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  • Smartphones Bah! The John's Phone Is One Step Away From Two Cans On A String

    For almost every product, there is a polar opposite. I think it’s safe to say that the John’s Phone is the exact opposite of the iPhone/Blackberry Twitter-booking web browsing contraptions that the kids are using these days. The John’s phone is simple to the point of minimalism, with no LCD display, just numbers and a send and an end button. The John’s Phone is available… Read More

  • I Am T-Pain for iPhone now delivering Auto-Tuned tracks straight to your shawtaaay's voicemail

    As a wise man once said: pimpin’ aint easy. Then cell phones came along, and made things even harder. You know how hard it is to keep your pimpin’ voice strong when it’s being compressed down to pretty much nothing and sent through a few dozen cell towers? In the age of GSM, no one gets to sound like a stunnah on the phone. No one*. Smule, the masterminds behind the… Read More

  • The New App Store Guidelines: What You Need To Know

    For the first time ever, after 250,000 apps have been developed, Apple finally decided to release some guidelines for developers to help them understand the app review process. The document is not only informative, but also entertaining to read. In general, for an app to make it through the somewhat opaque-until-now App approval process it needs to be a serious app (“We don’t need… Read More

  • Verizon To Bing: I Choose You!

    As MG wrote yesterday, Android is only as open as the carrier wants it to be and now we essentially have confirmation that Verizon is locking in Bing for many of its Android phones. Read More

  • T-Mobile Launches G2

    Did you like the G1? I know most of the CG guys did including Devin and (*sniff*) Doug. Well now there’s an HSDPA+ G2 running a sexy Snapdragon processor with a nice fat keyboard attached. No pricing or availability, but boy is Devin excited. Read More

  • Apple Opens App Store To "Other" Development Platforms, Publishes Review Guidelines

    The black box that is the Apple review process is creaking open. In a very brief release, Apple has essentially relaxed the requirement that developers use Apple’s own development tools “as long as the resulting apps do not download any code.” They’ve also published some review guidelines, allowing programmers to understand just what will go on behind the curtains… Read More

  • Seth the AT&T Blogger Guy Shows Us All the Stuff They're Doing In New York

    In this video we find AT&T’s rep, Seth Bloom, reaching out to New Yorkers in particular and explaining, as simply as possible, while their calls suck and how AT&T is trying to fix the problem. Essentially AT&T is starting to move some calls to the the 850 MHz band for more in-building coverage. The best thing about this video is that Seth the AT&T Blogger Guy looks… Read More

  • Android Notifier App Makes Your Phone Growl

    Looking for an easy way to get SMS, phone call, and battery life notifications to your desktop? Got an Android phone? Well, Android Notifier will do all that to your PC, Mac, or Linux box for free. All you have to do is install the appropriate software. You can send notifications via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and choose which notifications you want to receive. You phone will then let you know… Read More

  • Live Wallpapers from the R2-D2 Edition Droid 2 leak out in less than 12 parsecs

    You know the greatest thing about the R2-D2 Edition Droid 2? It comes with a Live Wallpaper that lets you shift into hyperdrive whenever you want. PUNCH IT, CHEWIE. You know the greatest thing about the Internet? Said Live Wallpaper, along with a handful of other wallpapers from the R2-D2 Droid, have already leaked out for use on other handsets. Check out the videos of the somewhat… Read More

  • iPhone hacker discovers a new Jailbreaking exploit; to fix it, Apple must ship new hardware

    The news is good for iPhone jailbreakers everywhere this morning — but for Apple? Not so much. Just minutes after the iOS 4.1 update became available to all, iPhone hacker pod2g has revealed that they’ve discovered a new bootrom exploit, with all recently released iOS hardware seemingly being vulnerable. In less geeky words: the iPhone 4? the new iPod Touch? If it was built… Read More

  • iOS 4.1 now officially available to everyone

    If you’re one of the people who decided to wait on the leaked final build of iOS 4.1 in hopes that Apple would have an official release soon (look at you and your patience), good news: it’s go time. Read More

  • Magento Mobile Broadens E-Commerce To iPhone Shopping Apps

    Everyone needs an iPhone app it seems, even e-commerce sites. But most shopping sites don’t want to bother with creating their own custom mobile app. So now we are starting to see white-label mobile e-commerce apps. Today, Magento Commerce, which raised $22 million in March for its open-source e-commerce platform, is getting into the mobile game with white-label apps for existing… Read More

  • Android's newest flavour: Tapas

    While Google has a history of giving Android tasty names for its version names, it seems that they aren’t the only ones that equate green robots with food. Today, ex-Google China president, Kai-Fu Lee, announced in the Wall Street Journal that he will launch a whole new mobile operating system based on Android, to be known as “Tapas“. Read More

  • For the detail obsessed: up close images of the T-Mobile G2 keyboard

    If you’re as eager for the upcoming T-Mobile G2 as everyone else was for its older brother, then you’re probably keen for any info you can get on its crowning feature: the QWERTY keyboard. Read More

  • Samsung scoffs at AMOLED shortages, promises 10x increase in production next year

    Samsung knows you love a good AMOLED. They knows it well. A little too well, actually, what with all the recent shortages they’ve faced. Samsung aren’t sitting around doin’ nothin’, though. Samsung told the Wall Street Journal today that their new Mobile Display fabrication plant — set to go live in July 2011 — will increase the current AMOLED display… Read More

  • Soon, We'll Have Downloaded More Apps From iTunes Than Songs (Chart)

    Soon, We'll Have Downloaded More Apps From iTunes Than Songs (Chart)

    Asymco, a Helsinki-based app developer / industry analysis advisory firm, ironically founded and led by a longtime Nokia manager, just posted this telling chart on its blog: According to the firm’s research, iTunes download rates for music and iOS apps are both still growing, but accelerating much faster for the latter. In fact, Asymco posits, based on data from the recently updated… Read More

  • QWERTY-packin' Android-fuelled Samsung I5510 spotted at IFA

    While it may not be as super-charged as the Samsung Galaxy S, this QWERTY-packin’ Android slider still looks to be a solid phone — even if we have only a few details on it at the moment. “What details?” I hear you ask. Well, to be honest… very few. It’ll be priced around 200 Euros (no US pricing release details just yet). The rest seems standard for a… Read More

  • Yahoo!'s User Interface Library Learns To Love Being Touched, Gestured At

    Gather up a group of people who make their living through web design, and they’ll probably all agree on at least two things: A) touchscreens aren’t going anywhere, and B) designing web stuff for touchscreens sort of sucks. Native apps have, in a sense, spoiled users; with things like drag-and-drop and basic touch gesture recognition almost laughably simple to implement in native… Read More

  • New webOS Shots Show Off Services, Default Apps For Filetypes

    A nice little package of webOS 2.0 beta shots has shown up over at Wibozi, and it’s looking nice. One very handy and apparently easily-accessed feature is setting default apps for filetypes; with the right combination of sideloading and file management, serious hacks probably won’t be necessary for webOS devices to play uncommon and nonstandard formats. Read More

  • Google Voice now sending out missed call alerts via e-mail

    If I learned anything from the crappy 2008 remake of the marginally less crappy 2004 japanese horror flick One Missed Call, it’s that if I miss a phone call, I will probably die. Fortunately, Google doesn’t want me to die. That was their original original slogan, after all: Don’t be evil, and don’t wish death upon people. That was too long, so they shortened it to… Read More