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  • Apple Opens App Store To "Other" Development Platforms, Publishes Review Guidelines

    The black box that is the Apple review process is creaking open. In a very brief release, Apple has essentially relaxed the requirement that developers use Apple’s own development tools “as long as the resulting apps do not download any code.” They’ve also published some review guidelines, allowing programmers to understand just what will go on behind the curtains… Read More

  • Seth the AT&T Blogger Guy Shows Us All the Stuff They're Doing In New York

    In this video we find AT&T’s rep, Seth Bloom, reaching out to New Yorkers in particular and explaining, as simply as possible, while their calls suck and how AT&T is trying to fix the problem. Essentially AT&T is starting to move some calls to the the 850 MHz band for more in-building coverage. The best thing about this video is that Seth the AT&T Blogger Guy looks… Read More

  • Android Notifier App Makes Your Phone Growl

    Looking for an easy way to get SMS, phone call, and battery life notifications to your desktop? Got an Android phone? Well, Android Notifier will do all that to your PC, Mac, or Linux box for free. All you have to do is install the appropriate software. You can send notifications via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and choose which notifications you want to receive. You phone will then let you know… Read More

  • Live Wallpapers from the R2-D2 Edition Droid 2 leak out in less than 12 parsecs

    You know the greatest thing about the R2-D2 Edition Droid 2? It comes with a Live Wallpaper that lets you shift into hyperdrive whenever you want. PUNCH IT, CHEWIE. You know the greatest thing about the Internet? Said Live Wallpaper, along with a handful of other wallpapers from the R2-D2 Droid, have already leaked out for use on other handsets. Check out the videos of the somewhat… Read More

  • iPhone hacker discovers a new Jailbreaking exploit; to fix it, Apple must ship new hardware

    The news is good for iPhone jailbreakers everywhere this morning — but for Apple? Not so much. Just minutes after the iOS 4.1 update became available to all, iPhone hacker pod2g has revealed that they’ve discovered a new bootrom exploit, with all recently released iOS hardware seemingly being vulnerable. In less geeky words: the iPhone 4? the new iPod Touch? If it was built… Read More

  • iOS 4.1 now officially available to everyone

    If you’re one of the people who decided to wait on the leaked final build of iOS 4.1 in hopes that Apple would have an official release soon (look at you and your patience), good news: it’s go time. Read More

  • Magento Mobile Broadens E-Commerce To iPhone Shopping Apps

    Everyone needs an iPhone app it seems, even e-commerce sites. But most shopping sites don’t want to bother with creating their own custom mobile app. So now we are starting to see white-label mobile e-commerce apps. Today, Magento Commerce, which raised $22 million in March for its open-source e-commerce platform, is getting into the mobile game with white-label apps for existing… Read More

  • Android's newest flavour: Tapas

    While Google has a history of giving Android tasty names for its version names, it seems that they aren’t the only ones that equate green robots with food. Today, ex-Google China president, Kai-Fu Lee, announced in the Wall Street Journal that he will launch a whole new mobile operating system based on Android, to be known as “Tapas“. Read More

  • For the detail obsessed: up close images of the T-Mobile G2 keyboard

    If you’re as eager for the upcoming T-Mobile G2 as everyone else was for its older brother, then you’re probably keen for any info you can get on its crowning feature: the QWERTY keyboard. Read More