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  • Deloitte: Text Messaging Still Far More Popular Than Mobile Twitter, Other Social Networks

    Don’t tell Twitter’s Dick Costolo, but it seems everyday users are completely content with the ability to SMS their friends. So says a recent Deloitte study, which found that 90 percent of smartphone users send at least one text message per day. Compare that to only 40 percent of smartphone users who “hit up” their social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, at… Read More

  • GroupMe Is Now Sending One Million Texts Every Day

    GroupMe Is Now Sending One Million Texts Every Day

    Call it the anti-Facebook effect, but this private group text messaging thing is starting to get some serious traction. The chart above shows the growth in text messages per day going through GroupMe, the group chat startup that launched last May at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. By the time our San Francisco Disrupt came around in September, GroupMe had reached its one millionth… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7's Copy & Paste Update Coming In First Two Weeks Of March

    Just a quick one for those keeping track (read: Windows Phone 7 handset owners): According to the mighty word of Ballmer himself, WP7’s first big update (the one containing copy-and-paste functionality) will be hitting sometime in “the first two weeks of March”. This is a separate update from the other one that Microsoft detailed today, which will bring third-party… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 To Get Internet Explorer 9 and Third Party Multi-Tasking Later This Year

    Boom! Though it’s day 2 or 3 or so (we’ve sort of lost track) of Mobile World Congress events for us, it’s technically Day 1 of the conference — and Microsoft just kicked things off with a lil’ announcement at Steve Ballmer’s keynote. Thus far, they’ve mentioned two big changes: Internet Explorer 9, and improved multi-tasking. Read More

  • The Umeox Apollo Is Powered By Android… And The Sun

    Surrounded by outlets no further than an arm’s length away, it’s easy to forget just how nice it is having power everywhere. Then the power goes out. Or you go camping. Or you’re living in a remote area of Africa, and you’ve got to walk a few miles to juice up your gear. How’s a smartphone junkie supposed to survive? Fortunately, there’s one power source… Read More

  • Hands-On With The LG Optimus 3D

    LG is really betting on 3D this year; from 3D TVs to the G-Slate to this handset, 3D is everywhere in their lineup. Not that I’m complaining; I think it’s cool, though I probably wouldn’t buy the first generation of 3D phones. The Optimus 3D, which we saw leaked many times before it finally got official last week, is available to be pawed at their booth, and it’s a… Read More

  • Video: A Quick Demo Of Netflix For Android

    When we were talking to Qualcomm about their new 2.5 GHz Quad-core smartphone chipset this morning, someone made a passing reference to the fact that Qualcomm had partnered with Netflix to help them bring the Netflix app to Android. So, we figured the Netflix app for Android had to be floating around somewhere in Barcelona — and sure enough, we found it. Read More

  • Snapdragon Bites Back: Qualcomm Announces A Quad-Core 2.5Ghz Chipset For Mobile Devices

    I’ve been writing about the mobile industry for a few years now, and there’s one thing that still blows my mind each and every day: the rate at which these companies are able to make new feel old. Everytime something comes along and rocks our world, someone else in the industry responds with “Oh yeah? Well our new thing is twice as fast! And twice as efficient! Oh, and ours… Read More

  • Hands On Video: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    I just got my grubby mitts all over Samsung’s brand new 10.1″ Android 3.0 tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (or, as all the cool kids seem to want to call it, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2). Once you’ve torn through our hands-on video up above, take a glance behind the Read More >> link below. There be first impressions and a hands-on gallery over in them thar hills. Read More

  • Hands-On With The Samsung Galaxy S II

    We’re fresh out of Samsung’s “Unpacked” event in Barcelona, where the Internet connectivity (be it WiFi or 3G) was about as stable as a skyscraper built out of warm butter. Fortunately, Samsung brought along a new toy to make up for their lack of Internet: the Galaxy S II. We just spent some hands-on time with it and brought back video footage of every glorious… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Finally Unveils The Xperia Play, Coming To VZW In Spring

