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  • Next iPhone teardown reveals very little

    Gizmodo has continued its coverage of the controversial stolen iPhone, breaking it down and looking at all the little bits inside. The thing is, they can’t really tell much: the logic board is smaller, the battery is bigger… but other than that, there isn’t much to conclude. The implementation of the camera will be mostly software, and the screen is likely 960×640 as… Read More

  • Apple sold 8.75 million iPhones last quarter, 51.15 million since launch

    Aaaand the iPhone continues to print money. Fresh out of their earnings report, Apple has just announced that they managed to push roughly 8.75 million iPhones out the door in the second fiscal quarter of 2010 (January to March). In fewer words, it was the iPhone’s best quarter ever. Read More

  • iPhone OS 4 Beta 2 released to developers, packs a few new tricks

    After Apple formally announces a new version of iPhone OS and gotten it into the hands of developers, they tend to follow up with minor releases every 2 weeks or so. With iPhone OS 4 having been announced 12 days ago, it seemed like a new Beta couldn’t be far off — and sure enough, iPhone OS 4 Beta 2 just shipped. So what’s new? Read More

  • Leaked: BlackBerry OS 6.0 screenshots and details

    Man – has it been a good week for leaks, or what? It’s only Tuesday, and we’re already on to our second major info dump. This one might not be quite as big as yesterday’s leak seen around the world – but it’s still a doozy, especially if you’re a BlackBerry fan. After a few months of radio silence and not a whole lot to go off of beyond concept… Read More

  • SFR picks up the Palm Pixi Plus and Palm Pre Plus in France

    Down, but not out. Continuing their European vacation that began on Germany on Vodafone and O2, the Palm Pixi and Pre Plus are on their way to le Gai Paree. This morning, French carrier SFR is announcing that they’ll be launching both handsets within the next month. Read More

  • WebOS vulnerability found, patched by Palm in latest release

    What to make of this WebOS exploit? It was discovered by the Intrepidus Group security firm, and it has to do with the way the operating system handles SMS messages. Basically, WebOS doesn’t perform a common security check on incoming SMS messages, meaning that any craftily formed SMS can essentially take out the entire phone. Read More

  • Pew Internet report reveals what everyone already knows: Teens like to text

    If you’ve seen a teenager in the last two years, then you’ve seen a teenager texting. Seriously, I can’t think of a situation in the last couple of years where I saw a teenager without a cell phone. The teenagers in my extended family send text messages seemingly all day long, every day. Now the Pew Internet and American Life project has released a pretty comprehensive… Read More

  • Microsoft Germany goes live with Kin 1 and Kin 2 specs

    We got our first good look at Microsoft’s upcoming smart feature phones — the Kin 1 and Kin 2 — a week back. While the company let us man-handle the phones, Microsoft was quiet about the actual specs. But Microsoft Germany apparently thought that was silly and just released all the technical info on the two phones via its Facebook Fan Page. How nice. Read More

  • Sprint's EVO 4G Plans a Party For May 12

    Sprint’s so-hot-it-burns EVO 4G is coming of age, and has decided to invite its besties out for a little party in New York City on May 12. Just like it’s jealous WinMo-powered older brother, HD2, EVO 4G has decided to go with a movie theme for its party: the peeps are invited to come watch the fun-loving Prince of Persia play in the Sands of Time ahead of the Prince’s… Read More

  • Why 960×640 Makes Sense For the iPhone HD

    We alluded yesterday that the higher resolution screen on the Phantom iPhone of Redwood City would more-than-likely have double the horizontal and vertical pixels of the current iPhone screen (therefore quadrupling the pixel count), and now the ever-reliable John Gruber has weighed in on the likelihood of a new-and-improved double-PPI resolution. The main take-away here is that while the… Read More

  • You expect me to talk? No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to wear this horrible watch phone

    There’s some Canadian company called Neutrano making something called a WristFone inside a steel case. It’s similar to the Kempler & Strauss W Phone and, if history is any guide,it will suck. Read More

  • Microsoft planning low-cost Windows Phone 7 devices for developing markets

    Suppose that in addition to excluding a decade of apps and development, leaving out certain features, and starting out from scratch with a whole new visual theme, your phone is just plain expensive. So expensive, in fact, due to the restrictions you’ve placed on its hardware in order that it might run well, that you’ve priced yourself right out of huge markets like China and India. Read More

  • Palm now waiving the $99 annual fee for webOS development

    It’s no secret: Palm’s webOS needs apps. The iPhone has over 180,000. Android has over 68,000. webOS has, as of right this second, 1,812. Quantity by no means equals quality — but when the difference we’re talking about is that huge, it gets harder and harder to pitch that angle with a straight face. Looking to capture the hearts and minds of developers everywhere who… Read More

  • WWE Latest: Two years after App Store launch, WWE launches 1st iPhone App

    It took WWE almost two years to release an iPhone App, but here we are. That’s right, today the company, which fancies itself as some sort of catch-all, cutting-edge entertainment juggernaut, has bequeathed upon the world WWE Latest, a 99 cent App for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s fairly basic, but should help those of you itching for, I don’t know, Diva photos or Raw results. Read More

  • RadioShack ditching Palm? [Update: Confirmed]

    Yikes, talk about kicking a fellow while he’s down. With Palm doing their best to hang on to their executive team whilst also reportedly looking for a buyer, they’re not exactly at a high point right now — and now, it looks like they might be about to lose a major distribution partner: RadioShack. Read More

  • A look at the next iPhone, as it leaks across the Internet

    Today, Gizmodo won at the Internet, and all it took was $10,000$5000. That’s the current price being whispered amongst the blogging circles as what was paid for a prototype of the next iPhone — yep, next, as in the one that isn’t announced yet — purportedly found on the floor of a bar in San Jose. So what does all this mean? Is it real? Read on for the details. Read More

  • iPhone OS 4.0 to have Facebook Contact and Event Integration?

    Amid the flurry of news surrounding the next-gen iPhone revelations, another little tidbit of information about iPhone OS 4.0 has made it’s way out: it seems that Facebook contact and event integration may be a new system feature. While this may not be a new concept for the Android and WebOS devout among us, it is one that the iPhone could really benefit from. Read More

  • T-mobile myTouch 3G Slide Specs Revealed

    The specs for the upcoming T-mobile exclusive, lower-end Android device — the myTouch 3G Slide — have been revealed by a source with the device in their possession.
    No spec sheets accompany the device, but the source was able to confirm a 600 MHz ARM processor coupled with 512MB RAM, 512MB on-board storage, a 5MP camera with LED flash, and an 8GB MicroSD card. The phone runs… Read More

  • Video of Next-gen iPhone Emerges

    Over the weekend — as is the tradition with upcoming iPhone models — photos were leaked that purport to be of the next-gen (G4) iPhone. Engadget originally released them, then thought they were fake, but now claim that they are, in fact, genuine. It seems quite likely that they are genuine, especially as Gizmodo has just released a hands-on video of that very same leaked device… Read More

  • Ride the City bike routing service hits the iPhone

    Friends of CG Jordan Anderson and Vaidila Kungys, creators of Ride the City New York just released their first Ride the City iPhone app [download] for NYC. The app, like the service, offers safe bike routes through New York and is based on the OpenStreetMap project. It costs $1.99. To use it, you simply enter your start and end points and then follow the route. The map takes into… Read More