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  • Microsoft: Steve Ballmer will not be speaking at WWDC.

    Early this morning, the rumormill went a bit bonkers. A hole to a parallel universe apparently ripped open outside of an analyst’s office. Through this hole, the analyst saw a world where Steve Ballmer presented something at Apple’s WWDC 2010 keynote. Alas, the analyst didn’t realize that this was a parallel universe, instead interpreting it as a glance into the future. Read More

  • Fring for Android gets video calling

    Just in time for the launch of the EVO 4G (and its front-facing camera) next week, Fring has tossed 2-way video calling support into their Android app. It’ll work on Android devices regardless of whether or not they have a front-facing camera — if yours doesn’t, you’ll be doing a lot of flipping back and forth if you want anyone to be able to see that sweet, sweet… Read More

  • Palm loses their lead webOS designer to the Google Android team, others may follow

    In what may very well be considered the geekiest sort of fandom possible, I consider myself a fan of Matias Duarte. As I’ve written before: “Wherever this guy goes, awesome user interfaces follow.” He and his team at Danger built a tremendously usable interface for the Sidekick, his work at Helio (especially the stuff that went to waste at the end, never to be seen by the… Read More

  • Friends Around Me iPhone/iPad app lets you interact with friends or strangers, just like they were really there

    Friends Around Me is a mobile app for iPhone and iPad that searches around you for nearby friends — or anyone else willing to say hello — and enables you to view their profile, look at and rate their photos, chat with them, or send them virtual gifts. The service joins together your Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook networks, allowing you to check in to venues and update your… Read More

  • New Japanese cell phone behemoth NEC Casio Mobile to go America soon

    We reported last year that NEC, Hitachi and Casio were in negotiations to merge their cell phone operations to become Japan’s second biggest manufacturer, following Sharp. And the new company, which is called NEC Casio Mobile Communications and was established on May 1, just yesterday announced ambitious expansion plans. Read More

  • Gay Fetish Site launches iPhone app

    While the big Steve said that you would have to go to Android for your porn fix, I guess he didn’t mean you would have to go there for help hooking up with like-minded leather fans. Read More

  • Hi Lux Pico Projector phone for $174? OK, I'll bite

    This Chinese phone is trying desperately to look like a Vertu but features one of the most massive pico projectors I’ve ever seen. The NCBC 888 phone with a built in pico projector takes media on a mobile phone to the next level. Anyone who has ever had to stare at a smallish screen (even if it is up to 4 inches) knows that after a while there eyes will begin to tire. Not with the… Read More

  • May 27th means LG's Ally is now rocketing across the US, Iron Man stylee

    As promised, LG’s mid-range, QWERTY, Android-powered slider (phew), the Ally, is now available from Verizon. Just think: somewhere out there, keen LG/Iron Man 2/Android fans are braving the harsh Spring conditions, waiting for their favourite Verizon stores to open. The less adventurous of the devout would have just pre-ordered it, but where’s the honour in that? You can grab the… Read More

  • Nokia N8 on its way to Vodafone UK

    Vodafone UK now have the Nokia N8 on their “Coming Soon” page, so it seems a pretty safe bet that Nokia’s new top-end Symbian ^3 powered handset will indeed be “Coming Soon” to Vodafone UK. You can probably also safely bet that the phone is “Coming Soon” to other carriers, too… but I don’t have a handy reference page for any other operators. Read More

  • Video: Acer gets all official with their 1GHz Snapdragon- and Android-powered Stream

    Today Acer officially announced their latest Android handset, the Stream (coz a whole lotta Liquid makes a Stream). The device will rock Android 2.1 UI atop a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7″ 800×480 AMOLED screen, 5MP camera with 720p video, 512MB RAM, 2GB on-board storage (+ an 8GB MicroSD card), and the usual connectivity options (ie WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, HSDPA, GPS). So… Read More

  • Exclusive: The Helio Ocean 3 that could have been

    Yesterday was a sad day for me, albeit one that was a long time coming. Yesterday, Helio, a wireless MVNO co-operated by EarthLink and South Korea’s SK Telecom, let out its final death cry. As I predicted in March, Virgin Mobile, who had acquired the failing company just two years prior, was pulling the plug on the post-paid side of their service that Helio had become. The lights… Read More