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  • Cases here! Get your free iPhone 4 case! Apple's free iPhone 4 case program goes live

    If you’ve been anxiously waiting on the edge of your seat for your chance to nab some free stuff, you’ll be happy to know: Apple’s answer to Antennagate is now live. As of this morning, any iPhone 4 owner who might be having issues with their reception can register to receive a free case, be it one of the Apple-made rubber bumpers or one of the pre-selected third party… Read More

  • HP: No Windows Phone 7 for us, thanks.

    Now that HP’s purchase of Palm has earned them a smartphone OS of their very own, how do they plan to offer up products running competing operating systems like Android or Windows Phone 7 without dampening their efforts? Easy answer: They don’t. Read More

  • Quick look at the Motorola i1 with Push-to-talk

    In a few short years, Android has essentially taken over the feature phone market. By hiding most of the difficult features, carriers are able to produce a phone that’s cool, app rich, and familiar. The Motorola i1 is Sprint’s PTT Nextel phone for folks who have probably been “chirping” at each other since 2003. It is small, thin, a bit heavy, and feels quite rugged. Read More

  • Gresso's iPhone 4 Black Diamond may cost $10,000 but the case should fix the antenna issue

    Gresso, the company that fancies itself a manufacturer of luxury communication devices, has come up with the iPhone 4 Black Diamond. The “luxury” here means an 18 carat gold Apple logo, a black diamond (presumably a carbonado), and a 200-year-old African Blackwood case. Mm. Read More

  • Palm's Jon Rubinstein: WebOS 2.0 coming "later this year"

    When HP snatched up Palm, the webOS community feared the worst. Was webOS doomed to be shelved, with HP tearing Palm apart solely for their patents? Within days, however, HP confirmed that they had no plans to abandon webOS or Palm’s smartphone business — in fact, HP wanted to put webOS onto a bunch of other devices, like printers and tablets. Further proving that webOS… Read More

  • Palm HP gives away Pres to everyone at Brainstorm conference

    The giveaways continue! Google, Microsoft, now HP — apparently, the cool thing to do is to get your product in the hands of people who may or may not even want it. HP’s Todd Bradley and Jon Rubenstein just gave away Pres to everyone in the audience at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference. I think it’s a great idea, personally. It’s important to Microsoft to do… Read More

  • MagicJack Femtocell delayed, but still coming this year

    You may remember at CES this year we had a chance to meet with MagicJack and see the prototype for their Femtocell technology, which they said would be coming out in the first half of the year. Well they missed their projected launch date, but it’s looking like the Femtocell product may still be coming this year. Read More

  • The iPhone 4 "End Call" Antenna sticker becomes real

    In the wake of antennagate, that little antenna-bridging “End Call” sticker you see up above has been all the rage. Really, its been everywhere. Digg! Reddit! Your dad’s Tumblr! The one place it hasn’t been, however, is on an iPhone. The image up above is obviously just a Photoshop-job, and, as far as we can tell, the clever soul who came up with the gag didn’t… Read More

  • Kin of the Living Dead: Microsoft updates the Kin

    The Kin One and Kin Two are about as dead as can be. 22 days after they hit the shelves, Microsoft stopped making them, and Verizon stopped selling them. All in all, it’s said that about 10,000 of these things managed to get into people’s pockets before the axe got dropped — but if you’re one of those 10,000: Surprise! You’ve got a software update waiting for you. Read More

  • AT&T put their name down for 8 million Windows Phone 7 devices

    Hooo-ee! AT&T have clearly got high hopes for Microsoft’s upcoming mobile OS reboot, Windows Phone 7. Michael Gartenberg — technology columnist to the stars — tweeted out today that a trusted source told him that AT&T have signed up for eight million WP7 devices, which is approximately one million times more than the number of Kins sold. Read More

  • Droid X has fallen to the rooters

    Despite the possibility that the Droid X will blow itself up if you try and load any custom bootloaders onto it, at least a few modders must have scooped up Motorola’s latest last week, as it has just joined the ever-growing list of Android handsets with root access. Read More

  • Every Microsoft employee gets a free Windows Phone 7 handset

    Microsoft is in a giving mood. Just last month they gave out hundreds of Xbox 360s to E3 attendees — even sent one to the TechCrunch office for no particular reason. Now they’re going to be giving away Windows Phone 7 handsets to every Microsoft employee, if we are to believe what we read on Twitter. We recently got our hands on a WP7 unit and put up our in-depth impressions of… Read More

  • iPhone coming to T-Mobile in Q3?

    Whenever the rumor mill gets to chatting about the iPhone heading to another carrier beyond AT&T, it’s almost always focused around Verizon. On the off chance it’s about someone else, it’s generally Sprint. Oddly, the one most oft forgotten is the one that, from a technical standpoint, would be the easiest transition: T-Mobile. AT&T rocks SIM cards — so does… Read More

  • Skype with multitasking support now available for iPhone 4 and 3GS, 3G calls to stay free

    Skype has always sort of served as one of the poster children for why iOS just had to allow applications to run in the background. I mean, come on: being able to avoid gobbling up my precious minutes without having to keep the application open all the time just so I don’t miss calls? Yes. Yes please. Its been a few weeks since iOS launched to the multitasking masses — and today… Read More

  • A few more BlackBerry OS 6 images for y'all

    RIM are clearly trying to keep your focus on their upcoming BlackBerry OS 6. We’ve seen two different videos already, as well as a bunch of phone leaks and screen shots. And now, just for you guys, they’ve posted a whole heap more to their Inside BlackBerry blog. Read More

  • Video: Blind Type allows you to type without looking at your screen

    There are a few competing keyboards on Android and the iPhone at the moment: Swype, Shapewriter, Swiftwkey — and that’s just the ones beginning with S. But here’s one that’s tackling a problem I never thought software could tackle: Blind Type makes it possible to type on your touch screen phone without looking at the screen. You can do this because the Blind Type… Read More

  • T-Mobile fires up "4G Speed" HSPA+ network in another 25 cities, expands coverage around LA and NY

    It seems like just about every other week, T-mobile adds a few more cities to the big list of those supporting their “4G Speed” (they can’t outright call it 4G, because it’s technically still 3G) HSPA+ network. Last month alone brought 15 — and this month? 25 more. Is yours one? Read More

  • Tethering included as "easter egg" in flashlight app for iPhone

    Very sneaky. A convenient five-color flashlight that doubles as a… SOCKS proxy tethering tool. And it’s only 99¢! Whoever approved this app is going to get a rap on the knuckles for sure. Instructions for making this deceitful little app work are over at AppShopper; I’d move quickly, as Apple will probably hit the kill switch literally any minute. Update: Kill switch hit. Read More

  • iSkoot scoots into a partnership with T-Mobile, Kalaida now on over 100 handsets

    In our tech-obsessed bubble, wherein we obsess over how many millions of iPhones have been sold or how many tens of thousands of apps are in the Android Market, it’s easy to forget something: not everyone carries a smartphone. A massive number of people, from soccer moms to Arrington, still carry their good ol’ trusty feature phone. For the past few years, iSkoot has been ensuring… Read More

  • Apple sold 8.4 million iPhones in Q3 2010, smashed through revenue records

    At Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference last week, they were kind enough to spill the beans on how many iPhone 4s had sold since launch: roughly 3 million. What they didn’t share, however, was how many total iPhones they’d sold lately — that number, said Apple COO Tim Cook would be coming in their upcoming financial reports. The report for fiscal quarter three (which runs… Read More