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  • What Everyone Made From The Ngmoco-DeNa Deal

    What Everyone Made From The Ngmoco-DeNa Deal

    Yesterday, Japanese mobile gaming company DeNa announced its acquisition of iPhone gaming startup ngmoco for up to $400 million. (We first reported on the acquisition talks here). The price includes $300 million up front in cash and stock, plus another $100 million earnout if ngmoco hits certain performance milestones. We also reported yesterday that ngmoco’s largest investor… Read More

  • Buzz Killer Card Promises End To That Annoying Buzz When Phones And Audio Intersect

    Drrrrrrt-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit. I hate that noise! You know, when you’re playing music in your car on your iPhone or what have you, an all of a sudden that weird syncopated buzz comes out of nowhere? I understand it’s the high-powered command/location signal GSM phones do regularly to ping local towers. So you don’t want it to stop, you just want it to stop making that noise. Read More

  • Three-Quarters Of Android Phones are Running 2.x

    While device and OS fragmentation is still a serious issue for Android, strong sales of newer phones have taken their toll on what was formerly an even split. As late as June, 50% of Android phones were still running 1.5 or 1.6, but that number has been halved and now 2.1/2.2 handsets enjoy a majority. Read More

  • iOS 4.1 jailbreak "Greenpois0n" goes live for Linux, OS X coming "soon"

    After a bit of baby-mama drama surrounding its launch, the iPhone hackin’ extraordinaries over at the Chronic Dev Team released their iOS 4.1 jailbreaking tool, greenpois0n. Alas, due to some last minute technical issues, the initial release was Windows only. This morning, one more platform joined the fray. Read More

  • Vertu makes a video explaining why we can't afford their phones

    Got $310,000 to spend on a phone like the Vertu Signature Cobra? No? Hm. How about $83,000, for the Vertu Signature Diamond. Still no? Well, crap. Oh! Okay, here: how about somewhere between $4,000 and $7,000 for the new Vertu Constellation Quest? That’s totally reasonable, right? Not feelin’ it? Check out the video after the jump. In just two minutes, Vertu will fully convince you… Read More

  • The Video Phone Comes Of Age: One Fifth Of American Adults Have Made A Video Call

    The idea of video phone calls goes back to at least 1969 when AT&T developed it’s famous Picturephone which went nowhere (the concept was actually been kicking around a lot earlier). But now with Skype video calls on your laptop and FaceTime on your iPhone, video calls are finally gaining acceptance. A new Pew Internet survey finds that 19 percent of American adults have made some… Read More

  • Thumbplay Rocks 500,000 Downloads For Paid Music Apps Across iPhone, Android, And Blackberry

    Who says nobody will consider paying for streaming music? Thumbplay Music, which offers unlimited music streaming apps for a monthly subscription across iPhone (iTunes link), Android, and Blackberry, reports that its smartphone apps have been downloaded 500,000 times since June. Thumbplay won’t say how many of those downloads turn into paying customers (you get a free trial before… Read More

  • Nokia, She Is Dying (In India)

    According to IDC, Nokia is losing market share in India. In fact, it is down to 36.3% from 54% in 2009, a disconcerting fall for an already beleaguered company that once held 70% of the India market. The IndiaTimes says Nokia is disputing the claims: “The figures are way off the mark. They are not correct,” Nokia India managing director D Shivakumar told ET. “Nokia continues… Read More

  • Palm Pre 2 Gets Its Close-Up

    If Palm is trying to keep the Pre 2 a secret, they’re not doing a very good job. Yesterday we had pretty much all the goods on the new handset spilled by a French carrier, including pics, specs, and new features. Now we get in-hand pictures showing off that new matte plastic shell and AZERTY keyboard (which suggests this too is a… Francophone, wocka wocka). Read More

