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  • mSpot beats Netflix and Blockbuster to the punch with mobile movie-streaming service

    Finally, a movie-streaming service for the iPhone. One that lets you rent and stream movies directly to your mobile device, anywhere with 3G or Wi-Fi. You would expect this to have come from Netflix, right? Or at least Blockbuster? To the contrary, the company that’s gracing us with this killer feature is mSpot, a Silicon Valley-based startup you’ve probably never heard of. In… Read More

  • Sprint nixes the Nexus One

    Back in March, Sprint officially confirmed that they were going to pick up Google’s then much-touted super phone, the Nexus One. Hurray! Excitement! Then Sprint went and announced the EVO 4G, a handset which belittles the Nexus One on just about every front. Suddenly, everyone seemed to lose interest in a Sprint Nexus One — including Sprint, it seems. Read More

  • It's Official: AT&T Palm Pre Plus launching May 16th for $149.99

    Just got the good word from AT&T themselves: Palm’s Pre Plus will be launching on the carrier this Sunday, May 16th for $149.99 after all contracts and mail-in rebates are said and done. That’s a bit over a hundred bucks more than Verizon is charging (after their back-to-back-to-back price cuts) for the same handset and there’s no WiFi hotspot on this one — but on… Read More

  • RedLaser on a Roll: 2 Million Downloads, 950K Active Users and 50 Million Product Scans

    Hot dog! Occipital, the company behind RedLaser, has been on fire since we last covered them in December. As of today, RedLaser, the top-selling iPhone app that leverages your camera to scan barcodes, announces today that it has been downloaded over 2 million times. Of those 2 million downloads, 950,000 of users have been active in the last month, Occipital CEO Jeff Powers informs us. This is… Read More

  • It's hip to be square (and Android 2.1-powered): Meet the Motorola Flipout

    Square phones, man. Call me old fashioned, but I just don’t get it. Nokia did it with the Twist, LG did it with the LG Lotus and Lotus Elite, and now Motorola appears to be giving it a go — but unlike the rest of the lot, this one’s an Android-powered smartphone. Read More

  • Android 2.1 coming to the Verizon Droid Eris tomorrow?

    Boom! We woke up this morning to a handful of e-mails in our tips inbox, all saying the same thing: the Droid Eris should be getting Android 2.1 beginning tomorrow, according to an internal memo sent out to select retail employees. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Fortunately, one of the tipsters was nice enough to grab a shot of the memo for the lovely folks at home. Read More

  • Verizon price cuts the Palm Pixi Plus down to free

    Downward, downward, ever downward. Verizon just keeps dropping the prices on their Palm devices lower and lower. The Pre Plus dropped from $149.99 at launch to a paltry $29.99, while its baby sister, the Pixi Plus, dropped from $99 to.. the same price as the Pre Plus: $29.99. Weird, right? A technically lesser phone floating around at the same price point as the heftier one? Verizon’s… Read More

  • U.S. Cellular to get exclusive Android-powered Samsung Acclaim

    Hot on the heels of the full-QWERTY LG Ally, U.S. Cellular today posted on their Facebook wall the news that they will be launching their own full-QWERTY Android device in July: the Samsung Acclaim. The device will run Android 2.1, have a 3.2″ 480×320 screen, and the previously mentioned full QWERTY keyboard, which will put it somewhere below their Android flagship device, the… Read More

  • You could be the first to own the MyTouch Slide

    If you’ve got lightning-ninja skills, and a spare $750, you could be the first kid on the block anywhere to own the new MyTouch Slide. One of the not-to-be-released-for-another-3-weeks-yet phones has been put up for auction/sale on eBay, with a starting price of $750, and a “Buy It Now” price of only $1200. A small price to pay for immortality, right? Read More

  • Video: Return of the Blackberry Slider… from beyond!

    So, I hear you liked the shots of the upcoming Blackberry 9800 slider last week. While the shots themselves were no good, the phone in them seemed interesting enough, no? I’m glad you agree with me, because I have here the next step in the phone-leak-shuffle: the hands-on video. Read More

  • HTC applies for thin-film speaker patent

    We’ve seen thin-film speakers around, but generally they make for pretty poor replacements for regular speakers. I mean, think about it: for bass frequencies, something actually has to move, like, an inch back and forth. I don’t care what kind of promises these gadgets make about turning your wall into a speaker, they’re just going to be completely missing out on a whole… Read More