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  • HTC Incredible HD (Mecha) Gets Caught On Camera Yet Again

    After yesterday’s slightly sheisty and very-much-controlled “leak” of a half dozen ultra close-up shots of the Verizon-4G-ready HTC Incredible HD (otherwise known as “Mecha”), I’m almost tired of seeing this thing. But for every tired Greg, there are a few hundred Android geeks just chompin’ at the bit for another spy shot — so let it be. Read More

  • Don't Worry Everyone! There's A SillyBandz iPhone App Now.

    Net neutrality is at risk, we’ve got representatives breaking down into tears on TV, and the world can’t seem to agree whether Julian Assange is a cool dude or not. Now that we’ve got all that non-sense out of the way, how about some important news? SillyBandz (otherwise known as “those wonky rubberband bracelets that are vaguely shaped like dinosaurs or milkshakes… Read More

  • Fly or Die Nexus S and Video Girl Barbie Review

    Fly Or Die: The Nexus S, Barbie Video Girl, And AR.Drone (TCTV)

    It’s video time, folks. Here is the latest episode of one of our newest TCTV shows, Fly or Die. (For those of you paying attention, before it was called Death/Star for the pilot, but we changed it to make the name clearer). Fly or Die is a review show where Crunchgear editor John Biggs and I take on three new products and argue which ones will become huge hits or mark them for death. … Read More

  • Where Is Awarded The "Mother Of All Geofencing Patents"

    Where Is Awarded The "Mother Of All Geofencing Patents"

    Just as geo mobile services are taking off, the U.S. Patent Office has awarded an extremely broad patent on “Location-based services” to Where. Patent No. 7,848,765 covers 31 claims ranging from sending an alert to offering a coupon when somebody crosses a geofence with a mobile device. Where CEO Walter Doyle calls it the “mother of all geofencing patents.” A geofence… Read More

  • HTC EVO Shift 4G appears in some more spy shots

    If there’s anything that my cold, black heart loves, it’s slide-out phone keyboards (and fluffy bunny wabbits). So, despite its enormous name, and fact that I’ll never see it in my home country of Australia, I like the HTC EVO Shift 4G. So, I’m happy to report news today of some more spy shots of the HTC E-S-4 emerging over at Phone Arena. And not just spy shots, mind… Read More

  • Verizon confirms Motorola 4G phone coming in the future

    Verizon has a shiny new 4G network, but only have a USB modem that you can use with it. We’ve previously heard rumours of two HTC phones making their way over to the big red 4G waves in 2011, but Verizon have now said — in a WSJ interview with Verizon chief operating officer, John Stratton — that Motorola will soon bring a handset to their new network. Read More

  • Meizu CEO: M9 To Hit Retail By New Years Day "At The Latest"

    Just a quick update for all of those following the Meizu M9 saga (tl;dr: Chinese manufacturer Meizu makes an iPhone clone, gets sued by Apple, goes legit with a built-from-the-ground-up Android phone.) With the company having now received the proper paperwork necessary to launch the handset in China, Meizu’s always-vocal CEO Jack Wong has once again popped up on their official forum… Read More

  • PSA: If You Need To Find Your iPhone, Use Safari

    With smartphones serving as a primary source of entertainment, a catalog for encrypted passwords, and the sole form of communication for many a geek, few tech-related mishaps suck worse than having your handset stolen. There’s one, though, that almost certainly does: having your handset stolen and having your stolen-handset-retrieval method fail on you in your time of need. Such was the… Read More

  • Sprint 4G Going Live In San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose On December 28th

    Yay Areaaaa! Jeez. After writing about Sprint 4G launching in so many other regions, it feels a bit strange to write about it going live in my own locale: the Bay Area. Read More

  • Studio In Your Pocket: Song Made Using Only Sounds From iPhone and iPad Apps

    There are plenty of iPhone apps out there which let you play different instruments, and some bands like Atomic Tom have even made some great videos of themselves jamming on these instruments. The band Gorillaz is set to release an entire album recorded on the iPad on Christmas. Getting in on the trend is a couple Israeli musicians, Ilan & Sipo. They recorded a cover of the song… Read More

