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  • Leaked Verizon Pricing Puts Motorola Xoom Tablet At $800, Thunderbolt At $250

    A bit of the old backend-pricing-screen tipsterism came into Android Central’s inbox earlier today, showing what appears to be an internal pricing guide for a few upcoming devices. The HTC Thunderbolt gets a $250 price, which sounds like what we’d expect for a premium subsidized device. More interesting perhaps is the pricing of Motorola’s Xoom tablet, not too surprising… Read More

  • Blatant IP Theft In App Store Garners Little Response From Apple (Updated)

    One of the criticisms of Apple’s App Store (and application stores in general) is how it is commonplace for a popular app or game to have dozens of clones. These can be sifted through due to their low popularity and shoddy icons, and on the off chance you prefer an ad-supported knock-off over a 99 cent app, they’re a good alternative. But not every clone is flattery and… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 leaks out in detail

    Sony Ericsson’s Symbian-powered Vivaz looks to be getting an update, with a leak outlining an Android-powered successor. Mobile Review have a very detailed overview of the phone — also known as the MT15i or Halon — including more pics than you can shake a megapixel at. The skinny of it all, though, is the juicy, juicy specs, which I’ve compiled for you after the break. Read More

  • T-mobile Samsung Vibrant Froyo update begins today, T-mobile commits to 3-5 month Android update turn-around

    There’s nothing quite like an Android update to make your day just that much better, so you T-mobile Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S) owners out there are set for a great weekend, as today — January 21 — marks the day that Froyo begins to make its way onto Vibrant handsets. Read More

  • Canadians rejoice: the Nexus S is coming in March

    According to Moblicity CEO, Dave Dobbin, everyone’s favourite Gingerbread totin’ handset — The Samsung Nexus S — will be released through the company’s AWS brand come March. If you care not for AWS, then you’ll be happy to hear that Doctor Dobbs also said that Bell, Telus, and Rogers will also carry the hot new handset. Jump on through the break for a video… Read More

  • Next-Gen BlackBerry Curve Gets Caught On Camera

    See that lovely, BlackBerry Curve-lookin’ thing over there? According to N4BB, that’s none other than the next generation BlackBerry Curve (or, as they allegedly refer to it as inside RIM, the BlackBerry “Sedona”) we saw a render of just last week. Read More

  • Want To Open Your iPhone? Use This $2.35 Screwdriver

    I’m not sure why it took a screw type change to open everyone’s eyes that Apple’s approach to hardware and software is over-protective and damaging to user rights, especially when the problem of an uncommon screw type is easily solved by buying a new screwdriver. Shouldn’t we be worried about all the other heinous things Apple, Sony, and other consumer tech companies… Read More

  • Video: This Concept Phone Is Pure Madness

    You know the cool thing about “Concept” products? They don’t really have to make complete sense. Take the one in the video up above, for example. Crazy long screen? Neat! Buttery, ultra minimalist interface? Gorgeous! Touch sensitive frame? Er, sure. Connectivity allowing you to put three of them side-by-side to make a little on-the-go PC? … Seriously? Still… Read More

  • SkyFire Pulls In Another Million Bucks With The Launch Of SkyFire For iPad

    Up until recently, the revenue model for SkyFire‘s smartphone browser (you know, the one that converts Flash Video on-the-fly for playback on handsets that otherwise could never touch it?) wasn’t too clear. Its biggest feature, the video transcoding, required hefty proxy servers and a good amount of bandwidth, and those things don’t come cheap — and yet, they were… Read More