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  • Playstation Phone spotted in secret spycam video

    As the eventual launch of Sony’s not-Playstation-branded Playstation phone nears, leaks inevitably start to happen with greater frequency. Today’s leak? A super-secret spy video filled with intrigue, espionage, evil geniuses, and — yes — even the Playstation Phone*! Jump on past the break to have a gander. Read More

  • MetroPCS launches LTE in San Francisco, still only one compatible featurephone

    If you’re the type of person that craves high download speeds, but doesn’t go for the whole “smartphone” thing (plus you live in SF), then — as strange as it may sound — MetroPCS have you covered. Today MetroPCS launched their LTE network in San Francisco, and — just like before — are only offering the one device to use on it. Namely, the… Read More

  • The Cobra iRadar Is Exactly What It Sounds Like: An iPhone-fueled Radar Detector

    We’re going to ahead and skip the moral babble on whether or not radar detectors are good or bad*; if you want to wage that war, the comment section is all yours. With that said, check this thing out: it’s a police radar/red light camera detector that works with help from the iPhone (or, soon, an Android handset.) Read More

  • Verizon Lays Claim To Android's Success

    Touching on the topic of why LTE will be successful during their press call this morning, Verizon tooted their own horn a bit by bringing up, curiously enough, the success of Android. To quote Verizon CTO Tony Melone: Android really took off when Verizon got involved. Strong words — and ones that have some Android devotees in quite the tizzy. But are they true? Read More

  • Samsung gets into the NFC chip business; mobile payments coming to Samsung handsets?

    Whenever Samsung needs something, they tend to build it themselves. Displays? Done. Memory? They’ve got it. CPUs? See the Hummingbird. So when they go and announce that they’re now building their own Near Field Communication (NFC) chips (the chips used for paying at retail shops with a wave of your cell phone) complete with embedded flash memory, we can only assume one thing… Read More

  • Verizon 4G Going Live Dec 5th; 5 GB Per Month For $50, 10 GB For $80

    Fresh off of their 4G press conference call, Verizon has just dumped a host of details surrounding the launch of their 4G LTE network. Here’s what you need to know: Read More

  • With A New Local Discovery Engine, WHERE Wants To Own The "Pre Check-in" Experience

    We’ve all been there before: You’ve just moved to a new city, the fridge is empty, and you need some grub. You pop into the nearest restaurant and.. it’s not bad. So you start branching out. You check out spots a few more blocks from home. Within a few weeks, you find comfort in your favorite spots, and fall into a bit of a rut; two months in and surrounded by new restaurants… Read More

  • Video: World's first Tegra 2 phone, the LG Star, vs iPhone 4

    If you’ve been drooling over that LG Tegra 2 powered 4″ beast that we recently spied, but wanting more than what a few spy shots can deliver, then check this out: there’s now a video available. The guys over at GSM Israel have managed to get their hands on the device, and have given it not only a thorough photo-shoot, but also a video. Read More

  • Microsoft not paying WP7 developers before Feb 2011

    Oh no, Microsoft! This is not a good move. It appears that developers selling apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace won’t get paid for peddling their wares until February 2011. Now, given that the smartphone wars are largely decided by the available apps on any one platform, it isn’t a great move to defer payments to those developers that will define your platform —… Read More

  • Motorola splits mobile division into standalone company

    It’s been a long time coming, but Motorola have finally split their once ailing Mobile division into its own company. Come January 4th 2011, Motorola, Inc. will become two separate companies: Motorola Solutions, Inc. — in charge of the infrastructure businesses — and Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. — in charge of mobile phones and consumer devices. Read More

  • Chevron releases custom ringtone manager for WP7

    If you can’t wait until January to add custom ringtones to your new Windows Phone 7 handset, and aren’t afraid of a little hackery (and warranty-void-ery), then listen up: the same folks behind the WP7 unlock and side-load tool have just released their custom ringtone manager for WP7. Now, this isn’t as simple as loading up a ringtone Android stylee, so check out the… Read More

  • T-Mobile G2's Anti-Hack Security Crumbles, Handset Hacked To Pieces

    Well, so much for the G2’s much-knocked anti-tamper system. You know, that one that would reset the hardware to its original state if it detected it had been modified? Yep — it’s toast. Burnt, smoldering toast. Read More

  • Verizon to spill the beans on their 4G network in a press conference tomorrow

    Verizon’s been pretty open about their plans surround the launch of their 4G LTE network — 38 cities, by the end of this year — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some lingering fuzzy details. When will the roll out start? Will bandwidth be metered/pay-per-megabyte? Who’s going to explain to all of our grandmothers why the mobile world is using yet… Read More

  • ‘Massive’ Windows Phone 7 Update Due In January

    Windows Phone 7 users should circle the entire month of January on their calendar. Word on the street is that an update, to be released that month, will be “MASSIVE.” Yes, we’re talking all caps massive. So massive that it warps space-time itself. So massive that not even liposuction can save it. So massive that it makes Barcelona’s destruction of Real Madrid yesterday… Read More

  • Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync

    Winamp Wants To Be The iTunes Of Android; Now Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync

    Today Winamp for Android is coming out of beta, a month after its initial launch and more than 500,000 downloads later. The public Android release lets you manage your music downloads on your Android and will offer a couple new features, including wireless syncing over WiFi with Winamp on your desktop computer and the addition of Shoutcast radio stations. (Both Winamp and Shoutcast are owned… Read More

  • Acer Liquid Metal may be coming to AT&T and/or T-mobile?

    If you cast your mind back to October, you may recall talk of Acer’s Liquid Metal handset hitting the FCC. Well, at a press conference in New York City last week, a senior Acer official mentioned that Acer are in the process of evaluating the device for possible release in the US. Read More

  • Gameloft give a buy-one-get-one-free offer to Epic 4G and Evo 4G owners

    If you own either a Sprint Epic 4G or Evo 4G, and love to game (not necessarily as much as this guy) then you should listen up, as Gameloft are now offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal for Sprint customers. Announced on their blog today, Gameloft are offering the deal throughout the holidays on all of their “HD” titles. Follow me through the jump to see a list of titles, as well… Read More

  • Acer working on a Windows Phone 7 handset

    In an interview with Mobilized today, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci mentioned that they are working to create a Windows Phone 7 powered handset. Gianfranco also talked about why they originally turned to Android (over Windows Mobile 6.5), and why Windows Phone 7 has them interested again. Jump on past the break for the quote, and an unrelated video. Read More

  • Android-powered LG Star pics and details leak

    Do you remember that 4″ beast from LG that we talked about the other week? Well, a member of the Android Forums managed to get his hands on one, and has done a little photo-shoot with it. He’s also unearthed a name and some specs. First up, the name: LG Star. No idea if that’ll make it to retail, but that’s what it’s called at the moment. Jump on past the break… Read More

  • HTC HD7 Seeing Death Grip Issues?

    It looks like the iPhone 4 isn’t the only phone to suffer from particularly troubling death grip problems. I mean, we all knew it wasn’t the only one, but it had it bad. And now it appears HTC’s HD7 is the same way. Of course, you’ll note that the handsets in these videos aren’t showing strong signal to begin with, and as studies have shown, the death grip causes… Read More