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  • Late for lunch? Telenav's OnMyWay for iPhone lets your party know

    You’re a pretty punctual person, right? Right. But sometimes stuff just happens, you know? Maybe you forgot your wallet and had to go back. Maybe you couldn’t find your keys. Maybe you had to bust through the front windshield of a flipped-over bus to save the orphans inside. Whatever the totally-legitimate-and-not-at-all-made-up reason is, Telenav’s OnMyWay for iPhone… Read More

  • iPhone Dev Team won't be jailbreaking iOS 4.0.2, says "the only winning move is not to play"

    In the endless game of cat-and-mouse that is iPhone jailbreaking, sometimes the mouse needs to take a break. Not because it’s tired, mind you — but because it doesn’t want to show the cat where it’s hiding its cheese before it gets a chance to eat it. Early this morning, the iPhone Dev Team (the guys behind the discovery of the vast majority of iPhone jailbreak… Read More

  • Netflix now streaming to the iPhone and iPod Touch, works over 3G

    Oh, man. It’s here. We’ve been hoping for Netflix instant streaming support to hit the iPhone and iPod Touch ever since it landed on the iPad, and we’ve been waiting on the edge of our collective seat since the company demonstrated it at WWDC. The wait.. its over! Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 meets the FCC

    Waaaay back in June, Sony announced their mid-range Xperia X8, to compliment their top-o-the-line (but in serious need of a software upgrade) X10. Well, now the diminutive fellow has had his required appointment with the FCC, so release should be on the horizon soon… just maybe not in time for the original “Q3 2010” release date. Read More

  • First shots of Motorola MB520 "Kobe" leak

    Do you remember the other day when I told you all about Motorola’s upcoming mid-range Android phone, the MB520 (aka Kobe)? I do. I remember it well. Well, guess what, Kitten? The early obligatory spy shots of the device are now making their way across the web. And we have copies for you. Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone To Be Submitted To Apple Next Week?

    SkyFire. Heard of it? It’s the smartphone browser that was chewing through Flash video and other rich media long before any of the built-in browsers were supporting such things — and on a number of platforms, it’s still the only option. We’ve known that SkyFire Labs was crackin’ away at an iPhone port for some time now — the company confirmed it after Opera… Read More

  • T-Mobile G2 ROM Hacked, Has No Sense

    T-Mobile’s new G2 is reported to scheduled for release at the end of September, but that didn’t keep someone at HTC from leaking the ROM for the new phone. After some clever manipulation, the ROM was hacked and some very interesting details have come out as a result. Specifically the firmware makes no reference to having the HTC Sense interface, as well as revealing that the new… Read More

  • LG E900 "Optimus 7" Handset With Windows Phone 7 Leaked

    Another WP7 handset has been leaked — on top of the C900 , Panther, and Cetus handsets in the last week. It’s raining Windows Phone 7 up in here. The E900, which will be sold as the Optimus 7, looks to be a straightforward slate-style handset, lacking the slide-out keyboard of the C900. The picture is an “official” leak, made on Twitter by Microsoft Netherlands. Read More

  • AT&T to launch Windows Phone 7-powered LG C900 on September 28th?

    You’ve got your camping gear packed, and a full night’s supply of coffee prepped. You’re all ready to camp out on the sidewalk for what may very well be the first Windows Phone 7-powered phone in the US: the LG C900 for AT&T. There’s only one problem: you don’t know when to show up. Now we might! Read More

  • Modu To Go Public In Order To Keep Making Tiny Phones

    You may not be familiar with Modu, the Israeli mobile company that specializes in making very, very small phones. The latest model, which runs Android, is probably about as big as the screen on your phone. It’s an intriguing concept, but unfortunately it hasn’t taken off like they hoped, and $100 million in funding has evaporated over the last couple years. So, they’re going… Read More

  • Apple sends out invites for their annual September "Special Event"

    Fun Fact #1: Every September for the past few years, Apple has held a press event in San Francisco. More often than not, this event has focused around music, media, and the iPod line. Fun Fact #2: Invites just went out for this year’s September happening, and we’re on the list. Read More

  • Bartab lets you buy booze for your bar-hopping buddies… From your iPhone

    Ever wanted to buy a friend a drink, but couldn’t because it was 2 in the afternoon and you were at work? Or because they’re half-way across the USA? Or because you’re so slammed you lost your wallet 3 bars ago? Well, now you can Bartab them a drink coupon. Bartab is a new iPhone, Web and Android app that lets you buy friends/girls/randoms-you’ve-never-met a… Read More

  • Stream All Your Music, Photos, and Videos From Your Laptop To Your iPhone With Libox

    The more computers you have (mobile, laptop, desktop), the bigger hassle it becomes to get your media when you want it, on the device you want it. Apple deals with this by making you constantly sync your iPhone with your laptop. It involves cables and transferring files. Microsoft’s answer to effortless sync is Mesh, but that is still in beta after two years and is Windows-only. … Read More

  • Google Finance Now Looks Better In Your Mobile Browser

    If you go to Google Finance on your iPhone or Android via the mobile browser, it looks a lot like an app. You can enter a ticker symbol or company name in the search box at the top to generate a current price and stock chart. Three buttons on top let you switch from a market view to your saved portfolio to news. The new mobile-friendly design just launched yesterday. (It is still catching up… Read More

  • HTC T8788 packs Windows Phone 7 and a hidden speaker

    Contrary to what thoughts the name may invoke, the T8788 is not a Terminator. That is, unless Skynet ever made a Windows Phone 7-powered Terminator whose sole purpose was to pump tunes out of a hidden slide-out speaker — which, while cool, doesn’t really seem like a good fit for them. Read More

  • Virgin Mobile shifts up their MiFi plan: $40. Unlimited. Contract-free. Glorious.

    Man, these pre-paid carriers are really learning to pull on a geek’s heartstrings. Just months ago, Boost launched the US’ first Android-powered prepaid phone, the Moto i1. Now, Virgin Mobile is offering up what may very well be the best mobile broadband plan around. Read More

  • Dell Aero Shipping On AT&T

    When your main advertising point is that the Aero is “one of the lightest Android smartphones,” you might have a problem but here it is: the Dell Aero on AT&T, finally shipping for $299.99 ($100 with contract). If you’ll recall, the Aero is a smaller Dell Streak with a fairly unique UI focused on social media and usability. We’ve been excited about this for quite… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 LG Panther clears the FCC, bound for AT&T

    Looks like LG’s first Windows Phone 7 handset, the LG Panther (or GW910, if you don’t like the whole “memorable names” movement), has cleared the FCC, bound for AT&T frequencies. This means that the currently developers-only handset is, indeed, bound for retail. Read More

  • Video: Windows Phone 7 web browser vs iPhone 4 and Nexus One

    I know you love a good fight: two or more opponents duking it out to determine the ultimate champion has engaged the human race since their very beginnings*. Well, like the gladiators of old, I have a video of just such a tourney. PocketMobile have pitched the browsing experience on the only WinPho 7 handset to date — the LG Panther — against the iPhone 4 and a Froyo-powered Nexus One. Read More

  • Yahoo's Chief Mobile Engineer, Sandeep Gupta, Lands At Next Jump

    On Friday, I caught wind that the engineering director in charge of Yahoo’s mobile app development, Sandeep Gupta, had resigned. Now I know where he landed: Next Jump. Gupta formerly worked at Apple on the iPod, and put out a slew of iPhone and Blackberry apps for Yahoo, including the Flickr iPhone app, Yahoo Messenger, and the Yahoo Entertainment iPad app. His hire by Next Jump… Read More