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  • The iPhone 4 Antennagate story, as told through ridiculous Taiwanese animation

    You know, I’m just going to let the video do the talking this time. To summarize: Steve Jobs stole Bill Gates’ sweet hat, force choked Jason Chen, lopped off some fingers, stomped on some phones, and the press went wild. Sounds about right. [Thanks, David] Read More

  • Android Poised For Dominance In China, With Global Implications

    Despite Android’s growth since 2007, many refuse to declare a winner in the battle between Apple and Google for supremacy in the West. However, Android seems ready to leapfrog competitors to grab dominance in China, the world’s largest mobile market. A combination of drastic price drops on Android phones and custom Chinese mobile applications supported by the massive domestic… Read More

  • RIM to Apple: Man up and leave us out of it

    RIM has issued a statement regarding Apple’s explanation of the antenna issue from Friday, which of course used a Blackberry as well as other phones to demonstrate signal loss. I’ll let it speak for itself: Apple’s attempt to draw RIM into Apple’s self-made debacle is unacceptable. Apple’s claims about RIM products appear to be deliberate attempts to distort… Read More

  • Google to no longer stock Nexus Ones

    The Nexus One’s time is about to expire. Google will soon no longer stock its self-branded Android handset and just received its last shipment of handsets. It was good while it lasted. Even though the Nexus One never really caught on outside of the close-knit Android community, it was a killer handset and might still be one of the top three available. Read More

  • Yelp's Android App Approaching One Million Downloads

    Yelp's Android App Approaching One Million Downloads

    Yelp has one of the most popular apps on the iPhone, but its Android app is catching on too. Launched last December, the app is approaching one million downloads and activity on the app is picking up like crazy due to a recent upgrade that adds the ability to check into Yelp locations and Tweet them out or share them on Facebook. The number of active users is growing 50 percent week over… Read More

  • Guzzle for iPhone

    Guzzle is a super simple way to see current information about anything you want. It’s a mashup of a search engine and a feed reader: set up any number of keywords, and Guzzle will show you up-to-the-minute stories from hundreds of sources involving those terms. No account is required, but creating an account will let you save your settings. Now there’s a Guzzle iPhone app available… Read More

  • Chump Dump: Get Rid Of "Friends" On Twitter

    You never know where you are going to see something innovative—even right here the heart of the “Sili-corn Valley” that is Central Ohio. This week, I met a gentleman by the name of Dan Rockwell at the local Mobile Monday gathering, and we had a short conversation about his company’s latest mobile app called Chump Dump. The somewhat irreverentĀ concept is both funny… Read More

  • Quick rant @ Verizon: How about providing the customer service number when OTA activation fails?

    You know, it’s the little things that makes companies great. Attention to detail, if you will. I just opened my new Droid X and attempted to active the phone. It failed. That’s fine. Things happen. Then this message plays, “I’m sorry. We are unable to program your phone at this time. Please call customer service from a landline phone and a representative will be happy… Read More

  • Steve Jobs: "We're Not Perfect."

    After starting out with a light-hearted YouTube video about “Antennagate” at the Apple press conference going on right now to address the issue (read our livenotes), CEO Steve Jobs came onstage with a mea culpa: “You know . . . we’re not perfect.” In fact, Apple knew about the issue shortly after the first phones were shipped, and the company has been working on… Read More

  • Jobs: A Free Case For Every iPhone 4 User

    Today at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CEO Steve Jobs took the stage to address the iPhone 4 antenna issue. First he rattled of some numbers to show how small the problem actually is. But he also acknowledged that some people are having problems — and they want everyone to be happy. So what are they doing? Free bumpers and cases (as we predicted). Jobs says that everyone who… Read More

  • Apple: White iPhone 4 Will Ship At The End Of July

    Anyone remember how there were two iPhone 4 models announced at the last Stevenote? A black one and a white one, right? But we’re three weeks into the iPhone 4’s life and only the black model is available. Mr. Apple himself just stated at the end of the iPhone 4’s antenna talk that’s going to change by the end of the month. Read More

  • Fact: Almost everything suffers from the Death Grip

    Eric Zeman at Informationweek notes that the Galaxy S line of Samsung smartphones, including the Vibrant and the Captivate suffer from the Death Grip – essentially a massive loss of signal strength when the phone is held “wrong.” The same thing happens on the Kin and any number of phones out there. The only difference is the way you hold it. Read More

  • Live from Apple's iPhone 4 Press Conference

    In a bit of a last-minute surprise, Apple has called a press conference at their Cupertino headquarters. Only one thing’s for sure: it’s about the iPhone 4, and presumably about the iPhone 4’s antenna issues. So what’s going to happen: a mass recall? Probably not. Free bumper cases from everyone? Perhaps. We all have our theories, but nothing’s concrete until it… Read More

  • Android Market hits 100,000 apps and a billion downloads (Update: not so much)

    While Google hasn’t confirmed these numbers, an estimate of total downloads and app numbers maintained by Androlib has ticked over to 100,000 apps and games available, and a full billion downloaded. iPhone comparisons? If we must. Apple’s billionth app download occurred 287 days after the App Store’s debut. It took Android… well, let’s just say significantly longer. Read More

  • Droid X first run sells out; next batch goes out July 23rd

    It seems like a whole bunch of you went and bought a Droid X despite my “don’t buy” rating on account of Motorola’s draconian OS lockdown tactics. I guess I’m not as influential as I thought. Well, if you insist on being held down by the Man, I won’t stop you. If you’re still looking to buy, the next piping hot batch of units should be shipping on… Read More

  • The Only Real Solution to Apple's Antenna Problem

    The Only Real Solution to Apple's Antenna Problem

    Editor’s note: Guest authorĀ Steve Cheneyis an entrepreneur and formerly an engineer & programmer specializing in web and mobile technologies. Leading up to Apple’s press conference tomorrow, there’s been endless speculation about the iPhone 4 antenna issue. Amidst all the wrangling, both sides have been pretty bipolar about the solution—suggesting either a… Read More

  • App review: TomTom for iPhone

    For the last couple of months I’ve been using the TomTom USA navigation app for iPhone. The big difference between this and other GPS applications is that all of the map data is stored on your phone, so no Internet connection is required to calculate routes. This is great when you’re in a dead zone, but it carries a hefty penalty in terms of file size: almost 1.5GB! Read on for… Read More

  • Rumor: The bidding war for Palm was between Google, Lenovo, RIM and.. Apple?

    Take this as you will now (the HP/Palm merger is already complete, and none of these companies are ever going to fess up to losing a bidding war) but Business Insider is claiming to have an inside scoop on how the bidding war for Palm went down — and which companies lost out in the end. The big list? Google, Lenovo, RIM, and — wait for it — Apple. Read More

  • iOS 4.0.1 update now available through iTunes (Update: And 3.2.1 for the iPad!)

    The updates are coming, the updates are coming! Yesterday, developers saw the launch of iOS 4.1 within their inner rings — and today, the masses gain access to 4.0.1. Note the extra 0 in the version number there. 4.0.1 so far appears to be a different patch, solely containing tweaks to Apple’s “formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display”, without… Read More

  • Steve Wozniak on the iPhone 4: "Carry a second Verizon phone for backup."

    These days, it seems like everyone on the Internet likes to filter others (especially TechCrunch writers) into one of two categories: Apple fanboys, or Apple haters. One man, however, stands without label, impossible to categorize: Steve Wozniak. He did, after all, help start the company. The dude may not be too involved with operations these days, but he still knows more about these things… Read More