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  • LG announces the Android-powered Optimus Chic and Optimus One, right on schedule

    Fun, Completely unrelated fact: My MacBook Pro essentially exploded last night, so all of today’s posts will be written on an iPad. Blame all typos/crazy formatting errors/frustrated rants on the fact that I’m using a touchscreen keyboard, won’t you? When we found out yesterday that LG would be announcing two Android-powered additions to their budget-friendly-ish Optimus line… Read More

  • New beta version of Nokia Maps brings Check-ins, karaoke

    You may have heard that that Nokia World 2010 is on right now, yeah? You may have seen all the hardware announcements, yeah? Well, it’s not all about hardware, y’see, with Nokia today announcing the latest upgrade to their rather popular Ovi Maps app. And what new features will this upgrade bring? Well, first up: check-ins. You can now use Ovi Maps to check-in to Facebook… Read More

  • Video: Windows Phone 7 and the Samsung i8700

    We first spied images of the Samsung i8700 last week, and quipped then about how steady the leak of WinPho7 devices has been, and now — whaddaya know? — with predictable reliability, we have a video of said phone. Now, I know that you’ve probably seen as much as you need to regarding functionality of WinPho7 (short of a proper review, that is). And I know that this video is… Read More

  • Video: A quick hands-on with the Nokia E7

    For those interested in the new Communicator, the Nokia E7, you could do worse than check out the quick hands-on video that SlashGear made on the floor of Nokia World 2010. Marvel at the orange aluminium shell! Be dazzled by the clarity of the AMOLED display! Listen in awe to the satisfying click that the display makes as it slides out to reveal the chiclet keyboard! I can guarantee this will… Read More

  • Angry Birds and Nokia's Perception Problem

    Today Nokia announced the availability of Angry Birds on the Ovi Store for Symbian. That Nokia saw this as news worth recounting is one thing. After all, the game made its bones on the iPhone and is only available on Ovi, iTunes, and the Palm Store. Heck: it’s the #1 game in Moldova and the only thing I know about Moldova is that they make nice wine. What’s more, Nokia… Read More

  • Nokia announces C6 and C7 candybar phones

    At Nokia World today, Nokia unveiled two new mid-range candybar phones running their latest Symbian^3 OS. The C6 sports a 3.2 inch AMOLED screen featuring Nokia’s own Clear Black Display (CBD) tech that promises to improve outdoor visibility, and will rock an 8 MP camera with dual LED flash and 720p video capabilities. The C7 rocks the same 8MP camera, but has a larger 3.5 inch screen… Read More

  • Nokia sells 260,000 smartphones a day

    For all the crap Nokia has been getting lately about falling behind, not innovating, or releasing products that don’t really compare with the competition, you could be forgiven in thinking that they may be on death’s door. So you’d probably be surprised to hear that Nokia still move more smartphones than the Big Two. How many you ask? Try about 260,000 a day. To put that… Read More

  • Nokia unveils the new Communicator: the E7

    Way back in 1996, by far the coolest phone to own was the Nokia Communicator. There have been several upgrades since that time of course, and each one has brought with it an edge of QWERTY cool. So, Nokia had some big boots to fill when it announced the next in line to carry the torch: the E7. It looks to me like they filled ’em. As this is such a fresh announcement, there are only a… Read More

  • webOS 1.4.5 now available for Palm Pre Plus

    Just a quickie letting all you proud Palm Pre Plus owners know that the latest version of webOS — v 1.4.5 — is now available over the air for both AT&T and Verizon customers. The notification should come up automagically, but if you’re impatient, you can do a manual check by opening “Updates”. Want to know what you’re getting into before you take the plunge? Read More

  • Confirmed: Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Torch, And Samsung Focus Coming To AT&T

    Well it was a rumor, but now it looks like we have confirmation: the Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Torch, and Samsung Focus will be coming to AT&T before the end of the year. There’s even on confirmation on the Samsung Cetus. The Cetus is poised to be AT&Ts first Windows 7 phone. Read More

  • LG to announce "next generation" of Optimus line tomorrow with two new Android phones

    Back in April of this year, LG launched the Android-powered LG Optimus. Bearing “Optimal performance for first time smartphone users” as its slogan, it was built for the lower-end of the smartphone market — it was fancy, but not too fancy. Kind of a disappointing use of the “Optimus” name — but hey, it’s their trademark. Come 6 o’clock… Read More

  • Fujitsu Developing True Wireless Charging System

    While there’s been other attempts to create a truly convenient wireless charging solution, not all of them have been successful. Most require that your device be in physical contact with a charging station, which while more convenient then plugging a device in, can still be a pain to remember. Fujitsu is working on a system that doesn’t require a physical connection at all, and… Read More

  • T-Mobile Motorola Defy to debut on Oprah today; Oprah-moment likely

    Android hasn’t had much trouble finding its audience amongst the Geekerati out there, but it’s not quite a household name just yet. No product has ever reached its true potential until it’s embraced by that ever-important but always-overlooked group: Moms. Soccer Moms, stay-at-home Moms.. whatever genre of Mother we’re talking about, there’s one way to reach them… Read More

  • Localytics: More Than 20 Percent Of iPhone 3GS Owners Still Have To Upgrade To iOS 4

    In the smartphone world, it is generally a good thing to keep everyone on the latest operating systems by pushing out upgrades. To the extent that iPhone or Android can get their installed base of users on the latest and greatest OS, the more those users can enjoy new apps built to take advantage of the new features of the OS. But when it comes to pushing software upgrades, Android has the… Read More

  • Garmin may leave the smartphone business

    In an article posted by Reuters today, Garmin Chief Financial Officer Kevin Rauckman stated that nuvifone handsets have failed to reach the company’s expectations, and that they will decide the fate of the handset unit over the next few quarters — with a view to exit the business entirely. Read More

  • Samsung Apps has its first birthday, boasts 14 million downloads

    While I still find Bada — Samsung’s in-house smartphone platform — mostly baffling, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for it. After all, most people can’t tell their OSes from their ASes, and just want a pretty phone that does things that phones should. It’s now been 12 months since Samsung launched their own app store — the… Read More

  • T-Mobile MyTouch HD Specs Leaked

    TMONews has an interesting slide describing the upcoming MyTouch HD, the follow-up to T-Mo’s popular MyTouch series. Here we find the pertinent specs: Read More

  • Samsung Fascinate Buglist Leaks

    Well, Verizon and Samsung aren’t going to be too happy about this. A little birdie told Boy Genius about a super double secret document that showed all the known bugs and flaws with the Samsung Fascinate. Now to be fair, every carrier and every phone has one of these lists. Just maybe not one that’s quite so.. well endowed. Read More

  • Galaxy Tab To Be Announced September 16th For AT&T, Verizon, Sprint?

    The latest news regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is no more solid than the price (which has, in another’s words, been pinpointed to somewhere between $200 and $1200), but if these “people familiar with the matter” are to be believed, we’ll see a multi-carrier rollout on September 16th. Samsung is said to have made deals with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint &mdash… Read More

  • Apple Says iPhone 4 Antenna Issue “Even Smaller Than We Originally Thought”

    Remember Antennagate? You probably do, but no one seems to talk about it anymore. Since Apple held a press conference to address the iPhone 4′s attenuation issues in July, undoubtedly millions more units have been sold. More units, more problems, right? Maybe not. Read More