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  • Dell Aero hits the big time on AT&T

    Dell’s Aero is a decidedly odd duck. When we first discussed it a few months ago, it looked like it would be a non-US device. Now, however, it’s hit AT&T and it looks like a cross between the new T-Mobile CLIQ XT and a NeXT Cube. Dig those photorealistic icons! Read More

  • ex-Sprint and Radio Shack execs try to save the world with eRecyclingCorps

    65,000 tons of mobile phone e-waste are generated every year. The bad news is, only 1% of consumers choose to recycle their headsets when they upgrade. eRecyclingCorps is working with carriers to integrate the recycling process into the POS sale system at the retail store. Read More

  • DropBox comes to Android – yesss!

    I use DropBox all the time. If you don’t, you should; it really is fantastic and simple. And soon it’ll have an Android app! So load up your DropBox with music, files, and movies; you’ll be able to access ’em on the go the way those fancy-pants iPhone users do. The team says they’ll have it “for all flavors of Android within the next couple of… Read More

  • iPhones now available without contract at the Apple Store

    I’m surprised this didn’t happen earlier. You can now go into an Apple store, fork over a few Benjamins, and walk out with an iPhone, contract-free, although the device is still locked into AT&T’s network. You can only buy one a day, though, I suppose to prevent people from buying a few hundred and building a fort of out of them. Good news for some, non-news for others. Read More

  • Motorola announces the Android-powered i1 with push-to-talk for Sprint

    Whuhp! Looks like that i1 banner didn’t go up all that early after all. A day before CTIA 2010 even begins, Motorola has just come along and made the Android-powered i1 and its push-to-talk features official. Read More

  • CTIA banners begin to unfurl; Samsung finally learns to keep the cat in the bag

    Oh, Samsung. For as long as I can remember, your banners have flown on the outer walls of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CTIA. And for as long as I can remember, your banners have given away mammoth chunks of what you were announcing at the show, days before said announcement actually happened. Not this year. Read More

  • Sugarsync gets an API

    SugarSync, a file syncing product that we may have all forgotten in our rush to glorify Dropbox has been rolling out a steady stream of improvements and, as of 11am today, it will offer an API so mobile applications can use SugarSync shared storage. The API information will live at when it goes up today. The API essentially creates a “bridge between local… Read More

  • Swype user sets Guinness World Record for texting speed

    Ever since Swype (an alternative keyboard for touchscreens which has users drag paths through the letters of a word rather than tap them out individually) debuted at TechCrunch 50, I’ve been asked the same question a near-regular basis: is it really any faster than just typing words the old fashion way? Well, it’s apparently fast enough for a Guinness World Record. Read More

  • BlueAnt launches their text-message-to-speech Android application

    Remember last week, when we mentioned that Bluetooth headset manufacturer BlueAnt would be launching their first Android app at CTIA? The one that would read your incoming text messages aloud over your Bluetooth headset? Well, we just touched down in Vegas for CTIA 2010, and sure enough: they’ve just launched the application. Read More

  • AT&T to soon unveil an Android-powered Dell phone called the "Aero"

    Well, that was unexpected. Tacked on to the news of the Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus finding their way to AT&T was a passing mention that AT&T would soon be pulling back the curtains on their second Android-powered phone, the Dell Aero. Here’s all they’ve said so far: AT&T also will soon unveil an Android-based smartphone the Dell Aero. This will be Dell’s… Read More

  • Palm keeps pushing, announces Pixi Plus and Pre Plus for AT&T "in the coming months"

    Palm may be down, but they’re not out just yet. Following the launch of the Pre and Pixi on Sprint last year and their respective Plus editions on Verizon back in January, Palm has just announced that they’ll soon be launching the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on AT&T. While its never bad news to get your handsets onto a new carrier, just how good this news is for Palm depends… Read More

  • HTC Desire shows up on Verizon's site, but probably not how you'd expect

    Hey there, friends! You know what time it is? It’s “Good news, bad news..” time! The Good News: An anonymous tipster just spotted this little gem on Verizon’s own website, listing the “HTC Desire” as one of the items that came in the Droid Eris box. And the bad news is.. Read More

  • Palm now worth nothing

    Woof. Analysts have placed a sell rating on Palm and are now valuing their stock, at least in hyperbolic terms, at $0. Quoth CNN: Shares of Palm (PALM) plunged 19% to $4.59 a share early Friday, a new 52-week low. Investors are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the company’s future and several analysts downgraded their positions on the stock to “sell.” Two analysts… Read More

  • Sprint Moment and Hero to get Android 2.1 in "the coming weeks" [Updated!]

    See that image above? It’s notable for two reasons: I’m fairly confident it takes the much coveted title for “Hardest to read leaked document ever”. It, in all of its tiny text, confirms that the Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will be upgraded to Android 2.1 soon. Update: We’ve now got a more legible picture and a full transcription after the jump. Read More

  • AppGate: App review sites ask for money in exhange for reviews

    In the fine tradition of lazily naming any sort of controversy after Watergate, I hereby present AppGate. It seems that certain iPhone App developers are paying low-rent “review” sites for favorable reviews, thereby creating the false impression that their App is cool and everything. Read More

  • Video: This is easily the coolest thing I've seen an iPhone do this week.

    You hear that sound? That’s the sound of my mind being blown. When the folks over in Cupertino strapped a little speaker to the bottom of the iPhone and released an SDK, do you think that any of them thought “Oh, people are totally going to use this to make apps that can push little Styrofoam balls around a fake soccer field.” Yeah, probably not. But sure enough, people have. Read More

  • Hacked Windows Phone 7 emulator demoed on video

    Earlier this morning, the Windows Phone 7 emulator was “unlocked” (so to speak), granting anyone with a few spare minutes and basic tinkering abilities an opportunity to get a look at a bunch of stuff Microsoft didn’t originally include. Not everyone is prepped and ready to get their hack on, though. Maybe you’re on a Mac. Maybe it’s Friday and you just… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 emulator hacked. Sweet, sweet secrets spill out.

    As anyone in the history of ever who has ever written a single line of code that might be subject to hacking knows, the only way to keep something “hidden” in an application is to just not include it at all. Sure, you can obfuscate the hell out of it out in the source code, or add some crazy configuration value that enables it; just don’t expect either of those to work for… Read More

  • Ready for Windows Mobile 6.5 on your Sprint Touch Pro2? The upgrade is now available

    Here it is, folks! Its been a few long months for Sprint fans toting Touch Pro2’s, given that the same device on all of the other carriers saw upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5 months ago while their own Pro2s stayed back at WinMo 6.1. We knew the update was coming sometime in March, and then we pinned the date down to some more specific: today. Read More

  • Palm: We coulda been a contender

    In Greek tragedy, the flaw of hubris was the decisive plot point that brought down many great men. Palm, then, is the Oedipus of a modern tragedy, their efforts to rebuild hampered by a failure to see past their own greatness and a refusal to enter the market on the market’s terms. To be honest, I was a Palm fan, then I wasn’t a Palm fan, and now am part of the chorus of voices… Read More