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  • AT&T iPhone tethering to cost $20 a month extra, requires you to ditch your unlimited data plan

    Gather round, everyone! It’s time for this week’s edition of “Good news, bad news” — only this week, “bad news” is being supplanted by “terrible news”. The good news: As we touched upon earlier, AT&T has finally confirmed that iPhone tethering will launch this summer. The bad terrible news: You’d have to be pretty crazy to bother… Read More

  • Be thankful that AT&T is looking out for our best interests

    Today I am proud to be an earthling. AT&T has announced that it will finally lift the burden of unlimited data plans for smartphones. No longer will I have to say to myself, “I am tired of trying to make the most of what I pay for.” Like a wise king, AT&T has decided for us, its loyal subjects, that all we need really in life, in the totality of existence, is 2GB of data… Read More

  • The 5 best features of the HTC EVO 4G

    The EVO 4G is a great phone with the notable drawback of its short battery life. But apparently a lot of you don’t care judging by the comments on my full review. Fine by me. Even though it doesn’t have the battery strength to make it through a day of moderate to heavy usage, there are still some serious advantages to this phone over others. Enough so that some buyers are… Read More

  • Walmart feeling the EVO 4G hype, to sell the superphone for $199 sans mail-in rebate

    The EVO 4G is an awesome phone — besides the short battery life — and a lot of people are ready to jump on the 4.3-inch Android superphone when it launches on this Friday. Walmart no doubt wants a piece of the action and is joining Best Buy and Radio Shack in offering the phone for $199 straight-up, no mail-in rebate required. Sure, Walmart might have a certain Luddite stigma, but… Read More

  • Layar debuts new augmented reality browser, bets big on content discovery

    Layar is today unveiling the latest iteration of its Reality Browser product (3.5), starting with an Android version, with an iPhone 3GS app update scheduled for later. With the new version of the browser, users can now easily discover and experience Augmented Reality without the need to enter a search query or open a specific layer. This means users can instantly see the most interesting… Read More

  • Motorola officially announces its weirdo square phone, the Flipout

    Motorola love trying out new form factors almost as much as they love SHOUTING, and today’s announcement combines both those past times. While we spotted the square phone last month, it’s always good to have something officially confirmed. So, without further ado, I present to you the FLIPOUT (also the last time I write it in all caps). Read More

  • AT&T announces new data plans, unlimited data nowhere to be seen

    Today is a sad day in data land. AT&T have just announced two new mobile data plans with one glaring omission: no more unlimited data. There is some consolation, though, as those of you currently on unlimited plans are welcome to keep them. As of June 7, however, any new customers wanting the all-you-can-eat data buffet will be left hungry — and that includes new iPad owners. Read More

  • PSA: Samsung Wave shipping with virus

    Are you one of the Samsung fans that pre-ordered the Bada-powered Wave? Have you plugged it into your Windows computer yet? STOP NOW! FOR THE LOVE OF SAUERKRAUT, DON’T PLUG IT IN! Mere moments after our joyous announcement proclaiming the availability of the Samsung Wave to our friends in the EU, news is trickling in that the MicroSD card included with the phone is infected with a virus. Read More

  • Vodafone UK ships the world's first Bada phone, the Samsung Wave

    And we’re off! Without all that much fanfare following the announcement of Samsung’s smartphone operating system, Bada, the first Bada-powered handset has shipped. Read More

  • Rumor: Samsung to launch the Android-powered Galaxy S superphone in 110 countries simultaneously

    In the grand world of electronics, it’s pretty much customary to launch in one country, wait a few days, launch in another, and so on. At most, companies launch their new toys in two or three countries at a time – it’s just really the only sane way to do it, you know? Remind me not to ever call Samsung sane. Read More

  • More iPhone 4 innards leak out

    If you live around Cupertino, you may have heard it: a mighty roar that shook the walls to dust, and reached into your soul to shake your very core. This morning, someone had to wake Steve Jobs up and tell him that there’d been yet another next-gen iPhone leak. Read More

  • Best Buy drops prices of Kin One and Two, Verizon still burnin' ya where it hurts

    Best Buy have possibly seen the light in terms of pricing for Microsoft’s Kin devices. The Kin’s originally launched at $50 for the One and $100 for the Two, but both devices have just had $50 shaved off of them, making the One $0, and the Two $50. Read More

  • Wii remote used to control Windows Phone 7 app (in emulator)

    So this is kinda cool. At the ReMix Australia event today, some dude used a Wii remote as an accelerometer for an app running on the Windows Phone 7 emulator. There aren’t many details available beyond that. It seems that WM Experts found out about it by watching a Twitter hashtag, so it’s anyone’s guess, really. What does this mean? Not heaps. Just because it was able to… Read More

  • Acer announces Ferrari-and-Android-powered Liquid E variant

    So, what do you get when you cross one of the most powerful cars in the world, with one of the most powerful mobile operating systems in the world? Red, apparently. A whole lotta red. Acer has been Ferrari-fying their laptops for a great many years now, but this is their first Ferrari phone, and — more to the point — it’s the first Ferrari (and luxury) phone to have a decent… Read More

  • Kin Studio web app shown off on video

    If you read many reviews of the Kin One and Two, you may have noticed that the one feature that was universally praised was the syncing software, Kin Studio. Today, I understand why that is. The folks over at Pocket Now have uploaded a video run-through of the main features of the Silverlight-based web app, and, I gotta say, it’s pretty neat. Read More

  • Unknown HTC Android phone appears, shrouded in mystery

    For those that have only recently tuned in, the Android Guys have just unearthed photos of an upcoming Android handset from HTC, which they speculate to be the forthcoming HTC Aria. As you’ll recall, in last week’s episode, we thought that the HTC Aria was the QWERTY phone spotted at the FCC some months ago. However, the phone here appears to be of the slate variety…… Read More

  • HTC EVO 4G for Sprint Review

    Let’s clear the air right away: The Evo 4G isn’t the second coming. It’s not the iPhone slayer. It might not even be the best Android phone available to date. But it is a solid phone with amazing hardware running the consumer-friendly HTC Sense Android release. That’s a good thing. Read More

  • MobileCrunch Memorial Day Weekend Roundup

    Just because we’re taking a short break from the Internets to enjoy this fine three-day weekend doesn’t mean the news stopped. If you’re outside of the US, stuck at some job that doesn’t acknowledge today as a holiday, or just got a good ol’ fashion case of the boreds.. this one’s for you. Read More

  • WinMo-6.5-powered LG Fathom launch date officially announced, world shrugs

    I dedicate this next post to all the budget-minded Windows Mobile fans out there. Here’s looking at you, kids. We just got word that the LG Fathom will be released on June 3rd. For those not in the know, the Fathom is the last of its kind: a 1GHz Windows Mobile 6.5 powered handset. Other features include a dazzling 3.2MP autofocus camera (sans flash, it seems), QWERTY keypad, WiFi… Read More

  • Boost Mobile confirm release date for crazy-tough Motorola i1: June 20th

    Weehee! The missing piece of the Motorola i1 puzzle has now been placed, courtesy of an ad shown during the Indianapolis 500: the device will be released June 20th. The device is Boost Mobile’s first Android offering (and arguably their best phone yet), and is also the first Android device to offer iDEN push-to-talk functionality. The biggest selling point of the device, however, is that… Read More