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  • Dear Foursquare, Gowalla: Please Let’s Stop Pretending This Is Fun

    Dear Foursquare, Gowalla: Please Let’s Stop Pretending This Is Fun

    It’s a bad month to be Foursquare or Gowalla. Ten days ago, 900-pound gorilla Facebook announced Facebook Deals for Facebook Places (i,e., location-based coupons) and check-ins for third-party apps. A day later, Pew Research reported that, despite all the hype, the use of location-based services is actually declining in America, from 5% of the online population in May to 4% last month. Read More

  • Review: Motorola Defy On T-Mobile

    Short version: Waterproof and attractive, the Defy is a solid smartphone with relatively rare selling points. It’s missing Froyo at the moment and MOTOBLUR isn’t for everyone, but I consider this thing a great value. Read More

  • iOS 4.2 gets a new Gold Master release at the last minute

    According to whispers around ye ol’ Rumor Mill, today was to be the big day for iOS 4.2 to start hitting iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads everywhere. As the daylight burned, however, a new rumor popped up: due to WiFi issues on the iPad build, the launch was being pushed back a few days. Aaaand sure enough, we’re told an ever-so-slightly modified version of iOS 4.2 for iPad has… Read More

  • Limili Identifies That Song That's Playing, Adds It To Your Grooveshark Collection

    Between Soundhound and Shazam, I wouldn’t have thought the world was really begging for another service that could identify that song playing on the radio. Sometimes, though, something comes along that solves that problem we didn’t know we had and makes the whole thing worthwhile. You see, Soundhound and Shazam do a great job of identifying tracks.. but then what? You can buy the… Read More

  • Good bye, GOOG-411

    Pour one out tonight, folks. It’s November 12th — the day Google is flipping the switches and shuttering the windows on their free 411 service, 1-800-GOOG411. We’ll never forget you, GOOG411. You came at the perfect time; mobile was blowing up enough that everyone was constantly in need of phone numbers, but smartphones hadn’t yet become an everyman tool. It was always… Read More

  • Root Access Found For Windows Phone 7, Jailbreak Not Far Off

    WinPho7 retail units have only been out for a few days, but a proper jailbreak isn’t that far off now that some devs gained root access to the system. It’s not like anyone really thought Windows Phone 7 would be locked up forever, right? It was only a matter of time. Developers swarm high-profile platforms with fun and profit in mind. Microsoft can’t be that upset. A good… Read More

  • Nexus S gets caught on camera

    There we have it, folks. The Engadgeters…Engies…Engadgineers… dudes over at Engadget just finagled a handful of spy shots of the handset-formerly-known-as-the-Nexus-Two, the Nexus S. So far, early suspicions seem to be panning out: outside of the fact that this is purportedly running pure, untouched Android rather than Samsung’s customized variant, this thing is about… Read More

  • AT&T Phones Are A Penny Each On Amazon Until Monday

    If you’re due for a new contract with AT&T and don’t want an iPhone, I’d say Amazon has got a deal for you. They’re selling all their AT&T phones for a penny, including those brand new Windows Phone 7 Phone Series Mobile Phone handsets that everybody… well, some people are buying. Read More

  • Did Best Buy just leak a picture of the Nexus S?

    Either one of the Best Buy Mobile graphic designers is gettin’ creative with his photoshops, or Best Buy just leaked a shot of an unannounced Android handset in their online sales flier. If you’ll look closely at that itty bitty little shot over yonder, you’ll note that it’s a very Galaxy-S-Esque handset running what appears to be good ol’ pure Android… in… Read More

  • Leaked: Android 2.2.1 for the original Motorola Droid

    Still rockin’ the original Droid? Sick and tired of Android 2.2 (which, by the way, most Android handsets still don’t have)? I know, I know — all the cool kids (read: Nexus One owners) are on Android 2.2.1. Don’t sweat it, Droid owners — you can get all up in that marginally improved goodness. It just requires a bit of hacking. Read More

