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  • HTC: HDMI port to blame for EVO's 30FPS cap

    At a recent HTC event, a couple of dudes from Android Guys managed to corner an HTC official and beat a few answers out of him (or her). The big question that got settled was that of the frustrating 30FPS refresh rate cap in place on the EVO. According to HTC, the cap has its origin in the HDMI port, out of which the phone can only push a maximum of 30FPS. So their solution was… to… Read More

  • Hacked Android 2.2 ROM for the Motorola Droid downloaded 40,000 times in a week

    Lots of things describe the Android hacking community. Intense. Enthusiastic. Horrifyingly talented. Call them what you will — just don’t call them small. You see, we rarely get a glimpse into just how many people are modifying their Android handsets with custom ROMs; downloads are generally distributed across too many sites to track — and even if they’ve got an… Read More

  • AT&T blames recent slow upload speeds on Alcatel-Lucent

    Conspiracy theorists, doff your caps! The root of the suddenly slower upload speeds reported by AT&T customers has been discovered, and it’s not just AT&T screwing with people. Read More

  • Mobspot Turns To Your Facebook Friends For App Recommendations

    There’s not really any shortage of ways to find out what others think about an app before you shell out the cash, but none are really without their faults. Each major smartphone platform’s App Store has a review system built in — but with more and more tales of people trying to game the system coming out each day, it’s tough to trust a faceless stranger. App review… Read More

  • Motorola makes the Charm and its full QWERTY keyboard official

    Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming, but Motorola has gone ahead and made the anything but a secret Charm official. However, the Backtrack rear trackpad was something we didn’t see coming. So along with Android 2.1 and the enhanced version of Motoblur running on a 2.8-inch multitouch touchscreen, the Charm features a rear panel trackpad just like the Motorola Blackflip… Read More

  • Android 2.2 challenges the iPhone 4 to a JavaScript duel… and wins!

    As part of a recent Froyo review, Ars Technica ran some JavaScript benchmarks on both a Froyo-powered Nexus One, and an iPhone 4, and — just in case the headline didn’t give it away — the Android browser “demolishes” Safari, with JavaScript execution being up to 3x faster on Froyo than in iOS 4. Read More

  • More BlackBerry footage than you can poke a curling stick at

    We’ve all seen the 9300, 9670, and 9800 before, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t keen to see more. At least you better be, because we’ve got 15 minutes of fresh footage of the three upcoming phones, just for you (and that guy standing behind you). So, what are you waiting for? Go check ’em after the jump. Read More

  • Motorola Charm pic and specs bubble to the surface

    News on the latest Android device from the kings of capslock, the Motorola Charm, has started floating around the internet. Clocking in at a pretty-hot-a-year-ago 600MHz, with a better-than-my-current-Android-phone 512MB of RAM and ROM, the Charm’s specs confirm that it will form part of T-Mobile’s lower-end handset line-up. I gotta say, it’s pretty great that lower-end… Read More

  • Qualcomm's New Vision-based Augmented Reality Platform Will Knock Your Block Off

    Vision-based augmented reality — that is, pulling in data from a device’s camera and using it to position and rotate 3D models drawn on top of an on-screen view of the real world — isn’t really anything new. We started seeing tech demos of the concept 5+ years ago, and games like Sony’s Eye of Judgment have been doing it for nearly as long. More recently, the… Read More

  • Video: Adobe shows off Flash for Android running on the Droid X

    For the remaining chunk of the world that refuses to let go of the garbage platform that is Flash, this video should be pretty exciting. Motorola/Adobe weren’t ready to show off Flash functionality when we checked out the device last week — but by the looks of this video, they’ve got a pretty-dang-functional Beta version of it under lock and key somewhere. Read More

  • Is AT&T now capping iPhone 4 uploads?

    Poor AT&T. A new conspiracy theory is suggesting that AT&T is now capping iPhone 4 upload speeds in multiple cities including: NYC, Central Jersey, Boston, Orlando, Seattle, South Jersey/Philly, Columbus, Cleveland, West Houston, Phoenix, Northern Colorado, St. Paul/Minesota, Suffolk County/Long Island, Quad Cities, South Jersey, Denver, Detroit Metro, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Salt… Read More