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  • Android 2.2 to feature USB + WiFi tethering as standard

    Our motherblog, TechCrunch, found out today that the Froyo-flavoured (and bloody fast) Android 2.2 will feature USB and WiFi tethering as standard. This will give users the ability to access their phone’s 3G connection by either physically connecting the phone to their laptop external-USB-modem-stylee, or over a temporary WiFi access point beaming out from within the phone’s… Read More

  • A quick hands-on with the LG Ally

    Phone Arena have landed themselves a not-yet-released LG Ally, and have documented their first encounter with the device for all you fine folk in Interwebland. I think it’s safe to say that the stand-out feature of this phone is that it has a QWERTY keyboard, so if the keyboard is a dud, the phone would be significantly less compelling. Well, I’m happy to say that Phone Arena give… Read More

  • Land lines becoming extinct? 25% of Americans think so

    File this one under “well, duh!”. Researchers working for the NCHS “discovered” something that has been covered for years: more and more people are canceling their land lines, and just using cell phones. Read More

  • Sprint HTC EVO 4G coming June 4th; new plans detailed

    We knew it was coming, but we didn’t know when until now. Sprint just let us know that the HTC EVO 4G is arriving on June 4th. I gotta have one. Pricing is set at $199.99 with new contract (after you get that $100 rebate, anyway), no doubt significantly more without one. The plan they’re pushing for it will be $69.99 plus $10 for “premium data,” making a total of $80… Read More

  • ScanBizCards: use your iPhone 3GS to organize your collection of business cards

    Business cards are an anachronism. We all have them, we all pass them out to people we meet, but how many of you actually own a rolodex, or file the business cards you receive in any meaningful way? For the people you actually care to connect with — as opposed to the people from whom you dutifully accept a proffered business card with no intention of ever contacting — you might… Read More

  • Super fake HTC Hero runs Android

    When you get a Shanzhai phone you usually have to put up with a garbage OS. However, this fake HTC Hero is actually running Android and you get a 3.2-inch touchscreen and you get a 400MHz processor and a fake Sense UI, all for about $150. What will those mountain bandits think of next? Read More

  • Hey UK folks: Marks and Spencer now has a mobile website

    While the iPad may be too confusing for the British, that’s not stopping UK retailer Marks and Spencer from rolling out a mobile version of their website. I guess if you’re the kind of person who shops at Marks and Spencer this might be good news for you. And while is not a particularly mobile-friendly URL to key in, the site does helpfully explain upon your… Read More

  • The Mobile Web continues to expand, according to Taptu

    The proliferation of mobile content has caught Taptu (and a lot of other people) by surprise. Perhaps unsurprisingly the number of mobile applications has also increased rather dramatically. There’s an interesting balance to be struck for content producers between device-specific applications and app stores, and the general availability, but reduced functionality, of a mobile web site. Read More

  • People like mobile ads, says JiWire

    JiWire has been watching mobile and in-app advertising, and says that “Advertisements in mobile applications are especially effective.” Their new report, released today, “examines device use, consumer adoption of Wi-Fi and consumer preferences for mobile content and advertising delivery.” Interesting take-aways from the report include the fact that iPhone has surpassed… Read More