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  • Shocking: Microsoft Kin did not sell well. At all.

    Given that Microsoft nixed the Kin roughly 18 minutes after it launched, it should come as no surprise that the thing didnt, you know, sell very well. But just how bad was it? Read More

  • AT&T's Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) launching on July 18th for $199

    Remember the Captivate? It’s AT&T’s slightly modified version of Samsung’s Android-powered superphone, the Galaxy S. We already knew about the 4.0″ Super AMOLED display, the 1Ghz processor, and all the other specs. We even went hands on! What we didn’t have: a launch date or a price. Well, now we do. Read More

  • Video: Ubuntu running on a Nexus One

    Do you remember a time when rocking an Android phone was all you needed for serious geek cred? Do you long for those days and all the fame that you garnered? Well — pre-supposing you already own a Nexus One — you’ll be pleased to know that said phone can now run not just the geek’s choice of phone OS, but also the geek’s choice of PC OS: Linux. Read More

  • American Eagle: "Try on our jeans, get a free smartphone"

    Look at your pants right now. No, really, look at them. If you’re anything at all like me (and if you are, you have my condolences), you’re probably rocking a ratty-yet-comfortable pair of jeans. Now, if your phone is looking as crummy as your pants, and you happen to fall into the center of that Venn diagram up there, then you’re in luck — American Eagle has got just… Read More

  • Coveroo Raises $2.3 Million For Custom-Engraved Mobile Cases

    Some people like to put tattoos on their body, others like to put Coveroos on their phones. Coveroo puts a custom engraving on the back of your mobile phone or case. The company just closed a Series B funding, led by Rembrandt Venture Partners. Consor Capital and CEO Karl Jacob also put in some money. About 18 months ago, Coveroo rose from the ashes of Wallop, a defunct social networking… Read More

  • Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible suffers another supply shortage, new ship date is August 5th

    There’s no question that the Droid Incredible is one of Verizon’s best handsets right now, but supply issues are preventing customers from getting one. The latest delay pushes the ship date back to August 5th. That’s, well, incredible. At first the word was HTC was having issues getting a hold of AMOLED screens, pushing shipments back to the middle of July. That could still… Read More

  • Samsung makes the Android-powered Intercept for Sprint official

    We heard a few murmurs about this phone earlier this week, but the actual date of its launch escaped us. As it turns out, today is the day for Samsung’s mid-range Android handset to hit: it’s riding the publicity wave of mega-phones like the EVO and Galaxy line, but sports decidedly less impressive specs. Still, it looks like a perfectly capable and fairly attractive phone… Read More

  • Russian police hunt down rogue Nokia blogger

    First Symbian-Guru doesn’t grok Symbian anymore and now Nokia is after Eldar Murtazin, editor of Mobile Review for apparently reviewing pre-released hardware. What else can go wrong in this topsy-turvy world? A huge oil spill in the Gulf? Read More

  • Leaked T-Mobile roadmap names a bunch of mystery Android handsets

    AndroidSpin just got their mitts on this supposed snapshot of T-Mobile’s end-of-the-year launch roadmap, and, after about 20 minutes of squinting, I think we’ve got most of it deciphered. Here’s what we’ve gleaned from it so far: Read More

  • HTC: HDMI port to blame for EVO's 30FPS cap

    At a recent HTC event, a couple of dudes from Android Guys managed to corner an HTC official and beat a few answers out of him (or her). The big question that got settled was that of the frustrating 30FPS refresh rate cap in place on the EVO. According to HTC, the cap has its origin in the HDMI port, out of which the phone can only push a maximum of 30FPS. So their solution was… to… Read More

  • Hacked Android 2.2 ROM for the Motorola Droid downloaded 40,000 times in a week

    Lots of things describe the Android hacking community. Intense. Enthusiastic. Horrifyingly talented. Call them what you will — just don’t call them small. You see, we rarely get a glimpse into just how many people are modifying their Android handsets with custom ROMs; downloads are generally distributed across too many sites to track — and even if they’ve got an… Read More