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  • HTC Knight to launch as "Speedy" on Sprint, Jan 6th

    Over the weekend, those ever-dilligent people over at XDA managed to source this image of an upcoming, Android-powered 3.7″ HTC Knight (you probably don’t need me to tell you that I added the mouse). Very Little details are known right now, but further documents found with the image suggest that it has a sliding keyboard. Then, today, BGR was informed that the device will be… Read More

  • LG + LTE + VZW = big, shiny Android phone

    A vision of the future has shown itself today, with Engadget landing their mitts on a shot of an upcoming high-end LG Android phone bound for Verizon. The biggest news, however, is that the phone appears to sport an LTE logo on the back, making it the first sighting of a Verizon 4G device. There are few details available right now, but the other logos on the back seem to confirm that the… Read More

  • Acer Liquid Metal S120 hits the FCC: Speaks of Froyo + AT&T bands

    If you like aluminium as much as you like Android, AT&T, and Acer, then the FCC has some good news for you: the Liquid Metal S120 has just been confirmed as playing nice with GSM/EDGE 850/1900 and WCDMA Band II and V — the sharper in the audience will notice that that makes it a sure fit for AT&T. We don’t yet have a complete specs list to accompany the S120, but we do… Read More

  • Motorola Droid Pro may cost $299

    The BlackBerry-esque Motorola Droid Pro is definitely on its way, but, up until now, had been missing a price. Well, no longer, as a test page on Verizon’s site (since removed) has delivered that all-important tidibt… but you may want to sit down* before reading it. Ready? It’s $299. This is a price that gives the phone the infamous title of “most expensive Android phone… Read More

  • Sprint updates the Samsung Moment, fixing the bug that prevents it from calling 911

    You know what sucks? Having your house burn down. You know what sucks even more? Not being able to call the fire department because your phone’s baseband silently crashes whenever you disable WiFi, as is the case with the Sprint Samsung Moment. Or, I should say, as was the case. Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch 4G gets spotted in all 4 color varieties

    Worried that a boring ol’ black T-Mobile myTouch 4G (which T-Mo still insists on calling just “myTouch”) might not compliment your favorite kicks? Don’t sweat it: you’ve got options. CellPhoneSignal managed to wrangle up this promo shot of the four different hue choices you’ll have to pick from when this thing launches in a few weeks: black, plum, red… Read More

  • Android Gingerbread might not be as big of an update as hoped

    Everybody panic! The guys over at Android Central spotted this posting from on the Android code repository (from one of Android’s Security engineers, no less) indicating that the next major build — presumably the much hyped Gingerbread — will be version 2.3. The bad news? Rumors had pinned Gingerbread at version 2.5 or 3.0, implying that it’d be a fairly monstrous… Read More

  • Verizon launching LTE in 10 West Virginian cities

    The march toward next-gen wireless networks is well and truly underway, with Verizon today announcing their plans to launch LTE in 10 West Virginia metropolitan areas, joining the previous 38 announced at CTIA. Starting in Charleston this year, with plans to roll out to other areas by 2013, the network will initially target business users (meaning it’s likely going to cost a… Read More

  • In preparation for LTE, AT&T introduces new SIM cards

    If you’re interested in AT&T’s migration to the next-gen LTE network, then you’ll probably be interested to hear (or at least I hope you will be) that AT&T are now starting to use LTE-compatible SIM cards. BGR just received this image of an internal memo, teaching AT&T employees how to differentiate between the new cards, and reminding them to continue to use… Read More

  • Motorola wants you to test Android 2.1 on your Cliq

    That’s right, you! They want YOU to personally test a beta release of their Éclair upgrade for the Cliq before they release it to the great unwashed sometime next month. Are you keen to revel in the elite feeling of exclusivity? Willing to report back on any bugs? Happy to sign a NDA? Great! Head on over to the registration page (which will close when they receive their required… Read More

  • Shotgun Duel for iOS: It's Just Like Actual Dueling… Minus, You Know, Getting Shot

