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  • Verizon Drops Palm Pre Plus Down to $29.99 On Contract

    Well, here’s a tasty bargain: Verizon are now offering the Palm Pre Plus for a meagre $29.99 (no rebate necessary) on a two-year contract. That price includes the free mobile hotspot, too! Read More

  • LG Ally Shown in Iron Man 2 Themed Commercial

    After her quick appearance yesterday, everybody’s favourite Korean vanilla Android QWERTY handset, the LG Ally, has made her public début in an Iron Man 2 themed commercial.
    There’s explosions. Boom! There’s weapons! Bam! There’s some hot Iron Man action! (that came out wrong…)
    Check it out, after the break. You’ll love it. Read More

  • Official Twitter App Launched For Android 2.1

    After acquiring Tweetie, so they can launch an official Twitter app for iPhone, and after working with RIM to make an official Twitter app for BlackBerry, Twitter have now released an official app for Android. Sadly, it is only compatible with Android 2.1 devices — the unfortunate side-effect of Android’s break-neck pace of development. The app actually looks really good, both… Read More

  • Yes indeed, the iPad 3G is already jailbroken

    Been reading up on all the fun you can have with a jailbroken device, but were afraid your iPad 3G might be unhackable? Fear not. The “Spirit” jailbreak should work on the iPad 3G, just as soon as @comex releases a revision for the firmware shipping with the 3G. Just be sure to back up your blobs. That part seems to be very important. [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • G1 + Atari gamepad = gaming bliss

    There isn’t any info on how this was pulled off, but this looks like a great way to play a few old-school games on my G1. Presumably it’s a straightforward mechanical hack: the buttons just press down on keys he’s designated in the emulator to do this or that. Not the best option for texting, but for Mario, it can’t be beat. Hard keyboard forever! [via Reddit and Make] Read More

  • Nokia wants you to make an Ovi app out of your Twitter feed, launches Ovi App Wizard

    To anyone who’s ever written a line of code, pre-canned/auto-generated apps are the scourge of the App Store world. For anyone who just wants to be able to say “Me? There’s an app for that! LOL!” without having to dedicate their lives to waging war against semi-colons and pouring through documentation, however, they’re a god send. Love’em or hate’em… Read More

  • Next webOS update pinned down for late May or early June

    If you’re already up and running on webOS, it’s time to lay off of the Update button for a while. Palm just sent out an alert to developers detailing their plans for the next minor update — and as long as our math isn’t failing us, the dates work out to somewhere at the end of May or the beginning of June. Read More

  • The Motorola Shadow is still alive, gets its WiFi certification

    Surpriiiise! After three months of radio silence, the Motorola Shadow — a phone that, according to the shakiest rumors in all of Rumorville, might be the Google Nexus Two — is still alive. Read More

  • Verizon makes BlackBerry Tour Push-to-talk "free for life" for anyone who acts quick

    Almost exactly one month ago, Verizon added Push-to-talk support to the BlackBerry Tour! Hurray! Unfortunately, it cost $5 extra a month. Un-hurray. It looks like Verizon might be having a bit of trouble getting people to sign up — or, at least, they want to kickstart the number of people using it. They just dropped the price down to an always-welcome amount: free. But you’ve gotta… Read More

  • Apple beats Moto

    Well if that don’t beat all. Apple sold 8.8 million iPhones while Motorola sold 8.5 million last quarter. The crazy part is that those are all, obviously, iPhones while Motorola’s entire line consists of smart and feature phones. Including Droid and Devour. 9to5 notes: Apple has eclipsed Motorola as the biggest mobile phone maker in the US, while fresh research tells us… Read More

  • Video: Discarded Motorola RAZR3 Prototype Gives a Glimpse Into The Moto That Could Have Been

    Back in 2008, after milking the poor cash cow to death, Motorola decided to can their once crazy-popular RAZR series of phones. A good thing, too, as their Android line of phones are really quite good, and have helped them climb out of the dreaded red end. But today over on Slash Gear, a prototype RAZR3 has risen from the grave to show us a twisted world where Motorola feature phones were… Read More

  • Symbian^3 Dev Tools Now Out of Beta. Go get 'em!

    I know you’re peachy-keen to start devving for the new Symbian^3 platform. “The what?” you ask, as if this is the first you’ve heard of the Symbian^3 Web Development Kit. You’ve made a website before, haven’t you? Maybe you’re even a web developer? Well, aren’t you glad to know that the dev kit for Nokia’s latest-and-greatest OS uses… Read More

  • LG Aloha/LU2300 Android QWERTY Will Launch on Verizon as "Ally"

    I know I’m not alone in my lust for decent phones with QWERTY keypads. While I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the company of my touch-screen-only HTC Hero for 7 months now, I must admit that I am looking at other (more well endowed) phones while Hero’s back is turned. But you know what? She’s ok with that. I guess that’s why we work so well together… even though… Read More

  • New Verizon Commercial: Droid? Pft. It's all about the Droid Incredible now

    “Forget what you thought you knew, because you’ve never seen a Droid like this.” is really just a nice way of saying “Oh, that Droid we spent millions advertising like 5 months ago? Old news. This one is the best one. Seriously. At least, for the next 5 months, unless it isn’t.” Read More

  • Samsung: "Like our new phone? Play some dodgeball!"

    Let’s try a little thought experiment here. Think about a new cell phone: it’s shiny, has a touch screen, and even a QWERTY keyboard. What else comes to mind when you think about that phone? What do you feel like doing? If your answer to that last question was “play dodgeball”, then congratulations! You’re insane exactly the type of person Samsung is looking for! Read More

  • Palm webOS update rolled out to Verizon Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

    Get excited, Verizon Pixi Plus or Pre Plus owners! But not too excited. Just a little bit excited. Less “Holy crap, I’m getting a petting zoo for my birthday!” excited, more “Neat, it’s probably not going to rain on my birthday!” excited. Verizon just pushed out a minor update for webOS, bumping things up to version While there’s nothing in… Read More

  • Skyfire 2.0 for Android launching today

    Back in February, Skyfire (makers of the popular, Flash-enabled smartphone browser of the same name) announced that they’d snatched up Kolbysoft, the company behind the well-established Steel browser for Android. Today, we’re seeing the first fruits of that purchase coming to the market: Skyfire for Android is here. Skyfire’s flagship feature is that it supports Flash… Read More

  • Motorola is in the black and selling phones

    Now here’s a turnaround I never expected. According to a recent results filing, Motorola is working its way back into solvency and is turning a profit and shipping devices like crazy. The company took a slight loss in mobile sales – about $192 million – but that’s far lower than $550 million last year. Read More

  • Are you in line for the HTC Incredible?

    A reader, Derek, writes: Not with a bang, but a whimper? I’m @ the VZN store with the earliest
    opening time in a major metro region, and I am the line. I feel a bit
    silly. Did you wait in line? Do you want us to get you coffee? Read More

  • Layar Launches Store for Augmented Reality Layers

    Augmented reality is being touted as the new hotness. I’m sure most of you have heard of the augmented reality browser, Layar. Basically, Layar offers a window through which to view the world, where handy hints and information are displayed over the top in real-time. The Amsterdam-based company released Layar last year for both Android and iPhone, and a number of interesting… Read More