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  • Starbucks moving to free, no-registration-needed WiFi on July 1st

    This isn’t so much mobile news as it is news that mobile users should probably know about. That coffee company, Starbucks.. maybe you’ve heard of them? If not, open the blinds at whatever location you’re currently sitting at, and look across the street (or, at most, down to the corner). Surprise! It’s a Starbucks! Well, they’re opening up their WiFi; no hourly… Read More

  • Video: HTC Aria from AT&T now official. Out June 20th for $129.99 after rebate

    AT&T today belched forth news of their diminutive HTC Aria, which we spied earlier. Dante Martin, Product Manager at AT&T for Android devices, has even starred in his very own hands-on video, which we’ve embedded for you after the break. Read More

  • Several Spankin' Samsung Smartphones shown in Singapore

    The CommunicAsia event is happening in Singapore right now, and Samsung came clean today, admitting that they will announce 5 new phones across 3 OSes at the event tomorrow. That’s almost as many phones as there are ‘S’ words in the post title. Read More

  • Video: Samsung Galaxy S torn to pieces in front of your very eyes

    Looks like the new (and super-hot) Samsung Galaxy S has had its moment of vivisection, and we have the videos to prove it. For those of you that enjoy these things (either sadists or DIYers), you’ll be pleased to know that this one goes both ways: disassembly, then reassembly. Read More

  • The Attack of the Mutant Squares, Part II: The Nokia X5-01

    Not to be outshone by Motorola, Nokia today announced at their annual Nokia Connection event in Singapore the text- and social media-focussed, square-bodied X5-01. Yes! Marvel at the novelty of the form factor! Be dazzled by its bright colours! Feel befuddled by its gesture system! What gesture system? Well, rather than go to the hassle of making you press a button, Nokia have decided… Read More

  • Droid Xtreme (or X, or Shadow, or whatever it's called) caught on camera yet again.

    Man – is Motorola just giving out new, unannounced handsets to everyone they see carrying a camera? Between the Droid Xtreme, and the Droid 2, the number of leaks is starting to get silly. With that said, keep’em coming! Today’s latest batch of leaked goods comes in the form of gloriously sharp shots of the Droid 2’s keyboard-less brother, the Droid Xtreme. Read More

  • Yes, yes, Walmart will have the iPhone 4 at launch

    Live too far from the city to make a trip to your “local” AT&T or Apple store? Fear not, my suburban brethren, for your favorite superstore (unless you’re a Big K guy) will be stocking the iPhone 4 on June 24th. This isn’t really a big surprise — they carried the other iPhones and even the EVO. Walmart is actually getting to be heaven for smartphone lovers. Read More

  • Video: HTC EVO 4G vs Razors, Pennys, and Screws

    So, for one reason or another, you’ve gotta send your HTC EVO 4G in to Sprint for an exchange. What do you do? A) Wrap the EVO in the finest cloth you can find, ushering it gently into its shipping crate, or
    B) Attack its screen with razor blades, pennies, and screws and film the whole thing for the sake of science/entertainment. You can probably guess where this is going. (Hint: We… Read More

  • Awwww RIM and Motorola kissed and made up

    Is it Christmas? Motorola and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion have just jointly announced that they have entered into a settlement and licensing agreement that ends all outstanding worldwide litigation between the two companies. The financial terms of the agreement include an up-front payment and ongoing royalties to Motorola. Further terms and conditions of the agreement will remain… Read More

  • HTC EVO 4G performance capped at 30fps

    The super spec’ed HTC EVO 4G has been taking a bit of a beating lately — what with its woeful battery performance and exaggerated sales claims — but this latest report falls on the far side of peculiar. Users over at XDA are reporting that the framerate of the device seems to be capped at 30fps in both 2D and 3D modes. I say “capped” because a device with these… Read More

  • Report: Fujitsu and Toshiba to merge cell phone operations

    Big news from the Japanese cell phone industry today: Two of Japan’s top handset makers, namely Fujitsu and Toshiba, are in talks to merge their cell phone operations within this year. According to the Nikkei (“Japan’s Wall Street Journal” and usually a reliable source), negotiations already reached the “final stage”. The joint venture, if it happens… Read More

  • Motorola Droid 2 gets some proper spy shots (and spy video!)

    Take that keyboard-only shot of the Droid 2 we saw last week, and the blurry face shot we saw yesterday. Put’em together. What do you get? Proper, mostly blur-free spyshots of the next Droid, keyboard and all. Read More

  • Buy an iPhone 3GS in the last month or so? You might not be totally boned. [Update: Confirmed]

    Update: We’ve just confirmed this with AT&T. You needed a phone. Just about everyone with an Internet connection was telling you that a new iPhone was coming in June — but what do they know? You went ahead and bought an iPhone 3GS. June 7th rolls along, and Steve takes the stage to proudly proclaim that the iPhone 4 is the best thing ever made in the history of ever. They might… Read More

  • Sprint 4G lights up in Los Angeles, but only temporarily

    Got an EVO 4G? Live in Los Angeles? Get ready! It’s Easter Egg huntin’ time! Early yesterday, reports started trickling in that Sprint had fired up 4G service in Los Angeles — but here’s the catch: it wasn’t working in all of Los Angeles, or even consistently in the same spots. Read More

  • Shock: Students using mobile phones to cheat

    There was a report on the local news here yesterday about students using their mobile phones to cheat in school. My first reaction was, yeah, duh. Kids have been cheating in school since the beginning of time. The tools they use to cheat isn’t all that interesting. Whether it’s writing answers on the palm of their hand, filling a graphic calculator with programs to… Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide

    Short Version: A long, long time ago, I can still remember, how the MyTouch 3G’s touchscreen used to make me cry. And I knew that if they had their chance, that T-Mobile could add a keyboard, and maybe we’d be happy for a while. And how May/June made me shiver because T-Mobile has delivered – a MyTouch with a keyboard as useful as a Sidekick’s. Read More

  • LG will launch 20 Android phones this year

    We all know that the Android tsunami is upon us, but I still find it amazing just how many devices are being released by manufacturers. Today, LG announced that it will launch not 5, not 10, but 20 Android handsets by the end of this year. 20. Read More

  • Droid Incredible finally rooted for real… kinda

    Have you sat frustrated as Android device after Android device fell to the power of the root, while your HTC Incredible sat there, lamenting its legitimacy? Have no fear! Your root is here! …kind of. Read More

  • iPhone 4's screen may be tough, but don't think that it's shatter proof

    I’m sure we all know at least 2 or 3 people that have accidentally dropped their iPhone and watched in horror as the screen shattered into so many tiny pieces. It may have even happened to you. So, I’m sure you were pleased when Apple showed off how tough the new screen on the upcoming iPhone 4 was. I mean, they bent it like 30 degrees, fer cryin’ out loud! That’s like… Read More

  • All T-Mo phones free on June 19? What is this sorcery?

    According to TMoNews, apparently all phones purchased under the family plan will not actually be purchased – they’ll be free. Read More