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  • Google's Nexus One manual has sense of humor

    Sharp eyed reader Mike noticed a little humor in the Nexus One manual screen shots. It looks like the the writers weren’t content with the name “Jane Doe” for a change. Hubris
    excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance. (thanks to Mike for the tip) Read More

  • CrunchRumor: iPhone OS 3.2 to support video calls, multitasking?

    Looking at the iPad SDK, programmers are starting to say that the new version of the iPhone OS will support video calls, file downloads, and some sort of multitasking. There’s also several other features in the SDK that won’t work with the iPad, but would be applicable to the iPhone in it’s current configuration. Read More

  • Firefox Mobile For Maemo Officially Launches

    Good news, everyone! Firefox is officially available for Maemo devices, like the Nokia N900! What’s that you say? Firefox has been available for Maemo for a while now? Sure, but now it’s official. Read More

  • Microsoft CFO confirms Windows Mobile 7 details coming next month

    Cut to the Fox green room, as Peter Klein, CFO of Microsoft, prepares for an interview with Fox Business News Flack: Okay Peter. You can talk about pretty much whatever you want during this interview. Windows 7, Bing, whatever. Just don’t talk about Windows Mobile 7. Read More

  • Toshiba TG02 spotted cruising through the FCC

    When the Toshiba TG01 launched way back in July of last year, it seemed like an absolute beast of a handset – and you know what? It still does. Packing a 1Ghz processor into an ultra-slim handset behind a big ol’ 4.1″ touchscreen, the TG01 is still right on the cutting edge if we’re only counting the hardware specs. Leaked roadmaps made us expect the sequel, the TG02… Read More

  • QWERTY FTW! T-Mobile myTouch Slide caught in the flesh

    Take the T-Mobile myTouch, and strap on a physical QWERTY keyboard. Give it a light tap with an ugly stick, and then convert the trackball into an optical trackpad. What do you get? The myTouch Slide. Read More

  • Review: Crush the Castle for iPhone/iPod Touch

    Every so often you find a game so addicting that you can’t stop playing it. I’m that way with two games on the iPhone: Fieldrunners and Civ Revolution. Close runners up are iShoot (there are only so many times you can launch nukes) and now Crush the Castle. Designed by Armor Games, CtC was originally a Flash game ported to the iPhone. To play you load up a trebuchet with… Read More

  • 5 Things The iPhone Could Learn From The iPad

    As is to be expected of any device that the masses get excited about prior to it actually existing, the iPad has torn the Internet in two. Some love it, seeing it as the first iteration of an eventually world-changing device; others just don’t see a point. “It’s just a big iPhone,” they say, “and I already have an iPhone!” These iPhone owners are exactly… Read More

  • Holy wow! AT&T admits NYC/San Fran 3G service sucked

    A recent AT&T earnings call consisted of a lot of talk talk talk but one slide stands out: it essentially admits that 3G in San Francisco and New York sucked ween AKA were both far below their official performance objective. Although I can’t figure out what the actual “Performance Objective” truly is based on this slide, those lines do seem to be going up. While anyone… Read More