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  • Why carriers didn't want to allow 3G VoIP before. And why they're now setting it free

    I’ve used VoIP apps on the past few iterations of of the iPhone as well as a number of other devices including some from Nokia, HTC, and Samsung. Those apps always only worked over WiFi and have mostly worked as advertised. Experience shows that if there’s one thing cellular companies are good at it’s ensuring a call can get from point A to point B (although AT&T has… Read More

  • Predictable rumor: Activision looking to bring DJ Hero to mobile platforms

    The rumor: Activision is looking to bring DJ Hero to mobile devices. You can assume the iPhone would be among the platforms supported. The facts: DJ Hero didn’t do too well, but Activision put a hell of a lot of money into it, so it wants to make as much of that back as possible. Read More

  • What is this mysterious Motorola Android device?

    Hello, gorgeous. Big ups to whoever convinced Mr. Blurrycam to take a leave of absence so the gadget loving world could get a decent spy shot of this unannounced Motorola Android device. Read More

  • Apple announces unlocked iPads with AT&T 3G support

    Folks were a bit disappointed early on in the iPad announcement when it started to sound like it’d be WiFi only – but there was a twist! Late in the show, Steve Jobs announced that there will be 3G-enabled models. While Apple specifically named AT&T as the carrier who will offer up the 3G, he also stated that all iPads will be sold unlocked. It relies on GSM microSIMs –… Read More

  • New iPhone SDK with iPad support coming today, 100% compatibility with iPhone apps

    Another year, another iPhone OS upgrade to get excited about. They’re not saying much about it just yet, but Apple has just announced that the new iPhone SDK (complete with support for the just announced iPad tablet) will be available today. As partially predicted by the rumor mill, iPhone applications will run on the iPad. They won’t, however, run in little floating windows, as… Read More

  • CrunchGear Is Live at Today's Apple Event This is where all of our live content for today’s Apple event will live. To make things perfectly clear, Apple won’t let us film inside the event. However, CrunchGear and a special surprise guest will offer a full play by play. Feel free to turn on your headphones at work and listen to the news as it happens or watch us… Read More

  • Listen to FM radio on your CLIQ

    The Motorola CLIQ is a nice phone. That’s point one. Point two is that it can actually play radio. Using a non-standard ROM, a user named Eugene found an FM radio binary and tried to run it on the CLIQ. After a little futzing, he was able to fire up the radio and listen to it right on the CLIQ. Who knew? Rest assured it’s not available to the public right now. Watch AndroidGuys… Read More

  • Sharp to bring solar-powered cell phone to China (and possibly elsewhere, too)

    Sharp, the biggest (in terms of market share) of all eight major Japanese cell phone makers, has been talking about internationalizing its phone business for quite some time now. It makes sense, as the domestic market is shrinking and as Sharp only sold 20% of all their cell phones outside Japan (1.6 million units) last fiscal. Read More

  • Smackdaddy Lets You Heckle Your Buddies and Bet on Sports on your iPhone

    Like bad beer, cracker jacks, and drunken fans getting hammered in the parking lot, smack-talking and sports-betting are staples of American sports. And that’s why Bema Studios created Smackdaddy, a free iPhone app [iTunes link] that allows you to both bet on games (currently just NFL, NHL and NBA) and tell your friends they smell. I got a chance to play with Smackdaddy this Sunday and… Read More