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  • Video: WP7S (maybe) running on an HTC Touch Diamond

    Real or fake? It’s a question often asked in the San Fernando Valley, and it’s been thrown around quite a bit lately with respect to videos purporting to show off the WP7S interface. Here is yet another such video, showing the interface on an HTC Touch Diamond. If, indeed, this is fake, may I ask why? Why put the effort into making such a video? Use your video-making talents for… Read More

  • Video: HTC HD2 gets Windows Phone 7, but not by Microsoft or HTC's doing

    The second Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 last month, the same question began pouring in en masse: “Will this run on my current Windows Mobile 6.5 device?” Microsoft was quick to crush everyone’s hopes , saying that no WinMo 6.5 devices were up to snuff. “But what about the HD2? That things like brand new and crazy powerful! Surely it must be upgradeable!”… Read More

  • Sprint LG Rumor Touch finally going on sale on March 28th

    Man oh man! Remember the LG Rumor Touch? The touchscreen feature phone Sprint announced all the way back at CES in early January? If you’d had asked me yesterday when this thing was going to launch, my response would have been a blank stare followed by “Holy crap, that hasn’t launched yet?” Sure enough, it hasn’t – but it’s just about to. Read More

  • CTIA 2010 Wrap-up: Android, Android, Android

    Bags have been packed, poker chips have been cashed, and planes have been boarded – and with that, the mobile-focused CTIA 2010 convention in Las Vegas has come to a close. Each time an event like this blows through town, tech heads do their best to distract themselves from their hangovers by writing monstrous posts on which platform or technology “won” the show. When it… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint Hero getting Android 2.1 on April 9th?

    We’ve known for a few weeks now that the Sprint HTC Hero would probably be getting the bumpgrade up to Android 2.1 sometime in April — but really, was anyone expecting the launch window rumor to stay that vague? Read More

  • It is morning in America: GeoHot tells of untethered jailbreak that could work on iPad

    Web video star GeoHot just did a quick demo of his untethered iPhone/iPod Touch jailbreak. That’s right – you just have to put something on your device – and not directly connect it to your computer – and it will jailbreak that heck out of it in a few minutes. It’s just like the old days when you could download an image on the original iPhone and suddenly… Read More

  • Crave the glory of tech blogging? Experience it virtually with Walt Mossberg's Embargo Blaster!

    Yeah, it’s pretty much a meta-blogging joke about some recent unpleasantness regarding non-disclosure agreements. But if you think you might run into Walt, Josh, or Blam some time soon, you will impress them favorably if you have a game sporting their likeness. It’s actually on a game-making platform called Sketch Nation Shooter, which will be 99 cents on the ol’ iPhone… Read More

  • T-Mobile MyTouch to get wire-free charging

    PureEnergy is selling their WildCharge wireless charging solution at select T-Mobile stores and will be offering a special charging pad for the MyTouch, T-Mo’s popular Android phone. This is one of the first wireless charging solutions out there and, in addition to the Palm line, one of the first carrier-approved wireless charging solutions. Click through for the presser. Read More

  • Yar! There be hackers in your iPhone, stealin' your texts.

    EVERYBODY PANIC! A new exploit has been found in Safari, allowing hackers to rip the entire catalog of text messages (received and sent, deleted or not) from your iPhone for their perusal and personal privacy perversions. You load the malicious website, and it goes to work, no user interaction required. In theory, this same exploit could extend to picture messages, contacts, and all sorts of… Read More

  • Quick Look: The HTC HD2 on T-Mobile

    Here’s a quick look at the first US version of the HTC HD2, a really nice Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. We’ve have plenty of coverage of this phone over the past few months but now it’s available on T-Mobile for $200 with contract. It’s a really beautiful phone – and I don’t say that much – but will it take off with WinPho waiting in the wings? Read More

  • iFixit pits the iPhone 3GS against the Nexus One infograph style

    iFixit is known for its gadget teardowns and self-help repair services. Now we can add large infographs to the mix as well with this large iPhone 3GS vs Nexus One graph comparing everything from the hardware to the manufacturing cost to sales. Our favorite part, however, is in the middle where the steps required to replace each phone’s battery is compared. Well played, iFixit, well played. Read More