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  • DreamForce Kinect

    Sometimes it gets so hard to begin a post. This is not one of those times. Marc Benioff tells the story of how Bill Clinton was delayed coming out here for his session at Dreamforce 2010, was going to be an hour late, 15,000 people ready for POTUS 42, now what? Then Marc noticed Stevie Wonder walking down the hall toward him, taking Benioff up on his invitation to see Clinton speak and then… Read More

  • The 5 Myths Of Building A Great Mobile Team

    The 5 Myths Of Building A Great Mobile Team

    Editor’s note: As the Web goes mobile, every Web company needs to build mobile products. Author Elad Gil, director of Geo at Twitter, has a lot of experience in that area. Way before selling his company Mixer Labs to Twitter last year, he kickstarted Google’s mobile efforts back in 2004, when Google’s mobile team “consisted of 1/4 of an engineer dedicated to maintaining… Read More

  • Video: Google shows off updated Google maps with 3D buildings

    Do you remember the other day when Andy Rubin himself showed off the new, 3D Google Maps app? Well, if you do remember it, and are as keen as I am to see more, Google have now released a video showing off all the new features as run on a shiny new Nexus S. Best of all, we’ve gone and embedded it for you after the jump! Read More

  • Google updates the Android Market UI, reduces refund window to 15 minutes

    Google announced today on their Android Developer’s Blog that over the next two weeks they’ll be rolling out an update to the Android Market for all Android devices running v1.6 and above. The update is a fairly major one, with a major overhaul to the UI, including a new “carousel” showing off the featured apps on the front page, and a rework of the app page so that all… Read More

  • Google, Why Are You Not Selling These Android Christmas Ornaments?

    I’ve been on the Internet a really, really long time. In that time, I’ve learned that people love to throw money at three types of things: things that are cute, things that are cool, and things that are geeky. When you manage to pull off something that is all three, something that sits comfortably at that center of that venn diagram, you’re but a short hop and a bit of… Read More

  • Verizon DROID X Gets An Update Complete With Complimentary Crapware

    Just a few evenings ago, Motorola pushed out a software update (read: not Gingerbread) to around 10,000 Verizon Droid X handsets — or, at least, they tried to. You see, they sent out the update under the shadows of the night in hopes that it’d keep their servers from getting hammered quite so hard once word of the update got out. The only problem? As part of a built-in… Read More

  • LG's Wallet Friendly, Android-Powered Optimus One Breaks 2 Million Sales

    After launching around the world and on just about every carrier in the US, it took the LG Optimus One just 40 days to crash through its 1 millionth sale. Less than 25 days after that, it’s gone and kicked things up a notch: according to LG, they’ve just sold their 2 millionth unit. Read More

  • OH SNAP! That "Exploding" Droid 2 Totally Didn't "Explode" At All

    Remember last week, when some dude went on FOX4 claiming that his Droid 2 “popped” next to his ear, raining a hellstorm of glass and fury that required a doctor and a sewing needle to patch back up? Remember how dubious we were? Remember how everyone on the Internet was like “LOLWHUT. That’s not how exploding phones work. Dude probably dropped it.” GOOD JOB, INTERNET! Read More

  • Hacked Gingerbread ROMs Begin To Trickle Out For Rooted Handsets

    Want to test out Gingerbread, but don’t want to wait for your carrier/manufacturer to get on the ball and push out an update? We can do that. Or, I should say, the incredibly dedicated Android hacking community can do that, largely thanks to the open-ish nature of Android. Google releases Gingerbread source, the lovely modders do their thing, and whalah! You’ve got Gingerbread on… Read More

  • HTC To Sell 60 Million Handsets Next Year

    HTC isn’t messing around next year. After selling 20 million in 2010, the handset maker expects to sell 60 million next year. This is still lower than Nokia’s standard 100 million a year in sales, but it’s a worthy goal and one I suspect they can surpass. Read More

  • Second update to Windows Phone 7 to be announced at MWC in Feb?

    If you thought that one big update to Windows Phone 7 was enough for the first quarter of 2011, well… you’re wrong. According to Winrumors (note the “rumors” part), Steve Ballmer himself will head a keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona come Feb 2011, where he will unveil the next “significant” upgrade to WinPho7. Read More