    It began its life around the rumor mill as “The Playstation Phone”. It ran the full rumor gamut from there, with everything from “Fake!” to “Cancelled!” to “Will Lay Golden Eggs!” being pinned on it by on pundits at one point or another. And today, it becomes a reality. Well — it’s not really any more a reality than it was a week… Read More

  • Samsung GALAXY S II Is World's Thinnest Smartphone

    Bam… another smartphone has just hit the streets of Barcelona. The Galaxy S II is the “world’s thinnest smartphone” at 8.49mm. The Gingerbread (Android 2.3)-powered phone has a 4.3-inch 800×480 Super AMOLED screen. No availability but it runs HSPA+ so expect it on T-Mobile or AT&T. Read More

  • Palm's Ari Jaaksi (Who Previously Lead MeeGo At Nokia) On Nokia Ditching MeeGo

    I was on a plane somewhere over Quebec when the whole Microsoft/Nokia partnership went down. For those who missed it: Nokia has partnered with Microsoft to make Windows Phone 7 their smartphone platform of choice, effectively killing off Nokia’s involvement with both the Symbian and MeeGo platforms. In a personal blog post, Ari Jaaksi — the man who lead the MeeGo project at Nokia… Read More

  • Surprise! LG Announces The Optimus 3D

    Guys! Guys! Hey Guuuuuuys (and ladies)! Guess what? LG… is working on a phone.. called the Optimus 3D. SHAZAM! I mean, I know this thing sort of leaked a few weeks ago… and then again… and then LG released a teaser video of it… and then another commercial leaked… and then LG straight up said they’d announce this phone at Mobile World Congress, thereby making… Read More

  • We're Live In Barcelona For Mobile World Congress 2011!

    We’ve made it. 16 hours, 7,000 miles, and 1 exploded MacBook Pro power adapter later, we’ve made it. We’ve trekked halfway around the world to Barcelona to bring you the latest and greatest from the biggest mobile show in Europe: Mobile World Congress. While the conference officially starts on February 14th, a few folks always like to get the party started a bit early. Read More

  • Why Starting Was A Really Bad Idea, But I'm Glad We Did It Anyway

    Right now I’m neck deep in product launch mode, putting the finishing touches on our new mobile video application—Socialcam. Of course, I’ve been here before . . . Years ago when we launched the show we had no idea what we were doing. This much was obvious to anyone who watched. Outsiders attribute far more strategic thought to the venture than we gave it. Some… Read More

  • Nokia's Windows Phone 7 Concept Revealed?

    Engadget has what they say are some of the first shots of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 concept. Right now this is just a conceptual device to show just what the marriage of Microsoft and Nokia will look like. It looks like they spent a lot of time on this because the phones look great. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops. Read More

  • Intel Won't Forget About MeeGo

    MeeGo was a Nokia/Intel joint venture aimed at producing an acceptably good Linux-based mobile platform for devices. Now that Nokia is going WinPho, however, it looks like MeeGo will soon get short shrift. But, if Intel has anything to say about it, things will remain on course as previously ordained. In a short note, Intel informs the world that they’ll be sticking by the platform… Read More

  • Nokia's Road Ahead Will Be Rough But Not Impassible

    Nokia had years to get things right. They had billions of dollars in revenue and, quite literally, the ear of the world. iPhone? Feh. For the longest time iPhone was a Cybiko compared to the reach and influence of Big Sininen. So what the heck happened? I first started noticing Nokia’s steep decline in about 2007. It was at the launch of the XpressMusic, a music phone for the masses… Read More

  • Hitachi To Offer Super-Advanced Smartphone LCD Display

    Hitachi subsidiary Hitachi Displays yesterday announced [JP] that it has developed a new LCD display for smartphones whose quality reaches the “limit of what is discernible to the human eye”. And a look at the spec sheet reveals that big H is indeed prepping quite a display. Read More