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  • Android to get a Playstation emulator thanks to ZodTTD

    We like ZodTTD. He’s a dude who just gets stuff done. Back in the early days of iPhone jailbreaking, he found his niche in building emulators for the platform; within months, he’d ported over pocket friendly versions of the SNES, Genesis, N64, Playstation, while somehow finding time to build things like an iPhone version of the VLC media player. Now, after much demand by his… Read More

  • Motorola ousted as top US handset seller (Korea rising!)

    We’re talking tenths of a percentage point here, but symbolic events require only symbolic statistics. In this case, Motorola has been double-bumped from its long-held 1st-place spot in US handset sales — it’s now in 3rd, after Samsung and LG. That’s according to Comscore, which released April numbers showing Moto losing its precarious lead as it dropped from a 22.9%… Read More

  • PSA: The new Sprint Hero update blocks rooting.. and that might be all it does

    Alongside the announcement that the EVO 4G’s first OTA update was already available, Sprint casually mentioned that an update was also available for their HTC Hero. Sweet! Updates! Surely this patch fixes some of the issues (shorter battery life, roaming oddities, etc) that Hero owners have been having since the move to 2.1, right? Not exactly. In fact, the only “fix” this… Read More

  • Sprint HTC EVO 4G gets its first OTA update, fixes microSD issues

    Surprise! Sprint’s not going to let any silly microSD card bugs taint the day of their big EVO 4G launch. Just hours after Sprint shops around the country started pushing EVO 4Gs to hungry customers, the carrier has issued its first OTA update for this device. Read More

  • Sprint keeps it green, announces the eco-friendly Samsung Restore

    EVO 4G? Pah! Why get a 4.3″ inch screen’d, 1 Ghz CPU’d monster of a phone when you can get Sprint’s brand new Samsung Restore? Sure, it might be a bit less ridiculously powerful — but it’s eco-friendly! Read More

  • Gasp! AT&T stops selling the iPhone 3G because they're "Out Of Stock"

    The horror! Days after the Apple Store pulled sales of the iPhone 3G from their online market, AT&T has disclosed to employees the iPhone 3G is now “Out of Stock”. Employees are being told to direct customers to the iPhone 3GS. The fact that Apple’s WWDC, the birth place of all new iPhones, goes down in 3 days is, of course, a complete coincidence. Read More

  • HP not out of the WebOS smartphone business after all

    Now doesn’t this make you feel better? Mark Hurd at HP originally said that there would be no more WebOS smartphones… but now there will be! A Christmas miracle! He said: When we look at the market, we see an array of interconnected devices, including tablets, printers, and of course, smartphones. We believe webOS can become the backbone for many of HP’s small form… Read More

  • Sprint officially kicks off sales of the HTC EVO 4G

    “History will be made across the nation as anxious customers get their hands on America’s first 3G/4G wireless phone, HTC EVO 4G, packed with industry-leading features.” A little over the top right there, but anyway: you can now purchase the HTC EVO 4G at, Sprint retail stores, at RadioShack, Best Buy and Walmart. The device sells for $199.99 with a two-year… Read More

  • Premature leak of the day: Sony Ericsson 5-inch Android QWERTY phone

    Hoowee! Look at this thing! What you’re looking at here is a very early prototype of an upcoming Sony Ericsson 5-inch, full-QWERTY Android phone, and I gotta say, I kinda like it. However, 5 inches does make it a bit of a beast, moving the device squarely into too-big-to-be-a-phone-too-small-to-be-a-tablet territory… but look at that keyboard! It looks totally typeable! Read More

  • Sprint EVO 4G will ship with storage bug

    Uh-oh! It seems that the super-fab (but electrically challenged) Sprint EVO 4G will be shipping with an unintentional stow-away. Reports are floating around the net that some users who received their EVOs at Google I/O the other week are unable to save files to the MicroSD card. Instead, they get a permission error. Read More

  • Android 2.1 rollout for GSM Heroes starts Friday!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh man, I’m excited. My previously-crippled Android 1.5 phone, the GSM HTC Hero will finally (pending alignment of the stars), receive the bump to Android 2.1 as of Friday, June 4th. Read More

  • Tips and tricks to extending the HTC EVO 4G and Incredible's battery life (and what this says about Android)

    MG and I came at our EVO 4G reviews from different backgrounds. Even though I’m married to a  BlackBerry with a little Droid action on the side and he’s a self-proclaimed iPhone fanboy, we both came to the same conclusion: the battery life on the EVO 4G sucks. Sorry, it does. But that’s the state of high-powered Android phones at the moment. Both the EVO 4G and Incredible… Read More

  • AT&T apologizes to the guy they threatened to C&D for e-mailing their CEO

    If you spend any more than a few minutes a day on the Internet, you’ve probably already heard the story of Giorgio G.: Upset with AT&T about his iPhone eligibility dates, he e-mails the company’s CEO. A few days later, he e-mails again for a different (albeit related) matter. Within a few days, AT&T responds… with a threat to send him a formal cease & desist… Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Scorpion and all of its 1.5 Ghz, Android 2.2 goodness headed for Verizon?

    Waaay back in February, we told you guys a tale of the HTC Scorpion, a mighty beast of a phone. Packing Android 2.2 and a 1.5 Ghz (!) processor, it could very well be the phone that everyone lusts over after their love for the current king, the EVO 4G, tapers. Take it as you will for now, but we just got a heads up from a generally well-informed source that the Scorpion is headed for…. Read More

  • EVO 4G Root released

    We’d already seen proof that the oh-so-lovely hacking community had already managed to root (read: gain full, unrestricted administrative privileges for) the unreleased Sprint EVO 4G — but outside of a very select bunch, the process was kept on lock down. Fear not! Now you, too, can get all up on some handset hacking debauchery. Well, you can if you have an EVO — which for… Read More

  • AdMob's AdWhirl adds AdSense ads

    What do you call alliteration when every word in the sentence starts with the same two letters, as in the headline above? Is there a word for it? If not, I propose ultralliteration. Anyway, this one’s for the developers out there: AdWhirl (which allows devs to serve ads from multiple ad networks while only requiring them to implement one ad unit) has just added support for… Read More

  • PSA Part 2: Samsung Wave now said to be virus free

    Yesterday morning, we wrote a quick blurp letting you guys know to be wary of the just-launched Samsung Wave, given that it purportedly shipped with a nasty little auto-executing virus. For all those keeping up with this little mini-debacle (and for those about to ride the Wave themselves), we’ve got good news: according to Samsung, it’s all cleared up. Read More

  • Boost goes Android with the Motorola i1

    Man, I just might switch to Boost. For $50 a month you get unlimited text, talk, and web and you can run your business on an Android-powered Motorola i1. The i1 has an industry-leading 5MP camera, a vivid 3.1-inch HVGA display, and is one of the first devices to feature the new optimized Opera Mini 5 Web Browser. Combined with the Boost Mobile ‘Monthly Unlimited’ service, with… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy S launched in Europe, rest of the world comes later

    So maybe Samsung thought it was a bit ambitious to launch in 110 countries simultaneously, or maybe they never intended to. Either way, Samsung today announced that their flagship Android device, the Galaxy S, will be available in Europe very soon, while the US will get it “later this year”. Read More

  • Nokia E73 comes to T-Mobile

    I love the Nokia E-series. It’s like a Blackberry for folks who might not want a Blackberry and they’re very durable and useful. Symbian? Eh. Not so much, but Nokia makes a good phone. Anyway, the E73 Mode smartphone is out on T-Mobile. No pricing but it will run on T-Mo’s 3G network and it should be available on June 16. Read More