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  • Android Now Seeing 300,000 Activations Per Day

    Andy Rubin, head of Google’s Android team, doesn’t talk to his 15,000+ twitter followers very often. In fact, he’s only tweeted once before, and it was little more than a quick retort lobbed in Steve Job’s direction after he questioned Android’s definition of openness. This evening, he let out but nine more words: Read More

  • Nokia X7 With AT&T Branding Peeped In The Wild

    Last time Mobile-Review boss Eldar Murtazin piped up about a piece of pre-release Nokia hardware he’d obtained (the N8), the company called the cops on him. You think that might… you know, slow him down a bit, right? Nope. Read More

  • HTC EVO Shift 4G for Sprint gets caught trying on some accessories

    Take Sprint’s EVO 4G. Slap a slide-out QWERTY keyboard on it. Know what you get? That sweet little thing pictured above: the EVO Shift 4G (otherwise known ’round Ye Ol’ Mill Of Rumors as the HTC Knight, or HTC Speedy). Alas, the keyboard goes unshown. The picture comes from HTCPedia, who received the shots along with actual, real world (gasp!) versions of the case in a… Read More

  • Rovio CEO: We Have 40 People Working On Angry Birds (Le Web)

    In an on-stage interview at Le Web 10 in Paris, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed talked about one of the most popular games ever to hit mobile phones all around the world: Angry Birds. Can you share some of the latest numbers? We’ve sold 12 million copies of Angry Birds to date, and we’ve seen about 30 million downloads of the free app. The majority of revenues comes from the iPhone, and a lot… Read More

  • Aliph Announces Their First iPhone App: Jawbone Thoughts

    We’re live at All Thing D’s Dive Into Digital conference, where Aliph (the folks behind the high-end Jawbone series of Bluetooth headsets and the Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker) have just announced their first venture into a new space: iPhone apps. Their first app, Jawbone Thoughts, looks to be a sort of audio-based messaging platform. Rather than sending text messages, you can… Read More

  • Microsoft Doesn't Expect Windows Phone 7 Sales To Catch Up To iOS or Android Any Time Soon

    If your product is selling well, you brag about it. If it isn’t, you don’t. It’s a basic strategy, driven by the idea that talk of heavy sales in turn generates even heavier sales. It’s a bit telling, then, that Microsoft is doing their damnedest to get around having to shed any light on Windows Phone 7’s sales thus far. In an onstage interview with Walt Mossberg… Read More

  • A Look At Windows Phone 7's Cut and Paste

    It seems like only yesterday that Windows Phone 7 rolled out to acclaim and jeers. Now, a few months later, we have WinPho7’s latest unreleased version featuring three musical guests, Cut, Copy, and Paste! Click through for the full video of C,C, and P in action. Read More

  • LG and VMware make sweet love, bring virtualization to Android

    Virtualization. There are few words quite as able to make a geek’s heart all a-flutter. Teaming it up with a smartphone? Man, you gonna give a geek a cardiac arrest! LG have now teamed up with VMware to help bring virtualization to the smartphone world. But why? Well, it’s purely for the enterprise geeks. Having to carry two phones around is a pain in the ash, but the requirements… Read More

  • The iPhone 4 Diamond Spider, for the Nigerian Prince in your life

    Luxury phones, eh? There’s something peculiar about the idea that glueing bits of shiny mineral to a phone increases its worth by 25x. I mean, I know that diamonds are rare, and I know that they are representative of your social status, but I just can’t comprehend the value in shelling out £15,000 for a device that otherwise costs £599. Ok, so they throw in a cool phone number… Read More

  • Andy Rubin Shows Off Android 3.0 On Prototype Motorola Tablet

    Andy Rubin is, as I type this, in the middle of a demo of Android 3.0 (AKA Honeycomb) at Dive Into Mobile. The rest of his talk I’ve got written up elsewhere, but this was too cool to pass up. The software is running on a prototype MOTOPAD that looks really slick, though it was only out for a moment and there are but few pictures at the moment. I’ll be updating this post as… Read More

