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  • Video: Crazy-small Modu 1 phone coming to the UK

    Do you like teeny-tiny things? Do you feel an affinity for novelty? Live in the UK? Great. The “world’s lightest phone”, the Modu 1, will soon be available in the UK exclusively through Purely Gadgets. Neither the weight, nor even the size, are the biggest novelty in this handset, however: that award goes to its modular “jackets”. That tiny thing in front of you is… Read More

  • Verizon determined to not pull an Incredible with the Droid X: plenty of stock on-hand

    Despite recent fears that demand for the Droid X may outstrip supply, and news that HTC can’t produce enough Incredibles or EVOs as they’d like, Verizon want to assure y’all that they’ll have plenty of stock available for the July 15th launch. Read More

  • Motorola sez: No mod for you

    You know what I love about Android? Freedom to mod. I love that, if I’m unhappy with what I’ve been dealt by The Man, I can do something about it. I can’t even imagine using my Hero with the stock ROM+apps. Freedom, baby. That’s what it’s all about. Motorola clearly think otherwise. The new Droid X and Droid 2, like the Milestone (but not Droid) before it, will have… Read More

  • Battle of the 'boards: Swiftkey Keyboard enters the Android Market

    Yet another high-speed keyboard enters the Android Market today, with Swiftkey releasing a free beta version of their Android keyboard. Just like Swype and Shapewriter before it, Swiftkey promises a faster, more accurate, and generally happier typing experience on your Android handset. Unlike Swype or Shapewriter, however, it doesn’t hope to change the way you type. Read More

  • Opera Mini For Android Drops The Beta Tags, Gets Bumped To Version 5.1

    These days, just about everything makes its public debut in Beta form. Google launched Gmail into an immediate state of notability with its Beta strategy, and chose to hang on to the tag for years for good measure. Online games have more players in their Beta period than the games of yesteryear ever had. There’s a joke to be made here about Apple managing to sell a few million iPhone… Read More

  • Android 2.1 and 2.2 (Froyo) hacked onto the HTC HD2

    Four months ago, T-Mobile released the Windows Mobile 6.5-powered HTC HD2 in the US — and four months ago, the battle to jam Android onto the HD2 began. The endeavour has sort of chugged along so far — but it just took a massive leap forward. In the past few nights alone, the never-sleeping hacking community over at XDA-Dev managed to get not one, but two builds of Android working… Read More

  • Droid 2 shows up in Verizon Summer catalog

    A catalog from Verizon, detailing their Summer lineup of handsets and services, has been leaked and scanned. What’s in it? A number of things. The most exciting of which has to be the Kin One and Two listed right there under smartphones. From these we can deduce that this catalog is slightly out of date. Seriously, though, the big find is the Droid 2, which we have already seen around… Read More

  • iOS 4's hidden "iPod Out" feature brings iPhone support to your car without the messy third party UI

    Cars touting full integration with the iPod and iPhone are nothing new — but so far, the experiences have been pretty terrible. The head unit (otherwise known as the “deck”) is tasked with pulling your music library from the iPhone, displaying all that data in a custom (and generally awful) interface. Everyone from JVC to BMW has taken it upon themselves to invent the wheel… Read More

  • What Can $10 Buy You? A Universal Remote for your iPhone

    $10. That’s how much it costs these days to turn your iPhone into a universal remote, thanks to Zeev Braude, co-founder of Ryz Media. Universal remotes traditional cost between $150 to $1000+, so $10 is a freakin’ steal. The app is called My TV Remote (iTunes link) and it’s free. You can then pay $9.99 via in-app purchase (inclusive of Shipping and Handling) and get a… Read More

  • iPhone 4 officially jailbroken and unlocked

    Before we continue, a quick recap of the terms: Jailbroken: Modified to be able to install third-party applications not approved by Apple, generally via an alternative App Store. Unlocked: Able to run on GSM networks other than the one it was originally sold for. In the case of US iPhones, that means an unlocked AT&T iPhone could run on T-Mobile (sans 3G) or any of the GSM carriers in… Read More

  • Light Pool: Japan gets a new designer cell phone

    Japan’s second biggest cell phone carrier KDDI (over 30 million subscribers) rolls out quite unique handsets from time to time, mostly under their iida sub-brand. The company today in Japan introduced [JP] another “lifestyle” cell phone, the so-called Light Pool. Technically, the device isn’t anything special – but it’s rather pretty. Read More