  • Surprise! Samsung's Windows Phone 7 handsets can tether over USB

    So, you’re reading that headline, thinking, “But Greg! Microsoft said Windows Phone 7 won’t support USB tethering at launch!” You’re right, they did. And it doesn’t. At least, most Windows Phone 7 handsets don’t. Mysteriously, Samsung’s do — they just tried to hide it. Read More

  • Rumour: Moto Droid 2 receiving "profiles", USB tethering, in future software update

    Android enthusiast p3world has posted some images from an upcoming software update for the Motorola Droid 2 over at the My Droid World forums that show off profiles, USB tethering, and an updated home screen. Profiles — similar to HTC’s “Scenes”, or any profile feature in any phone from the last 15 years — allow you to select certain wallpapers, widgets etc that… Read More

  • Droid 2 Global starts arriving early to pre-order customers

    If you pre-ordered a Droid 2 Global, last week, then you may want to check your tracking status, as some lucky customers are receiving their phones as I write this. In fact, why don’t you go check your doorstep now. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Not there? I’m sorry to hear that… in the absence of a real phone, you can always head on over to Droid Life for a quick gander at… Read More

  • Motorola Backflip finally gets updated to Android 2.1

    If you’re unlucky enough to own a Motorola Backflip, and have been joenesing for that all-too-late update to Android 2.1 (as a HTC Hero user, I feel your pain), then today will be a day to remember: Motorola have now released the Éclair upgrade out to the masses. If you’re keen to get your upgrade on (and you should be, given the features that it brings), follow your nose to… Read More

  • Rumour time: Verizon's HTC Lexicon/Merge delayed but will pack LTE, HTC Incredible HD coming early 2011

    The QWERTY packin’ HTC Merge (previously known as the HTC Lexicon, pictured above) was previously rumoured to launch on November 11, but — according to Twitter user and Verizon Engineer, V3rdict — has been delayed due Verizon’s last-minute decision to equip it with an LTE radio, which will make it their first “4G” device. He does later say that he may be… Read More

  • Review: Worms 2 Armageddon For iOS

    At last! Worms is finally on the iPad in a form we can be proud of. The previous version of Worms on iOS was obviously hastily put together, with poorly resized graphic elements, interface problems, and ridiculous 3D backgrounds that served no purpose and likely drained your battery. To say nothing of the lack of features and modes! I was thoroughly disappointed. But Worms 2 Armageddon… Read More

  • Qualcomm's Vision-based Augment Reality platform now available for Unity

    I’m going to keep this one brief, as these sorts of posts tend to turn into walls of text. No one likes walls of text. Remember that free Augmented Reality SDK from Qualcomm that we showed you back in July? We said it’d lower the bar for Augmented Reality stuff considerably, nixing the requirement for developers to reinvent the image-recognition-capable wheel. Well, consider the… Read More

  • Leaked: Sony Ericsson's X12 ("Anzu") is super-slim, possibly Gingerbread-powered

    Sony Ericsson really hasn’t done the best job with Android so far. The Xperia X10 took almost half a year to come to the US after hitting Europe, and promised software updates for their Android devices have been met with delay, after delay, after delay. As this latest leak (not to mention all that Playstation Phone stuff) shows, Sony Ericsson’s not done trying their hand at this… Read More

  • SkyFire Pulls In Nearly $1 Million In Its First Weekend On The App Store

    Just about every time I write about SkyFire, the cross-platform (and generally free) smartphone browser capable of churning through most Flash videos, someone always says: “Great! But uh, how are they going to make money?” Well, looks like they’ve figured that out. In their first weekend on iOS — the first and only current platform on which SkyFire isn’t free… Read More

  • Video: NTT Docomo's Coolest New Cell Phones For This Winter

    We’ve already shown you some cool cell phones Japan’s biggest mobile carrier, NTT Docomo, plans to roll out in the next few months (see the list below for a recap). But there were quite a few more worth mentioning in the company’s new winter line-up (in English). Here are all of them (I left out simple updates, rebranded versions etc.). Read More