardware equivalent of a Hail Mary pass in a market that’s already saturated with smartphones, the pressure has been on them since day one to keep up with the competition. Say what you will about… Read More

  • U.S Cellular launches the Samsung Trill, Samsung Caliber

    Further proving that they can blast out feature phones at a rate faster than any other manufacturer in the world, Samsung has just launched not one, but two new pieces for U.S. Cellular. Read More

  • WinMo 7 vs. WinMo 6.5, in screenshots

    Though we certainly made an effort, we just don’t play well with Windows Mobile 6.5. With that said, we really do (honestly!) hope that Windows Mobile 7 comes and blows our minds. Though we’re still almost completely in the dark when it comes to WinMo 7 details, WMExperts has managed to shed an inkling of light on the subject. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8900 for a penny (or upgrade for $50)

    New AT&T customers can grab the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from Amazon for just a penny when signing up for a two-year contract. Existing customers can get it for just $50 with a contract renewal. The same phone is going for $150 directly at AT&T’s site. Read More

  • Motorola Calgary is like the Droid, but horribly ugly

    Their seems to be two distinct camps when it comes to the Motorola Droid. One group looked at it and said, “Wow! That is a gorgeous phone!”; the other looked at it and said, “Wow! That is a horrendous phone!”. I, personally, am in Camp 1 – I think the Droid is pretty stunning. The same can not be said for Motorola’s other Android phone for Verizon. Read More

  • Mozilla to release "an app" for the iPhone soon

    Whenever anybody from the Mozilla, the overseers of Firefox, gets to talking about iPhone apps, the geek-blooded world gets themselves all in a tizzy. As the mobile port of Firefox, otherwise known as Fennec, ticks away through the beta paces on Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Linux, iPhone owners care about only one thing: When do they get it? Over the weekend, GigaOm spoke with Mozilla CEO… Read More

  • Acer announces 'beTouch' line and 'neoTouch' touch phone

    Alright, so somehow this slipped under our radar for a few days, but no matter…here it is. Acer has announced a new touch screen-based phone lineup and device: beTouch and neoTouch. Read More

  • The BlackBerry Storm 2 makes an appearance on Verizon's website

    Besides the CEO touting the BlackBerry Storm 2 around for some impromptu demos, Verizon hasn’t exactly acknowledged the phone’s existence. There have been rumors that it’s because the Storm 2 still doesn’t live up to Verizon’s standards or it could simply be that Verizon doesn’t want to take the attention off of the Motorola Droid. Whatever the case maybe… Read More

  • Japan gets 11 new cell phones: KDDI's full winter line-up (photo gallery)

    Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au showed their new cell phones [JP] for this winter. The first of the eleven models will be available in Japan as early as this month. Complete line-up after the jump. Read More

  • Video: Samsung's flexible OLED screen Vs. a hammer

    Do you regularly beat your cell phone’s screen in with a hammer? Well, friend, you’re in… wait, you don’t do that? Crap. Lets start again. Do you know someone who regularly beats their cell phone’s screen in with a hammer? Well, give them a call, because we’ve got good — nope? No one comes to mind? Guh. Can you imagine someone who regularly beats… Read More

  • Threaded tripod-compatible iPhone case: too much or too much?

    There’s a bit of a paradox at work here. If you shoot a lot of video on your iPhone, a tripod mount might be quite convenient. On the other hand, if you shoot a lot of video, why the hell are you using an iPhone to do it? While I do like photography accessories, and threaded things in general, I’m not sure I can fully approve of this case. It’s bulky for one thing, ruining… Read More

  • The BlackBerry watch is real, renders leaked

    Remember August 2009? It was a simpler time; a time before the nation had to worry that whatever was on the news was just the result of giving a 6-year old and his dastardly parents a big-ass balloon. Right around that time, word got out that RIM was cracking away at a Bluetooth watch for the BlackBerry line, only to disappear off the radar entirely – until today. Read More

  • Sprint Nextel continues its buying spree with iPCS acquisition

    According to MarketWatch, Sprint Nextel, the number three US wireless carrier, has agreed to buyout yet another of its affiliates, iPCS. Having just recently finalized a deal to acquire Virgin Mobile USA, Sprint is looking to further shore up its customer base with the addition of iPCS’ 700,000 subscribers. Not to mention, the acquisition will mark the end of long and drawn out legal… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 gets caught on camera

    They say the best things come in small packages – and in this case, one of the things we’re looking forward to most over the next few months, Sony Ericsson’s Android-powered XPERIA X3, has come forward in a tiny, tiny picture. Yeah, don’t bother clicking that image over to the right. There is no larger version. Read More

  • Verizon: This is the Droid you are looking for

    Fresh off its weekend of new found fame and glory, Verizon’s upcoming Android 2.0 device, the Motorola Droid, appears to have found its way into the hands of the Boy Genius. Read More

  • Rock Band For iPhone Hits The App Store

    The much anticipated and hyped Rock Band for iPhone and iPod Touch is out! We first scooped the news of the launch of the app a few weeks ago. Shortly afterwards, Rock Band for the iPhone/iPod touch was officially announced by Electronic Arts. The app costs $9.99. The game features a multi-player mode (via Bluetooth), allowing up to 4 players to rock out on the go. While you can also play… Read More

  • Three cool iPhone apps that are perfect for mobile news consumption

    My name is Robin Wauters, and I’m a news junkie. Being obsessed with consuming as much news – mostly technology related, of course – as humanly possible in the all too short span of any given day comes with the territory of working for TechCrunch, but I’ve always been a fan of obtaining as much information as fast as I could. You could say my ever-growing habit of trying… Read More

  • GSM-Flavored Motorola Droid passes through the FCC

    Last night, a bunch of strange tips slammed our inbox, all talking about the Motorola Sholes (otherwise known as the Tao, or more recently, the Verizon Droid.) “Motorola just tried to sneak the Sholes through the FCC!” they read, highlighting the fact that in this recent report, Motorola only mentions Sholes by name once – and it’s about as subtle of a mention as can be. Read More

  • Acer Liquid specs and images leak out…

    It feels like just yesterday (er, two days ago) when we first caught wind of Acer’s new, Android-powered smartphone, Liquid. Unfortunately, at that point in time, we were left hankering for the new ‘droid’s specs (and pics). Fast forward some 48 hours and voila, the Liquid’s specs have leaked (god, I love bad puns) all over the Intermess! Read More