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  • Steve Jobs Responds To The Antenna Issue: Hold It Different Or Use A Case

    By now you’ve heard about the antenna issues some people are having with the new iPhone 4. Basically, it seems like wireless signal strength degrades if you hold the lower left corner on some, but not all devices. This has been shown on video and there are many reports out there about this issue — something that is particularly troublesome for left-handed people. I’m sure a… Read More

  • Can black electrical tape make your iPhone 4 work better?

    Is it possible to use electrical tape to make your new iPhone work better? Wired reader Ryan Rhea says it is. Turns out that one of the many issues that new iPhone owners are running into is if you touch the metal bezel, you’ll lose some of your connection. This can cause slower download speeds, and even dropped calls depending on your location. Sure, you could buy a case with rubber… Read More

  • Bing Tries To Take Over Web Search On Your iPhone By Making It App-Beautiful

    Bing Tries To Take Over Web Search On Your iPhone By Making It App-Beautiful

    Bing is on a roll. Yesterday, it released Bing Entertainment and a new iPhone app. And today it is following up with an update to its mobile web search at Bing only recently became a search option on the iPhone, but it really wants to become your default mobile search engine. ┬áIn fact, if you are not careful, Bing will take over as your default search engine the first… Read More

  • And now there are camera problems with the iPhone 4?

    Ah, the joys of first-batch Apple hardware. In addition to the hardware issues we’ve been seeing reported, there is now a group of users claiming that their rear-facing cameras are refusing to work at all. Apparently the shutter graphic just stays closed, and none of the buttons work. This occurs in the camera app or any app that calls in the picture-taking function, like… Read More

  • Discolored displays on iPhone 4s caused by still-wet glue?

    A forum poster claiming inside knowledge has explained the discolored displays on iPhone 4s as being a result of the devices being fresh out of the factory. The bonding agent (which the poster says he was involved in pitching to Apple) between the layers of glass hasn’t had time to dry yet, he says, and normal use for a couple days should clear it right up. Obviously this solution… Read More

  • Brookstone mobile site augmented with video

    Brookstone, the specialty product retailer in malls across America, recently rolled out an updated mobile website complete with video to augment product descriptions. The site was developed by Usablenet, the same folks that recently worked on the Marks and Spencer mobile site. The site follows the footsteps of the Marks and Spencer site, and offers another good point of reference for… Read More

  • Epic Symbian^3 review published, notices it's lagging behind

    If you like detail as much as you like Nokias, then this news is going to make your day: Mobile Review have posted one of the most thorough overviews of an OS that I’ve ever seen. The OS in question is Symbian^3, Nokia’s latest build of their tried-and-true OS, and the final Symbian OS to grace an N-series device. Read More

  • Freshly open-sourced, final Froyo build now rolling out to lucky Nexus One owners

    You crazy kids and your Nexus Ones. It looks like the final Froyo build (FRF83) is now being rolled out as an over-the-air update. This update supersedes the previous Froyo build (FRF50) that was rolled out to a limited number of Nexus One handsets for testing. Read More

  • Steve Wozniak spotted camping out overnight in San Jose for his iPhone 4

    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is no stranger to waiting in line outside of the Valley Fair Apple store in San Jose; He found his way to the front of the line for the launch of the original iPhone, and then joined it again for the subsequent launches of the iPhone 3G S and the iPad. It should come as no surprise, then, that Woz is camped out at that very location right this second, awaiting… Read More

  • Samsung has put out, among others, a phone called the :)

    Samsung dropped a few high-end feature-phones today into T-Mobile’s lineup: the Gravity 3, Gravity T, and the :). “The :), you say? Surely not.” But yes, the phone is called the :). I guess if companies like Motorola get to choose all-caps for their product names, we mustn’t begrudge Samsung an emoticon. The phones themselves are of the full QWERTY feature-phone… Read More

  • Reception issues, discolored displays being reported on iPhone 4s

    There are a number of reports going around right now of various issues with the iPhone 4. First, there’s the mysterious reception issue (above) that seems to be related to holding the phone, something a user might reasonably be expected to do with some frequency. Anybody care to test this on their illicit early-gotten iPhone 4? Gizmodo also has a growing pile of snapshots showing… Read More