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  • Nokia N8 starts shipping worldwide

    Nokia’s first Symbian^3 powered device, the Nokia N8, has now started shipping to all those proud Nokia fans that pre-ordered it. The N8 will be Nokia’s last N-series device to run Symbian (they’re switching their high-end devices to Meego), and comes with a 3.5″ display, HDMI out, and a simply stunning 12MP camera. I miss having a good camera in my phone. Previous… Read More

  • Droid R2-D2 site now live and selling

    If you’ve been itching for the R2-D2 edition of Motorola’s Droid 2, then you should probably head on over to Verizon’s site right now, as the world’s favourite unintelligible Droid is now up for sale. It’ll cost you $249 (after an instant $100 online discount) with a two-year contract, or $599 without, and comes bundled with the special edition multimedia dock, a… Read More

  • WinPho 7 HTC Mondrian strikes a pose for the press

    The Windows Phone 7 leaks keep on coming thick n fast, with yet another device showing off its bad self on the web. This time around it’s HTC’s high-end Mondrian (which is a code name for one of the many WinPho7 devices that HTC plan to release at or near launch). Read More

  • Image of Samsung Omnia 7 with Windows Phone 7 leaks

    We’ve seen Samsung’s GT-i8700 in both photo and video form, but this is the first we’ve seen of the next in their Omnia line. Taking a page from HTC’s playbook, Samsung have decided to honour Microsoft’s latest mobile OS by skipping digits 3 through 6, and naming the follow-up to the Omnia 2 the Omnia 7. Read More

  • Google launches an online database of Android phones

    If you’re in the market for an Android phone, but find the sheer number of devices, carriers, and plans overwhelming, then you’re not alone. Android has exploded, and there are more smartphones available now than ever before. So, what can you do? Google have heard your cries, and have now launched their Google Phone Gallery, which offers a near-complete list of all the Android… Read More

  • webOS (sort of) clicks past 5,000 applications

    When it comes to third-party applications, quantity has never been webOS’ strong suit. While BlackBerry OS is hovering at around 10,000 apps and Android and iOS are well past 80,000 and 250,000 respectively, webOS has yet to move beyond 5,000. Until now. Sort of. Read More

  • Killing Bad Android Apps: A Primer

    Lifehacker has a great primer on killing bad Android apps and uninstalling them before they cause damage. While it may feel great to kill apps and see your phone work faster, in reality you could be doing more harm than good. Read More

  • AT&T picks up the BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Pearl 3G as U.S. exclusives

    Fresh out of AT&T’s mouth comes word that they’ll be taking two exclusive handsets off of RIM’s hands: the BlackBerry Curve 3G (left, above) and BlackBerry Pearl 3G. Read More

  • iOS 4.2 Beta 2 now available to developers

    Roughly two weeks have passed since the developer-only release of the iOS 4.2 Beta. Know what that means? It’s time for another Beta! iOS 4.2 Beta 2 just went live in Apple’s dev center moments ago. Now, the only question: will you do what you had planned to do tonight, or spend the evening digging around in the new Beta in search of hidden gems? Read More

  • Ever wonder where that 4G signal comes from? No? Well, here's a video.

    4G, like all wireless technologies before it, is more or less a big magical mystery to most consumers. All they know — and all they care to know, really — is that 3G was fast, and 4G is faster. For that little niche who does care to know more, however, Sprint’s taken it upon themselves to mount up on a rooftop, camera in hand, and show you all the workings. To make the… Read More

  • QWERTY candybars may be the next Windows Phone 7 form factor

    From the very beginning, Microsoft have insisted on keeping complete control over both the form factors and internal specs of any phone that wishes to run their upcoming OS, Windows Phone 7. So far, however, Microsoft have only given details about one of the promised two “chassis” of their phones: the slate-style phones that you’ve seen around. It should be noted that… Read More

  • Apple's Remote app gets a much need upgraded

    Given that Apple’s Remote app is built by… you know, Apple, you might have assumed that it would’ve been one of the first out of the gate with support for the iPhone 4’s Retina display, the iPad, and other such Apple-made treats. You know what they say about assumptions, right? As it turns out, the Remote app’s team is pretty small — in fact, last we heard… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Releases a Teeny Weeny Little Second Screen For Its Phones

    Awww… look how cute! That little bugger is the LiveView Screen, a tiny little screen that connects to SE’s Android phones and acts as a second screen for calls, music control, and other bits of information including Twitter feeds. This is highly evocative of SE’s earlier attempts at creating a cool Bluetooth watch that let you take calls from your wrist. Why they have such… Read More

  • Leave Money In Real Places For Your Foursquare Friends With Gifi

    Increasingly, there are apps that let you leave messages, photos, and videos for friends in real places. Now you can leave money as well. Many startups are already adding rewards to check-ins, but social payments startup Venmo is tying check-ins to real money with a new iPhone app called Gifi that is launching today at TC Disrupt. Venmo is a way to text real money to your friends and… Read More

  • HTC Lexicon jumps out of Renderville and in front of a camera

    First came the specs. Then came the pre-production render. And now, the hat trick is complete: say hello to the Android-powered, Verizon-bound HTC Lexicon in all of its plasticky flesh. Read More

  • Surprise! The Droid 2 has an FM radio inside

    Do you still listen to FM radio? I don’t. Pandora, Slacker, Last.FM and the likes all destroyed any lingering appeal FM had for me years ago. That said, there are still the occasional times where I need to catch some FM waves. How am I supposed to know what important worldly events are going on without Ryan Seacrest In The Morning? After teardowns of the Droid 2 revealed an unused FM… Read More

  • Verizon To Release The Droid R2-D2 Into The Empire On September 30

    The Droid R2-D2 edition doesn’t skimp on the Star Wars branding. Nearly every aspect of the phone from the backplate, to the startup splash screen, to the ringtones reflect its pedigree. All this geeky fun comes at a price though and Uncle Owen isn’t going to like it. This Droid isn’t cheap. Read More

  • Microsoft Promises You'll Use Your Phone Less With Windows Phone 7

    As we all know, early adopters hate pulling out their phones. They would, quite honestly, prefer to leave their phones safely ensconced in little leather holsters on their belts, glancing at them only once or twice during the day and spending the rest of the time riding tandem bicycles with loved ones and eating delicate smoked cheeses. This is, it seems, the message Microsoft is trying to… Read More

  • Video: BlackBerry Style 9670 clamshell vs BlackBerry Pearl Flip

    If you’ve been eagerly following the peculiar-looking BlackBerry Style 9670 clamshell, then you’re probably keen to see how it compares to their other clamshell, the Pearl Flip. The fine folks over at PoderPDA have put up two videos outlining the device: one focussing on hardware (the first video below), which also compares the phone to some other BlackBerry models; the other… Read More

  • Offline/Online Convergence, Mobile Commerce, and Life After Check-ins

    For years, offline merchants have been acquiring data about you in attempts to personalize your experience through loyalty and rewards cards, credit card data, and surveys. But the problem is these interactions occur after it’s too late: at the point of sale. You’ve already checked out and are leaving the store, or have ordered dinner. For a merchant to convince you to add an… Read More