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  • South Korea Goes Crazy Over The iPhone 4

    We can’t say we are surprised: it seems that the South Koreans can’t wait to lay their hands on the iPhone 4. The sole iPhone provider in that country, Korea Telecom (KT), says that its official website got jammed today as “tens of thousands of people” tried pre-ordering the phone in a matter of hours. Read More

  • HTC Wildfire "soft" rooted

    So, it’s not the big, badass hard root that enables custom ROMs and NAND unlocks, but the HTC Wildfire now has a method of rooting that allows the installation (and more importantly, the execution) of all those wonderful “root only” apps on the Android Market. Despite this limitation, you Wildfire owners can’t really grumble, as now you can wirelessly tether your… Read More

  • Waterproof Motorola "Jordan" coming to T-mobile/swimming pools in November

    Not content to let Boost and Sprint get all the rugged Moto fun, T-mobile are now set to launch their own rugged Motorola handset — codenamed “Jordan” — come November. But here’s the cool part, it’s going to be IP67 rated, which means it’s fully submersible in water. Read More

  • Grooveshark pulled from App Store

    Uh-oh… looks like another attack of the copyright owners. Apple Yesterday pulled the Grooveshark app from the App Store after they received complaints from Universal Music Group UK — this comes just one week after the app’s initial release. Few details are available right now, but Grooveshark have posted on their blog: Earlier this afternoon, Apple sent us a letter notifying… Read More

  • RIM's Flickering Torch Should Signal Defeat For The "Consumer-Grade" Blackberry

    In Zork, when your torch goes out you’re eaten by a grue. In real life, when your Torch phone is a flop – about 150,000 sold opening weekend and not many more sold over the week it’s been out – you could be eaten by your competitors. As I said before, the hard-core Blackberry audience cares about the much-ballyhooed features of the Torch – namely social media… Read More

  • Apple Granted Patents For "Slide To Unlock" And Pop-Up Keyboard Letters

    A few patents have come Apple’s way, filed around the time of the original iPhone. They concern the “slide to unlock” screen and the way that characters on the keyboard jump up when you hit them. As usual, the patent process took a few years, and during those years, variations of these now-patented processes have appeared which will now almost certainly see some legal… Read More

  • Don't panic! RIM's ridiculously ugly BlackBerry flip phone might be coming to Sprint, too

    Remember RIM’s god-awful ugly secret project, the BlackBerry 9670? If you’ve been hanging around the ol’ rumor mill for the past few months, you might be thinking this thing was headed exclusively for Verizon. As far as any of us knew, it was — but it looks like that’s changed. Read More

  • Sony goes on the defensive, says iPhone "ain't built for big boy games"

    Oh, Bobb’e J. Thompson. It seems like just yesterday you were spouting curse words and wrecking Paul Rudd’s tent in Role Models, and now you’re… selling PSPs as a fictional character named “Marcus Rivers”. Downgrade? Perhaps. I’m sure we’ll have a deep conversation with him about it as soon as he’s done swimming in his pool full of… Read More

  • Mogo Talk XD Adds a Bluetooth Headset To Your iPhone 4

    Mogo, not content with resting on their laurels, is now taking pre-orders for the Mogo Talk XD for the iPhone 4. It is an iPhone case and battery with built-in removable headset. The device will cost $99 and ships September 1. Read More

  • Apple Testing Proximity-Powered Prototypes Today; Likely To Appear In iPhone 5

    Over the weekend it was reported that Apple hired Benjamin Vigier, an expert in near field communication (NFC), a short range wireless protocol most synonymous with contactless payments. This key Apple hire is perhaps the strongest public signal yet of Apple’s intent to use NFC to build on its micropayments franchise and disrupt traditional point of sale using a mobile commerce… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Games And Capabilities Shown Off

    We’ve often said that Windows Phone 7 may live or die based on how it leverages Microsoft’s immense stature in gaming. A few games have been shown off here and there, but they’ve just blown the lid off their whole Xbox Live interface and Launch lineup. Inexplicably, they called Engadget to check it out instead of me, and so they’ve got some hands-on video over… Read More

  • Bad News For RIM: Only 150,000 Torches Sold At Launch?

    RIM needed a hit, and the data increasingly indicate that the Blackberry Torch is not that. While 150,000 units sold is nothing to sneeze at, and RIM’s overall sales are still strong, I can smell their decaying brand from here. When your next big thing is outsold by your biggest competitor by more than 10 to 1, it’s time to get serious. I was never a fan of the Torch, and it seems… Read More

  • HTC Desire HD Makes Extremely Brief Appearance On Amazon UK

    We’ve seen a few little spurts of info here and there regarding the HTC Desire HD, or Ace. It’s to have a 4.3″ screen like the EVO, and just be a large, sexy phone in general if the leaks are real. This latest leak adds a price to the rumored specs, but also cements the very notion and name of the phone. The Desire HD is real, not some mislabeled knockoff or pet… Read More

  • Meizu's M9 To Sport Retina Display, Android 2.2

    One of the iPhone 4’s most marketable features may be getting a bit more common soon: notorious iClone maker Meizu has said their upcoming M9, sequel to the madness that was the WinMo-powered M8, will sport a 960×640 screen of similar size — in all likelihood the same exact model as Apple’s. It would run Android 2.2 with a custom UI on a 1GHz processor and 512MB of… Read More

  • Review: Fusion of Ideas' Carbon Fiber Stealth Armor case for iPhone 4

    Carbon Fiber. Made up of many tens of thousands of intertwining strands to give it incredible strength, it’s the material of the future. You’ve undoubtedly decked out everything you own in carbon fiber, right? The hood of your car? Carbon fiber. The grill you flash at the lady folks when you hit the club? Carbon fiber. Your iPhone 4? Carb — wait, that’s glass. That… Read More

  • Verizon Spills Her Secrets: Droid Pro and Motorola Tablet Confirmed

    BGR has some screen shots showing the upcoming Motorola line-up for Verizon, including the MZ600, the Motorola tablet. The line-up also includes the Droid Pro, a Droid 2 world phone with faster processor. Read More

  • Amazon cut the BlackBerry Torch in half

    Of course they didn’t literally cut it: don’t be silly. Amazon are now listing the latest-and-greatest BlackBerry — the slideriffic Torch 9800 — for a measly $99.99 with two year contract. That’s half price! A full $100 less than what AT&T stores want for it! No matter which way you spin it, that’s a bargain. The Torch is the only handset in the… Read More

  • Qualcomm will ship 1.5GHz dual-core snapdragons in Q4, phones may come as early as Christmas

    Qualcomm announced today that they will begin to ship their fastest ever mobile processor — a dual core Snapdragon running at up to 1.5GHz — come Q4 of this year. The part of this news that excites me is that Qualcomm reckon that those manufacturers equipped with ninja skills may even have dual-core handsets out in time for Christmas. Read More

  • PayPal coming to Android Market?

    Not the most exciting rumour coming out of the mill today, but one that could impact at least a fair chunk of you. Bloomberg are reporting that Google are in talks with PayPal to enable payment of apps in the Android Market using the near-ubiquitous payment service. For those not in the know, payments for apps in the Android Market are currently handled using Google Checkout. The thought is… Read More

  • US Dell Streak to get Froyo instead of Eclair

    A nice little unconfirmed nugget from Dell’s Lionel Menchaca via Twitter over the weekend: the super-sized Dell Streak may bypass Éclair entirely, jumping straight into everyone’s favourite Android flavour, Froyo (despite earlier UK Éclair leaks). While clearly good news feature-wise, as far as release date is concerned, this will probably only push back the update. You’ve… Read More