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  • Opera to preview Mini browser for iPhone: will Apple give it the green light?

    Opera is set to unveil Opera Mini for iPhone in a press and partner preview during the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, the Norwegian browser software company said in a statement released earlier today. In addition, the company will be introducing a slew of other Opera-powered devices at its exhibit at MWC. Small caveat: Opera has yet to submit the iPhone app for approval in… Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch 1.2 launching tomorrow with Swype keyboard

    We thought we knew just about everything there was to know about T-Mobile’s oh-so-subtle hardware upgrade to the myTouch, known around the Internets as the “myTouch 1.2”. Truth be told, there wasn’t really that much to know: they’d bumped the headset jack up to a standard 3.5mm jack (Hurray!), and upped the amount of RAM inside from 192 megabytes to 256. Turns… Read More

  • The world is all a buzz over Google's new social networking service

    Over-sharing the minutiae of your life is already difficult, so why complicate things with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare when you only need one service to rule them all? That’s where Google Buzz comes in and makes annoying your friends with news about your snacking habits that much easier. Read More

  • The HTC Scorpion may pack 1.5Ghz processor, Android v2.2, and WiMax – if it exists

    HTC cranks out Android handsets like candy corn – and we love that. The only downside to this, however, is that each new leak has us drooling before the last leak even has time to become a real product. Our salivary glands were just warming up for the HTC Incredible and the HTC Legend, but now we’ve got the HTC Scorpion (possibly codenamed “Olympian”) to dream about. Read More

  • Wish your Nokia N900 could run Windows 95? Sure, why not. [Video]

    Man! Just this morning, we were looking at the Nokia N900 and thinking to ourselves, “Damn! If only this could run a 15 year old operating system, it would be perfect!” And just like that, our calls were answered. Read More

  • Android update after next likely to be codenamed "Gingerbread"

    As any good Android-obsessed geek should know by now, Google’s made a tradition out of alphabetically naming their firmware builds after sweets. Android 1.5 was “Cupcake”, v1.6 was “Donut”, v2.0 is “Eclair”, while the next release will be lovingly dubbed “Froyo”. “But what comes after that?!” you say from the edge of your seat. Read More

  • Texas Instruments goes for broke, packs 4 radios into WiLink 7 chip

    Why the hell not, right? In an effort to ensure that your future mobile devices are as small as possible, Texas Instruments has developed a new chip that somehow manages to contain 4 individual radios for WiFi a/b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, and FM receive/transmit. Not only that, it’s (according to the press release, anyway) even smaller and more energy efficient than before. Sure… Read More

  • Google dials down early termination fee for the Nexus One

    No one likes early termination fees, but for one reason or another they can become a necessary evil. When Google introduced a new channel for buying the Nexus One, I was excited at the thought of grabbing a phone without being hassled by a retail sales rep. The only downside was that if I bought it at the subsidized price and wanted to cancel within 120 days, Google would charge a $350… Read More

  • Locus OS: hybrid concept mobile OS with bits of Zune, TouchFLO
    This isn’t official or anything, just a concept that happens to use some Microsoft assets, but what it Windows Mobile 7 looked like this? I think we all know it will not, but until the hammer actually falls at MWC, hope… Read More