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  • Despite 861.5 Percent Growth, Android Market Revenues Remain Puny

    You read the headline “Android Market grows a staggering 861.5 per cent”, and you think, “Wow, Android is really on a tear.” But then you look at the fine print, and you realize that Android Market revenues are still barely registering, and that the only reason they grew so much in 2010 was because in 2009 they were nearly non-existent. According to a chart making… Read More

  • Microsoft Rolls Out A Pre-Update Update For Windows Phone 7

    Whoa, whoa, whoa — I just realized how long it’s been since we’ve done our once-regular segment, Good News/Bad News. With that said, you can probably assume what’s coming next: It’s Good News/Bad News time! The Good News: Windows Phone 7 handsets are getting their first software update today! The Bad News: It’s not the update you’re waiting for. Read More

  • Video: This Angry Birds Cake Is Playable. It's also ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

    The Internet loves cake. The Internet loves crazy home-made things. The Internet loves Angry Birds. This, friends, is the Internet Love Trifecta. [Via ElectricPig] Read More

  • Verizon Updates V CAST Music For Android

    Perhaps I just run in strange social circles, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who knows Verizon’s V CAST service as anything but “that thing I always opened accidentally on my feature phones and wondered if it was costing me money”. But hey, what do I know? Maybe there are some people out there who live and breath V CAST, using it for all of their media-gettin’ needs. Read More

  • Honeycomb Ported To The Nexus One

    This one is only for die-hard modders that only use a Nexus One for shits and giggles. But if that’s you, how about installing Honeycomb on your Nexus One? Of course you sort of need to know how to install these sort of things, but you’ll certinally be the coolest kid on the block if your Nexus One runs Honeycomb. Sure, this port doesn’t allow for silly things like placing… Read More

  • First Pics Of The World's Thinnest Smartphone, The NEC Medias, Leak

    NEC is apparently to unveil the “world’s thinnest smartphone” (7.7mm) on Thursday, if a “leak” covered on a Japanese blog today is to be believed. That leak, reported today by Akihabara News, is actually a few days old (see this Japanese blog post, for example). Read More

  • Steve Jobs Doesn’t Want to Kill Publishers, But Apple’s Subscription Strategy Will

    Publishers have been struggling for years. Now local newspapers, magazines and even the New York Times, that Grey Lady, are being treated like old ladies by Apple, stealing their pocketbooks while they’re trying to stay on a fixed income. This week, Apple announced what the publishing industry has been clamoring for, subscriptions, in exchange for a whopping 30% cut. Clearly, paid… Read More

  • For Mobile Apps, It's 1996 All Over Again

    1996 was a great year in the life of the web. Netscape had launched two years earlier, Excite@home was going to wire all of our homes with unthinkably fast megabit connections, Webvan was going to deliver farm fresh fruits and veggies to everyone’s house (without delivery charges) and Flooz was going to make wallets (as well as the cash they contained) obsolete. In terms of ground… Read More

  • Microsoft Moves To Trademark The Look Of The Windows Phone 7 Homescreen

    Microsoft is proud of the way Windows Phone 7 looks. Like, really, really proud. As in they spend 5 minutes telling us how proud they are of it every time they hold a press conference. That and the fact that the camera button works even when the handset is locked are totally (and deservedly) their two favorite talking points. Lookin’ to make sure no one tries to pull off anything that… Read More

  • PlayOn Officially Rolls Onto Android, Brings Netflix And Hulu With It

    Given what Netflix has said so far, we know that Netflix for Android is coming… eventually. Even then, Netflix is still being a bit mysterious about which devices it’ll work on (though given their recent Qualcomm partnership, “things running a Snapdragon CPU” is a good guess.) In the meantime, there’s a work around of sorts: PlayOn. After months of beta… Read More

  • 26 Billion Text Messages Sent During China Spring Festival

    Here’s yet more proof that plain ol’ text messages aren’t going away any time soon. The recent Spring Festival in China (the local name for what’s often referred to as Chinese New Year) saw the country send some 26 billion text messages. That’s billion with a “b,” mind you. Read More