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  • AdMob's AdWhirl adds AdSense ads

    What do you call alliteration when every word in the sentence starts with the same two letters, as in the headline above? Is there a word for it? If not, I propose ultralliteration. Anyway, this one’s for the developers out there: AdWhirl (which allows devs to serve ads from multiple ad networks while only requiring them to implement one ad unit) has just added support for… Read More

  • PSA Part 2: Samsung Wave now said to be virus free

    Yesterday morning, we wrote a quick blurp letting you guys know to be wary of the just-launched Samsung Wave, given that it purportedly shipped with a nasty little auto-executing virus. For all those keeping up with this little mini-debacle (and for those about to ride the Wave themselves), we’ve got good news: according to Samsung, it’s all cleared up. Read More

  • Boost goes Android with the Motorola i1

    Man, I just might switch to Boost. For $50 a month you get unlimited text, talk, and web and you can run your business on an Android-powered Motorola i1. The i1 has an industry-leading 5MP camera, a vivid 3.1-inch HVGA display, and is one of the first devices to feature the new optimized Opera Mini 5 Web Browser. Combined with the Boost Mobile ‘Monthly Unlimited’ service, with… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy S launched in Europe, rest of the world comes later

    So maybe Samsung thought it was a bit ambitious to launch in 110 countries simultaneously, or maybe they never intended to. Either way, Samsung today announced that their flagship Android device, the Galaxy S, will be available in Europe very soon, while the US will get it “later this year”. Read More

  • Nokia E73 comes to T-Mobile

    I love the Nokia E-series. It’s like a Blackberry for folks who might not want a Blackberry and they’re very durable and useful. Symbian? Eh. Not so much, but Nokia makes a good phone. Anyway, the E73 Mode smartphone is out on T-Mobile. No pricing but it will run on T-Mo’s 3G network and it should be available on June 16. Read More

  • Nokia taps into developing markets by offering two dual-sim phones

    Today in Nairobi, Kenya, Nokia officially unveiled their first two dual-SIM phones. Well, strictly speaking, they unveiled one double-SIM phone (the C1-00), and one dual-SIM phone (the C2). The difference being that the C2 can receive texts and calls on both SIMs at the same time, while the C1-00 has to toggle between them. Both phones are targeted at developing markets (where having more than… Read More

  • Leaked shots of BlackBerry Curve 9300 show up, reeking of classic BlackBerry design

    What we have here are photos of the upcoming replacement for the Curve 8520. Dubbed the Blackberry Curve 9300, the device sports Blackberry OS 5.0 (yes, not 6.0), and is pretty much an 85xx with 3G and WiFi n. I don’t know about you, but I reckon it’s kind of comforting to see the classic Blackberry shapre re-emerging after so many leaks of the wonky slider, and freaky clamshell. Read More

  • Searching for apps is fun and easy with Google Mobile Searchâ„¢

    Google has announced that when searching using Google Mobile on iPhone or Android, you’ll get app results on top of your other search items — if they seem relevant, of course. So now you won’t get the developer’s page when you’re looking for the app itself. Whew, that’s a load off my mind! This will actually be pretty handy, since the Android Market is slow… Read More

  • Droid Xtreme struts its solid, metallic stuff

    Ever since childhood, I’ve always thought that adding metal to something automatically made it that much cooler. Slap some tin foil on a few paper towel rolls for example, and you’ve got yourself a nifty homemade Star Wars blaster. Ditto for enhancing your punching power with a roll of quarters when facing a bully on the playground. Someone in Motorola’s design division must… Read More