  • Android Map App Will Get 3D Buildings, Compass Orientation, And Offline Capabilities

    Android Map App Will Get 3D Buildings, Compass Orientation, And Offline Capabilities

    The Google Map App on Android phones will soon get a major upgrade which will allow it to render map images a lot faster, incorporate 3D buildings, offer offline caching, and use the compass to orient the map. In a talk this evening at the D Mobile conference, Android chief Andy Rubin gave a sneak peak of the new app. At the heart of the new app is a dynamic map rendering engine which draws… Read More

  • Playstation Phone controls spotted lurking in the Android Gingerbread SDK

    L1. L2. R1. R2. If those aren’t ringing any bells, you’ve really gotta spend some time with a Playstation. As any kid born in the last few decades could tell you without hesitation, those are the names given to the four shoulder triggers found on a Playstation controller. And, hey, whatd’ya know: those same four buttons have managed to sneak their way into just-released SDK… Read More

  • Best Buy Pins A Price On The Nexus S: $199 with contract, $529 without

    When Google unveiled the long-rumored Nexus S (don’t call it a Nexus 2) this morning, they left out one oh-so-important tid bit: the price. Best Buy, who’s acting as Google’s exclusive distribution partner here in the US, has just gone and cleared that up. Read More

  • Surprise! The Nexus S has no microSD slot. Do you care?

    With the Nexus S officially unveiled, the first reviews (including ours) have started to trickle in. The general opinion so far? This thing is pretty dang good. One thing that seems to be catching most of us by surprise, however: the Nexus S… has no microSD slot, nor any other sort of expansion slot for that matter. microSD expandability has become a more-or-less standard feature on… Read More

  • Sprint lays out their Push-To-Talk plans: iDEN (Nextel) goes buh-bye in 2013

    It’s a sad day for all of the contractors, cable guys, and plumbers of the nation today; this morning, Sprint put a time frame on the impending death of the iDEN network that currently powers its Push-To-Talk network, which so many handy-folk rely on on a daily basis. With the service bleeding customers at a critical rate ever since Sprint snatched up Nextel, we knew it was coming… Read More

  • Sprint To Slim Down Their Towers, Jam Three Technologies Into One Big Box

    Tired of having to stare at three refrigerator-sized metal boxes whenever you look at one of Sprint’s cellular base stations? Oh, you’ve never seen one? That’s okay. Neither have we. But if we ever do, at least we’ll know that it’s a lot prettier now: Sprint’s taking those three big ol’ boxes (which contain the radio equipment for their their 800 Mhz… Read More

  • Review: Google Nexus S

    For the last few days I’ve been using the Google Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung, with the new Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” operating system. This is a phone that was designed with direct input from the Google Android team. And like its predecessor, the Nexus One, which was released in January 2010, it has a “clean” install of Android. That means there is no… Read More

  • TechCrunch Review: Google Nexus S

    TechCrunch Review: Google Nexus S

    For the last few days we’ve been using the Google Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung, with the new Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” operating system. This is a phone that was designed with direct input from the Google Android team. And like its predecessor, the Nexus One, which was released in January 2010, it has a “clean” install of Android. That means there is no… Read More

  • White iPhone Coming Spring 2011

    Huzzah and alarums! Apple’s in-store signage is pointing to a Spring 2011 arrival of the legendary white iPhone, a device fraught with so much mystery that it is now akin to the dangerous yet loyal pink unicorn of ancient myth. Read More

  • Playstation Phone "Zeus" In Legit Hands-On Video

    Earlier in the week we had what I might consider the worst spy video I’ve ever seen, of the so-called Playstation Phone, the Zeus. It looked like it was shot with a featurephone camera with 15x digital zoom. This one, however, is clear and to the point. It shows the Zeus running Gingerbread, responding to the usual pokes and prods… but not running any games or anything in the… Read More