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  • The new AT&T Navigator for iPhone totally helps you run red lights

    Perhaps that headline is a bit of an exaggeration. The latest update to Telenav’s AT&T Navigator for iPhone doesn’t tell you that you should run red lights, but it does tell you when you definitely shouldn’t. Telenav has just pushed out an update to their turn-by-turn app for the iPhone, AT&T Navigator. One of the big new features, amongst others: Red-light camera alerts. Read More

  • Symbian takes another hit, loses support from Samsung

    Between Windows Phone 7, Android, Symbian, and their own Bada OS, Samsung was starting to spread their efforts pretty thin. It looks like Samsung has realized this — this morning, the company announced that they will no longer be supporting Symbian or its development as of the end of this year. They’re closing up their developers lab, shuttering their Symbian forum, and removing… Read More

  • Nokia on Ovi: 200k daily sign-ups, 2.3m app downloads per day, 140 million users

    Nokia has declared its Ovi suite of service and the Ovi Store a roaring success. The Finnish mobile giant says 200,000 people are now signing up to its services per day, and that the total number of active Nokia service users across the globe has reached 140 million (Ovi is available in more than 190 countries). Nokia further claims its application store (Ovi Store) is a hit on its own, with… Read More

  • Panasonic Makes Mysterious "Lumix Phone" Pre-Announcement

    There will be a large IT and electronics exhibition in Japan happening next week (CEATEC), and Panasonic Japan just announced [JP] it will use the show to announce a new cell phone. The company has set up a dedicated site [JP] for the new device but is being pretty mysterious about it (no pictures). Read More

  • Tonchidot Raises $12 Million Round B, Expands Mobile Gaming Platform SoLAR Globally

    Tokyo-based augmented reality startup Tonchidot has raised $12 million in Series B funding from various Japanese companies, including the country’s second biggest telco KDDI, major media conglomerate Recruit, ad agency SPiRE and venture capital firms DCM, Itochu Technology Ventures (ITV), and JAFCO. Tonchidot closed a $4 million series A funding round led by DCM and with ITV… Read More

  • Sprint Samsung Epic 4G update "on hold"

    If you own a Samsung Epic 4G, then you were probably aware that there was meant to be an update released today that solved the terrible 3G upload speeds that you were experiencing. Well, you may have noticed that the update didn’t actually come… but why? Sprint have posted an explanation in their community forums, and blame it on administration issues on Google’s end. Follow… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 launches Oct 11, handsets on sale Nov 8

    Last week I told you how Windows Phone 7 handsets will probably begin shipping on November 8. Well, Microsoft aren’t about to start trying to sell handsets without at least a little hype before release. And now it’s seeming more and more likely that the hype will begin on October 11. The Wall Street Journal today reported that Microsoft will “formally unveil a lineup of… Read More

  • Android Market now paying developers in 20 more countries, open for business in a further 18

    Good news for you non-us Android developers today, as Google now supports paid apps in 20 more countries, bringing the total up to 29 countries where developers can accept payments in the Android Market. According to the Android Developers Blog, developers in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal… Read More

  • Dual-display Samsung Continuum detailed in pics

    Hot on the heels of the bulk Verizon leak today, comes a bucketload of images of the Samsung Continuum. You remember the Continuum, don’t you? The one that grabbed your attention as being “a dual-screened Android-powered monster”. I know that sparked my curiosity, so I’m rather happy that BGR now have a bunch of (quality) images showing the device and it’s handy… Read More

  • WinPho7 HTC Spark images appear, looks like a Mondrian

    Yesterday, we reported on the leaked press images of the HTC Mondrian, but today, Engadget are reporting that some hands-on images of the very same WinPho7 device have leaked, and it’s clearly labelled as the HTC Spark, aka the HTC Trophy. The most notable feature is the inclusion of HTC’s Hub, which is HTC’s attempt at differentiating themselves from a crowd of very… Read More

  • Verizon Data Dump: Storm3 Cancelled, Tons of New Android phones on the way?

    Our buddies (brothers?) over at Engadget just had a massive pile of info land in their inbox. There’s lots of good news in here for Android fans — but if you were looking forward to the Storm3, you might want to take a deep breath before diving behind the jump. Read More