  • Microsoft: 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets "sold" in first six weeks

    Achim Berg, Microsoft’s VP of business and marketing for Windows Phones has revealed in a faux-interview with Microsoft News Center that partner phone manufacturers have sold over 1.5 million Windows 7 Phone devices to carriers and retailers in its first six weeks on the market. Windows Phone 7 launched in Europe and the Asia Pacific region on October 21 and in the United States and… Read More

  • PlayStation Phone Breaks Cover

    According to Pocket-Lint, the PlayStation phone aka Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play should be rolling into shops in April, a few months after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As you recall, the phone has an “incredible” screen and a full gaming features including a specially-built Android marketplace for PlayStation (or PlayStation-style titles.) Read More

  • T-mobile to offer 4G HSPA+ mobile hotspot come Feb 2011

    My Momma used to always say* that you’re not a real geek unless you’re beaming out WiFi, but these days — with the advances in mobile technology that have happened since 1994 — I usually say that the you’re not a real geek unless you’re beaming WiFi with a 21Mbps back end. So, are you a real geek, or just a poseur? If you’ve got the guts (short for… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy S hits 2 million units sold in Korea, soon to reach 10 million worldwide

    Like we needed any more evidence that the Galaxy S is slowly taking over the world, but Samsung recently announced that they have sold 2 million Galaxy S units since its June launch in their home country of Korea. They also announced that, at 9.3 million worldwide sales since launch, Samsung are on track to reach 10 million sales by the year’s end — giving the Galaxy S the… Read More

  • Gingerbread coming to the Nexus One "in the coming weeks"

    Now, I have a pretty good idea that pretty much every Nexus One owner out there is overly eager for the Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) update to be pushed to their handsets. And now, in lieu of an actual date, we have a vague idea of the kind of wait you’re in for. According to Google’s Nexus Twitter account, you Nexus One owners will get the update “in the coming… Read More

  • Apple Removes WikiLeaks App From App Store

    Apple Removes WikiLeaks App From App Store

    Looks like an unofficial iPhone and iPad app that let you view WikiLeaks content and follow the WikiLeaks Twitter account on the go has been removed from the app store tonight. The app used to be available here. Basically the paid app was selling content available for free for $1.99. Its entry into the app store on December 17th was actually surprising, as Apple is usually quite strict… Read More

  • LG Really Wants You To Like Their Smartphones & Tablets

    LG may be seeing a lot of press with the likes of the B, 2x, and budget powerhouse Optimus phones, but apparently that’s not good enough for them. They need more. More! Read More

  • Samsung Announces Bada 2: Multitasking, HTML5, New SDK, And More

    If you’re reading this in the U.S., chances are pretty solid that you’ve never laid eyes on a phone powered by Samsung’s fledgling smartphone platform, Bada. Don’t feel too bad; for one reason (*coughiPhonecough*) or another (*coughAndroidcough*), Samsung has made more or less no effort to launch Bada here. Elsewhere, though, Bada handsets are selling in droves. The… Read More

  • Yelp Brings Scrumptious Photos To The iPad

    Yelp, which has one of the most popular apps on the iPhone, today is finally available on the iPad (iTunes link). The iPad version is built for browsing, with a double-pane experience—lists and search results on the left, profiles, maps, and photos on the right. As you scroll down each listing, the larger window on the right fills with a more detailed drill-down. But what is… Read More

  • Android Gingerbread Hacked Onto The Original Droid

    It’s hard to believe that the original Droid came out just over a year ago. Really, just think about all the amazing handsets that have come along since: the Nexus One, the entirety of Samsung’s Galaxy line, the Nexus S, the Droid Pro, the Droid 2… it’s insane. And for all the folks stuck in a two-year relationship with their Droid, probably pretty… Read More