  • AT&T Pixi Plus finally gets WebOS 1.4.5

    The jump from webOS 1.4.1 to version 1.4.5 really wasn’t all that big (it fixes a few minor bugs and adds support for games written in C/C++) — but give a bunch of people something but exclude others, and the excluded are gonna get pretty mad, pretty fast. Such is the case for AT&T Pixi Plus owners. While others have been running 1.4.5 since as early as July… Read More

  • Is This The CDMA iPhone 4? Probably Not, But Dream On – UPDATE

    Not much to go on here but Giz’s tipster writes: Our tipster claims that the Verizon iPhone has a “brushed aluminum back and a standard black front.” He says that they will come packaged with a bumper. He also points out that there will be a product(RED) version of this phone. Read More

  • Is Microsoft Really Fighting the Face Down Culture?

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a phone addict. I think back to how my parents interacted with us as kids and I realize that they, as a cohort, never had something as distracting and potentially damaging in their hands as a cellphone… ever. Maybe booze, but that’s a different post. I hung out with a bunch of phone bloggers yesterday and at one point we all had… Read More

  • Sprint now offering refurb phones for less

    If you’re looking for a cheap, second-hand phone, but are a little worried about any jibblyscruffins* hiding in the phone, waiting to grasp your throat and squeeze the life out of you**, then Sprint want to help. Sprint are now offering a limited selection of phones in second-hand “refurbished” condition at reduced prices — and just in case there are any… Read More

  • Get a free 3-month Zune Pass if you pre-order a WinPho7 handset

    If yesterday’s announcement (or months of leaks) sold you on Microsoft’s freshest mobile OS, and you’re planning on pre-ordering one of the many WinPho7 handsets (and you live in the US), then you should really listen up. Microsoft are running a little promo at the moment, whereas you give them your email address, pre-order a Windows Phone, and they’ll give you a… Read More

  • Videos, videos, videos! HTC shows off their HD7, Trophy, and Mozart

    If you’re still revved up on the hype surrounding the WinPho7 launch today, and keen to see some rendered HTC phones sliding around to some uninspired electronic music, then you could do worse than watch these teaser videos from HTC. We have three videos all up, one each for the HD7, the Trophy and the Mozart — each of which Greg had some hands-on time with earlier today. So… Read More

  • T-mobile G2 now only $99 from Amazon

    If you’re keen for the QWERTY hotness that is the T-mobile G2, then I recommend you head on over to Amazon, as they have the phone for only $99 (on a two-year contract). Most people are offering it for $199, so you gotta be happy with that saving. We had a quick hands-on with the phone here, and initial impressions were positive. We’ll have a full review soon. [via Talk Android] Read More

  • Updated Yahoo! Messenger for iOS brings cross-platform video calling

    If you’re not that keen on Facetime’s inability to work over 3G, or have a heap of friends on Android, or want to video call your parent’s computer, then you should go check out the updated Yahoo! Messenger app on iTunes. The updated app now brings with it support for WiFi and 3G video calls… video calls that can be made to any Yahoo! Messenger client, including those… Read More

  • Palm Pre 2 details leak

    I bet you’re getting sick of hearing about WinPho7, yeah? Longing for some news on some other mobile OS? Palm, maybe? How about some news on the Palm Pre 2? Well, French carrier SFR, has leaked to the world the first hard details on the Palm Pre 2. Sporting Web OS 2 (more on that in a moment), and a slightly updated look, the next Pre will come with a flatter screen, a 1GHz processor… Read More

  • Hands On with the HTC Mozart, Surround, Trophy, HD7

    We just got back from a bit of hands-on time with HTC’s brand new Windows Phone 7 powered quartet: the Mozart, the Trophy, the Surround, and the HD7. Read More

  • "Hands-On" with the HTC 7 Pro

    Alright, I’ll admit it: our hands on with the HTC 7 Pro isn’t totally legit, because the device didn’t actually.. you know, work. This guy isn’t expected to hit the shelves until sometime next year (for Sprint!) — as such, the one we played with was a super early prototype. And yet… I think it might be my favorite device of the day. Read More