    Is some Bad Egg trying to bark at your ol’ Buckle Bunny? Some Bunko trying to make off with your new Bangtail? Or, more likely, is some punk from accounting trying to say you’ve snagged his stapler? Now you can settle things just like they would in the old west: with a good ol’ fashion duel — sans bullets, a criminal record, and the risk of gangrene, of course. Read More

  • These iPhone docks made out of N64 and Playstation controllers exist simply because they can

    You know how many times I’ve been sitting there, looking at one of my old N64 controller, thinking “Man. That would make such a good iPhone dock.”? None. None times. But just because something’s totally ridiculous and fairly impractical doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist, right? Read More

  • Virgin Mobile responds to T-Mobile's $30 prepaid plan with one of their own

    I always love seeing a good ol’ race to the bottom amongst carriers. One carrier drops prices, then another responds, then another, until all of their prices have dropped in one way or another. Everyone (“everyone” being the consumer) wins! Just a few days ago, T-Mobile introduced a new prepaid plan: for just $30 bucks a month, you get 1500 things, where these… Read More

  • With SkyFire for iPhone Still Awaiting App Store Approval, We Go Hands-On

    As soon as we heard that the SkyFire browser was coming to the iPhone, we just knew it was going to sit in the approval queue for a while. With Apple/Adobe’s infamous squabbling, anything that claimed to support Flash — even through some server-side conversions, as with SkyFire — was going to be subject to some major scrutiny. 1 month, 20 days, and 2 hours later, our buddies… Read More

  • Old Spice Guy makes Windows Phone 7 sound good

    The embargo has been lifted, the first reviews are starting to trickle out, and so far Windows Phone 7 is having a pretty good day. It’s not perfect by any stretch, but it’s Microsoft’s first big step back into mobile relevance, and that’s got to count for something. With its launch window fast approaching, though, Microsoft has to hustle to gain some mindshare, and… Read More

  • T-mobile to launch HD7 Nov 8

    Are you jonesing for a larger-than-life WinPho7 experience? One that only the 4.3″ HTC HD7 can deliver? Well, you should mark November 8 off in your calendar, bub, as that’s when T-mobile will launch their most blessed behemoth. The beast will run you $200, and if you’re as keen as I think you are, you may want to sign up for notifications on the mini-site, as T-mobile… Read More

  • Rugged Motorola Defy coming to T-mobile Nov 3

    Do you remember a few weeks back me telling you about the Motorola Defy? The dust and water resistant Android handset launching on T-mobile? Do you also remember how it was last listed as coming soon? No longer! Through a tweet from T-mobile themselves, the launch date has been listed as November 3rd. And, as you can no doubt see from the image above, it will run you $99.99 (presumably plus… Read More

  • Review: Windows Phone 7

    For years, Microsoft’s mobile OS was plagued with a reputation of being, for want of a better word, stuffy. As competing smartphone platforms rocketed past it in both popularity and functionality, Windows Mobile 6 fell further and further into a realm of obscurity, damned by a shoddy interface, a painfully bad touchscreen keyboard, and a downright atrocious application… Read More

  • Vertu Constellation Quest hits the FCC. Like an E72, but really expensive

    If you like your phones to be as prestigious as your cars, then you probably know of (or own a) Vertu — Nokia’s “luxury” phone brand. If you don’t, you probably enjoy seeing these things (and their accompanying price tag) as much as I, so allow me to introduce you to the Vertu Constellation Quest. The phone was announced last week by Vertu, but, in true “if… Read More

  • Mod of the month: Samsung Epic 4G gamepad mod

    I’ve not really written a post about a phone (hardware) mod before, but when I saw this, I couldn’t help but spread this awesome dedication to the gaming cause. What you’re looking at here is a Samsung Epic 4G with a fair few buttons removed from its QWERTY slide-out keyboard and replaced with some tape and some paint. Why? Oh why, would someone do this? Find out in the… Read More