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  • Samsung releases Bada SDK to developers – will anyone care?

    And so it begins: Samsung has just released the first build of the SDK for Bada, their built-in-house Smartphone platform. The SDK comes complete with it’s own user interface creation tool, debugger, simulator, and API set. Alas, it’s currently Windows-only. Developers are one of the most key ingredients to whether or not a platform succeeds. Developers flocked to the iPhone, and… Read More

  • AT&T will release the Palm Pre Plus and the 3G MicroCell on May 16

    It seems like only a month-and-a-bit ago that AT&T said they’d release some Palm handsets “in the coming months”. And now we’re getting word that the Palm Pre Plus will launch on the nation’s doesn’t-seem-it-but-apparently-is fastest network on May 16. Read More

  • Video: Android running on the iPhone… 3G!

    You may recall a video last month that showed an iPhone 2G running Android. If not, let me refresh your memory. Needless to say, all of us here at McCrunchables thought it was pretty freakin awesome. Well, you know what’s awesomer? Android running on an iPhone 3G! That’s right, the buy-that-man-a-beer hacker responsible for the 2G Android port, David Wang, has managed to get… Read More

  • More than half of Verizon's customer base wants them to get the iPhone

    It’s been said before, but let it be said again: Verizon better be kicking themselves right now. Not only did they not fight for the iPhone, they outright turned it away. This new 4,000-person survey by ChangeWave probably isn’t going to make them feel much better. Read More

  • Clearwire to offer WiMax phones from HTC and Samsung this year

    Whenever we talk about WiMax phones (like the oh-so-drool-worthy EVO 4G), we’re usually talking about Sprint. Well, Sprint’s WiMax is powered by a (not so) little company called Clearwire (which, in turn, is 51% owned by Sprint) — and they want some WiMax phones of their own. During an earnings call yesterday, the company disclosed that they’re planning on launching… Read More

  • SlingPlayer for Android sneaks into private Beta

    If you’re the proud owner of both an Android handset and a Slingbox, you might be a bit bummed out right now — and rightly so. While almost every single other smartphone platform around has been slingboxin’ video content freshly piped from a remote TV for years now, Android has, thus far, been left out in the cold. Sure, sure — Slingbox for Android is coming. We just… Read More

  • Sprint Hero NOT Getting Android 2.1 on May 7th

    Although I’m sure you’re used to the disappointment by now, it pains me to tell you this: the Sprint Hero won’t be getting its much-hoped-for update to Android 2.1 this Friday. A Sprint Community Administrator has closed the thread where the original rumour surfaced, stating: “Closing this thread because I don’t want folks to think that 2.1 is coming out on… Read More

  • Motorola Milestone Finally Gets Android 2.1

    This post here is for all our UK readers. Your prized Motorola Milestone (that’s “Droid” to all you yanks) has just been given a most precious gift: an update to Android 2.1, affectionately known as “eclair”. Now, this isn’t as revolutionary an upgrade as all those late-to-the-party Hero owners are about to get (because they’re coming from Android… Read More

  • Evidence Shows iPhone HD's Ability to Shoot in… HD

    Well, this one isn’t really surprising now, is it? Mac Rumors have unearthed evidence in the latest iPhone 4.0 beta SDK that points pretty clearly to 720p video recording. Y’see, the latest iPhone SDK allows full access to video capture data, and there are some preset values in the SDK that explicitly mention a 1280×720 video resolution. Read More

  • HTC EVO 4G Preorders Start This Month (May)

    I have a confession for you: the HTC EVO 4G is my fav phone at the moment. I can’t lie. Snapdragon processor, 4.3″ 800×480 screen, 8MP camera, Android 2.1, all topped off with a blazing-fast WiMAX data connection. It’s irresistible. So I’m pleased to tell you that the all-powerful fiery-phone-of-awesome will be available for pre-order this month at The Shack. Read More

  • Send in the clones: Shanzhai's version of the Nokia C2 is out there

    There’s been rumors floating around about the existence of a Nokia C2, but there really hasn’t been any kind of reliable siting, and a phone with a rotatable screen just seems a bit off. That doesn’t stop the knockoffs from coming out of Shanzhai though, and they’ve already made a clone. No pricing or availability of course. [via Cloned In China] Read More

  • More pics of the new BlackBerry flip phone – whose idea was this thing?

    There must be a crack surplus at BlackBerry HQ, because they really seem to have lost it with these new designs. The old half-and-half BlackBerrys have something special about them, something fundamentally strong. You know it’s a good phone because it’s refined. This flip phone (the 9670) and that slider we saw a while back, however, present a slightly less promising… Read More

  • Evernote surpasses 3 million users

    The title says most of this story, but there are a couple of interesting details that are worth sharing. First, while it took 447 days to reach their first million users, it took 222 days to hit the two million mark, and only 134 days to reach three million. That’s pretty impressive. That 134 days is even more impressive when you learn that 85% of Evernote users get there by word of mouth. Read More

  • Visa wants to turn your iPhone into a credit card

    If you’ve been reading MobileCrunch since November of 2009: A) We love you. Thanks for sticking around.
    B) You might remember that we did a post on “5 iPhone accessories we’re still waiting for” – one of which was an iPhone case that acted as a credit card, relying on the RFID tap-to-pay system already in place in many thousands of retailers. Visa — whoever… Read More

  • Sprint Hero getting Android 2.1 by May 7th, according to Best Buy

    And our never ending quest to pin down the exact date on which the Sprint HTC Hero will get its long-awaited update to Android 2.1 continues. Read More

  • Verizon Droid Incredible torn apart in glorious stop motion

    We’re no strangers to tear down videos around here — we probably see at least one a week. This one, though… this one’s different. And by different, I mean awesome. Read More

  • Kin reviews are out… and not so good.

    You’ve probably noticed on the ‘webz today that the floodgates known as “the Kin review embargo” have opened, spewing forth impressions, opinions, analysis, and reviews for the masses to bathe in. There is a general trend emerging, too. Something along the lines of “What have Microsoft done?” I’ve rounded up some of the highlights thus far, for… Read More

  • Verizon misses the point of the Kin, prices it out of its market

    Well, there goes that. The Microsoft Kins seemed like a good system. Online reviews are somewhat positive, at least most say the Kin shows potential. But it doesn’t matter. Kin One and Kin Two are likely going to be the only ones of their kind and will only be around for a short while. Verizon killed the platform when it decided that these feature phones need an expensive smartphone… Read More

  • Taking "Unlimited" to the max with the iPad/AT&T torture test

    Zach Epstein from Know Your Cell has managed to burn through 30 gigabytes of data on his iPad in two days, just to test AT&T’s claims that the iPad plans are truly unlimited. 30 gigabytes! Two freakin days! AT&T! Unlimited! Fire! Ok, I made the fire bit up… basically, the upshot is that, yes, when AT&T say “unlimited”, they actually mean it this time. Read More

  • Dropbox Finally Launches on Android (iPad, too)

    Yay! Everyone’s favourite file-sharing and document-syncing service, Dropbox, has finally released their official Android app, alongside an iPad app and mobile API. The Beta version of the Android app has been out-and-about for the last fortnight, but now the fully-fledged, 100% official, ready-for-action, go-get-em-tiger version has been released to the Android Market. I’m serious. Read More