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  • Boost Mobile's pre-paid, Android-powered Motorola i1 to cost $349.99

    When we dug up some evidence yesterday that Boost Mobile would be getting the US’s first pre-paid Android phone in the form of Motorola’s crazy-tough, push-to-talk i1, there was one bit we were missing: the price. Fortunately, that didn’t stay a secret for very long. Read More

  • Is this a Droid running Android 2.2?

    Call us skeptical but we’re not quite sure this is legit. A regular on myDroidWorld’s forums just posted a bunch of screenshots that are supposed to be a Droid running Froyo. There are shots of the app launcher, new Car Home, the camera, and updated search options. Really everything but the About Phone screen which will show the phone’s model number, firmware, and kernal… Read More

  • TC Disrupt Startup Alley: Knocking Live has 1.6M users, faster growth than Foursquare, Gowalla

    Who’s nailed peer-to-peer live streaming video on smartphones such as iPhone and Android? It’s not Qik, Ustream or, it’s Knocking Live, an application by bootstrapped Point Heads Software. Interestingly enough, Knocking Live reached 1 million users faster than Foursquare or Gowalla did (see graph). Pointy Heads released Knocking Live in December in collaboration… Read More

  • Video: T-mobile myTouch 3G Slide unboxed in front of your very eyes

    We’ve already gotten word of the T-mobile myTouch 3G Slide specs. We also know that it will be released on the 2nd of June for $179.99. We’ve even had our own hands-on. But there is one little maneuver left in the dance of phone revelations: the unboxing. And here it is. Read More

  • AT&T offering free wi-fi to customers in Times Square

    If you can’t get a signal in Manhattan, blame AT&T. They’ve pretty much admitted that their network in New York is completely inadequate, and now, three years in, they’re taking some concrete steps to alleviate the problem — for tourists, at least. Read More

  • Upcoming ads confirm that the iPhone HD will have video chat

    Like the camera sitting on the face of every single leaked iPhone HD hasn’t been proof enough, or like the references to video chat in the beta SDKs didn’t mean anything, now we have even more proof that there will be video chat capabilities in the upcoming iPhone HD (or whatever it will be called). Right now, filming is underway for the new iPhone commercials (directed by Sam… Read More

  • Walmart drops price of 16GB iPhone 3GS to $97, impending iPhone HD to thank

    With the announcement of the next-gen iPhone just weeks away, Walmart have taken it upon themselves to lower the price of the soon-to-be-replaced 16GB iPhone 3GS to a borderline bargain basement price of only $97 on a two-year contract. There isn’t really much more to say on this one. If you’re looking for a cheap, functional smartphone on AT&T, you can’t really go wrong… Read More

  • AT&T to provide free unlock codes for everyone! …except iPhone users

    It seems that all it takes is a class-action lawsuit to get some companies to start treating their customers right. As a settlement of said lawsuit, today it was announced that AT&T will provide customers with a free unlock code for their device after only 90 days of service. Now, now, don’t get too excited yet: it’s not quite as clear-cut as it may seem. Read More

  • Video: LG Panther WinPho 7 phone starts up for all to see

    Would ya looky here! Looks like someone over at Innovative Singapore has posted a video that shows what it would be like to turn on a WinPho 7 phone for the very first time. The device shown in the video (and right here) is the LG Panther, which has been making its way around the webs for a little while now. It seems that LG will ditch the “Panther” monicker for a much more… Read More

  • HTC Desire to get Android 2.2 in late June?

    Android 2.2 might already be rolling out to the Nexus One — but what about it’s nearly-identical European brother, the HTC Desire? If a random HTC customer service rep is to be believed — which we generally wouldn’t recommend — the Desire should be seeing Android 2.2 in all of its Flash-packin’, performance-boosting glory within the next month. Read More

  • The BlackBerry 9800 Slider gets caught on video yet again, this time with AT&T branding

    The BlackBerry 9800 Slider.. leaked? Preposterous! I can’t imagine such a thing happening. Except for that one time. Or that other time. Or any of those other times. And now, the leak to end all 9800 slider leaks: a video walk through of the handset, including BlackBerry OS 6.0. Read More

  • Confirmed: Motorola i1 will be Boost Mobile's first Android phone

    Back at CTIA 2010, Motorola announced the world’s first rugged Android handset with iDEN push-to-talk functionality: the i1. At launch, Motorola was only willing to spill the beans on one carrier who’d be getting the handset: Sprint. We just unearthed some pretty irrefutable proof that someone else will be getting the i1: Boost Mobile. Yep — say hello to the first… Read More

  • Samsung pulls a Google and gives devs free Bada phones, confirms upcoming handsets

    Google didn’t invent giving stuff away. Oprah did that. Google just made — or at least greatly popularized — the trend of companies giving their latest and greatest handsets to all the attendees of the developer events in hopes of spiking their interest. The latest company to pull a Google: Samsung. At a Developer Day in South Africa, the company just passed out Bada… Read More

  • How to watch Hulu on Android 2.2

    So you’ve just updated your shiny Nexus One to Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) complete with flash support, and you’re jonesing to watch your favorite episode of Glee while on your way to work on this dreary Monday morning. If you were a true Gleek, you’d have already fired up the browser, navigated over to Hulu, and found nothing but disappointment. You’ve been burned by… Read More

  • Samsung Wave now available in UK, France, and Germany

    To all those Samsung enthusiasts living in Europe: this one’s for you. Samsung today announced that the Bada-powered Wave is now available in the UK and France (it has been available in Germany for about a week). UK Vodafone fans can grab the phone for free on a £25 per month plan, but no outright prices have yet been announced for the UK or France. However, eager Germans can pick it up… Read More

  • T-mobile pulls latest HD2 update due to lethal bugs

    Uh-oh. Looks like the latest update to the HD2 from T-mobile has caused a few “issues” and has had to be removed from the T-mobile update site. Different users have reported different issues ranging from a not-so-terrible reduction in battery life, to a much-more-serious bricking of the phone. Read More

  • Flash kills browsing in Android 2.2 Froyo

    Brian at PocketNow posted a browser comparison video showing the iPhone, the Nexus One, and the HTC HD2 all viewing the same websites. He installed Froyo on the Nexus One and downloaded the Flash beta which allows him to run almost all Flash content. It’s really long.While I do enjoy a long video of a man playing with Android phones, 11 minutes worth of a man playing with phones (found… Read More

  • Blackberry Bold 9800 slider to ditch SurePress, more photos surface

    By now we’ve all seen the many, many, many and more photos (and video) that have been leaked of the up-n-coming BlackBerry 9800 slider phone. So you’re probably not that amazed by the new batch of photos that have emerged over at The Berry Fix. However, the photographer behind this latest photo shoot does have some interesting news for y’all: the new slider won’t be… Read More

  • Video: Sprint EVO 4G rooted nearly two weeks before it's released

    Sure, the EVO 4G might not be seeing its official nationwide release until June 4th — but since when do silly matters like release dates bother the Android hacking community? Read More

  • The Next-Gen iPhone shows up in all white – think it's real?

    Once the leaks start, they just don’t stop. After the first (and massive) leaks regarding the fouth-gen iPhone made their way out, more and more shots have been unearthed. As of late, however, a new variation has been poking its head up: a white-faced model. While a few different shots have made their way out over the past few days, these ones are easily the clearest and most… Read More