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  • Tens of Millions of Mexicans May be Left Phoneless Come Saturday

    Around about a year ago, a law was passed in Mexico that would enforce compulsory registration of personal details to a mobile phone account. The idea behind it was to help fight crime (Batman style) by inhibiting the method of delivering ransom and extortion calls. Telcos were given 12 months to collect the personal details of their subscribers. Come Saturday, that 12 months will be up… Read More

  • HTC Incredible gets rendered, looks incredible

    We can’t say for sure whether this is an actual leak or the work of an overly talented individual with just the right amount of time on their hands. Either way, that render up there is the most gloriously high resolution look at the Verizon-bound HTC Incredible Android wunderphone that we’ve been blessed with so far. Read More

  • Debunk: No, iPhone OS 4.0 Beta isn't jailbroken.. yet.

    This’ll be a quick one, because we want to nip this little rumor in the bud before it takes off. A handful of blogs around the vast Internets are reporting that the just released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta has already been hacked to pieces, with a jailbreak solution already being discovered. This is inaccurate. The truth: it’s all just a bit of miscommunication. When asked (via Twitter)… Read More

  • Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 Keynote video now live

    Even though you probably followed along with our liveblog, you’re probably going to wanna see Steve-O do his thing. Luck for you, Apple just posted the special event video for your viewing pleasure. Read More

  • RIM's official BlackBerry Twitter client rolling into public beta tonight

    Didn’t get into the BlackBerry Twitter beta when it was locked up tight? Didn’t feel like dabbing with leaked software when the newest version leaked to everyone a few days later? Fear not, dear reader! It’s almost your time to bask in the sweet, sweet RIM-brand Twitter client sunlight. Read More

  • Review: HTC HD2 on T-Mobile

    Short Version: Pity the poor HD2. It’s one of the most amazing phones I’ve seen all year but like some ultra-evolved dinosaur at the end of the Cretaceous period, it was born just as a cataclysmic asteroid (Windows Phone 7) was about to change the entire ecosystem. Still, for someone looking for a great media phone and one of the best Windows Mobile Phones I’ve ever seen… Read More

  • Finally, Bluetooth keyboard support for the iPhone

    Back when the iPad came out and the SDK was being explored, Greg singled out a few iPad features that we felt would be useful on the iPhone. Unfortunately only one of them seems to have made it in OS 4.0, but it’s a handy one: Bluetooth keyboard support. You can get some quite nice keyboards for a decent price, and they’ll make long emails or blog posts much, much more… Read More

  • OMG! There's a Frank's Hot Sauce iPhone app!!

    Today is a glorious day, comrades! No longer are we shackled to the Google iPhone app to find a dining establishment that serves that robust delicacy of deep fried chicken wings! No longer will we have to put our phones up to our cherubic faces and say “chicken wings” like all the other proletariat saps! No, friends! Now we can install the Frank’s Hot Sauce app! Truly, there is… Read More

  • Flash hooks in iPhone OS 4.0 SDK – no, not that kind of Flash

    A couple new hooks in the 4.0 APIs seem to indicate a device with a built-in flash. Yes, as in a camera flash: AVCaptureFlashMode (auto/off/on modes)
    AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash Well, that could mean either a flash on the new iPhone (likely) or an external flash available as an accessory (less likely, but still possible). Or native pairing with certain cameras? That’d be insane. It’s… Read More

  • Everything you need to know about iPhone OS 4.0

    The iPhone OS 4.0 event just wrapped up and the faithful are filing out of the Apple venue with a slightly shell-shocked look. What happened? Oh nothing, just multi-tasking, iAd, a huge Mail update and a bunch of other stuff. Yes, the long-awaited OS update for the iPhone has just been run down and we’ve got all the details. Here, in handy bullet point form, are all the things you need… Read More

  • Folders are a welcomed addition to the iPhone

    It took forever to get here – nearly as long as multitasking — but soon you’ll be able to neatly organize all your apps into folders right on the iPhone. There’s no need to launch iTunes, either. Just drag and drop apps on top of each other to automatically consolidate them into one folder. Read More

  • iPhone OS 4 Developer Preview brings multitasking, folders and more to the iPhone

    It’s been 10 long months since Apple released iPhone OS 3, which brought Copy/Paste, MMS, Tether, and Spotlight to the iPhone. Today Apple is announcing¬†the Developer Preview, which will open up all sorts of new avenues for the iPhone with seven main features with multitasking being the crowd pleaser. But there’s so much more, too: folders, unified mail accounts, iBooks… Read More

  • Live Blog: Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 announcement

    It’s that time again, folks. The day that is looked upon with excitement by fan boys and cynics alike: it’s an Apple announcement day. Apple has already made it perfectly clear that today’s announcement will bring details about iPhone OS 4.0 – but what ever will they be? Will it multitask? Will there be interface overhauls? Will this new OS singlehandedly eliminate… Read More

  • Upcoming Live Blogs: Apple's iPhone OS 4 tomorrow, Microsoft's Project Pink on 4/12

    Start the countdown, folks. Tomorrow at 10 A.M. sharp, Apple will finally be dropping the curtain on iPhone OS 4.0 – and we’ll be there, reporting live. We’ll get to the ol’ Infinite Loop bright and early, armed to the teeth with laptops, cameras, an array of 3G USB dongles, and all the other gear necessary to bring you the best liveblog around. The event starts at 10… Read More

  • Gasp! AT&T's "Unlimited" data plan for the iPad 3G to actually be unlimited

    I’m trying to keep the iPad-related posts here on MobileCrunch down to a minimum, because I figure you’re getting enough of it shoved in your face by other blogs, Twitter, and your mother after she saw it mentioned on the news and wanted to bond with you. With that said, this one gets a pass for being as much AT&T-related as it is iPad-related. You see, most of the major… Read More

  • Skyfire puts BlackBerry development on pause, focuses on Android

    You might want to take a seat, BlackBerry fans. Remember all those pictures and details about the BlackBerry port of the Skyfire browser that leaked way back in April of last year? Those are all you’re going to get for a while. Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck has just stepped out to announce that development of the BlackBerry port has been put on an indefinite hiatus, with the Android port… Read More

  • Vodafone targets developing markets with mobile web and Opera Mini

    Now that most of us are essentially swimming in 3G signals on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget that a solid percentage of the world still has to make do with GPRS. Telecom giant Vodafone hasn’t forgotten though, and they’re taking a novel approach to making sure the developing world gets their mobile internet fix: they’ll pre-load Opera Mini on 20 low-end phone models. Read More

  • HTC Incredible coming April 29th? Looks like it

    For all of you folks who were left disappointed after Verizon’s deafening silence regarded the HTC Incredible at CTIA : start smiling. Earlier today, the above image from an internal Verizon e-mail started circulating. “New devices coming really soon!”, it promised. Now, it would have probably been safe to assume that included the Incredible – but assumptions are… Read More

  • Palm stock sky rockets thanks to Lenovo buyout rumor

    The graph above pretty much says it all, but to throw in a bit of context: at around 10:30 EDT this morning, a rumor ripped through Wall Street indicating that Lenovo (who you probably remember as the Chinese tech company who bought IBM’s PC division in 2005) was considering snatching up Palm. In the roughly 3 hours or so that have passed, Palm stock has surged by just over 70 cents… Read More