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  • Blackberry Tablet information leaked, no release date

    We heard a few months back that RIM was looking at building a Blackberry tablet, and it’s looking like the rumors may be true. On Friday the rumors got a whole new life due to analyst comments, and today it was more or less confirmed by “a source close to RIM”. The source, who preferred to remain anonymous (as they do), leaked to Betanews that the tablet will most likely… Read More

  • Rumor: Verizon Droid Eris to get a software update on July 16th?

    Man, its been a long time since we’ve had an episode of Good news, Bad news around these parts. You know what that means?

    The Good News: After a few months of radio silence, Droid Eris owners might have an update to look forward to! The Bad News: …. Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 developer tools go beta

    Just a quick PSA for the development-minded folks in the audience: following up on the “tech preview” release of the Windows Phone 7 development tools back in March, Microsoft has just pushed things into Beta mode. So, what does that mean? To most people, not a whole lot. To developers, it means it’s time to start developing WP7 games and apps without having to worry quite… Read More

  • RIM releases another BlackBerry OS 6.0 video — what do you think?

    With just about everyone else in the smartphone world churning out handset after handset, RIM has been relatively quiet lately. They’re not trying to hide the reason, though: they’re working hard on BlackBerry OS 6.0, and they want people to know it. They’ve just released a second preview video of their brand new operating system, and this one is just oh, oh so much better… Read More

  • The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research

    As you probably remember, Geohot – George Hotz to his parents – is the kid who unlocked the original iPhone and, over time, became one of the foremost experts on iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking. A few days ago he announced an iPhone 4 jailbreak but, in an addition to the post, he states he’s probably not going to release it and may quit the scene. Another good man dead… Read More

  • RIM announces BlackBerry Protect, free remote backup, restore, and locate service

    RIM today announced the beta availability of their upcoming remote backup, restore, and locate service, BlackBerry Protect. Best feature? It’s free. Read More

  • HTC Aria sorta kinda supports sideloading of apps

    We previously lamented AT&T’s inability to grasp one of the greatest features of Android — being able to load any app you want on it — when they stripped their new HTC Aria of the ability. So we were a little surprised to find out that a weekend update to HTC’s Sync software enabled just that. Read More

  • HTC is cramping Sprint's style: EVO 4G now suffering shortages

    Uh-oh. It seems that HTC have gotten a little carried away with creating lustable phones, with another of their flagship phones suffering from shortages. Demand for Sprint’s larger-than-life EVO 4G has outstripped supply, with the phone now being listed as delayed without a shipping date. The shortage is being blamed on Samsung’s inability to produce enough touch-screens —… Read More

  • HTC 1 concept dreams of finer days/phones

    Is there anything more awe-inspiring than a top-o-the-line concept phone? I can’t think of anything. Even rainbows ain’t got nothin’ on Andrew Kim’s HTC 1. It’s minimalist design is inspiring, and — as the mandatory wacky bit seen on concept phones — the in-built filth-zapping UV screen cleaner will make sure to put the “clean” in… Read More