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  • Apple Buys Chipmaker, Intrinsity (and all their voodoo)

    On Tuesday, Apple announced that late last month, they closed a deal to acquire Intrinsity — the Texas-based chip maker responsible for the A4 chip used in the iPad. Word has it that Intirinsity cast the voodoo that allowed the A4 chip in the iPad to clock up to 1Ghz without destroying battery life. Read More

  • Nokia: Trust us, the N8 has a really nice camera Nokia N8 first HD video sample from Nokia Conversations on Vimeo. After a heady excoriation of the N8 based on pre-release hardware surfaced this week, it looks like Nokia is trying hard to convince us that the N8 is still the phone to beat. Read More

  • US Cellular Tease HTC Desire Details And Release Window

    On their Facebook page today, US Cellular today teased an “around July” release for the HTC Desire (previously known as the Bravo). The device, in case you didn’t know, is basically a Nexus One in Sheep’s (or HTC’s) Clothing (which includes Sense UI), but with a few differences. Read More

  • Garmin-Asus Echoes the Nuvifone A50 With Their Second Android Phone, The A10

    Garmin-Asus today announced their second Android-powered phone, the A10 (for reasons unknown, they’re seemingly not calling it a nuvifone). Just like the nuvifone A50, the device aims to be a pedestrian navigation device (as in, for pedestrians, not a boring navigation device), and will come with Garmin’s navigation software and maps pre-loaded. Read More

  • Looks like Microsoft's Kins might be heading to AT&T, T-Mobile, and many more

    Looks like the Verizon/Vodafone exclusivity on the Kin 1 and Kin 2 might be short-lived — or at least, someone at Microsoft is already prepping for the day when it’s over. Days before the Kin 1 and 2 were made official, a ROM hacker known only to the internets as Conflipper published screenshots pulled from an early copy of the Kin OS. After a bit more digging, Conflipper just… Read More

  • Mystery HTC Android phone hits FCC

    Here’s a lovely little tidbit that’s leaked out of the FCC, looks like HTC has a new phone coming out in the AT&T 3G bands. Along with the boring technical details, the FCC also was kind enough to share some pictures! Could this be the new HTC Wildfire? HTC currently calls it the “PC70110”, but it’s typical to see this type of code name used during pre-production. Read More

  • New Android app helps you if you've fallen and can't get up

    Android phones save lives. Or they could, if they had this application installed. Let’s say grandma is walking around the house with her Droid in the pocket of her house coat, and she falls down. Luckily, you installed the iFall application. It uses the accelerometer in her phone to tell you that she fell down, allowing you to come to the rescue. Read More

  • It's Official: Adobe Flash support will be built into Android 2.2

    10 months. That’s how long its been since Adobe first demonstrated Flash on Android — and that’s pretty much a lifetime in the mobile world. And yet, official Flash support for Android is still nowhere to be seen*. Do these people not understand that I have virtual fish to feed and e-crops to tend? While we still don’t have an exact date, we do know which version of… Read More

  • The BlackBerry OS 6.0 sneak preview pays tribute to… the iPhone?

    The first time the world ever saw the original iPhone, they saw a pair of clownfish, emerging from a tangle of anemone, set as the lockscreen wallpaper. Pulled straight from OS X’s wallpaper collection, this image would go on to be used in countless first-gen iPhone marketing materials; wherever the iPhone 2G went, so did the clownfish. Now, take a closer look at that BlackBerry OS 6.0… Read More